Mobile Bug Report

Jul 23 the starting price must be lower than 100000? Hi, sorry if this has been reported but i wasmjust trying to post something above the old gold cap and its not letting me do that. Refer to screencap Jul 23
Jul 22 Lot of bug right now Seems like it could use an update after the patch.Warloxx1 Jul 22
Jul 21 Wow Armory App Is super buggy, can't seem to buy anything and random disconnects. I may actually have to do work at my job today since i CAN'T PLAY ON ah.Warloxx0 Jul 21
Jul 15 New App Idea Hey guys. Just a new app idea for Blizzard. How about WoW Boss Wars. Where the player can use any of his alts and current gear to fight the bosses around Azeroth. Maybe for in-game loot. ( mounts, gear, gold, weapons, etc..) I would love to go head to head with the Litch King himself on my phone or tablet. And maybe it lets me know if my current gear needs upgrading before I fight a certain boss. It would include the music from which ever raid or dungeon the current boss fight was from, and the right environment to give it the WoW feel. I am so in love with what you guys do with Warcraft. I have enjoyed every expansion you have put out, and easily adapted to whatever changes had been made. Keep It up. Love the game and you awesome imaginations. Thanks for listening ! Shawn.Elderpriest0 Jul 15
Jul 15 One-button authentication not functioning Hello! After some chatting with a Game Master about the issue, I was directed to the Mobile Bug Report forum. I am having an issue where Blizzard games are not triggering the one-button authentication. Websites and the launcher app trigger the one-button authentication just fine, but the games do not. Details: Platform: PC Blizzard Authenticator v2.2.1 (iPhone) Games Tried: Heroes of the Storm, WoW, Overwatch (All work with authentication, but only manually) Fixes attempted (and unsuccessful): - Remove and Reattach Authenticator to account - Repair Game Files - Enable "require authentication with each login" option in account security I'd love any suggestions for ways I might troubleshoot this issue.Ribfeast2 Jul 15
Jul 5 WoW Armory app It says I can't access the auction house because "This realm is currently in maintenance." Didn't the maintenance finish like 35 mins ago?Trollstation0 Jul 5
Jul 1 Login Failed -Armory Error Handling Request On my iphone this morning I was auto-logged out. When I entered my login information I get a pop up that says, "The Armory has encountered an error handling the request" with an OK button. The odd thing is, it continues to pop up, wait a split second and repeats...over and over. If I hit the OK button on any of the repeating popups it takes me back to the login screen. Never seen this one before. iphone 6 ios 9.3.1Stupudhunter153 Jul 1
Jul 1 THE ARMORY ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR bug I can't use the Armory app at all suddenly. I get the error: THE ARMORY ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR HANDLING THIS REQUEST I tried uninstalling twice to no avail. Pls help!Aerydeux49 Jul 1
Jun 30 Armory Working 2 days in a row The armory has been working fully for me for 2 days in a row now! GG Blizz. Thank you for finally fixing it...Gasmer0 Jun 30
Jun 30 Android Language With the newest verison of Mobile app, it's no more possible to change the app language on android... Please make it possbile again.Folkskiller3 Jun 30
Jun 30 Mobile Armory for Windows Phones Any chance there is a mobile app in the works for Windows Phones? Since the Droid and IPhone aps won't work for it.Draconium46 Jun 30
Jun 28 Fix. The. Mobile. Armory. When the mobile armory app first stopped working a while back I patiently waited assuming it was a priority that was on Blizzards list of things to fix. More than 3 weeks later and now my patience has officially run out. Any company that has access to the resources that Blizzard has at it's disposal should be able to handle a broken app with relative ease. It may not be an emergency, but it's still something that many WoW players are concerned about because we've been using it so long that we've come to rely on it. Frankly given the current content drought during an expansion with the least amount of content in the history of this game, I think that players who are still loyal enough to be subbed deserve something more than a theoretical shrug of your shoulders and a stale blue post saying, "Hey we know about this problem and we'll fix it "soon™".Sangre11 Jun 28
Jun 28 WoW Armory Mobile App. Decided to make a new thread since all of the others are dead. For years the app has had problems and yet blizzard doesn't seem to care about it seeing how they never fixed it. 90% of the time I try logging in, I get a login error that keeps flashing on my screen until I close the app. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times and it didn't change anything. Also, when it is working, guild chat does not work. Its pretty convenient being able to access the auction house on your phone which is why most of us care about the app so much. Fix plz tyPiggyßank1 Jun 28
