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Nov 6 Advice on buying gaming laptop I want to buy a new laptop which can support WoW well between Medium to Ultra setting. I am thinking to get a DELL XPS 13 because it has 7th gen Intel core i7. I would like to set my budget around $1000. Any suggestions?Tanfam8 Nov 6
Nov 6 Vid card advice So my GTX 760 is about to die (artifacts, bsod, et.) not heat nor driver related. So I'm unable to play any games, and forced to buy a new vid card. I was thinking a 750ti or maybe, just maybe a GTX 950. I'm not willing to spend more than $150.00 (other priorities) so ... what do you guys recommend? Any good reasonable choices out there?Grümm20 Nov 6
Nov 6 WTB New HDD My setup is pretty decent but my traditional mechanical SSHD is getting a bit slow to load zones in WOW and while I'm sure I could resolve it, I'm going to use this as an excuse to buy a new drive. My board supports 3 different sizes of NVME storage as well as SATA. So I'm curious what people think would be better - going with an NVME SSD or a traditional SATA-SSD. I don't use this machine for anything other than WOW and web browsing so I tend to think an NVME is overkill and not needed but I'm willing to be talked into buying one.Scandryn2 Nov 6
Nov 5 Good Laptop Bad Monitor I was thinking about buying an Origin EON15-X laptop and hooking it up to my monitor like I have now except I have a bad laptop but I was wondering if a really good laptop would display just as good graphics on my crappy monitor, as it will with a good monitor. Do I need to upgrade monitors? or will it not make a difference? Thank you~!Nicolaswow1 Nov 5
Nov 5 Anyone Else Have Loading Time Issues? So ever since 7.1 dropped, I have had insanely long loading times for the portal to Dalaran from my class hall, and portals to other places as well. This wasn't an issue in 7.0, and I consider my laptop to have mid-high specs. For those curious I have the Dell Inspiron 7559. I chose the package with an Intel i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M. It's basically Dell's budget version of Alienware but it's not Alienware. Now, unfortunately it only has a 1TB HDD at 5400rpm with a hybrid 8GB SSD cache. Could the slow HDD be the problem? If so, why wasn't it an issue in 7.0? Thanks for reading.Roddy3 Nov 5
Nov 5 KOTOR 2 This is old news, but for those who don't know already, KOTOR 2 has a steam workshop component, courtesy of Aspyr! There are also mobile versions of KOTOR 1 and 2 available on the various app stores through Aspyr. Enjoy!Illaandra1 Nov 5
Nov 4 League of legends Anyone play?Chucknoreiss0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Profire M5950 fps? How well does Legion run with a Radeon Profire M5950 2782mb. Even lowest settings what am I looking at for FPS in raids? Thanks.Disable0 Nov 4
Nov 3 gtx1050 ti or 1060 3gb now that nvidia released specs of them and the price point looking mighty good are they even worth to consider for $50 less than the 1060 3bDanitykayne15 Nov 3
Nov 3 Help Me Build a PC! Hey all, I understand this can come off as needy, but I would really appreciate the help! I plan on building my own PC for the first time (have an experienced buddy who will be there to help and make sure it's put together correctly). I've ran through, and I've had a few guesses on what to choose, but I honestly am pretty naive/clueless on this stuff. I was curious if someone could help pick out the parts that match my budget. Budget: $800-1k (I'll go a bit higher if it is clearly necessary). -I would like a SSD with the build, and I will mainly be using this for WoW (I want to play on high settings and ultra if I can). -I want to be able to play WoW with music playing in the background with no issues, and be able to alt+tab out quickly to search for something online. I want this build to last me at least 5 years. -I will need a monitor as well; would it be better for me to get two monitors, or one, bigger monitor? Could anyone help direct me to a link to a list from pcpartpicker would follow along these guidelines? Thanks so much! Please let me know if you need any extra info.Nautkicker12 Nov 3
