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4h R.I.P Gene Wilder, aka Willy Wonka So many memories. Your chocolate factory is in good hands, sir. Rest in peace.Razorik1 4h
4h What are you listening to now? V.3 What are you currently jamming to? I was going to make another post in the previous thread but it capped so I will make version three of this series instead! New Order - True Faith 4h
9h What are your phobias? Any rational or irrational fears? Personally, I have claustrophobia and thalassophobia. Tiny spaces make me very anxious and I cannot stay in elevators if they don't have windows. If I'm in there too long, I'll start hyperventilating and may start panicking. The ocean also gives me the heebie jeebies. I do just fine in a swimming pool; I can see what's at the bottom without worrying. But the ocean or large bodies of water that aren't entirely clear scare the hell out of me. I will not set foot into the ocean! Being in a submarine would be an absolute nightmare for me.Razorik21 9h
21h Clayton 60 gnome pvp video When i was playing in vanilla i remember a very well edited player made pvp video. It was a gnome mage named Clayton, playing on sargeras. He had 3 videos on warcraft movies that you can still search for today. I would be forever indebted to anyone who can help me find a way to watch his old videos again.Dreadriot0 21h
1d Looking for artists! :3 Herrrooo. Okay so I'm "looking for artists" of any talent, because I'm going to be turning 18 soon and want to get a tattoo. I've had an idea for the longest time of what I want it to be so I just need you talented beasts to draw it for me! Since I love world of warcraft and It has been in my life since I was a kid.. I want a tattoo of a little murloc holding two balloons with the balloons having the alliance and horde crest. So yeah that's my request! Thanks for the help :3! And I'm basically looking for a little cutesy murloc like dis: 1d
1d My YouTube channel with music I have written Recently started getting into EDM/House and decided to take my own song and make a remix of it. Let me know what you all think. Link on YouTube: Channel: Be sure to check out my other music and I appreciate any comments/likes/feedback/subscribes.Foreverstuck60 1d
1d Twilight 2000 Well, I some how manged to be talked into playing Twilight 2000 with a few friends of mine. I haven't played that game since the mid 1980s and my last RPG played was 10 years ago. It should be fun. They are all rolling up Spec Ops and those types. I told my Referee that I was deciding between a civilian mechanic or a combat medic. Should make for an interesting few evenings. If I recall, the mortality rate in that game was kinda high.Thundertotem1 1d
1d 2018 Toyota Supra If you're a car guy/gal, just putting this one out there for you. MSRP will be anywhere between 40-80 grand (which is a huge margin) but basically a realistic amount. I'm guessing average 60k. Just got off the phone with Toyota. Confirmed release back into the US in 2018. I own an Audi TTRS and thought about buying a 370z in the next year or two. I now know that'd be a mistake. Not a Toyota fan, personally. But, uh. The Supra return is worth many brownie points.Bodywrecker1 1d
1d Electronic / Dance Music (Updated 8/26/16) What's up, everybody? OK, so, I love electronic and dance music; everything from chillout or ambient to house to drum and bass, dubstep, trap, and most of what is in between all of that. I find electronic and dance music in particular to be quite fascinating. Unless I am watching a television show or movie, I'm listening to music. At home, in the car, at work, gaming, etc. Electronic music is my soundtrack to all of that stuff. I like sharing the music I love, and I hope you find my track and mix selections interesting. Most links I post are primarily from Soundcloud (just to keep stuff organized - most producers and DJs post their content there), but I also frequent Bassdrive, Mixcloud,,, Mixcrate, and even Youtube for music. All of those sites are treasure troves of dance music - check them out! What are your favorite styles and songs? Fan of a particular DJ, podcast or website? Share it here! =) I'm @rhythmicity1 on Twitter. My latest playlist is at: ======================== Track of the Week (Electronic) Röyksopp - Happy Up Here Gonna recommend you go to YouTube for this one, 'cause the video is awesome =) ======================== I update Weekend Rhythm every Friday, and I also re-post tracks daily. If you like what I post, a follow would be much appreciated! Thanks =) ▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ▂ ▃ ▁ ▁ ▅ ▃ ▅ ▅ ▄ ▅ ▇▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ▂ ▃ ▁ ▁ ▅ ▃ ▅ ▅ ▄ ▅ ▇Breakbeat306 1d
3d What's the name of this music? It's the Steve Harvey Doesn't Want to Host Family Feud Anymore. What's the name of the classical piece playing during the first half of the video?Medivhal2 3d
4d Best Try Not to Cringe Challenge Compilation 4d
