Mobile Bug Report

Apr 1, 2014 Auction house remote - boosted 90 no access I use the remote auction house regularly on my level 90 characters, when I boosted my warlock "snowdogdots" to 90 I cannot use the remote auction house with that character. I can still use it on all my other characters just not that one in particular. Is there a way to resolve this? If so I would be very grateful for any help you can offer with thisSnowdogdots4 Apr 1, 2014
Apr 1, 2014 Items not loading for boosted Chars On remote AH I can log in on my boosted 90s but the items never load, just says 'Please wait....' but never loads. When I switch to toons I've personally leveled then the items load.Eeziza2 Apr 1, 2014
Apr 1, 2014 Problem Selling items on a Shandris toon I currently have toons on 3 servers but since it's merger I'm having issues selling items on one of my 2 Shandris toons. The name is Grognar. I can get gold from sold auctions but when I click sell I get a message. 'You have no items in this category.' There are no filters currently on. I also cannot relist an item if it expires and shows in the Ended Auctions list. My other toon on that server is fine. Trifectaken. Thank youGreedygoblin0 Apr 1, 2014
Mar 31, 2014 Thank you!! I just wanted to say a quick thanks. My Terrokar characters now show up in the mobile armory once again! Thanks for fixing it!Haladon0 Mar 31, 2014
Mar 28, 2014 Android 4.0.3 Can't Access Guild Page,Chat OK Greetings, It has been this way for a few months now. The guild logo is not showing up for either Guild or Guild Chat. Guild Chat regardless remains functional, however, I cannot access the Guild page. I realize some stickys mention it can in most cases take no more than a few days, but this has been I'm speculating 3+ months. Is this a commonly known issue for Android users or is this just me? Thank you for your time.Aevuldrazeth0 Mar 28, 2014
Mar 28, 2014 iOS 7.1 Unable to establish connection I upgraded to iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 5 and now I can only login to the App via a cellular connection. Attempting to connect over wifi produces the error "Unable to establish connection to the server". All other Apps. and Internet connection through wifi function normally.Militis0 Mar 28, 2014
Mar 28, 2014 Mobile Armor Crash while trying to view 3D I have the iPhone 5s from the mobile. When I open the armory app and select this character "Pawprint" And press the 3d button it starts to load then crashes. This app doesn't crash with any of my other characters as far as I can tell. I have restarted the phone and reinstalled the app, it's sill happening.Pawprint1 Mar 28, 2014
Mar 28, 2014 Thank you! Just wanted to say thank you to Blizz for working out the armory issues for hyjal :)Rellion0 Mar 28, 2014
Mar 27, 2014 armory IOS app not working since last update Ever since the last armory app update, although all of my characters are listed, I get an armory error of character not found when I try to select a character. Also, it does not let me use the auction house since it can't find any of my charactersKurloraidi3 Mar 27, 2014
Mar 27, 2014 wowarmory apps for mobile phones hi blizz can you tell me when the wow armory be back online plsFarik2 Mar 27, 2014
Mar 27, 2014 Armory and Mobile Armory issues with Hyjal Hi Blizzard for the past few weeks I have been unable to access my toons, I thought this was affecting all of my toons but I accidentally clicked on my toon from another relam and they loaded fine in both the normal armory and in the mobile armory. It seems as though nothing from Hyjal is loading, I get the below message on the normal armory --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oops Character Not Available This character profile could not be displayed, possibly for one of the following reasons: The character has been inactive for an extended period of time. The character name or realm was spelled incorrectly. The profile is temporarily unavailable while the character is in the midst of a process such as a realm transfer or faction change. Characters that have been deleted are no longer available. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and the below message on the mobile armory. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Charcter profile is currently unavailable due to long period of inactivity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any info or help with this would be awesome as I like to do my banking on the mobile armory during off times.Tibbersz3 Mar 27, 2014
Mar 27, 2014 non-stop WoW Armoury App crashing on Android I'm running 4.2.2 on a G2 and the thing pretty much crashes non-stop, especially when it comes to guild chat. Open guild chat, sign in, close app, come back to it, force closes. Sign in, instantly signs out, so press sign in, force closes.Vordea0 Mar 27, 2014
