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Jul 12, 2013 Need laptop 600$ budget Hey everyone I need a laptop mainly for wow and a little for high school (typing papers and stuff). My budget is 600$, I would like to play on medium graphics (I've played without sound so that's not a necessity). I have very little knowledge about computers and was looking for someone who could point me in the right direction! ThanksRmplekilsthm3 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Specs to Run MoP on Very high/Ultra So im planning on getting a new computer and my friend builds them for a living and i would like to know the specs to run wow on ultra or high with good FPS. I appreciate all responses thank you. my budget is $1000 and a lil overCosno5 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 DayZ Anyone here play DayZ? I would love to meet more people who wont shoot me as soon as I step foot in Cherno.... A video explaining it in case you are interested?Corvoattano2 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Next upgrade. GFX card? Hello all. Just thought i'd run this by the techies around here and see what advice might come down the pipe :) But i'm considering my next upgrade for my desktop and i'm thinking it will be a new graphics card. I recently got ahold of a new 24 inch monitor that was a large upgrade from my 7 year old 19 inch. The problem being? My PC (which could run the game on ultra with a few things set to great (and raids on good)) now only runs really well on good (with a few "great" settings) with me raiding at "fair". My PC specs: AMD Athalon II x4 640 processor (3.0 gig quad core) 4 gigs of RAM (DDR3) ATI Radeon HD 5570 graphics card 1TB harddrive AOC 24 inch LED monitor (running wow at 1920 x 1080) Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit The system is a few years old at this point and i know that the athalon II processors are starting to show their age, but a 3 gig quad core is still pretty good IMO (especially for WoW and the like, i'm not trying to max out Crysis here). The Ram could be better, and that was a consideration... but honestly i think the biggest bang for my buck would be to upgrade my gfx card. So the question then. Any suggestions? :P I haven't shopped for a GFX card for personal use for quite awhile. I'm relatively tech savvy but my knowledge of chipsets and the like is a few years old at this point and so i KNOW i'm out of date. Budget i would like to keep under 200 if i can. And i realize i might have to upgrade my power supply. I honestly don't remember what PSU i have in my system, but if i have to burn some money on a new PSU to run a decent card in the 150-200 range then i'm prepared to do that. Ty for any advice all :)Skyfiredraco2 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Rift's Community ..Rift was a pretty cool game.. Until it went free to play...then mass loads of trolls came in and started ruining the game.. Let's just hope WoW never goes Free To Play.. Let alone a pay to win system.. People say WoW has a bad player base ...well go check out PTW/FTP games.. : /Flokeh15 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 79% memory Hey everyone. Over the last couple months, my computer has been getting rather laggy with WoW. I talked to the computer technician where I work at the other day, and this is something he asked me about when I mentioned my problem. I haven't had a chance to talk to him since, so I figured why not come bug you guys and see if I can get any input on the issue! :P When I run wow, my CPU usage is around 3%, but my memory usage is around 75-79%. I noticed when I am not running wow, and just web browsing or watching youtube, it hovers around 50-65%. Anyone have any ideas what I could potentially replace in my computer to help it run a little smoother. He had mentioned adding 4G of ram and possibly a new video card the other day, but this was before I knew what my memory was running at. Thanks for any help.Moxìe11 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Laptop advice! Please help Hey guys I'm looking into a new laptop for college so im looking for a solid all around computer so i thought heres the best place to find computer geniuses!!! Here are 2 options im looking at currently sorry im not very savy with the whole forums yet Laptop 1 Laptop 2 Which one do you recommend and why? If you find a better laptop feel free to post, max price is $630 and no im not looking into a desktop Thank you!Sçørçh1 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Keyboard Recommendations After five faithful years, my Razer Lycosa is starting to show its age. It's still functional, but I am beginning the process of researching and considering a replacement. I would love to hear what some of you use and whether or not you recommend it over something else. From what I've gathered thus