Mobile Bug Report

Oct 3 Most button in app not working The apps been working fine for me for a week or two now. This morning none of the red, rectangular buttons work for me (recruit, place order, use item). I tried updating the app, restarting my phone, etc. Any ideas?Æthershock1 Oct 3
Oct 3 Can't apply equipment Hey guys, the app is freaking awesome. I couldn't ask for anything more out of it. Seriously. Except this: It won't let me apply equipment (i.e. Fruitful Bauble) using the app. I have Millhouse Manastorm leveled to epic. He has Sturdy Hiking Boots in one slot, and nothing in the other. I click on him in the Followers tab, I click the empty "Equipment Slot", I select "Well-Worn Stone" Nothing happens. I can apply the items in game w/o issue, but it would great if I could use the app to do it. Thanks for listening, and again, the app is great!!Burrã0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Berserk Ability Not working In the Companion App, Broll Bearmantle's Berserk ability to reduce mission cost is not working.Hudsonsbayco0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Armory: Unable to establish connection I can authenticate and log into the app without any problem. I can also search the auction house and use all of the other available functions. However, anytime I try to purchase an item using the remote auction house I receive the error "Unable to establish connection to server". This error occurs with any item; leystone/felslate, gems, etc Region: Americas and Oceanic OS: Android Hardware: Samsung S6 Timeframe: Within the last 24-36 hours Network: Occurs over both WiFi and Wireless Data Note: Once this error has occurred I can no longer search the auction house. ( The search request will simply hang on Searching... ) I have tried: Re-logging, Restarting the phone, Reinstalling the appAgihor8 Oct 3
Oct 3 WoW Armory App needs an update Connection Error Unable to establish connection to server. This error has always been a problem with me since the WoW Armory app had first been introduced. I didn't mind it at first since being able to use the auction house on demand made it worth the constant bugs but now it's getting upsetting. The Auction house was once able to be controlled on the wow website itself but it has been removed with the recent update to the site which has rendered me to use the app again. This error happens all the time even with constant flow of connection on all my 3 phones. I try it on my data or wifi (numerous) and it'll always provide me with this error. It would be amazing if you can work on the app a bit or at least reintroduce the auction house to the website itself. Thank You,Delorod0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Follower equipment bug I am currently unable to equip a follower when the item I want to equip is in my bank. I am able to equip them with gear from the bags. This is all while using the Legion Companion AppLucià0 Oct 3
Oct 3 STOP TURNING THE F#$%^&% SOUND ON!!! I frequently have to mute my phone (frequently being EVERY DAY of the week, multiple meetings per day), I also like to use the Legion companion app for that which it was designed, to check completed missions and send my followers on new ones. I have notifications disabled and I have unchecked (at least 100 times) the box under options Enable SFX. The problem seems to be every time I use the side switch on my iPhone to switch to vibrate (for meetings) and then switch the ringer back on, the app takes this to mean I would also like to have the sound on the app re-enabled. Its worth noting I have never seen this behavior in any other app I have ever used since I bought the first iPhone in 2006. Now I can no longer use the Legion companion app anywhere but inside my parked car (not really where I want to spend much time) or in my house (not much point since my computer also resides there) since the sound turns itself on, and upon logging in there is a giant blaring sound effect alerting anyone within 150ft that I am playing a game on my phone. Please fix this so that disabled sound will stay disabled until I go back in and put the check mark in box. Thank you.Tharadoon1 Oct 3
Oct 3 Companion app - filter multiple rewards The Legion companion app is a god send - very useful in starting and completing missions on the go. I've been using it to track world quest too. The reward filtering is limited to one type of reward, so i have to re apply filter to see the next type of reward I'm interested in. Am hoping in future we can get the option of selecting multiple types of rewards in the filter. Another thing I'll like to see is the app not automatically reducing my music volume on my iphone. Not crucial, but hope there's option to opt out next time. Thanks!Dynamight1 Oct 3
Oct 3 Mobile armory auctionhouse The auctionhouse errors everytime I try to buy things. It says it was unable to establish a connection to the servers. I however can sell, claim gold, use chat and view the AH but just not buy anything.Digamma0 Oct 3
Oct 2 SFX options not saved after exiting companion app Android app does not save SFX preferences after exiting the app. Relaunching the app reverts the SFX preference to be on by default every time the app is launched.Maryannmarie4 Oct 2
Oct 2 Armory App iOS No guild chat or characters. For the WoW Armory app on my iOS device is not showing my character list or showing any of the guild functions. I haven't been able to find clear information on this sort of issue or if these features have just been disabled altogether. I have tried uninstalling the app from my phone and reinstalling, still getting the same issue. I have 3 "accounts" attached to may main account. I have my main account which I have all my games on and etc. and I also have a WoW1 and a WoW2. I don't see anywhere in the app to select which account if that could be the issue. Here are screenshots from my phone to show what I mean. Oct 2