4d New PvP Montage New montage up on youtube channel! Seach "JSnipesTV Gaming" and you should see my channel! New videos daily, any and all support is greatly appreciated! Videos include guides, transmog competitions, and pvp. Much more to come during legion, stay tuned! If your interested in being part of one of my transmog contests go ahead and leave a comment here or on youtube and ill contact you! I host and upload them daily! Thanks for reading!Omehn0 4d
4d Vikings fans, check out The Last Kingdom Background info: ... Intro: ... I finished watching the entirety of the first season and I have to say this show is amazing! The show takes place after Ragnar Lothbrok's kids get much older. You get the perspective of both the Saxons and the vikings, lots of epic battle scenes, and the episodes are almost an hour long each (8 total for the season). Netflix just picked this show up so I'm hopeful for an even better season 2!Wilmot5 4d
5d Pixar, Dreamworks & Blizzard Not sure if this has been discussed or if it's even in the right section. Just got done watching the new Bastion short for Overwatch. God damn Blizz, you guys need to keep all your cinematic (and cinema) production in house - i.e. DO IT ALL YOURSELVES!!! You have already shown what you are capable of with the evolution of the full cinematics of WoW, SC, HoTS and now the shorts from Overwatch, which are breathtaking. Who cares if the next Warcraft movie - if there will even be one - is like a Pixar movie. Look how successful those were. You have already shown you are up to the task. You could do it so much better yourselves and it'd actually be good.Xstrada1 5d
5d Warcraft: The Animated Series Warcraft to me is like a fledgling Star Wars or Star Trek in terms of story. Blizz has a universe. There are great heroes and even better villains. There is a story rich environment that has been only mildly tapped outside of the video game world. There's a loyal following. Much of the world knows of this game, even if they haven't played it. There's just far too much to fit into a movie franchise. There's not enough screen time. Blizz should want a 20+ episode season at 30min - 1hr long for each episode. I think Blizz should go The Clone Wars on us. The in game cut scenes for WoD are decently close to being acceptable by television standards, but would need some modifications to the textures and animations. The stories, music, camera angles, coloring (mostly), and 'set pieces' are all on point in those WoD cut scenes. This is good stuff (links below). There is an entire universe waiting to have it's story told to all those that don't read the books or read the quest logs. And it's an entirely new vein in which to grab the attention of those who have played over the decade or more. Go ahead and start telling the Wold of Warcraft stories. Use ideas from the game and do time walking episodes to reveal the history behind a conflict or an alliance. There's SO much. It is as though Blizz is caught between "We can tell a good story anywhere" (staying safe in the game world) and "We'd really like to have a cool movie" right now. Animation is where it's at for this sort of universe. Otherwise there's simply too many factions and significant characters to keep track of for a movie in that same space of time. What is the going rate (time) for a true franchise sequel..2-3 years between movie releases if everything lines up? You can get two solid seasons of lore and adventure out in that time at least. Please read this Blizz. It isn't too late. You can easily have an animated series and a movie franchise...Star Wars did it superbly. You guys at Blizz are sitting on a gold mine of lore and creativity...but somehow the world is still just experiencing a game franchise with a single movie after how many years... You haven't hit the jackpot yet, even though many of you may think you have. Love all of ya. Keep up the great work. Um...spoilers...just in case. 5d
6d Recommend a Web Comic I'll start with 3 Panel Soul - who's next?Drakmor0 6d
Aug 22 Diaz or McGregor? #WARDIAZ!!!!! EDIT: I get it. Nerds don't like combat sports. You can post about other random stuff in GD but if you post about UFC you get down voted.Davidians38 Aug 22
Aug 22 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #11 All right! New thread! (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10) This might be a bit unrelated to everything but for my very first attempt at fanfiction, I wrote up a story about my character, but everypony in the story is a pony. Has a basic plot structure, but considering it was written in about four hours I think it turned out pretty good. Any feedback you can give would be much appreciated. Edit: Lol sorry, forgot link: Also, I've unsubbed in case anyone cares. My subscription should end on the 28th so I've got another three weeks of posting on the forums until then. Just thought I'd put it out there. Edit from over a year later(!): Turns out my link to the fanfiction was faulty. Back in 2014, there was a fanfiction forum that Blizzard had around for a few months. It was pretty cool for people to post their own unique fanfictions in. But over time, they re-updated the forums again and the roleplaying forum just became the