far, I think I would like to make the jump to mechanical switches. I am leaning towards brown switches for the lower volume and softer actuation. I primarily play mmorpgs. I do require back-lighting on my keys as I play in the dark often. I do not have any allegiances to any specific brands nor do I have a budget as I do not mind paying for quality. Suggestions?Kloak1 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Why Final Fantasy 14 will fail No two hand swords. None.Crappytank104 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Pachter: "Wii U will finish a distant 3rd" TLDR: -Michael Pachter predicts Wii U will fail -He is also known for predicting other products will fail, when in fact, they've found immense success Source: ... For reference, Michael Pachter is also known for the prediction of these other products: He said the DS was priced too high - 150+ Million sold Said the Wii would fail - 100 million sold Said the 3DS would fail - 31+ million sold and rising Said the Vita would destroy the 3DS - LOL!!! Is he part of a reverse marketing scheme?Sprawll19 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Anyone get the HD FF7? Saw some streams of it, it looks really clean ! only 12 bucks tooJoelosteen13 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Can my computer run skyrim ? I did a "Can you run it" check and the only thing that concerned me was that I need 512MB and it said I only have 32 haha. My specs: Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz - 3.00GHz Ram: 8gb Resolution: 1680 x 1050 I mean the graphics card is obviously not that great because it's integrated but I mean it runs WoW lol (on all low settings might I add.. i prefer low settings anyway.)Eshara3 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Come watch Cube World! Level 131 Rogue Open world randomly generated seeds! Game is still in ALPHA but a lot of fun! Come watch us farm legendary items and do dungeons! Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Need help with Dual Channel Mode So my motherboard is an ASRock 990FX Extreme3. I have 8 gigabytes of Kingston DDR3-1600 MHz ram installed, and the BiOS aswel as Windows 8 recognizes it, but is only using 4 gigabytes of it and it is running at 800mhz. Heres a picture: I am not sure why it's not going into dual channel, or how to put it in dual channel mode. I've fiddled in the BiOS but I'm not too sure what I am doing. I've tried each individual RAM stick to see if they were dead and they both work. I may have them in the wrong slots? They are in A2 and B2 on the Mobo. Any help would be appreciated! Edit: Put them in A1 and A2, still nothing. Help please!Emmawatsonx16 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Cooler Master Eisberg block/res/pump I am thinking about getting this: Then add a 360x120x60MM radiator, grab 4 fittings and some tubing. Will run about 210ish. I just cannot justify 500 for a custom loop as a hyper 212 keeps my I7-2600k @ 4.5GHz below 80*C on prime 95. But AIO units like the H100I have massive recalls on them. And if I am gonna spend 150 on a TT water 2.0 extreme or a swiftech H220 I'd want better performance. As a 360x120x60mm radiator has more than twice the surface area and I am using Cougar HDB SP fans as well.Stephí0 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Need help prioritizing upgrade/purchases Hey all, It's been a LONG while since I built my current computer, and it seems to be on its last legs (takes a solid 5-6 minutes from being powered off to being able to open programs, and can't really run much in WoW above "fair" or "good"). I'm hoping to make some PC-related purchases soon, and could use some advice from the community on what to prioritize, with WoW being the main game that I play. Ideally, I'd like to be able to pull 30+ FPS on "good" or "high" without any issue. I'm working with a budget of roughly $500, which I understand makes it difficult. Here are my current specs: Motherboard - MSI P43 Neo3-F CPU - LGA 775 2.5Ghz Intel E5200 Wolfdale dual-core Pentium, 800MHz FSB w/ 2MB L2 cache RAM - 4 1GB Crucial DDR2 800, Latency = 6 Video card - XFX Radeon HD 4870, 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI-e 2.0 Case - Rosewill TU-155 II w/ built-in 500W PSU HD - Samsung Spinpoint F1, 1TB, 7200RPM, 32MB cache OS - Windows XP 32-bit (on whatever the most recent SP was...and yes, I know that I'm not getting the full 4 gigs of RAM with being on a 32-bit OS) Any help or advice on the most crucial upgrades and/or replacements would be great. I'm assuming most will be replacements, as LGA 775 processors are essentially dead at this point.Gotazilla5 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Need some help with a gaming computer College student here, looking for a cheap (keyword) gaming computer that I'll be building myself. This is what I currently have, if you