Nov 3 A tip (Down votes, while entirely welcome, are not well understood. As noted below, I'm only posting this because I've found it useful and perhaps you will too) I'm posting this due to the large number of performance complaints with Legion. These complaints are highly variable and seem largely the product of outdated hardware, so this certainly will not solve every problem. Now, when I load into the game there is noticeable lag, choppiness, and an overall performance problem. I mean less than 40 - 50 fps pretty much everywhere. What I do: I have Kombustor, a (free) program built for stress testing your gpu. I tab out of WoW, open Kombustor, set it to "full screen" at 2560 x 1440p (or whatever your resolution is), and then run a stress test. The selected image appears, and the program does its thing. I only have to do this for a few seconds. When I tab back into the game, the change is immediate. I have an absolutely flawless image with 0 lag, 0 tearing, perfect transitions with every camera movement, and I am never, ever below 80 - 90 fps in even the most demanding situations, and even pushing 150 - 200 depending on the area I'm in. I don't know why this works, but it works. If your hardware is up to snuff, and you still have issues, give it a try. My rig, for reference: CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k- OC’d to 4.6 GHz Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard: ASUS ROG LGA 1150 Maximus VII GPU: Gigabyte GTX 980ti Xtreme 6gb GDDR5 RAM: 16GB 2133 DDR3 PSU: EVGA 1000 GQ 80+ Gold, 1000w, Semi-Modular SSD: 500GB Solid State Samsung SATA III Drive HDD: 1TB SeaGate mechanical HDD WoW Monitor: Acer XB270HU 27” WQHD Nvidia G-Sync (2560 x 1440p) @165hzHucklëbeary2 Nov 3
Nov 3 Looking for Opinions on MMORPG Systems So working on conceptual design for our studio's potential second game. We've ditched VP massively. We've ditched leveling. We've moved to make RP and Professions a competitor to game play against pve and pvp (that means you can play doing professions with out ever having or needing to do combat oriented stuff). We've ditched over extensive grinding. We've moved toward mmorpg sandbox We've moved to allowing players to build cities 8 times larger then storm wind, from the ground up. We've moved to a combo skill system (Drop a tornado shoot a fireball in it to light it on fire to cause aoe fire damage). What i'd like feedback on is: Assume the following is true: Our Skill system allows you to select a field of magic, or attacks (Fire For example). Click Research on fire ball, After minutes, hours, days, weeks, a month you gain level 2, 3, 4, or 5. How do you feel about a skill System that has various types of progression. For example Level one you click "Research" and gain the ability after set time. Level 2 you have to use level 1 ability so many times Level 3 you have to acquire a book to learn from raid/pvp. How do you feel about finding abilities in the world (Pvp/pve)? Example: You gain healing touch from a book that drops. How do you feel about spending a long time (6 months-1year) research professions to gain the ability to craft legendary item sets? Thanks for any feedback.Amunari1 Nov 3
Nov 2 Going outta town... For about a month and will be staying in a hotel with wifi. How can I hook my pc up to it?Broxxigak2 Nov 2
Nov 2 How well will this build do? Nov 2
Nov 2 VGA to HDMI I just got a new computer that doesn't support VGA. My primary monitor is HDMI and works fine, but i'd like to continue to use my second older VGA monitor as long as I can. It's only used for quick web browsing and things that don't require a good monitor at all. Anyway i've been searching the web all day and all i can find are people trying to connect their projectors to their laptops or something along those lines. From the research it seems like VGA to HDMI requires a power source since you are going digital? However all of the converters i've found have a MALE VGA connector with a FEMALE HDMI port. I need a FEMALE VGA to MALE HDMI. TL;DR: Will this make my VGA monitor work on an HDMI port? Edit: What about this ? Thanks!Nes1 Nov 2