new fanfiction forum. As a result, any old fanfictions posted in the the destroyed forum just leads to a broken link page. It was a shame too. I actually worked pretty hard on that thread. Future me, I'm writing to you to tell you that Fallout 4 comes out in three weeks and it looks pretty awesome. Edit in here later on to tell me what you think of it! 2nd Edit from four months later: It was a whole lot of fun, past me. I beat it a few months ago, and I'm still consumed by thoughts about it. Turns out that once you beat the game, there isn't a whole lot more I can really do. Lots of repeatable quests. Still, I'm determined to level up my stealth abilities because there's no level limit in the game! I got to level 66 before beating the game. Future me: I'm writing to you wondering about my school year. I'm taking three classes and it feels like I have midterms every single week. It's hard to maintain both my video game/tv watching schedule and still not get too stressed out over school. Does it get any better, or is it just worse from here on out?Vynathlon286 Aug 22
Aug 22 What were you listening to 10 yrs ago today? Musical styles and tastes change but as I'm sitting here listening to Spotify I began to realize that I've been listening to the same genre now for almost a decade. I found my genre and stuck with it faithfully and barely dabble outside of it. So, 10 years ago, what were you listening to? Has the stuff you listen to changed at all? 10 yrs ago I was beginning my journey down the instrumental path and started listening to Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai! Haven't looked back since. How about you?Iconik25 Aug 22
Aug 22 Warcraft movie flop I wish I could have my money back. Totally not worth the 14 bucks I paid to see this juvenile catastrophe. I'd rather re-watch 'Dragon Ball Evolution' and 'Super Mario Bros.' failures than stomach sitting through 'Warcraft' again. eww =(Laozu15 Aug 22
Aug 21 Suicide Squad It was alright. It wasn't at all what I was hoping it would be, but I was able to enjoy myself. The characters were pretty enjoyable, especially Deadshot and Harley. Leto's Joker wasn't bad, but I don't really think we got to see enough of him to judge. I'm actually surprised how much of him we did get to see due to the fact that Joker is not really in the first Suicide Squad volume. Enchantress started out really cool and very creepy, but she got a little silly as the movie went on. She got better again at the end, though, so at least she ended on a good note. The special effects were pretty good. I saw it in 2D, but I feel that it would probably shine in 3D. It could also be too much in 3D. Kind of hard to tell. I plan on seeing it in 3D at some point to give it a shot, though. The dialogue wasn't awful, but it was cringey at times. Mostly when they were trying to be funny. One of the cringe-worthy lines, for example, is when Harley is talking to the rest of the squad and says "Normal is a setting on a dryer." I've already seen this saying on random facebook posts that people like to share to be "edgy" and are usually accompanied with a picture of a minion. Now we'll have plenty of the same posts, but with Harley. :D Don't get me wrong, though. The writing was pretty good, overall. The plot was a little all over the place, but the movie had decent pacing so you didn't really notice. The pacing wasn't perfect, but it was much better than Batman V Superman. Another thing that I felt was unnecessary was the pop/rock songs they kept playing throughout most of the film. Some of them fit well, but it got old really fast and I would have preferred a normal scored track. I believe this was just another attempt to make the movie more "fun." It wasn't that the score was awful because it really wasn't. When they allowed the score to be played, you really noticed it, especially during the last fight. I found myself really enjoying the music that played their, and wished that most of the movie had gotten that treatment. Overall, it had its problems, but it was still a step up from Batman v Superman and Man of Steel, in my opinion. One of the things I liked most about it was that it did not take itself too seriously. BvS did take itself too seriously (Or at least Zack Snyder was forcing it to be that way) with the "complex" story and philosophical ramblings and such.Zarsz14 Aug 21
Aug 21 What've you been listening to lately? I've been really into the band Asking Alexandria lately. I know they needed a new singer with the way Danny Worsnop had been for a while at the end there, and even though I like Denis Stoff, the band feels... different without Danny. Their new album is definitely good though, just strange not hearing Danny in it. Favorite songs by them so far are ironically their new album's title track, The Black, their song Closure from the album Reckless & Relentless, and their song A Prophecy from Stand Up and Scream.Mathanar1 Aug 21
Aug 20 How to have the most fun during invasions! I you guys :)Ichopsitup0 Aug 20
Aug 19 what is your favorite movie quote? "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get"Gettsuga285 Aug 19