can recommend some better "bang for your buck" parts instead, that would be awesome! -6GB DDR3 RAM -550W Power Supply -Zalman Z9 Plus ATX Mid Tower Case -60GB SSD boot-drive -MSI R7790 gpu -AMD Phenom II X4 965 cpu -Standard 7200rpm HD I'm still in need of a cheap motherboard. Any recommendations (or again, better bang-for-your-buck parts) are MUCH appreciated. Thanks!Wagg0 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Secondary Games to Play I'm needing a break from WoW for a few days, but since I'm stuck at home for awhile, I may need something to occupy myself with. What are some F2P games that you indulge in when you're not on WoW? I personally enjoy RPGmaker games - especially some horror gems, namely Ib and Mad Father to say a few - and a few others outside the horror genre. I haven't fond very many games that sound appealing, but then again, I had doubts when I first got into recognizing them. Heck. Just mention what you like, but RPGmaker games are a plus!Stag1 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Guild Wars 2 Whats the game like? Ive been looking to buy it and was just wondering if anyone here could tell me if its worth the cash or not.Coldzone45 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Considering upgrading graphics card.. Well, I would like to upgrade my graphics card to something more capable of handling WoW. My current graphics card is the ATI Radeon 5570. When I originally bought the computer, the card seemed perfectly fine and it has done the job. But, I have noticed an FPS decrease lately in more densely packed areas, like Stormwind, and even in raids. I do raid frequently, and fights like Elegon I drop FPS drastically. I'm hopefully looking for a card that would be able to handle scenarios like that. Moreover, I would like to stick to the same brand of card, but there's so many to choose from AMD. I don't even know where to begin. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!Cømbust8 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Laptops (non-gaming) Hey guys, in the next few months I'm going to be buying a new laptop. My intent is for an email and web surfing box only, but I'd like to go for quality. A decent chassis and less plastic are high on the agenda, and I'd like something reasonably fast and with a backlit keyboard (if it fits in my price range). The deal is I don't know much about laptop processors, and so I'm up for any recommendations there and on specific brands and models. My budget is roughly four to six hundred dollars. Thanks!Thieren1 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 User-defined application profiles CCC I have created a user-defined application profile for wow and tied it to the wow-64.exe, However It seems that it is not taking effect. I've tried reinstalling ccc and I've made and deleted profiles numerous times. Has anyone had a similar problem, or knows a fix?Pathien1 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh [Trading Card Game] Any one miss this card game? The show went downhill but I loved collecting the cards and planning out my games. Even made a special case for my cards. Was a Dragon/Warrior, not a good combo but fun none the less. What was/is your deck(s)? Do you still play? What where some of your tricks?Drede46 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 how will this go for WoW and other games? hey guys, my old piece of crap computer isn't just keeping up that well with WoW and i was looking to get a new computer for my birthday! I found this on eBay and i was wondering how good would it be for playing WoW and maybe other games like: Skyrim, LoL and some others. If it's a bad deal, could you recommend me a build? I'm looking to spend like maximum $900 (that's including monitor, speakers and all that) I also live in Australia Thanks :)Steezy6 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 What headset do you recommend? My current headset is Logitech and the adjustable slider broke on the right side. I had to tape it to prevent it from falling all apart. I was looking at the Steelseries Siberia V2 headset and the reviews and etc because it looks like a very nice headset. While looking at the reviews I noticed that a lot of people claimed that the retractable microphone went out a lot and also one of the speakers goes out after less then a year. I mean, most headsets probably have their problems and ANY headset can get ruined or break but I don't know whether to take the chances or not with buying it. I was just wondering if anybody can recommend a gaming headset within the $50 range that has a microphone and decent audio. I'm not looking for a ultra headset that's so freaking powerful that you feel like you're actually in the world of Azeroth. Just a regular gaming headset really.Canaridra0 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Which Mac to get