Oct 2 No push notifications Android? Haven't gotten a single push notification from the Legion app since it came out. My fiance gets them on her iphone but i don't get them on my android and i'm on a Nexus 6P Android ver 7.0. Are push notifications ever going to work on android?Dóublehelix0 Oct 2
Oct 2 [Android] v1.03 Update forever loading the v1.03 update to the Android app seems to have broken the app (for me, at least). I'm given the typical loading screen with the searching eye, but there is no text on the screen and no errors after 45 minutes (left as active window, with screen sleep disabled). there is no significant data usage reported by the phone. I've tried several wifi connections, as well as using mobile data, restarting the phone, and reinstalling the app. using Android 4.4.4 on a Galaxy S4. screenshot - Oct 2
Oct 1 Recent Character Transfer causes Character to become unavailable All of my other characters are still accessible from the app. However, a character that underwent a transfer today cannot be accessed on the app despite the transfer being complete. Is this something I can expect until Armory updates on Tuesday or is it a bug or merely something temporary. Please note that I am logged in no where else. Is it possible that logging out while in a flight path is causing this?Garbidge3 Oct 1
Oct 1 Equipment slots When I equipped a new piece of equipment to my epic follow it replaced the first piece of equipment instead of going into the open slot I selected.Zerder0 Oct 1
Oct 1 Companion app failing mission with over 100% I failed a companion app questore with 105% chance of success. I've heard others have had problems with this as well. Just putting it on the radar to be fixed.Unholyer7 Oct 1
Oct 1 Companion app battery drain. Hi there, I am running the new legion companion app on a Nexus 4, after starting the app and doing w/e it is I want to get done, if I "minimize" the app and don't close it completely (via swiping the screen away or force closing from the android app settings) the app DRAINS my battery incredibly just "running" in the background, I just tested leaving it running for 2 hours and it is the #1 drain on my battery list. In that two hour period it drained 10% of my battery without me having touched my phone in that time. Just wanted to get this known so you can get ahead of it as that is just plain nuts, obviously something is doing something it shouldn't be. Also if I close the app via swiping the screen away, I did not get a notification when my missions finished, unsure if that is intended or not. Lastly, on the Android companion app page, you have listed at the bottom, but that email is "no longer monitored". Should probably remove that :PSnowstørm7 Oct 1
Oct 1 Using Authenticater everytime I use APP I have to use my Authenticater starting today every I use the Legion Companion app where before I just hit the Character list button. Is there a fix to this or was there an update to where I have to use my Authenticator now every time I log in to the Legion Companion app?Devcom1 Oct 1
Sep 30 Armory Addition Not really a bug more of a question. Not sure where to properly put this. But is there a way too or maybe something in the works to tweak the armory to be able to chat with all your bnet friends? Reason being is now that everything is Flex, the game has changed, and guilds aren't as useful as they used to be. With less and less guild perks every expansion and everything being cross server now, half my raid team live on other servers. With no real need to ever spend real dollars to switch (unless we go mythic which isn't a high priority yet) And I like to coordinate a lot of my guild chatter (i.e. used to be raid team chatter) through the mobile app while I'm at work all day. Right now only a small select ever get any info I put out there and hope it trickles down to off server team mates. Seems like the mobile app is a hugely powerful tool that isn't being fully utilized just yet. Would make a huge QoL improvement for me and a bunch of other raid teams that are mixed servers. Just a thought. Maybe not even the first time mentioned.Shamrunt0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Companion App - "XP" icons on world map This is kind of weird... Is it intentional, or am I missing an update (or missing something entirely)? I have around 20 world quest icons on my map that all feature the green/white "Bonus EXP" text rather than a small picture of the reward. Gold, artifact power stuff, a couple of actual bits of gear... Not all of the world quests though. Some are actually showing their correct icon. Edit: Make sure the app is updated to the current version. This problem went away once I threw my phone out a window and... err... I mean updated it.Teranin2 Sep 30
Sep 30 Authenticating login on app I had to get my android phone replaced and have trouble with Companion app at the authenticating the login stage. I switch to the authenticator app to approve the login and when I switch back to the Legion companion app the screen goes black with an upside down android figure in the upper left corner of the screen. I have tried to do this several times with the same result. I even had trouble with accessing support through the web on my phone too; I switch to the authenticator to approve the login and switch back and the page temporarily disappears then has me to re-enter my password again.Padoromatric0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Companion app shows incorrect rewards The legion companion app does not show the proper rewards for World quests. When you look at the map overview and it shows all of the world quests, many are shown to have a bonus experience as the reward, as if you are doing a follower mission. Selecting the world quest does show the appropriate reward, but it is rather annoying to have to do that for every single quest.Issaru0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Fail mission at 100% success chance Fail mission on legion companion app while the succes chance was 100% I suppose the real number wat 99.6% and it was round up at 100% and of course I failed it because blizzard RNG hate me. Would be nice to be able to trust the system when it said the succes chance is 100%.Sumoren4 Sep 30
