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Example of some work with the api This is my dev site The page that is up rite now is my characters achievements this is basic info as i have not coded in the cirtera info as of yet I will be adding more Including Talent trees and Reputation This info is live and not cached yet so it does load slow Ulminia45
Oct 1, 2011 Oct 1, 2011 Sep 30, 2011
Accented Characters In Names I'm curious; in the case of accented characters in names, how does the API distinguish between Someguy and Soméguy, since the name of the character is passed in the request Uri? Do you just url-encode the name? Chalyss16
Sep 30, 2011 Sep 30, 2011 Sep 28, 2011
Additional items I need from the API Hey all, Fantastic work with the API. It's a great resource and will make maintenance of my code much easier! I've completed the transition to using the APIs for my scans, and has made them much quicker and more accurate. However, there are a few things I'm still missing, that I still need to retrieve from the HTML pages: - Pet talents - Searching capabilities. At minimum, I'd love to have a search similar to so I can find all other characters with a specific name. Ideally, I'd love a list of all characters on a realm, but I understand if you don't want to expose that. And the following for completeness: - Enchant details (The enchant stats and name for an enchant id, and what item creates that enchant) - Item Stat details (what the stat numbers for each item represent) - Reforge details (what each reforge id references) Trail16
Sep 28, 2011
New Guild Calendar/Events API Now that the old calendar feed is long gone, are there plans to open up an API for the guild calendar / upcoming events? There could be a simple token string placed in the request URL to open access to an otherwise private feed, such as how the old calendar API worked. (I know you don't want to add player authentication to the public API, but getting upcoming guild events into guild websites is a feature many guilds can make use of.) As for the feed format, the original feed was in iCal format, but I could work with either that or a JSON format. Skelnik10
Sep 28, 2011 Sep 27, 2011 Sep 27, 2011
Any new updates? hey Api team and Straton .. you guys have any more updates for us ? or timelines on things for us yet? been like 2 weeks since we got any thing shiny and new to play with .... Ulminia17
Sep 25, 2011 Sep 24, 2011 Sep 27, 2011
C# Library for the Community Platform API Following Cyaga's initial steps - I thought I'd contribute and build a C# library to access the Community Platform API. I will continue to update the library as changes occur to the API and as we get access to other areas of the platform (characters,etc) You can find the code at Please feel free to jump in and push changes where you see fit. Any feedback is more than welcome :) Briandek22
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SQL Data Dumps To help cut back on the number of API calls I need to make, I've set up my own personal DB to that I use to query for certain data elements such as quests and items. The biggest plus for doing this is the ability to do custom searches through the data where you are not limited to using just the ID. Over the next few days, I'll upload the SQL tables that I am using for people to download and import into their own systems. Eventually, I'd like do a complete DB scheme that will allow users to download the entire set, including additional useful tables. Everything is available as a JSON, PHP array or MYSQL import script. Anyone who would like to contribute is welcome. Please note that the information available is only what is available through the API. Please do not request for additional information, since I'm not going to be doing HTML CURLing of mmo-champ's DB or wowhead. Currently, the information is found here: Current Information Available: Quest - Updated 2011 08 25: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `Quests` ( `ID` int(11) NOT NULL, `Retired` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', `Title` varchar(256) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Unavailable', `RequiredLevel` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `SuggestedPartyMembers` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Category` varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Unavailable', `Level` int(11) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ) Details: Only quest ID's from 1 - 29,500 have been stored. Retired - Used to denote quest IDs that are not used or have been made obsolete. Essentially, the quests do not exist in the game, but you might find some information on wowhead (with an obsolete tag). Lookup.Class - Updated 2011 08 25: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `Lookup.Class` ( `ID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `Class` tinytext NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ) Lookup.Faction - Updated 2011 08 25: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `Lookup.Faction` ( `ID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `Faction` text NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ) To Do: Lookup.Races Lookup.GuildRewards Lookup.GuildPerks Lookup.ItemClasses Lookup.Servers Lookup.Regions Complete Item table dump Complete Achievement table dump Natrina3
Sep 13, 2011 Sep 13, 2011
Character/Guild/Arena Team APIs Preview As previously announced, we are planning to expand the Community Platform API with feeds for the 3 different types of profiles currently available on the website: characters, guilds, and arena teams. We’d like to share our current plans (may change, not a promise) with all of you as we look forward to providing a robust API that meets the needs of the community. Each of the feeds below will be accessed by using a realm and name. The feeds will always contain basic information by default, and will have optional fields that can be requested via a parameter – making it possible to retrieve all the data in a single request. A locale parameter will also be available for localized strings. In addition, the feeds will support the Last-Modified HTTP header to help with caching. Just like with the realm status feed, region will be specified using the subdomain (e.g. for European realms). Character URL: /api/wow/character/{realm}/{name} Basic information: name, level, class, race, gender, faction, guild, achievement points Optional fields: equipped items, stats, reputation, primary and secondary skills, achievements/statistics, talents, titles, collected mounts and companions, quests, profession recipes, Hunter pets, PvP information Guild URL: /api/wow/guild/{realm}/{name} Basic information: name, level, achievement points Optional fields: members (roster), achievements Arena Team URL: /api/wow/arena/{realm}/{size}/{name} (size being 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5) Basic information: name, ranking, rating, weekly/season statistics Optional fields: members (roster) Optional fields would be requested using the ‘fields’ parameter, where you specify everything you need using a comma-separated list. e.g: /api/wow/character/realm-name/grotako?fields=items,talents,mounts,titles Sample feeds will soon be provided as we’d also like feedback on the data format. In the meantime, let us know what you think! p.s: We’ll have more details on the Auction House and Arena Ladder APIs to share in the coming weeks. Grotako69
Sep 13, 2011 Sep 13, 2011 Sep 11, 2011 Sep 10, 2011
Java and API I'm wondering if anyone can help me access the API for use with Java. Is there a JAR file I need to download? Can I even use Java? I'm very new to programming, so please go easy on me. Althepriest10
Sep 9, 2011 Sep 9, 2011
CURL Time Outs on API - Have API account Hello, I recently received an account and accompanying private/public keys from Osundir, however when I try and connect with even a basic CURL connect I'm getting a 'connect() timed out!' curl error. My IP: 67.205.85.* If you need the full IP I'd prefer to e-mail that. Thanks! Aruga19
Sep 9, 2011
Tuesday downtime and the API Hi, Sorry I can't find this answer in searches. Does the API still work during the Tuesday morning downtime, giving out cached data, or does the API also experience downtime during this window? Thanks. Gandrith1
Sep 8, 2011 Sep 9, 2011
If-Modified-Since still returns data Trying to play nice with the API, I send a "If-Modified-Since" header with my requests. I expect a 304 response saying the data has not been modified. Instead I get a 200 and it still returns json data. This is with the Item data API. I've been testing with 2776 (Gold ore) Does this still count against the daily limit since its returning data, or does it count as being good because I sent a "If-Modified-Since" header? Femor8
Sep 6, 2011
Any way to verify the owner of a character? I'm not asking for people to log in or anything like that, but if users could go to and get an API token, and then character data from the API would include some sort of encrypted string that can only be decoded with the owner's API token, that would give sites a way to verify ownership of a character. Another way of doing it is to pass an optional header including the API token (as explained above) and get a list of characters owned by that account. Cinderus20
Sep 6, 2011 Sep 6, 2011 Sep 6, 2011 Sep 5, 2011 Sep 5, 2011