Nov 2 AMD crossfire performance issues G'day there, I've been asking around the web on other forums for help with my computer problems but I don't seem to be getting much help so I figured I'd ask here. So I've recently installed 2 Sapphire vapor-x R9 270x's in crossfire and I've found that they perform horribly in pretty much every game I play such as battlefield 4 / battlefront 3/The Witcher 3 (And WoW, but as I understand WoW doesn't benefit from crossfire that much anyways). The main problems I'm experiencing are massive fps drops (Used to be able to maintain 50-60fps on high settings on both EA titles, now it's sitting at 10-20fps on the same settings), flickering textures, stuttering gameplay, and the gpu's drivers crashing(At the moment, I'm better off using one gpu than both). Played for about 30 minutes on both Battlefield 4 and Battlefront 3 CPU usage: 60-70% on Average GPU 1 Usage: 40% on average GPU 2 Usage: 70-99% on average but constantly fluctuating. I initially thought it may of been a cpu bottleneck issue, but given the stats above, I have no idea what else it could be (If it is a cpu bottleneck, could that explain why GPU1 has such low usage?) Cheers Setup CPU: I3 4130 3.4ghz GPU: Sapphire Vapor-x R9 270x x2 PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 775w xt RAM: Corsair DDR3 8gb x 2 MOBO: GIGABYTE Z87M-D3h System: Windows 10 Pro x64 Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 60hz 1920x1080 GPU Drivers: Crimson edition (current ones)Sàurfang17 Nov 2
Nov 2 I just purchased Battlefield 1. Cya guys. This game is lonnggggg past its shelf life.Retshied60 Nov 2
Nov 2 Need a good pc build for WoW I have 1000-1200$ to blow on a new desk top. Can anyone recommend a pc build that will get the most bang for my buck playing wow? Thank you in advanceIcychan1 Nov 2
Nov 1 Laptop recommendation? It's time to upgrade my work laptop and and looking for recommendations. While normally, our IT people prefer Apple they're open to Dell/Alienware or HP. Since I'm not overly excited about the new macbook pros I'm wondering if anyone can make any suggestions. Thanks! Considerations: It does need to be a laptop for travel and it needs to come from a "recognized" company.Grumbles1 Nov 1
Nov 1 Why is everything so funny in twitch chat? I don't get it, every stream with a lot of people in the chat is just spammed with "LUL" And i swear in the last 10 minutes of watching I don't think anything was, or was intended to be funny. Please someone enlighten me as to why everyone is always laughinggg. It's like blowing my mind.Purpose11 Nov 1
Nov 1 Monitor recommendations I have a 2560x1080 ultrawide by LG 34" love the size but it feels too wide maybe a curved model would help and I Hate Netflix bars or anything else forced to 16:9. also text doesn't look so crisp. I have a Best Buy account so something they carry would be good. Thanks all. I saw this in the store and really liked it . 16:9 big and curved.? I should also note that I am running a Gtx 970 so keep that in mind , can't handle 4K or 1440p 144hz I don't think. 144hz sounds amazing for the smoothness but I think I would need a card upgrade as wellNinjato0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Anyone with a PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD? PCIe NVMe M.2 SSDs are all the rage now. I have a regular SSD- Samsung Evo 850. Consider upgrading and getting the Samsung 950 PRO. It's at the lowest price it's been yet and boasts a potential read speed of 5x that of what I currently have. OS boot up is under 30 seconds. Load times are also damn short. I know this item is a luxury. Sometimes when I zone in it takes 5-7 seconds for all the items and NPCs to load- I want it to be INSTANT. I hate seeing objects load as I approach them. #firstworld problems. Amazon link to deal I found: Nov 1
Nov 1 Place your bets Doing an old halloween tradition with my brother, see who can beat battletoads first; There are infinite lives, but no save states. Place your bets on who goes mad first or who throws their controller through the screen; We are playing until we both beat it, no giving up or the loser has to taste a 9 million scoville hotsauce (for perspective, a habanero ranges from 80,000-600,000 scovilles) I think we are trying to set a world record for pain here.Talaerus0 Nov 1
