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Mounts on the armory Its showing Cataclysmic Gladiator's Twilight Drake, Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake, Felsteed, Dreadsteed, Charger, Warhorse, Exarch's Elekk, Great Exarch's Elekk, Sunwalker's Kodo, Great Sunwalker's Kodo, Thallassian Charger and Thallasisian Warhorse as mounts not collected, yet I can never learn these mounts. Ryken12
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Item API for "Upgradable" The new S13 Honor gear is Epic yet uses Superior-style Upgrade scheme. via the Item API, this is unknown: {"upgradable": true} via the Character API, the upgrade information is revealed: {"upgrade": {"current": 0,"total": 2,"itemLevelIncrement": 0}} I understand that in the game internals, there is an item-by-item specification for how each item should be upgraded but I do not have direct access to that information. Could the Item API also include an "upgrade" key with "max" (1 or 2) and "itemLevelIncrementStep" (4 or 8) information? Edgy5
Apr 2, 2013 Apr 2, 2013
MoP Launch Changes Hey guys, I've been hard at work updating the api documentation. Here's a summary of the changes coming to the API tomorrow, and some of the updates we're planning for very soon after launch. Biggest Breaking Change In order to avoid confusion later on, and to keep things in sync with the game, we're going to change some of the character field names: pets is now going to be hunterPets companions is now going to be pets The data in both as well as the data in mounts is changing (with more information) Documentation Updates The api documentation has been moved from docbook to plain markdown. Hopefully this makes it easier to edit and contribute to. If you guys have any ideas or changes that you want to see in the documentation please let us know. You can directly submit pull requests to github or just post here on the forums. I don't mind github issues being opened, but please keep those limited to issues with the api docs and not the api itself. Docs Repo The documentation has been updated with new examples for all apis. Please give it a read and let us know if you have any questions. We want to improve this documentation as much as possible. New Features These will be added to the API tomorrow: Challenge Mode realm and guild leaderboards will be added. Character profile and region leaderboard will be added very soon. Battle Pets are now included in the pets field of the character profile. Their stats, custom name, favorite status and other information has been added. Battle Pet Slots information is now added as the petSlots field of the character profile. This contains information about your current battle pet group and their chosen abilities. Battle Pet APIs have been added letting you look up the data about a certain species or ability. We also allow you to look up what stats a pet would have depending on their level, breed, quality and species. A Pet Types data resource has been added A very miminal Spell API has been added. Please let us know what other data you'd like to see here A list of items ids have been added to the ItemSet data. Item SubClasses have been added to the item classes data resource A talents data resource has been added with specs, talents and glyphs for each class. As always there may be bugs in some of the new features and other changes may have snuck their way in. Please let me know if you have any questions about all of the new data. Hopefully the examples in the new api docs make the data formats for the new API's clear. Upcoming changes These are changes that are currently in the works: As mentioned above, we will be adding a region challenge mode leader board as well as challenge mode information into each character profile. One of the next things happening to the game site is a revamp of the progression system. Due to many bugs and account-wide achievements the current system is in need of some work. We will be tackling this very shortly. This will include adding some date and LFR information to the progression character profile field. Some account-wide achievement data is not being pulled into the game site (resulting in inaccurate achievement total numbers). We will be looking at this very soon after the launch. Static data: we are looking at a way to provide some large json data dumps of the static data contained in this API. These data files would be updated about once per large game patch. The idea is that you can download one static zip file that contains a bunch of json data so that you don't need to use the API for battle pet species, item, spell, achievement and data resources. If you have something you want to see be included in this please let us know. I don't have an estimated time for this but it is something I'm actively trying to make happen as soon as possible. That's about it for tonight. These changes should hit the API tomorrow. I'm very sorry for the late notice regarding some of the breaking changes, but it's been busy over here (as you all can imagine). Please let us know if there are features you want, or changes to the documentation that would help out! Edit: Added talent data to the new features instead of upcoming, it was added. Peratryn30
Mar 31, 2013
What is a species? I'm pretty sure that the creature id is the "npc" that's summoned when we cast a spell. Is the species id directly tied to this for pets? Maybe it's a 1 to 1 relation, and the species info is where the creature's battle-pet stats are? The npc/creature api isn't out yet, so I can't tell for sure. Rinn19
Mar 31, 2013
Failing API Calls This code is timing out, worked fine the other day. Not sure if its my site host or if I am being throttled? Is there a way to tell? <?php $htmlScrap = file_get_contents(''); echo htmlScrap; ?> Results: Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: Connection timed out in ********/wowapi.php on line 2 NULL Zhue7
