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Mar 13 Mar 13
a multiboxing question Before anyone gets excited, I am not here to praise or condemn, simply to question. I noticed a group of characters with similar names outside the entrance to Ashran. But what interested me was not that they were a multibox group, but that they were all moving and doing various things in absolute unison. It wasn't a case of the main toon doing something, then MB#1 doing something else and MB#2 doing another something else - they were acting in perfect exact patterned movement. So the question is this - I seem to recall seeing various blue posts and comments by others that multiboxing is not against the terms as long as it isn't "automated". Does this sort of activity constitute automation? Yes, Im assuming the player owning the multiple accounts was at their keyboard and doing something, so it wasn't as if it were a bot turned on by an absentee player. But would not this form of multiple precision control be impossible to achieve without some degree of automation?? As I say, I don't care much either way about the system (other than finding it an odd way to spend money) but Im curious as to whether this is a way to get around the rules. Liovatar2
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Blizzard, you have ignored my reports on this <snip> I have reported him multiple times over many months, many of my guildies have also reported him, yet blizzard does NOTHING to stop this player from trolling and abusing on a daily basis. <snip> He obviously does not care about his actions and refuses to stop it because it apparently isn't breaking any rules. The 3 screenshots above show that this player obviously does NOT care about his actions and how they affect other players, and is obviously just doing this to harass and annoy others. This disruptive player has to be stopped, or others will take it as an open ticket to do whatever the hell they want ingame, regardless of how it affects other players. I would love to see a blue response to this, Just so i can grasp their reasoning as to why they refuse to ban a VERY disruptive player. Restomonk2
Feb 25
Female night elves. Are they inappropriate? I know I'll probably get some lash back for this, especially since this game is mostly composed of guy players, but honestly I think it's time for some input from a woman's mind. I love my night elf druid. Love her to pieces. First player, had her for years. I started her when I was 14, and I'm about to turn 22. The thing is though, I just find some things a bit sexiest. For example, I do not like the night elf dance. I don't understand why saying !@#$ %^-* damn hell in the game is unacceptable and inappropriate but an explicit lap dance is not. Beautiful, composed, graceful, that's how I think these elves should be. Night elves are strong, intelligent, and independent. I'm not saying I'm some creepy feminist that screams if you open the door for her, but I just find this dance degrading, and I think it takes away from the mystery and elegance of my player, and others. Not to mention, the dance causes drama. And sets a bad example for younger teens. I've seen teens who are insecure and go wild in their own little world. Getting their players drunk and acting the fool. I think it sets a bad example, as many teens and even adults sometimes go into their own little word when they play. It teaches teen girls to act in a way unhealthy to them mind and body, and teaches teen boys it's a free for all. Yes, it is a game, but most teens as I said take that in. Blizzard has made some changes I find unnecessary. For example, blizzard why did you mess with my tree of life form? It was just fine as it was. Why did you change the beast mastery spec? I saw nothing wrong with it before. All these little things. I can just hope that, for all the women that play this game they can relate. I'd like to see a new dance, with lots of spins, and mystery, and grace. And guys, I bet you won't really understand but that's the thing. The secrets of a woman's heart are the most mysterious and hardest to unlock. <3 Vinya47
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Help save the life of a Blizzard fan Hello to my fellow blizzard loving friends! I am reaching out to ask for help in saving my husbands life. My husband and I met outside of Orgrimmar in 2011. He thought my rogue’s duel glaives were awesome, so we joined forces for some 2v2 arena. We hit it off and became great friends; and years later it turned into something more. We finally met in January of 2014 and became a couple soon after. After 7 months of traveling back and forth between British Columbia and Texas, I finally make the move to Canada. Things couldn’t have been more perfect as we began to plan our lives together. Things came crashing down in August of 2015 when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. He went through two rounds of intense chemotherapy, neither of which put him into remission. In October of 2015, I proposed and asked Brandon to marry me. Thankfully, he said yes. =) We got married on October 18, 2015, the day after he got out of the hospital. Despite the circumstances, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Shortly after, Brandon started on a clinical trial for a promising trial drug offered in Canada. Things looked promising in the following months as Brandon got closer and closer to remission. We were blindsided in January as his cancer came roaring back. On January 29, 2016, his doctor told us that there was no treatment left in Canada that could save my husband’s life. They offered to place him on palliative care for the short remainder of his life. We refused to give up and decided to travel to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas to seek additional treatment. After a week of testing, we have learned that Brandon is a perfect candidate for a clinical trial being offered at MD Anderson. His doctor feels that this treatment will have a good chance at putting him into remission so that he can receive a stem cell transplant. Over the past few weeks without treatment, Brandon’s leukemia has progressed rapidly. Yesterday, his doctor advised us that if Brandon does not start treatment soon, the consequences may be irreversible. Because Brandon is a Canadian Citizen, he does not qualify for health insurance in the United States until he has permanent residency (which is a 6 month minimum process). We have also tried to get the British Columbia Provincial government to help pay for his treatment, but they are unwilling to do so because the treatment is undergoing a clinical trial. If my husband does not start treatment soon, he will die. We have been given a rough estimate of treatment costs to be in the range of $500,000 to over a $1,000,000 dollars. We will be required to pay a large portion of this before he can start treatment. I am reaching out to you all to help me in sharing my husband’s story so that he can get the treatment he needs. I am so thankful for the support that we have received from our communities this far, but we will need much more to pay for his medical care. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my story. I appreciate any advise or help anyone is willing to offer. <3 You can read our whole story in detail on Brandon’s GoFundMe page at Gofundme.com/helpbrandonbeataml Eyriss1
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