Mar 26, 2014 Instant 90 Boost No auction house (mobile) So I boosted my rogue to 90 and now am unable to access my backpack to sell things on the auction house on this character from my mobile armory app. Is there any know fixes for this? No errors just says "No results found" when it try to access my backpack. Yes I do have things in my backpack and I have logged on this character and gotten skinning items that are able to be traded.Despit15 Mar 26, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 3d model not loading on IPhone 5 iPhone 5 user here, all my 3d models will load for all my toons but one. Any reason why ?Rëaper0 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 wow armory android app Quick question - I recently installed the armory app for android and everything seems to work fine except for posting auctions. I can look at things for sale on the auction house but when I go to post an auction it says 'please wait' and goes no further. Is this a known issue or is anyone else experiencing the same? I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and cleared data and cache. Thanks in advance for any input or insight!Dazaron0 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Mobile issues need fixing It's taking to long I work and only have 2 hours to play a day. I want to be able to access my ah to get things done on my breaks! Fix it please!Kimithin0 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Mobile armory not loading character profiles. I've seen several posts with similar issues and am having a tough time trying to determine what the answer is. Both the website and the mobile armory are unable to load character profiles for my Terrokar characters. This worked fine until our server was merged with Alexstraza two weeks ago. Blizzard, you guys do fine work, and this issue doesn't really impact my gameplay, so this isn't an angry doom-on-you post. I'm not going to quit playing over this. I'm just curious if there is a definitive answer as to if/when this will be fixed?Haladon3 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Armory Issues My Armory on my I phone stopped working 2 weeks ago. It tells me that I am undergoing realm change or character not found. It also lists characters I have deleted and does not list new ones. I did a trouble ticket on the realm, but they tell me they are not responsible and I have to do it here. And they expect me to buy the new update. Can you believe it.Wildstetson0 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 22, 2014 Mobile App Frustration Greetings! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and shortly after purchasing I just had to try this mobile armory app I've always seen advertised. Well, long story short, I decided to get rid of it. (Frankly, the "this program has stopped working, would you like to close?" error kept annoying me). Either way, that's not the issue I have today: It keeps logging me into remote chat despite me uninstalling the app. I've tried reinstalling the app, logging in, force logging out, and then immediately uninstalling the app to (what I thought) prevent future log ins. Today I noticed I was logged in (while on an alt) and I switched toons: literally logging into my main. I switched back to my alt and my main is immediately relogged in via Remote Chat. Honestly, this is an annoyance. Does anyone have a working solution to this problem?Sajakain0 Mar 22, 2014
Mar 21, 2014 Can not connect with HTC Desire S I installed the WoW Armory app months ago on the phone. It's never connected and always responds with "Unable to establish connection to server." I have actually uninstalled it tonight and reinstalled it, and it still does not connect, regardless of whether I have the phone using the mobile network or wireless. I also have battle net authenticator on, and that imports the number just fine or I assume it is. Device model : HTC Desire S OS version: Android 2.3.5 Mobile Armory version: Latest 5.4.2 Network carrier: Telstra (Australia) Are you able to log into the website without problems? Yes Are you able to log into World of Warcraft without problems? Yes Have you tried logging in with a different mobile device? Results? No, because I don't have one How long has this persisted? Since I installed the app 1-2 months ago Other settings I have set on the WoW Armory app are: Region: Americas and Oceanic Language: Default Remember login: TickedJechor0 Mar 21, 2014