Sep 30 Companion app - character already logged in Logging this issue here as when I went to submit a ticket it routed me to the technical support forums. You will find many posts regarding this in the bug report forum The app has been unusable all day. Unable to determine if this is truly an app issue or an issue with how it interacts with the server. The issue begins with a long connection time, followed by an error stating the the character is already logged in. If you tap the screen to close the message and hit the character button, it will pull up the character list. Tapping any of the character results in the error message popping up again. Details on access: Using iPad Pro iOS 10.0.1 Accessing Using the hotel network (unsecured)Värok9 Sep 30
Sep 29 Legion App Bug + Armory App Bug Legion App bug - I try to put new Equipment on my Champions, like the Boots to increase mission success chance by 5% for example. They have an open equipment slot, but when I go through the steps to place it, it never does. It doesn't use the item, it just simply doesn't execute the command. Armory App Bug - When you view reputations on the armory, the Legion Reputation list is all messed up. It's got 3 reputations that I've never heard of listed there. Jandvik Vrykul, Moonguard, and First Responders (these may be real and I just haven't gotten to them yet, I don't know). But it is MISSING Nightfallen and Valarjar.Noshimo0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Can't find Legion Companion App In the Windows store.Anellia4 Sep 29
Sep 29 Companion App Issue Since yesterday afternoon when I try to access any of my characters I receive a "Character is already logged in" error. I've tried logging out and back in and restarting my phone, same results. However I am able to login to and access my characters using mobile armory.Kelvang0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Universal windows app for legion companion? I couldn't find a more appropriate place to post this. So are there any plans for a universal windows app for the Legion Companion? If there isn't there should really be. Please consider it. Being able to access these features across my tablets and/or phone would be great. Still haven't figured out why app developers are ignoring the one app all devices set up that the universal app platform brings. Heck I could use it on my xbox.Elrandir9 Sep 29
Sep 29 Unreadable Text Nothing big, it's just sometimes some of the names of zones on the app are kind of unreadable? Here is a screenshot of "Highmountain" :D Sep 29
Sep 28 Wow Armory - Auction House Not Enough Gold I've tried searching for my issue and couldn't find anything related to it. I'm having a problem where I can't post new sales or buy anything because the app says that I don't have enough gold when I do.Evelselany2 Sep 28
Sep 28 Blizzcon App Requires 2016 Update Hi There, I just wanted to point out that the Blizzcon mobile app needs to be updated with the 2016 schedule. This was a handy tool last year and I hope it will be available again as there will be people attending who have not before and this app makes the experience seamless. As always, you guys are doing a wonderful job and we hope to see the update to this one soon! Cheers.0 Sep 28
Sep 28 No way to use Golden Banana Golden Banana use is critical to success of some missions. Any chance of adding it to the list of items that can be used under the upgrade armor triangle or something?Pouljikhan0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Relogin on Legion iApp every time ? So now I have to re-login -every- -single- -time- including the Blizz authentication when I want to start up the iApp ? The previous version was jerky but usable, now it is a flat out annoyance to use.Tannik51 Sep 28
Sep 27 Legion App is a mess for players with 8+ Alts There really needs to some sort of character icon overlay for the character selection menu. I have 36 level 100 alts. The character selection screen gives me two alt names if I tap it. If I expand this I will get a scroll-able list of my characters in some random order. What would be nice is a character icon overlay for "ready to completed" missions, "new recruits ready" and one for "idle characters" (that aren't on any quests; but could be). It makes it a lot easier than trying to remember which alt is doing what. This way a player can easily figure out which characters they need to log into and which one's are busy. As it is now, I have a list of 36 names and no idea which alt is doing what. That's 36 times to log in every time there's a notification.Jakquia0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Legion Companion App. Wireless/Data Signal The Legion Companion app only auto connects (no login required) when using a wireless signal but when I am using my mobile phone LTE signal I have to make multiple log in attempts, 3 on average, to get the app to login. It used to be that either way of connecting would not require logging in again if you used the app before, up to an hour or so.Phitz0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Legion app black screen Galaxy S6 Android 6.0.1 AT&T phone, not unlocked When I log into the app I go over to the Authenticator app to approve the login and the Legion app shows a black screen and the little upside down android logo appears in the top left corner. I've personally never seen this before and nothing happens when I tap on him. Approving the login from the notification dropdown doesn't do anything.Merdrah10 Sep 27