Oct 31 Need advice for functional laptop ok, so I play WoW (casually), on a desktop, it has 8g DDR3 1333MHz, regular HD (not SSD), AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core Processor 2.6 GHz, and a GeForce GT 430 Video Card - 1024MB, GDDR3. I can play it on Low-medium settings, mostly low, and function fine, frustrating at times, but function. My monitor however is my TV, so my wife and I want me to get a laptop. I do not want to move backwards on this current system, forward would be awesome, and I'm not necessarily looking for a "gaming laptop". I do dungeons, quest, and PvP. I suck at PvP so it's not like I can blame my computer for it, but I have fun regardless. My wife was eyeballing a msi gl62 6qf-893, 6th-generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz. 12GB RAM; 128GB m.2 SATA SSD + 1TB 7200RPM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2GB VRAM gaming graphic card. It seemed like overkill for my needs, she viewed it as "staying ahead". I was eyeballing Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-53VG, 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6200U Processor (Up to 2.8GHz), NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB DDR5 VRAM, 8GB DDR4 Memory, 256GB SSD. It's almost half the price of the MSI. Yes I copied and pasted a lot lol. Anyone experienced enough to tell me if I will be disappointed with the Acer in comparison to my listed desktop machine at the top? Or is my wife right? Should I just get the MSI? I have no desire for running graphics on "ultra", or even "high" for that matter. I just want better PC response than what my desktop gives me. ThanksZuda4 Oct 31
Oct 31 Generic GPU question thread. To quote myself from a few months ago... ... Since then, I've made an upgrade or two to my primary machine. I've swapped my old i7 out for a Xeon X5677 that I picked up from eBay for about $45. It works great, quite a bit better than the i7, but I'm not quite satisfied with how well the game performs. (~30 FPS while standing in Acherus and doing nothing, with the quality on 7, is unacceptable.) So, I'm in the market for a new GPU, preferably one under $200. Right now I'm looking into the EVGA GTX 770 Ti Superclocked (linked at the bottom if you're curious). Sifting through benchmarks, it seems to outperform or match the performance of some newer cards, such as the RX 460/470, respectively. And for $158, it seems like a good buy. Is anyone else running a similar GPU? How well does WoW perform for you? Bear in mind that I'm not looking to game at 4k with everything set to Ultra. The goal is at least 40 FPS in battlegrounds or LFR at 1080p, preferably with the settings on 7-8. Here's the Amazon link for the GPU:éyshaun7 Oct 31
Oct 31 Building New PC Legion 1000$ budget Hey guys, I don't know a ton about building a PC, but I know what performance I am aiming for. - Budget --> 800-1000$ - Intention --> Play WoW at mostly Ultra Settings while achieving 60+ fps in most situations. I would dream of hitting 80+ FPS on ultra if allowable with my budget. - Resolution --> 1080p preferably.. - Country --> United States I put together this build from what I was able to learn so far, but I know it needs some changes. It is a bit higher than my budget for now. I want to stick right around the 1000$ or less range. Is overclocking something I should look into getting for mainly WoW? the i5-6600k is only 40$ more and offers overclocking but I am unsure if I need it. Also which monitor is a solid choice? Looking for 23-24" Is a really good motherboard needed for WoW or will a decent mid range work okay? Here is the list: Oct 31
Oct 31 OT I really love the new Skylanders game Man Wow forums really need an off topic section, but anyway, I think the new skylanders game Imaginators is the best one yet, I love the idea of creating our own skylanders. When i was young i used to love drawing monsters and creatures, being able to do that in the skylanders is awesome I have created 3 so far Light bowslinger - Bright Arrow Undead quickshot - Cyber Ghoul Dark Life Sentinel - Dark Ivy Blossom I just don't know what they will think of next, it will be difficult with the next game with a new feature (gimmick). I just hope they keep this idea and expand on itRyshorgen0 Oct 31
Oct 30 The new GTX 1050 and 1050i are they compatible with sandy bridge i5 boards or am I SoL?Fulcrüm7 Oct 30
Oct 30 So is warcraft 3 worth getting A WoW rts game sounds kickass but is it any funSunrul39 Oct 30
Oct 30 $500 wow pc Demontek7 Oct 30