Aug 19 The Tick! SPOON!!!!!!!! A friend of mine and I were discussing the new live action Tick series. I know Blizzard has added a lot of references to many things in their game. I would like to see a nod at the Tick. I am not sure if anyone feels they way myself and a few friends feel about the Tick but the comics, cartoon, and the old live action series were awesome. I think the Warcraft character Bud would be a great character to do this with. To see Bud running into battle against the Legion screaming " Spoon " as a war cry would be hilarious. And I have another request for more Bud content. Such a great character I personally think he deserves more attention. What do you all think?Uburuther1 Aug 19
Aug 19 Ultimate Wow Rage Compilation Here is a compilation of the greatest wow rage clips you'll ever see XD Nerd and Vent rage XD Aug 19
Aug 18 Youtube Channel - Resto Shaman 1-100 Hey folks! Planning on pushing out tons of content in preparation for the Legion Expansion, I'm a new player to World of Warcraft still even though I have played before. Coming at you with a Resto Shaman, please check me out and follow/subscribe if you like my content!àbeggar3 Aug 18
Aug 18 Greatest movie ever made? Black Death. I love that movie. That movie and also Ironclad are the two greatest movies of all time. Am I right or am I right? If you have not seen Black Death then I would suggest that you do. It is a cheerful uplifting movie even though you never see the sun or the sky throughout the entire movie.Holytemplar93 Aug 18
Aug 16 YouTube Channel Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could possibly check out my YouTube Channel, I'm new and hoping to make a dream become a reality, It would mean a lot if you would come check it out!! And if you do make sure to comment that you came from here!! Also I do stream so if you wanna check that out as well I would Appreciate it!! Aug 16
Aug 16 VHS Is anyone a fan of those movies? I love them for some twisted reason. :)Shimmerfae9 Aug 16
Aug 16 Can I ask you guys for some career advice? Sorry but I could not find any off-topic forum here, and whenever I have a general problem everyone in this community is super helpful so I really want your input. I finished my BSc degree in Psychology recently, and for the longest time, I wanted to be a clinical psychologist and work in mental health. I know this sounds really bad but when I was close to finishing my degree, I started to realize that although I would love to help people with mental illnesses, I just cannot take up a career in the field because it would wear me down a lot and I knew I would not be able to handle it. So I'm feeling horrible because now I feel like I just wasted all this time and money for a degree in a field that I don't want to pursue anymore because of poor planning on my part. Because as I'm sure you know, there aren't great prospects for undergraduate psychology degree holders, you surely need to study at higher levels to get a decent job. But I've always loved helping people, so I really want to do a job in (non-mental) health care now. But this time I'm positive that this is something that I actually want to do and can do. I'm mostly considering nursing and physiotherapy right now. With nursing, I can do an accelerated BScN (bachelor's of science in nursing) program in 2 years since I already have a degree. I would absolutely love to do this but I feel iffy because it's like I'm totally wasting my psychology degree and basically doing another BSc degree from scratch. The physiotherapy program is a grad program, also 2 years, that I can get into with my current degree, so the upside is that I won't be wasting my current degree. However it is super competitive, but I fall into the cut-off range they've had over the past few years. It's still risky though. Just going off some quick research, it seems that RNs (registered nurses) and physiotherapists get paid roughly the same in my area so that is not a factor, however if I do nursing, I can study further at the Master's level to be a nurse practitioner for instance, who earn quite a bit more. In general I would much rather be a nurse than be a physiotherapist. I don't have a clue on what to do though because I feel like I'm wasting my psychology degree if I do nursing but it's something I really want to do. I would appreciate any input, thank you so much.Muhrin3 Aug 16
Aug 15 Mr. Robot I'm always down for new, innovative, and different television shows. Started Mr. Robot and I am pretty impressed. This show is holding my attention solidly, and I am about halfway through the first season. They're doing an excellent job of keeping the computer usage real. Some of the "bigger picture" ideas in the show might be pure fantasy, but the general usage of computers and the terminology is all correct. Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than the way computers are generally portrayed in TV and movies, which is always noisy, silly, and incorrect. The framing of the shots in the show is unique and artistic. Maybe a lot of people don't notice this kind of stuff, but the way the shots are framed adds to the mood significantly. The acting is great, their portrayal of substance dependence is accurate and realistic... the whole show is pretty amazing. And, oh yeah, IMO quite influenced by Fight Club. Compare the two once you have seen enough Mr. Robot to know what is "going on". Neato, eh?Breakbeat0 Aug 15