So I have been playing WoW on a Macbook pro for 4 years now (got it in 2009), and used to play on a mac mini before that. Im pretty used to playing on a mac with Fair settings and stuff that like, I dont really care. Recently in WoW I have just been doing RBGs and PvP and sometimes I lag a little bit, and it really affects my DPS. Anyways, Im getting a new laptop for school/work and I plan on getting a Macbook Pro or Air. My main concern is weight because my current Pro is about 5 pounds and is a pain to carry in a backpack. So thats why the air is appealing to me, or I could just deal with an extra pound and get the pro which seems to be better. Once I get this computer I dont really plan on playing WoW that much anymore. Just pet battles and occasional RBGs/PvP and maybe some casual gaming every now and then. So graphics and stuff like that isnt a big deal. As long as it can play without that much lag ill be fine. So any mac users have any insight?Swagcurry12 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Need new better Graphics card. ^ As I said I'm looking for a better graphics card than a Ati Radeon 5450 My power core is 430 max watts. Now what would be the best card to get to upgrade or can't I until I get a least 500-600 watts power core?Ultima7 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 FFXIV ARR VS WOW FFXIV ARR is winner. end of story PLEASE REMAKE A ENGINE!!! YOUR GRAPHIC IS TOO OLD OUT OF DATE!Holytaurean10 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Vivendi to siphon funds from Actvision-Blizz First of all, I didn't know to put his but this seemed like the most reasonable place to do it. I for one, am extremely outraged by Vivendi's lack of managing their money correctly and forcing their most successful company they have shares in to siphon money to them unless a deal is reached. Vivendi's terrible mis-management and irresponsibility, forced them to try to sell the 61% hold in Activision-Blizzard's shares. But failing to do so has forced them into a cash grab. They are considering siphoning funds form Activision-Blizzard to cover their loss which I feel is very unfair and a completely stab in the back to their most successful investment. This all could happen tomorrow, Teusday the 9th and if it does, Activision-Blizzard, even with all the success between CoD and WoW, will put the in a $400 MILLION DEBT. That is completely ridiculous. If you think this will hugely affect the future of Activision-Blizzard and hurt them immensely, please protest this action and force Vivendi to compromise and listen before siphoning funds.Aendish4 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Nvidia GTX 9800GTX+ Won't boot to Windows Thing Runs fine in safe mode, as well as in My psu is a 500w diablotek with 12v amp rating of 17 - it says the required amount is 12v amps with a rating of 25w. To further elaborate when I first put the card in with no drivers it boots fine(wont run any games though, without em). When I run windows in safe mode it runs fine. But after installing drivers it gets as far as the window logo and then doesn't boot , it just goes to a no signal black screen. My GTX 650 ti runs fine on my psu. My only thoughts are, would buying a psu with a better 12a rating be a possible solution?Celenus10 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Will this comp run WOW? My gfs comp died and i want to get her a new one but on a budget. I'm looking at this one. . I know very little about specs. Please help.Xellia8 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 I need a Mouse like Logitech g9Laser?? I'm in need of a affordable Mouse. I'm sort of picky. Will pay up to 80$ Current g9 Laser Logitech is crapping out on me. I like all my keybinds how they are. I don't want a Naga. **** I need two Side Thumb buttons next to eachother like the G9Laser. ****Also most mouses are very small.. Would like another mouse relatively close in size g9 Laser is a good mouse but I'd prefer not buying the same mouse i already have.Sdeadly1 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Feedback on performance So i am currently running with an i5-3750k, GTX770, 8gigs of RAM i play all the high demanding games such as Witcher, BF3, Crysis very well but i can't seem to get WoW to preform just how i want it. I get pretty much a solid 60fps everywhere besides Stormwind (at peak hours) and 25man raids. Currently at Ultra settings (Shadows on high, and water on medium) ill get around 25-35 fps in high particle fights like Iron Qon, Lei Shen, Twin consorts. I'd really like to see the super smooth game play i normally get but during these fights. From what some people tell me, it can't be done. WoW runs on an old engine and is not optimized well in some areas. Should my current setup be doing better? Or is this just something to accept when playing on ultra?Iarzop1 