Oct 30 Civ 6 Been playing for two days with just the base game. Don't think anyone who's enjoyed Civ in the past is going to be disappointed. City planning is a thing this time. Your city improvements require building themed districts that are placed on map tiles same as a farm or mine. World wonders also require a map tile. If there's a terrain restriction to build an improvement, then you have to actually build it on that tile type. Advances are split in to Tech and Civic so you can be reaching one of each at the same time. There are also triggers to boost unresearched advances so when you're ready to start researching, the work is already half done. Example would be building a city on the coast for the first time boosts Sailing. Military units of the same type can be joined into corps/armies and armadas/fleets so they become a super powerful unit. Spies are captured, not killed, so you can negotiate terms for return/release. Great People work a bit differently. There's a "recruitment list" you can check to see who the next available Great Person is within an area if expertise and what their unique benefit is. The first civilization to get enough GPP can recruit that person or pass without spending their accrued points. If they pass, there won't be a new one to recruit until another civilization gains enough points and chooses to recruit the one already available. Governments are back but customizable using social policies. Both are unlocked through the civic advancements. Policies are divided into Military, Economic and Diplomatic, along with non-specific cards that grant additional GPP. Lots of minor changes but otherwise continues to feel much like the same Civ. City planning is something you need to master. Doing a bad job will stunt your city's growth in the long run.Joynal3 Oct 30
Oct 30 What does FFXIV do better. For me its story, immersion, patch cycles, devs actually communicate with the community, and professions. I especially like professions have their own endgame. Class balance is also better.The music blows wow out of the water or any mmo for that matter. The actually boss fights are really well down.Grimrow106 Oct 30
Oct 29 Speakers/Headphones priority So I got logitechg930 wireless headphones that plug in through a usb, and now logitech z313 sub/2speakers that only seem to work when plugged into the headphone jack. I would like to set it up so that the headphone/mic is default device when they are powered on and that the speakers will play when they are not without having to manually change the playback device. How can I do that? Do I need some different speakers that will play from another output?Fford0 Oct 29
Oct 29 how well will this pc run wow legion best budget gaming pc on amazon for 500 now keep in mind im just looking for something that can run the game on medium settings and get 50+ fps not looking for top performance on ultra just a good starter pc that can get the job doneTraw8 Oct 29
Oct 29 Looking to build Gaming PC How's this setup look for mostly WoW and a few other games ( Gears of War 4, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Seige, and a few others.) This will be my 1st build and looking for something that will work great now and a few years beyond. The monitor I currently have is a ASUS ROG PG278Q Black 27" 2560 x 1440, 144 Hz 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Gaming Monitor. Thanks NZXT S340 Gaming Case i7-6700K Processor (4x 4.00GHz/8MB L3 Cache) Gigabyte GA-Z170X-GAMING 5 --3x PCIe x16, 3x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2x M.2 16 GB [8 GB X2] DDR4-2800 Memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 - 8GB (GDDR5X) 750 Watt - Thermaltake SMART SP-750PCBUS Swiftech H220 X2 240mm Liquid CPU Cooling System Dual 480 GB Kingston HyperX Savage SATA-3 SSD Read: 560MB/s; Write: 530MB/ (960GB Capacity) - RAID 0 High Performance Windows 10 Home 64-bitScapegoats2 Oct 29
