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WEB API DISCUSSIONS MOVED! Hey guys. All new web API discussions for will happen in our new consolidated forum: Rock on :) Peratryn0
Aug 21, 2014
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Why Won't Blizzard Support Windows Phone? I have been a Windows Phone customer since its inception back in 2010 and have loved the OS ever since then. Over my many years of playing Blizzard games I've noticed various mobile applications come out such as the WoW mobile armory, auction house, and Diablo 3 app. Now with Hearthstone being released on iPad and iPhone and Android devices one has to wonder why nothing is ever being developed for Windows Phone 8 or Surface RT Tablets. I actually just got done taking a Blizzard survey about Hearthstone and mobile games and all the choices included iphone this or Android that. Not a single mention of Windows devices which frustrates me always. Windows Phone while still considered new, still has a very large audience and is slowly obtaining more and more market share over iOS and Android. Microsoft has done an amazing job with allowing developers to create apps very easily for their ecosystem. Creating an app is actually simpler and easier to do than it is on their iOS and Android counterparts. Now the question I ask is why Blizzard continues to ignore this platform. I have tried to contact Blizzard through forums and directly to Rob pardo and other high overlords and never have received any kind of response. I automatically assume that it has to do with money and they see that creating Windows Phone apps wouldn't bring them any. Every time I went on a news post from Blizzard introducing a new app all the comments I see were asking for a Windows Phone versions. Windows Phone is a very successful platform and is not going anywhere anytime soon. There is no reason to not support all popular platforms and always catering to iOS and Android is actually making you lose business. If anyone from Blizzard could please provide me with any insight I would greatly appreciate it. Zarumon4
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Third-Party API Usage Policy FAQ Please use this thread to ask any questions about the Third-Party API Usage Policy. Answered questions will be summarized for easy finding. What impact does this have on getting an API key? A copy of and link to this policy will be provided when an API key request is approved and the key provided. Does this mean that the backend code of all web applications must be open sourced or are we talking about the html/javascript here? The short answer is yes. The long answer is no, what you should do is extract the code that engages the API into a client library that satisfies the requirements of the policy. Straton53
Aug 15, 2014
Moving the web API discussion Hey folks,'s API team is considering making some changes to this forum, but before we do anything drastic we want to reach out to you, the community, to get your thoughts and feedback. The change we're considering is migrating from game-specific API forms to a new set of API forums on the root site (found here). From the API team this would consolidate discussions in a single location and hopefully make it easier for us to stay on top of discussions. As it stands, having the conversation split out really only makes staying in touch harder than it should be. Further, a lot of the questions and comments on the game-specific forums cover common topics (how many requests can I make, can I make money off of my thing) or to raise common issues (item XYZ is missing, mount ZYX is broken). We think that having these conversations in one location can help community developers service each other a little bit better. Again, we want to hear from you before we move forward. Please share whatever thoughts, questions, or concerns you have regarding this possible change. Magena25
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Brainstorming: Character Profession Data Hi All, I've been playing with an idea related to character profession data and wanted to get some opinions on feasibility and approach. I'm interested in collecting statistics on player professions and recipes but in order to do that, we need to pull the professions field on each individual character. With nearly 15 million (according to characters in just the US region, this seems impossible given my understanding on the API request limits (~50k per day). That would come out to nearly 300 days to pull all of them just once. My idea was essentially a database that allows people to search for a recipe/item and see who could craft the item. This could provide several interesting uses including finding a crafter with a rare pattern for transmog reasons or finding someone to craft current tier gear. (Ex: My guild is fairly small with few if any leatherworkers. I would like to get a set of mail leggings crafted, who else on my realm can I whisper to have them crafted). It would also be extremely useful when the next expansion comes out and you're trying to find the first few crafters of the next big tier but they're not online 24/7 to answer requests in trade. Anywho, it was just a thought running through my head over the last few days. I have a prototype pulling the data down and processing it but I'm not sure if it makes sense to continue the effort given my understanding of the API limits. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, -Jiamond Jiamond2
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Hearthstone API Will there be a Hearthstone API? Kelen3
Aug 1, 2014 Aug 1, 2014
Example API Usage: Realm Pop Realm Pop shows you population statistics on the players' characters in World of Warcraft. You can find out the most popular races and classes on your realm, or across all realms, or across a subset of realms that you choose (for example, PvP realms, or Oceanic realms). On realm pages, with each subset you choose, you will also get a partial list of characters so you can look them up on the Armory. Find it here: Do we have a thread here that lists API apps? I'm curious to find apps I've missed. There's obviously a bunch of us here, but I don't hear much about the apps that get produced. Ujournal36
Jul 31, 2014
Individual Character Achievements I've dug through various threads about achievements, and either I'm not seeing the answer, or I'm trying to answer the wrong question, so I thought I'd just ask outright. Through the character API, you can see which achievements a given character's account has completed. Is there any way to determine if a given achievement was actually completed by the character in question? In-game, when you mouse over an achievement you have "completed", it will actually tell you whether or not the specific character you're logged in with has actually finished the achievement or not, but the API seems to be hiding this. I tried looking at criteria to determine progression, but the problem is that, depending on the achievement, criteria seems to get reset once you complete the achievement, or else if you completed the achievement prior to the great Account-Wide Achievement Conversion of 2012, the criteria never got set. For example, on this character I have achievement #1699 (Fistful of Love) complete, because I completed it back in 2010, but none of the criteria for that achievement are listed in my criteria list (6302, 6312, 6313, etc). Meanwhile, my alt who hasn't even begun the achievement also doesn't have any of the criteria. Another alt who has started the achievement has some of the criteria complete, so I know that char hasn't finished it, but in criteria there seems to be no difference between 'not even started but account completed it' and 'specific character has completed it'. achievementsCompletedTimestamp doesn't seem to help, either; all of my character have the same time stamp for a given achievement, even though in-game it varies. I'm getting the feeling that what I'm trying to find isn't actually exposed by the API, but am I missing something else? Cardie19
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