Mar 20, 2014 mobile auction house unavailable for boost I am not able to access the mobile AH from the android app on my boosted mage. Is this intentional? I can access all of my other characters just fine. I can see my mage, but when I try to post auctions it never shows my inventory/bank.Ezmage1 Mar 20, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 hello blizzard when you fixed wow armory apps for mobile phones we can go back onlineFarik0 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 WoW Remote and Logging Into Game Here's a strange one for you. I can't log into the game when I have the World of Warcraft website open. It get the error "Cannot log in while logged into remote app" (or something like that, not exact wording). But it appears that it acts like I'm on the WoW app using it when I'm not. So I just close out the website tab, log into the game, then reopen the website.Teiani0 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 Armory errors When I try to view my characters' inventory in the armory, it tells me "Character not found". When on that character, I click on the Auction House icon, the message I get is "This character is temporarily unavailable while it is undergoing a process such as a realm transfer or a faction change. Please try again later." The characters that get that message are not changing anything. I was just on them today and all is well. Both of these are on all my characters, not just one. When will this bug be fixed in Armory. I enjoy using the app at work on breaks and would like to be able to see all my characters again. Thanks.Jazzi2 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 listing wrong price in remote ah soo when i open my remote ah and say i'm listing like heavy leather i put it for 25gold with a 30gold buyout...instead after i list it for that i look back on my listing and it says 500gold with a 600gold buyout for some reason my listing prices are changing why?Docholidây3 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Auction House error First error My characters profile "Oops Character Not Available" When I go to the auction house in the Mobile app its saying that its unavaliable because either i have a character transfer ext.... Worked in someone in live chatLâmbo1 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Boosted 90's and the Armory App My boosted 90's are appearing just fine in the armory, but on the App I can not access their inventory to place items in the Auction House. This is consistent between the 2 boosts that I have, though I have not heard from anyone else on the issue.Hallowhorn4 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 hi im wonder when wow armory be back online and they fixed can i talked on it can anyone tell me when blizz fix wow armory up and when it be back up onlineFarik0 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 account armory bug Eredar realm characters don't exist for armory nor can i change my profile character.Ralie0 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 hello blizzard can yous pls tell me when wow armory back online i can talked to the pple in guild when i shops or work when you blizz fiexed wow armory apps for phone be online'Farik0 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 fix the wow armory thankslukenukem5 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 hi when blizzard fixed wow armory pple can log online to talk to pple in guildFarik0 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 wow armory apps for mobile phones when i log into wow armroy on my phone got in cant get obline with my characters talk to guild why that???Taldaldiir0 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 wow armory apps for mobile phones hi blizzard when youd fixed wow amrory apps for pple they can talk to guild and text them to guild tooFarik0 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 14, 2014 Hyjal characters missing on Armory and mobile After Hyjal's upgrades yesterday, many characters are now not showing up on armory, and their mobile access to the AH and character views are also no longer functioning.Aristah8 Mar 14, 2014
Mar 13, 2014 Mobile Armory & Guild Chat For Everyone! Don't know if this is the place to put this or not and if not, I apologize. Can we please have Mobile Armory and Guild Chat and all that stuff for Windows Phone please? I know that most people use ios and Android, but most other companies have apps for Windows Phone and they don't seem to be going bankrupt from disuse. Can this please happen? I and other WoW-addict WP users would really appreciate it! :) I guess I should clarify that I'm on WP8, since the other thread down there seems to be populated by folks on WP7, although I think most apps work on both.Ricardozara0 Mar 13, 2014