Oct 29 Desktop Build Assistance Request Afternoon All, My desktop decided to crash on me last night. The beast is 6 years old and I'm ready for a new desktop. I would prefer not to build the desktop and I'm looking for a rig in the $700-800 range. iBP has the following Halloween special for $775. Are these pre-built gaming PCs a good deal, or is it worth searching around on Slickdeals or a similar site? Thanks! Case :: AZZA Atlas Gaming Case - Black [Prebuild-AM600i] Processor :: Intel® Core™ i5-6400 Processor (4x 2.70GHz/6MB L3 Cache) Processor Cooling :: Certified CPU Fan and Heatsink [Prebuild] - [Prebuilt] Memory :: 8 GB [8GB x 1] DDR4-2400 Memory Module Video Card :: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 3GB - (VR-Ready) - FREE Upgrade to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Motherboard :: ASROCK H110M HYPER-DS/HYPER-- Intel H110 Chipset, 1x PCIe 3.0 x16 Power Supply :: 500 Watt - Standard 80 PLUS Bronze - Prebuild Primary Hard Drive :: 1 TB Hard Drive -- 32MB Cache, 7200RPM, 6.0Gb/s [Prebuild] Optical Drive :: 24X Super Multi Interal DVD Rewriter Optical Drive [Prebuild] - PrebuildRefried3 Oct 29
Oct 29 G-Sync Monitor Worth the Price? I wanted to know if anyone with a g-sync monitor can confirm that it is worth the extra cash. Also right now I am only using a 27" 1080p monitor and wanted to know what kind of upgrade would make for a better visual gaming experience. Right now I am running with a i7-6700K, MSI Z170 MB, MSI 970 Golden, and 16 GB GSKILL 3000 DDR4 Ram. I was thinking of upgrading my video card to a 1070 possibly. I just don't have much knowledge of higher scale resolution monitors (2k/4k) and g-sync.Zantrik7 Oct 29
Oct 28 Any REAL success with Samsung Gear VR?... Hey everyone, I have the Samsung Gear VR goggles and I have attempted to play WoW using the TrinusVR app with slim success... Is there anyone who has truly been successful in playing WoW specifically with Gear VR?... I have searched on many forums, websites, and videos for information only to find that people have claimed that it has worked for them. But HOW exactly?... I could use some specific instructions on how to get it working. I currently use Win7. If it is not as easy as "plug-and-play" then I can handle some advanced adjustments (but I'm no expert), much like Trinus has shown, but Trinus still has me stumped... What other programs are suggested? Who has walked the path and could shed some light on how it all works... Thank you. :)Nymh0 Oct 28
Oct 28 Class of Clans servers DOWN! DA FUQ BLIZZ!Tulipkisses2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Is There A Need For A Typical HDD Anymore? Getting a new comp made soon. I am getting a Samsung 512GB 2500/1500 R/W 950 Pro M.2 SSD as my boot up and game drive. I was wondering, other than the massive storage available with an HDD if there was any other reason to use one as a secondary drive? I have a 1TB drive holding everything from OS to games and a mess of audiobooks but have only used 668gb. Maybe just throw in a Samsung 500G 540/520 R/W 850 EVO SSD and say goodbye to the platter drives.Phitz34 Oct 28
Oct 28 Windows 10. Building a new PC. Anyone know where I can get Windows 10 cheap?Nes2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Need help on PC performance / upgrade Hi Need some advice on my PC and game performance. My current PC configuration is: 1. CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 2. Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 5.0) 3. Graphic Card: Radeon HD 5850 Vapor X (Ancient, yes) 4. PSU: Corsair VS650 (recently purchased) 5. Monitor: Samsung B2230 - 1080P 6. RAM - 4 GB From as early as I can remember, I played the game in ultra in 1080p. However, Since MoP/WoD, I have seen reduced performance, forcing me to drop the graphic setting regularly. I am currently using the lowest possible graphic setting & lowest wide-screen resolution available in the game, despite which, the game’s FPS drops to below 30 FPS in many areas, even SW. My questions are: 1. Is this the best possible FPS I can expect out of this system? If not, then what do I need to do to improve the performance of the game. 2. If the answer to the previous question is yes, and I do have to upgrade, can I just upgrade the GPU for better performance? Or do have to upgrade the CPU as well? For upgrade, I have shortlisted the following: 1. CUP: AMD FX 6300 Black Edition (Don’t intend to upgrade the mobo as its fairly new) 2. GPU: GTX 1060 3 GB (Hope switching from AMD wouldn’t be a concern) I have a very limited budget currently, and will only be able to upgrade one component atm, while the next upgrade may have to wait for a few months. In terms of usage, I mostly play wow, in 1080p and perfectly ok with 1080 going forward. Any guidance / info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Moksha P.S. Hope this is the right thread, if not pls let me know.Mókshá9 Oct 28