Sep 27 Armory app unusable Unfortunately this app has been completely useless for me. Some days I can't login. Other days I can login but not sign in to guild chat. Other days I cannot search the ah. Other days I can search the ah but it closes the app when I click buy. Other days I click buy and it spins. Is anyone actually using this app successfully? I love the idea, but what is the trick here. I haven't been able to successfully complete a single task. BTW I have tried this from a galaxy s6 , s7, Samsung tablet so far alless on android 6.Cullisto0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Character Unavailable after Paid Transfer After transferring my rogue from Tichondrius-US to DarkSpear-US he has been permanently unavailable in the Companion App. I imagine this has to do with how the character is cached on the phone and then retrieved.Weirdsaturn0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Legion companion app I have been having issues with the app since last night/early morning. I guess it started when you had the ddos attack issue on the servers. So now when i open the app i keep getting an unable to connect error and it asks me to log back in again and when in i type my info it just stays stuck on connecting screen and doesnt connect. So i have to go into the app settings and clear cache and data to get it to work again. I think what ever happened to the servers it affected the app as well or the last patch did something to it. I hope there can be a fix for it?Cravenous9 Sep 27
Sep 26 Armory app wont let me use guild chat. Using galaxy s6 edge. When i go to guild chat it says i need to sign in to use it. When i click the sign in button it signs me in for less than a second and signs me back out.Simplelife0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Legion Companion App - Can't log in When trying to log in to the Legion Companion App I keep getting stuck at the 'Connecting..." *demon eye rolling" window. Is anyone else having this issue? P.S. I guessed this was a topic for CS, hope Im not wrong.Stevas33 Sep 26
Sep 26 Requires A Second App Opening It is a VERY rare occasion when I can open up the app and have it give me something other than a "Cannot connect to server" message. It is easy enough to work around, simply by closing and reopening the app, but it would be great not to have to do that.Fleetwood0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Suggestion, Not Bug Did not see any other place for this. As an altoholic it would be great if the app could show if there were completed quests in the character selecton screen. That would save me from having to click on each alt.Fleetwood0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Error with remote auction house Hello, when im trying to use the remote auction house, the app says im already logged in the game, but im not! I was logged off by several hours and this persists.... Whats happening?Arenaz2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Companion APP/Authenticator Is it suppose to have me manually log in to the app via email/pw because of the authenticator? Every time I open the Companion App, I then have to put my email/pw in then go to the Authenticator app to allow for me to access the companion app?Jymbo1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Work-around for relog issue This might seem odd, but I've been doing this for a week now and I've found that it works almost without fail: Caveat: You must have actually logged in on the device before! Open the Legion Companion App You will want to allow it to return this ... Clear the error and tap the Login button. When the login screen appears close the app. At this point you want to completely stop the app on your device then restart the app. Wait for the Legion Companion app to connect to the server and you are in.Truthfully the app never forgot any of your login credentials, but for some reason its not reaching the server after the app's been inactive for a time or you are actually logged in to the game. Model/OS data: SM-G970T Android v6.0.1Ruaidhri0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Legion companion app missing lumenstones I completed a mission on break at work with the legion companion app. It is a priest order hall campaign quest to get lumenstones. It said I succeeded the mission and I recieved 10 Lumenstones. I got home tonight and I don't show in my quest progress that I have 20 lumenstones. ( Had 10 already, I should be at 20 after that mission complete) Since Lumenstones are not a physical item they aren't being mailed to me either. Am I missing something? Is there somewhere I should collect those? Thanks for your time.Dirtyjoe0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Android Remote: Auto logging out? Isn't the whole point of this app to "stay connected"? If it becomes a background process the app either closes or logs me out. Bug or?Prestigal32 Sep 26
Sep 25 Unable to establish connection with server. I am continually getting this error when attempting to buy an item from the auction house. After this error, the AH search is stuck and all connectivity to the app is lost (cannot change characters, view profiles,etc.). I have tried restarting the app, force close and clear data, and reinstall to no avail. The error occurs after I click buy on an item but otherwise works right until that point. App Name: WoW Armory App Version: 6.1.0 Region: Americas and Oceanic OS: 4.3 Device: samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I337Kyaera171 Sep 25
Sep 25 Will not let me recruit trackers or archers I have plenty of resources. But I click the recruit button and nothing happens. It used to work. But hasn't for the last week or so.Ieatedurface0 Sep 25