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Will this computer run wow decently? I'm not asking if it can run it on high or anything, just if it can run it at a playable speed (ie without super low fps and performance issues) on the lowest or medium settings. If not can someone recommend another computer with monitor,etc around the same price that will?Phantoms9 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Laptop Lan Question Error Code 10 Just Sent my Asus g74sx laptop into asus because of a bad motherboard. Got it back one week ago and only problem i see it having is the lan drivers from the asus website see that its a lan driver but its unable to start i get the error code 10 with it. All other drivers work perfect. Not really a big issue just would enjoy every component to work as intended. Also i reset bios to defaults that did nothing. I heard flashing bios would make it work but i'ver never flashed a bios before and i heard if you lose power during the update the mb will just be dead for ever.Amptix0 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Video game you're most skilled at? Aside from WoW, which game are you best at? Long before World of Warcraft even existed, I've always been a die-hard Twisted Metal fan. I was about 8 years old when the first one was released and I played with the demo booth at a Sears for a little over an hour, waiting for my mom to finish shopping. I've been hooked on it ever since, played hours upon hours from TM1 to Black... then the PS3 released it and I was able to play it online for the first time. It was the first time in any video game where I was already a pro when it was released. I killed players left and right as if I was popping bubble wrap. I'll die maybe once out of a few hundred games, but other than that, everyone either teams up against me or try desperately to avoid driving within my sight. The only downside is sometimes people would leave the session once they saw I was in it. My friends don't want to play against me either... *sadface*. To sum it up, I am far more skilled at Twisted Metal than WoW.Razorik72 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Razer Naga keybinds help i am wondering, since i have a razer naga that if i should keybind my main attacking skills either on N1-N12 OR on the keyboard 1-12. i have them on n1-n12 atm, but idk if having them on my keyboard and having other skills on the naga will make me improve on pvp.. but i also think that it doesnt really matter as long i get used to whichever.. any feedback will b great :D thanksArkfenza3 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 processor help wondering if anyone knows if im able to upgrade my older processor to either a new amd or intel anything that is a quad core. stats are as follows rk574aa-aba a1730n AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x2 dualcore 4600+ 2.40 GHz.Meiling1 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 help for a NZer who is very untech savy I am in the process of getting a new laptop as mine is now a few years old and due to WOW playing a number of keys don't work (I use an external keyboard at the moment). I was looking at the new All-In-One pc's but I've read a number of bad reviews for them regarding game playing...tho they look awesome. Next option is a laptop as hubby doesn't want a desktop PC with the big box thing. I'm a bit stumpped on the best thing to buy now. I've been stung the last time buying a laptop that is just not quite up to playing WOW in anythig other than low settings. I'd like to play with medium to high settings if possible and I just have no idea what's a good option. I have looked around and a lot of options given to people are for laptops from the US, which doens't really help me as I'm in NZSalsong4 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Everything will work, right? I am just wondering if everything is compatible before I buy the RAM/PSU. Mobo: Asrock 990fx Extreme3 RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (model number KHX1600C9D3B1K2/8GX) PSU: Corsair CX430 80+ Bronze GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 CPU: AMD FX-6300 I am curious if the PSU and RAM will be compatible with it all. I can't seem to find the RAM on Asrock's website to see if it's compatible.. Also, does the PSU have the Extra 8 pin to power the CPU?Emmawatsonx5 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Can i run wow on ultra with this? and still have high fps 30+ CPU: AMD FX-4300 3.80 GHz Quad-Core AM3+ CPU 4MB L2 Cache & Turbo Core Technology HDD: 500GB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 16MB Cache 7200RPM HDD (Single Drive) MEMORY: 4GB (2GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Memory (Corsair or Major Brand) MOTHERBOARD: * [CrossFireX] GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 AMD 970 Chipset Socket AM3+ ATX Mainboard w/ Touch Bios, Ultra Durable 2, On/Off Charge, 7.1 Audio, GbLAN, 2 Gen2 PCIe X16, 3 PCIe X1 & 2 PCI SOUND: HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD 7.1 AUDIO VIDEO: AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB 16X PCIe 3.0 Video Card [+59] (Major Brand Powered by AMD)Togallokara3 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 How well can i run wow with this set up AMD A4-5300 APU 4 GB [4 GB X1] DDR3-1600 Memory Module Gigabyte GA-F2A85X-D3H 1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s - Single DriveSilphy1 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Got a quick question. Hello, I plan on upgrading graphics card since the gpu went out in it. I'm running a amd 6100 fx cpu with 8gb of ram I'm not sure of the model of the motherboard but I do know it's only pci 2.0 The card I'm looking at is the evga gtx 760/770. I'm being told I may get some bottlenecking and that the motherboard is going to cause me issues since it's only pci 2.0 but It seems amd doesn't make a pci 3.0 board.Holytrauma1 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Media really does affect the way you eat. After 22 years I finally realize what I watch on T.V. affects the way I eat, drink, and sometimes live. I've only come to this realization after finding myself eating more of a Japense diet after watching more anime rather than a typical American diet. On a typical American TV channel there are commercials for pizza, burgers, hot dogs, fast food tacos and so on so this was my typical diet with failed attempts at dieting here and there. Over the past few months I've gone on an anime binge and find rice, miso soup, and fish on my screen rather than the later. Not only have I found this type of food on my screen but I've also been craving it more and find it on my plate as well as cooking more home cooked meals and even cleaning around the house more often;this happens a lot in anime. This says to me that the media has a huge influence on the way we live and how we eat, but it's up to us to notice it and decide if we want adopt those qualities media puts on us. I for one am loving my Japense diet and feel much more healthy and less sluggish unlike before. I choose to keep this adoption of lifestyle since it has shown the improvements in my life I have wanted for awhile. Now ask yourself does media affect the way you live or eat? Is it in your way to you bettering yourself? Or have you grown up in a healthy home and are strong willed enough to not let media of any kind affect your decisions. I just wanted to share my experiences with the forums since I think some of you may be able to relate. Plus it is kinda scary to think media can have such a strong influence whether it be good or bad.Mirrorstruth5 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Your thoughts? Hey guys, I've started a company that I got a sound investment in that I think will revolutionize online gaming. I wanted to give you guys a look at it to see what your thoughts are... Ultimately I'm not trying to sell it, I just would like everyone's input and thoughts whether positive or negative. Website is Thanks fellas!Movitz0 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Gaming Laptop Recommendations So I'm going to be starting college and I'm in need of a laptop. I play wow avidly but don't want to have to bring my desktop to college with me, id prefer to just buy a laptop that I can use to do both my school work, and still play WoW on it without lag /at decent settings. (Looking around Medium /High Graphics). My budget is about $1100 if that helps! Edit: Doesn't necessarily have to be a gaming laptop, just a laptop that I can game on and still do school work if that makes sense?Tzubaki4 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Razer VS SteelSeries I'd still stick with my Naga to lay down all my DPS. What about you guys?Cryptoxic16 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Playstation Allstars Battle Royale Anyone else a fan of this game? Parappa & Sweet Tooth ftw! Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 I got it, delete this please `Chickenlordx0 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Thinking about upgradeing computer. But I need a rough estament on how much it will caust. So with lack of better commonsince here is my computer's current spec. Display adapter type ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Total available graphics memory 4351 MB Dedicated graphics memory 512 MB Dedicated system memory 0 MB Shared system memory 3839 MB Display adapter driver version 8.970.100.3000 Primary monitor resolution 1920x1080 DirectX version DirectX 10 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9650 @ 3.00GHz Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Anyone computer savvy you may now chew me out.Misseve15 Jul 7, 2013