Oct 28 Any Ultra-wide 21:9 monitor users out there?? I've been toying with the idea of either the LG 34inch ultra wide 3440x1440 (less than 4k but 30% more pixels than 1080) or it's little brother which is the same size ultra wide screen but 1080p. The 34UM65 is about $400 less than the UHD 34UM95 but is 14ms response time vs 5ms. 1) Would that really be noticeable and if translated to latency, what would that value/difference be? I'm just looking for more immersion, being a casual player. 2) is 1440p really noticably better than 1080p for wow? Also, I just got a new MSI gtx 970 and wow what a card. Linus says that the big 34UM95 will run fine on this current gen of gpu. I get 160-270 fps openworld on ultra so I could still expect good fps with this card on UHD no? I run v sync anyway to prevent tearing. Any comments appreciated :)Gumperdink21 Oct 28
Oct 28 New macbook pro play WoW at max/60 fps? I plan to buy a new laptop since my parents said it will help for school in the future. will the new macbook pro it has a 2.6ghz quad core i7 and radeon pro 450 graphics and 16gb ramLoomiess5 Oct 28
Oct 28 Guild Wars 2 PvP? I'm getting very very tired of WoW, PvP just gets less enjoyable for me in every expansion as CC chains get longer, CD stacking gets worse, etc. I enjoyed WoW most in Vanilla & TBC.. WOTLK wasnt as good but it wasn't too bad. I enjoyed CC not lasting forever, mana users actually being able to go oom, and talent system. Something about the way fights went was more enjoyable to me, I cant put my finger on exactly what it was, but I don't enjoy pvp now where everyone has instant casts, casts while moving, speed increases, crits for 40% of my hp, etc. Point being, my friend recommends GW2 and I am interested in a change of pace/fresh MMO, but I want more than just 1 person's opinion before I spend $60 to play it since they don't have a free trial :/ How is Guild Wars 2 from mainly a PvP standpoint? I've never been one to invest lots of time in endgame raiding and such (I enjoyed heroics and popping in to Kara when my guildies needed an extra in TBC, but I never pushed the latest raids and whatnot), so PvE isn't as important to meRawrbear20 Oct 28
Oct 27 Naga Epic Chroma mousepad I tried two different mouspads with my new naga chroma and both cause the cursor to jump, but it works fine directly on my desk or the back of a notebook. Is there something I am missing? The mousepads are both cloth.Sidal2 Oct 27
Oct 27 WoW study! Participate in a player's research Incubus0 Oct 27
Oct 27 1st Gaming PC I'm looking to build my 1st gaming pc. The specs I've selected are below. My goal is to be able to play WoW at setting 8 or better and the new Skyrim Enhanced Addition at at least High settings. CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i5-6500 3.20GHz 6MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1151 (Skylake) [+10] HDD: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 7200 RPM HDD [-13] (Single Drive) MOTHERBOARD: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro CARBON ATX w/ Programmable Lighting, USB 3.1, 3 PCIe x16, 4 PCIe x1, 1 SATA Express, 4 SATA3, 1 Ultra M.2 VIDEO: GeForce® GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 (Pascal)[VR Ready] (Single Card) Any advice would be appreciated.Xenahort5 Oct 27
Oct 27 It seems the Burning legion has sent... Battleships to another game. Clearly, an Infernal has become the boat.Yuria0 Oct 27
Oct 27 4k Monitor Or TV I'm torn and i just don't know what to do, right now i'm using a 32" tv that is probably only 480p. It looks fine, but but i just got a GTX 1080 I know a higher resolution display would make things look SO much nicer. My Question is what do i go for the t.v. or a monitor. I am not a pro gamer by any means so i'm not TO worried about the delay (i'm already on a tv right?) Looking to keep it around and under the $400 range I'd say i won't settle for anything less than 28". Do you have a 4k or a tv moniter? is one preferred over the other?Subwatt6 Oct 27