Aug 12 Stranger Things Did you grow up in the 80s? Are you a fan of 80s SciFi and Horror movies? If so then you should give this show on Netflix a shot. I grew up in the 80s, I was pretty much the age of the kids in this show, so It's kind of surreal watching it. The Cloths, the Music, the Hair, the Phones the old school D&D minis and this is just the kind of movie I used to love back then. Took me a while to recognize Winona Ryder though.Drakmor12 Aug 12
Aug 11 Are you related to anyone famous? Just wondering. My in-laws bought me a copy of The Last of the Mohicans today because they know Im related to the author James Fenimore Cooper so it reminded me. Others Im related to- James Joyce (the novelist and poet), and Charlie Watts (the drummer from the Rolling Stones). My son, through my wife, is a descendant of General Robert E. Lee through a direct bloodline. Hes like my sons 6th or 7th great grandfather. Does anyone else have any lineages of note?Fia67 Aug 11
Aug 10 Spotify/iTunes Music/Pandora functionality Anything exist similar to the iTunes remote functionality? I have Spotify premium and would love similar functionality in an addon to show what's playing, since I typically listen to radio and not set playlists.Wellesley2 Aug 10
Aug 9 Audio Books I guess this would be the place to post this? I was kinda looking for the suggestion box in the forms,but didn't find it. I would not mind seeing some Blizzard lore Audio books. Driving for my job Music gets old and I know there are a ton of A.books out there. Just being a really big fan of the lore I think that people would eat it up, and maybe its already being worked on. Just a thought....Grumpygrim3 Aug 9
Aug 8 My Favorite Metal Bands Disturbed Seraphim (The American guys, not the Taiwanese ones.) Killswitch Engage Born of Osiris Famous Last Words We Came as Romans Trivium Ice Nine Kills Emmure Bullet for my Valentine The Amity Affliction Why these bands? Well, Disturbed was what I listened to through High School, and they got me through tough times. My favorite song by Disturbed is Perfect Insanity, with Another Way to Die at 2nd. Seraphim is a really good band, unsigned and not big, but still great. My favorite song by them is Belial, with their covers of Can't Feel My Face and Hotline Bling tied for 2nd. Killswitch Engage, to me, gives off the "honorable/sorrowful/romantic" sound without being viking metal or epic power metal. My favorite song by Killswitch Engage is My Curse, hands down, with A Tribute to the Fallen as a some far-off second. Born of Osiris' sound is just unique for deathcore, they have more intricacy in their guitars and drums than you'll find in most death metal/deathcore. My favorite song by Born of Osiris is Machine, with Illuminate as a close second. Famous Last Words' first major album, Two-Faced Charade, really spoke to me as it dealt with mental illness to a degree, which I have. Their two concept albums really speak to the soul, and they're not just songs there being songs. My favorite song by Famous Last Words is... well, it's a tie between The Show Must Go On parts 1 and 2 combined, and One in the Chamber. We Came as Romans' focus on brotherhood in their lyrics, at least in To Plant a Seed, speaks to me because of how I feel towards friends that are more like family to me. My favorite We Came as Romans song is To Plant a Seed, with Roads That Don't End and Views That Never Cease at 2nd. Trivium's sound is what makes me like them. Their sound vibe is like a mix of classic metal and modern heavy metal. My favorite Trivium song is In Waves, with Until The World Goes Cold as 2nd place. Ice Nine Kills' songs are horror-based, which is interesting. Another interesting part about them, to me, is that they started as a pop punk band. My favorite song by Ice Nine Kills is Bloodbath & Beyond with Communion of the Cursed as a close second. Emmure is another sort of unique deathcore band. Their lyrics speak to me, most particularly the repressed anger and hatred I have inside me (That yes, I'm aware of.) My favorite song by Emmure is A Gift a Curse, with Solar Flare Homicide in close second. Bullet for my Valentine deals with a lot of really sorrowful themes in their songs, and their songs tell a story that you feel through the sad/angry guitar bits and lyrics. My favorite song by Bullet for my Valentine is Waking the Demon, with Hearts Burst into Fire at 2nd. The Amity Affliction is a special band to me, because their songs deal largely with suicide, regret, guilt, and how to overcome them. I identify with all of these things, so listening to them inspires me. My favorite song by The Amity Affliction is actually a really weird five-way tie between Never Alone, Give It All, The Weigh Down, Chasing Ghosts, and Don't Lean on Me. Music is special, and metal has been my inspiration and escape. What's yours?Mathanar18 Aug 8