Mar 27, 2013
Item spec eligibility It appears this is not available, and I'm not finding any results from searching this (perhaps I'm using the wrong words to search), but can I get the spec eligibility of an item? In other words, when you elder coin roll on an item, the pool of available items is limited to those that are flagged for your spec. Is this stored as an attribute to the item? or is this done with a separate item <-> spec map, for which there is no api available? Possible uses : Determine when a character is wearing gear that is not for their spec, making a determination that a player is wearing gear for a different spec than is currently active (tank logged out in dps gear), or store item data for a character grouped by the item spec, or creating spec-specific loot lists. Lucid1
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Auction API down for US Any ETA for the fix? Shazbot5
Mar 15, 2013 Mar 15, 2013
Strange new reputation as of 5.2 From my character's reputation data - I don't think this is supposed to be exposed. { "id": 1433, "name": "Monster, Enforced Neutral For Force Reaction", "standing": 3, "value": 100, "max": 3000 }, Cardie3
Mar 14, 2013
Progression broken? My kills of Will of the Emporer and Sha of Fear have gone bybye. I have the cutting edge FoS's but no kills in my progression feed :( Vester4
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Character Images & Guild Tabard Generation After reading the blog post around the Character Image FAQ*, it states that there are 4 types of images available. These are: An Armory profile image* An Armory inset image* An avatar image* And a character card image* Question 1: I'm curious to see if there is access to any character images with a transparent background. I understand how these images are created, and I know that Blizzard obviously pulls back just the render without a background in some fashion. Is there any talk, or a URL that wasn't released to retrieve just the character image with a transparent background. This request is similar to how FigurePrints* functions today. Question 2: Currently, the Blizzard WoW API returns the following JSON regarding guild tabards: "emblem":{"icon":194,"iconColor":"ff672300","border":4,"borderColor":"fff9cc30","backgroundColor":"ff9e0036"} I'm looking at creating a similar tabard as this site uses, but I'm not sure where to get the images for the icons. I'm also aware that recreating those tabards, is not an easy feat as they are currently generated by the JS using the canvas element. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance. Reference: Character Image FAQ - Rhycon Profile Image - Rhycon Inset Image - Rhycon Avatar Image - Rhycon Character Card - (No longer in use by this site, as it seems) My Character's FigurePrints - Edit: Fixed some typos, etc. Rhycon11
Mar 8, 2013
When will the Auction House API data be back? Has this feature gotten the silent patch axe like heirloom shields? If you aren't supporting this type of data anymore, could you please just let us know? Lishlemon8
Mar 7, 2013
US realms all status nok for AH data They seem to have never came back up since the scheduled maintenance. EU realms are displaying the "We'll be back soon!" maintenance page, which is kind of odd (maybe it should status nok too?). Never seen the API dump HTML before. =\ Lunarhawk1
Mar 6, 2013
Set bonus information missing A few item sets missing set bonus information. Armor of the Haunted Forest Tunic of the Haunted Forest [{"description":"","threshold":2},{"description":"","threshold":4}] Regalia of the Chromatic Hydra Gloves of the Chromatic Hydra [{"description":"","threshold":2},{"description":"","threshold":4}] With a few additional sets that I've noticed missing bonus details. ID Set Name 1155 Regalia of the Haunted Forest 1154 Vestments of the Haunted Forest 1153 Battlegear of the Haunted Forest Healcookie2
Mar 6, 2013
Auction House API is live! We're very pleased to announce that the first version of the Auction House API is now live - we have been hard at work on this for the last few weeks, and are looking forward to seeing what new and exciting applications spawn out of it! As of right now, US and Europe are live and populating, and Korea will be following in a couple of days. Please refer to the documentation at for further information, and don't hesitate to post any thoughts on this thread. Thank you for your patience! Osundir88
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nameDescription returns empty string For MoP items, correct nameDescription string is returned. Breastplate of the Lost Catacomb "nameDescription":"Heroic","nameDescriptionColor":"00ff00" While for Pre-MOP items nameDescription returns an empty string for heroic items Umbrage Armbands "nameDescription":"","nameDescriptionColor":"000000" Cunning of the Cruel "nameDescription":"","nameDescriptionColor":"000000" Healcookie1
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Mobile Armory app Is there a way to request a feature be added to the Mobile app to allow Guild Masters and Officers to do things like they would be able too in game through the guild tab? I'm on this pretty much all day at work and would love to be able to change the message of the day, Upcoming Events, scheduling, Respond to any new ginvites/request. That way I don't need to waste another hour or so once I log on getting things changed up. Basically I look at this as a function tool that on a personal level is great but on a GM level still has a ways to go. It's a great start but time to add even more features I think. Thanks! Shamrunt1
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