Jun 28 [Suggestion] For Authenticator App This isn't a bug however a suggestion for the Mobile (Phone) Authentication App. For those of us who run multiple accounts, such as multibox or just log on alts at the same time to do garrison dailies or such, I was hoping if the "one-button" authentication could be extended into the game itself or either if we had the option to manually grab a new authentication code quicker than the 30 or so seconds it takes for it to refresh the code. Especially for multiboxing, if you have authentication linked to your game, and you are logging in multiple accounts all at once, it is a long process waiting 30 seconds between codes and it adds up depending on how many you are logging in with. Would greatly appreciate a streamlined one-button authentication option for the game itself or option to generate a new code on demand :)Backsabbath0 Jun 28
Jun 27 "Remember last price set for item" doesn't In the remote auction house, the setting to remember the last set price for item often doesn't remember. I'll list something using the app (not in-game), and if it expires I'll go Auctions->Ended Auctions, click an item, click Relist, and I expect it to default to the starting and buyout prices to the values I last used for that item. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't, forgetting the buyout price completely. And stack sizes aren't involved; this is on BOE greens etc. I've thus far been unable to determine if there is some particular sequence of actions that causes this sometimes and not other times. Anyone else encounter this? Armory 6.1.1Sotheby1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Armory encountered an error handling request Hello, For over a month now, I've been unable to log into the mobile armory app. Have attempted on both my phones, iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. Spoke with support tonight. They also removed my authenticator, reset my password, and could not log into armory on their own phone. Suggested I come here to make a bug report. Thanks in advance.Dadoria11 Jun 27
Jun 26 Are y'all ever gonna fix the !@#$%^- mob-app? Seriously Blizzard, it's been 4-5 weeks of malfunctioning. And you guys aren't even acknowledging it. Maybe folks un-subbing will get your attention.Tuvinian1 Jun 26
Jun 26 Armory not showing Mythic Transmogs Both the mobile armory app and the armory website are not showing Mythic transmogs properly. I transmogged my helm to the Mythic version of Casque of the Iron Bomber, but it's showing as the normal version.Dross4 Jun 26
Jun 25 Wow Armory For the love of God bliss,fix the Damn auction house on our wow armory app..been down way to longSuddèn3 Jun 25
Jun 24 Android Remote: Auto logging out? Isn't the whole point of this app to "stay connected"? If it becomes a background process the app either closes or logs me out. Bug or?Prestigal31 Jun 24
Jun 23 Currency, currency, currency! Out of all of the things I want to see about my characters, currency has to be one.. I searched the forums and saw no threads about this.. Is this something you're looking to implement? Or maybe just something that you overlooked? Great job on the app though.. Looks and works great for me!Paminaa11 Jun 23
Jun 22 Chat Connection Error Chat Connection Error Cannot connect to chat. The chat server is temporarily unavailable. Is anyone else getting this error? I'm almost positive it's tied to the scheduled maintenance today - been an all day thing.Shorphire5 Jun 22
Jun 22 Can't log into on mobile When I try to log into my account on, it asks for authentication. A message drops down from the top of my phone screen with the code and I have to choose Allow or Deny. I click Allow and nothing happens. The screen just says to allow access from the authenticator app. So I open the app and click allow there too. When I go back, it says that my session has expired and makes me enter my email and password again, which it then prompts me to authenticate. Same thing happens and it just repeats itself. Alternatively, I can try to manually enter the authentication code, but as soon as I go back to the internet app, its already ended my session and makes me start over. Basically, it makes me switch apps to sign in, and because I switch apps, it makes me start over.Alyndina0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Wow Armory - Remote Auction house errors Hi I downloaded wow armory back onto my Samsung again after prob about a year of it not being installed. I can't seem to use the auction house through the app, Searching for things take a long time and sometimes just times out - even logs me out of the app and logs me back in. when I do get something I want to buy I click buyout and get an error - wanted to type it in but now it's being laggy again also slow to change toons in the list so I know I have the right person that I want to spend money on thanksSitinaomi0 Jun 22