Mar 13, 2014 armory not showing all chars JustRecently Xfer My 3 main Toons To Gorefiend OveR A Week Ago And They ARe Still Not showing In Armory. I PLaY Them All aNd Have no Problems Logging On WOW with Them. Just Wanting Know If This Is An Ongoing Issue Or Is There A Quick Fix. Thanks And Sorry FoR How This Post Looks As I'm Submitting ViA PhoneSilypally0 Mar 13, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Mobile Auction House not working after merge Hi, My mobile auction app is not working since ThunderLord got connected with 3 other realms. When will this be resolved? The app works fine for all non-TL characters and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to make sure no cached data was the problem. The issue started right after the merge and since it's now been 1 week and we've had our Tuesday cycle, it's still not resolved.Shadowjack1 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 No Guild Functions on Mobile? Using the iOS mobile version... never had this trouble before until I transferred to my current Guild, Tiyospaye. Seems I can use chat but none of the other functions, it keeps telling me there is an error fetching data. And you want me to pony up 70 bucks for the next expansion 6+ months before it is expected to land? Maybe try fixing the issues you have now (i.e. my expectation is Blizz won't bother to fix this issue)...Brightbrown0 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Armory App Tuesday I tried to log into armory from my smartphone. It asked me about the Authenticator so I installed it, now every time I try to log onto my cell I get the box popping up to import my code and I select yes, then it makes me type my PW back in again then it times out trying to log in. I had no problem before logging onto armory prior to getting the Authenticator. Why is there an issue now and what can I do to fix it plz.. oh and the funny thing.. it shows I'm on remote chat while I'm in game.Jataast4 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 undermine showing as in maintenance on armory When I open my mobile app all my toons on undermine show as realm is down for maintenance. Anyone else having this problem?Talinsbane0 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Mobile Armory Locks my Account Each time I have tried to log into the mobile armory my account gets locked. I change the password, try again, and it gets locked. Any ideas?Aloisana2 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 WoW Armory for the iPad? I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet but I felt like it'd be nice to have the App since I spent a few bucks on this baby and the iPhone version looks ridiculous on the 2X magnification thingy. I'm not sure how other tablets are doing since Samsung, Amazon, Motorola, BlackBerry and many others already have a large screen tablet that would most definitely display the armory in its fullness.Asclepius5 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Wow armory repeatedly crashes I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 and this past week the application has been repeatedly crashing. The application locks up, the screen goes black and then I get an error message that the app has encountered an unexpected error. This happens at all stages of app usage. I've had it crash at login, using the AH, and using guild chat. Generally I get an message from the app there was a server error and then the app crashes.Evilsithgirl6 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 3/4/2014 Scheduled Maintenance Since the maintenance was over today, it still says the the realms are down. On my phone i can't view auctions cause it says that the server is down.Blitzstar2 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 1, 2014 Consistent stay logged in Just putting it out there, it annoys the hell out of me when I minimise the app on iPhone and it logs me out and I miss whispers or guild chat. Why not make it so I am still online and the app is running in the background. Not really that complicated, but seriously blizzard, how come you fail so hard at using your brain.Wartercy0 Mar 1, 2014
Mar 1, 2014 Chat Connection Error Since Gundrak merged with another server wow armory has stopped working on for my characters on Gundrak. I have been patient and waited but starting to get really sick and tired of blizzard making changed to the game, then things not working for a week. Get the code correct first before implementing changes. Be professional. I would like an update on this issue as I can't find one, and it's been going on for days!Wartercy0 Mar 1, 2014
Mar 1, 2014 WoW Armory Never works anymore title says all just wondering if they've said what wrong with it cause i looked around and didn't see anythingRaedon2 Mar 1, 2014
Feb 27, 2014 Authentication required to use Moblie App? I had to update the app - then asked for my authentication code. First time logging in - I totally get it, no prob. But every single time? That seems a bit zealous - is this a bug or is there another security risk out there that I am not aware of?Euphee2 Feb 27, 2014
Feb 24, 2014 The armory app needs to be fixed. BLIZZARD Ever since the armory app was updated it has been extremely unstable. It constantly loses connection then force closes. Im not the only one with this problem. Blizzard YOU need to fix the app. Its not on our end. No amount of relogging, deleting cache files, uninstalling/reinstalling, or whatever else you said to do is going to fix it. Just make the damn thing work again.Shmac1 Feb 24, 2014