Aug 7 Random copy of WarCraft movie from eBay? So I randomly received a copy of the movie from eBay. Didn't order it, and can't figure out why it was sent to me. Tis awesome but I'm curious as to why. Anyone else experienced this?Aylaine1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Ghost Busters Was actually pretty funny.Iniq114 Aug 7
Aug 5 Audio dramas/fantasy/etc. In light of the new WarCraft Tomb of Sargeras audio drama that you can listen to online or plug into your podcast aggregator (I use Pocket Casts myself), what other audio dramas/fantasy do you listen to, recommend, etc.? Post 'em here for others to enjoy. I'll start. SKALD One of my favorite podcasts, and stories period, and easily the best serial podcast I've heard. Fantasy, amazing character depth, and Aubrey Sitterson's amazing voice. Sitterson is a comics writer and wrestling podcast guy with tons of experience and talent. Strongly recommended. The Adventure Zone The hosts of My Brother, My Brother, And Me, along with their dad, run this D&D podcast that is funnier and more imaginative than most stories I've seen, read, or heard. Start from the beginning. Highlights: a pulse-pounding fantasy racing segment with weaponized cars, a killer trivia robot, and my personal favorite, the luxury train stewart Jenkins who the PCs relentlessly make fun of to hilarious effect. Tales From The Orbis Aetherum Shameless plug: this one's mine. Nowhere near as good as the other recommendations, but still enjoyable I hope. It's part fantasy, part sci-fi, part experiment. I write and narrate it, and my voice has been described as "induces sleep." If you like it, spread the word.Charlos0 Aug 5
Aug 5 Preacher Just wanted to see if anyone else out there was digging this excellent show. I think that so far, they have done an amazing job. They've aced almost every important point in making a great TV show. The casting is downright perfect, and the acting is spot on. The cinematography is beautiful; the shots they set up are very artistic and mimic actual panels from the comic. The "vibe", for lack of a better term, is like 1/3 Preacher comic, 1/3 Twin Peaks, and 1/3 wacky Coen Brothers movie. Lots of scenes in this show remind me of Fargo (another amazing show), and the things that go down, I mean, just some of the really weird stuff, is very Twin Peaks (yet another killer show, if you've never seen it.) It's not perfect... they are taking liberties with the plot structure, holding back certain elements that the reader was aware of by page six of issue one, and yet introducing other elements that came many issues later. But, it's working. And I think it's working very well.Breakbeat4 Aug 5
Aug 4 Presenting My Latest Movie: Stepchildx 3 Hello friends, I'd like to share my latest PvP Movie with you guys - Stepchildx 3 "Resistance" (WoD 6.2+) I hope you all enjoy. What to expect: 2650+ 3v3 World PvP 1v2's and more! Looking forward to Legion! Thanks.Stepchildx0 Aug 4
Aug 4 Hard Knocks!? Football season is right around the corner. Only real reason ill be watching is Aaron Donald. That guy is a monster. #FlyEaglesFly btw!Nagasis0 Aug 4
Aug 3 great idea @ devs since blizz made the warcraft movie, i think it would be pretty awesome if the warcraft movie was sold in the shop 2 hrs before its released to other sites such as etc. in a digital copy or 24 hour from time of purchase rent license. for those like us that have agoraphobia or other illnesses that prevent us from leaving the house, not to mention our over cluttered dvd stands. a digital copy saved to the persons account would be sweet therefore if my hdd gets stupid and doesnt work, we dont lose our purchase. would show that blizz really appreciates their customers/fans... i'll gladly work for 1$ a year to help devs as far as sales department goes just to keep us both honest honest. or 0$ a year plus unlimited beta testing on future wow x-packsBgbait0 Aug 3
Aug 2 lf books Hi, I read, a ton read all the classics, Tolkien, farmer, Chalker, etc. I am interested in books that are not well known but have a great story, and omg if you mention game of thrones you need not post, those are old, I'm looking for NEW BOOKS, I read quite fast, I'm rescinding Ericksons malazan series, I enjoy yes stuff like that, darker the better, bonus points if hero dies, like Elric.....I rant, but would love a good new book,Syntàxx9 Aug 2
Jul 29 Who's interested in Doctor Strange? I'm not that big a movie theatre person anymore. My ears can't handle it when they blast audio so loud it could wake the dead halfway across the globe. I think I'll wait for it to come out on netflix or on dvd regardless. I heard of Doctor Strange from word-of-mouth but I want people's opinions before I do anything. Do people think, from seeing the trailers they've released so far, it's worth a watch? I am interested, then again I was interested in a lot of movies with promising looking trailers that ended up being flops.Khyrie3 Jul 29