Jun 19 NO GUILD error (fresh & transferred toons) everytime I try to use the app to log into my characters it shows that I have no guild. Despite me being in one. So far I thought this was situated to me transferring from alliance (LIGHTBRINGER) over to horde (THRALL) and maybe it needed some time. But this character I'm posting on was created and levelled normally and it still shows no guild. Anyone else run into this issue? So far I've tried.. Reinstalling the app Clearing cache & data Log out /log in Reset device Logging into other realms them back to thrall I must be allowed to log in and troll my guilds fresh recruits :3Moistful0 Jun 19
Jun 18 Can't log into Mobile Armory. I can't log into the Mobile Armory on Android. I've noticed that it's been like this for a few days now. It just says Error The Armory encountered an error handling this request. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I don't have any antivirus/firewall type apps installed and i've powercycled my phone. I've also tried on and off of wifi and LTE. I'm using a Nexus 6P on Android version 6.0.1.Azumanga3 Jun 18
Jun 17 Long Standing Broken Stuff in Mobile App So Blizzard wants us to pony up for another expansion, so will we see long standing broken stuff ever fixed? Why does the mobile app simply refuse to show the waist item we have equipped? Yeah I can understand why they may not support all the animation that comes with specific items or any enchants, but I see NO REASON to not show one particular piece of gear. Even MORE annoying is seeing the mobile app showing events as not signed up for when in fact they are signed up for. Seems most every time I launch the app, I see events not signed up for, so I go check and low & behold, I AM signed up for. The latter one is especially disappointing, indicating with a complete lack of care by Blizzard or a serious competency issue with their programming staff.Brightbrown0 Jun 17
Jun 15 Mobile app failed to log in Hello there I just recently updated my iPhone 6s (iOS 9.3.2) and redone loaded the mobile armory from the App Store. It has no problems downloading/installing but when I go to login I place email/pw and then am prompted with my mobile authenticator (which is entered automatically) and when I hit login the message "log in failed, the armory encountered an error processing this request.) keeps popping up in a endless loop I have tried on wifi and on data, tried reinstalling both on and off of wifi to no avail. Any idea what the issue may be?Cellridor0 Jun 15
Jun 13 Armory Error The armory encountered an error handling this request. Attempting to open any auction related functions. Sprint iPhone 6plus Version 9.2 Worked as intended until last iOS update. Guild functions appear to be intact. Thank you.Tyrainy2 Jun 13
Jun 8 There is a blue post about the issues... But they posted it in the wrong forums... here is the linkèm3 Jun 8
Jun 6 When do we get the armory app back? It works for a few hours then crashes for an unkown amount of time.Daralor0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Guild Not Updating In The App (OR On Forums) This is 'far' from the first time I encountered this, but this time it's going on an excessively long time. When I go into the armory and go on alll my other characters, it shows the correct guild in th menu. When I get on this character, it continues to show the guild that i was last in (which it's now also doing on the forums.) What the frack gives? I try logging out of the forums, game, and app (both on desktop for Bnet and mobile for the armory) and when I go back on the hour or the next day, it continues to show the last guild. It's been like this for going on five days now. Usually it resolves itself over night or in a day or so, but not this time. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the armory.. and as you guessed, yep, that didn't do jack. This has been a recurring issue for the better part of 9-10 months and 'needs' be fixed. if there's something that I should be doing to fix this that I haven't done already, please tell me. This is bugging the living fel out of me. >:(Vulkain0 Jun 6
Jun 5 iOS Remote Armory App - Login Failed Login Failed The Armory encountered an error handling this request. I get this from my phone/ account However my uncle can log into his account from my deviceKatagi0 Jun 5
Jun 5 IT'S ALLIIIVVEEE After weeks of not working. I tried again just now and all servers, AH and guild chats seem to be working!Gasmer5 Jun 5
Jun 4 iOS and Android both broken. Greetings. It has been some time now that this has been broken. there were a couple days when it worked after a long outage, but now it is right back to broken again. Are we going to see a fix anytime soon?Venus1 Jun 4
Jun 4 Can log in mobile app please help. I am no longer able to log into the mobile armory app for Android . I keep getting the message 'The Armory encountered an error handling this request.'Renry1 Jun 4
Jun 3 Please fix armory app It's been an on going issue for about a month, I submitted a ticket a while didn't really do much. I would like an update if this has been fixed yet?Shortzstuffz0 Jun 3
Jun 3 My Amory app on iPhone not letting me see AH Hello. Not sure if this is where I post this: The Armory app on the iPhone will not let me see items on the AH - it always has a message on screen in middle "This realm is currently in maintenance" - but the realm has been up and I've been getting this for 2 days now, even when I switch characters to one on a different server. I used this app before and used the AH no problem. I tried closing the app and starting it again. I tried logging out and logging in. I get the same problem. Help please! Thank you.Laralia10 Jun 3
Jun 3 Armory encountered an error upon opening app. iPhone 6s IOS 9.3.1 Armory 6.1.1 AT&T Problem duration: 2-4 weeks Completely unable to access the mobile armory. 2 different errors have occurred: Realm is in maintenance. (This occurs when the realm is not in maintenance) Login failed. Armory has encountered an error. (Flashes multiple times) Also unable to use the auction functions on the website, error: Realm is in maintenance. Important to note that this is occurring on my iPhone and my HTC One M8, Android KitKat. Not sure if the armory version since I don't have that phone at this moment.Schwagg2 Jun 3
Jun 3 App thinks account is banned/suspended/locked The WoW Armory app won't allow me to access the mobile AH, I quote, "This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review. This feature cannot be used until any outstanding issues are resolved." When i first saw this i immediately logged on to my E-Mail to find no messages from Blizzard about anything concerning my account. So, i attempted to log into my account in game which i had no issues with, checked the AH, looted mail, posted some auctions.I was a tad confused.Almosteasy0 Jun 3
Jun 2 Remote Auction House says Realm down Just started today, the remote auction house is telling me that Eldre'Thalas is down, while the realm is definetly up. I have no issue logging in to the actual game, but am unable to do anything with the mobile auction house. Any way i can fix this?Alýxia79 Jun 2
Jun 2 Items not showing properly I really like the new format for the auctions in the mobile auction house, but now all equipment shows as normal mode. Doesn't show if it is Heroic, Mythic, etc.. Also all crafted items show as Stage 1.Ballooe0 Jun 2
Jun 2 Armory: Connection error Been having this problem ever since the armory came back after the 2 week maintenance. I've uninstalled-reinstalled, restarted my phone, used Wi-Fi only, used data only, and no matter what I do, one or two auctions may go through, but then I get the error again. Any help?Bubbleiz2 Jun 2
Jun 1 Mobile Armory doesn't work.. for weeks.. Any ETA when this thing is finally going to be fixed?Valorath2 Jun 1
Jun 1 Can't log into wow armory app. When I open the app, it says "the armory had an error handling that request". It's done this for a week I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times does the same thing.Faillock4 Jun 1
Jun 1 Can we please get an update on the armory? K Blizzard. I love you and your games, but this is ridiculous. The armory has been down for over a week (Dalaran server anyway.). Very old threads wth blue posts are being necroed, probably in hopes of getting a response. There are about 2-3 pages worth of relatively recent threads regarding these issues as well. Can someone please give us an answer or even hope that someone is working on it? Prrreease? :(Kunpaonomz2 Jun 1
Jun 1 Armory App Error Armory has not been working at all for me in over 2 weeks now. I have managed to get it to load once but other than that it gives the same error on both my Note 4 and Ipad. "The Armory encountered an error handling this request". I have tried both removing/reinstalling and clearing the data/cache neither of which did anything. If anyone has found a different fix (even temp) that would be appreciated and some blue text more so.Lumireis1 Jun 1
Jun 1 Remote Auction House is DOWN HELP the remote auction house is down and it won't get back up! I like to check the remote AH before I log in to wow... I 1st tried after the patch at 12pm. EVERYTIME I try I get this error message: Error The Remote Auction House is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. It's now 5:31, five & a half hours later and I STILL CAN'T use the remote auction house. It was working fine this morning before servers and the website went down. I check the forums this doesn't seem to be a known issue. This affects characters of all levels and both factions. Please help, because time IS money and I can't use my remote AH.Naetiri50 Jun 1
May 31 Remote Auction House: Realm under maintenance Hey I just checked the ream statuses and it shows all realms up and running. When I use the Remote Auction House it says the realm is under maintenance. Not a big deal, just letting ya know.Scumbagsteve35 May 31
May 31 Blue Update please for remote Guild Chat Please for the love of God can we get some attention already for the Guild Chat and AH being down, the most recent blue comment I can find is from 2013. Is there an6 reason for these issues? Has anyone heard anything?Urbanninjá2 May 31