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Mar 17 Interstellar Guys, I just watched this movie last night. It was actually really good! Highly recommended if you are into space, space exploration, other planets, witness time relativity, etc etc. Kind of intense in the last 20 minutes but I feel like the last 20 minutes seals the deal on the movie. Anyone know of any other good movies like Interstellar if you have seen this already? Thanks!Tubbyturtle2 Mar 17
Mar 17 So who's pumped for GoT Season 6? The trailer for Season 6 just came out, and I was wondering if anyone else is as hyped as I am. Valar Morghulis.Rivellin6 Mar 17
Mar 16 Agents of Shield and Hydra Lets discuss last nights Episode of Agents of Shield. Can I say stunner?Spaventoso0 Mar 16
Mar 16 311 Day 311 3 3 11. Anyone else feeling the Beautiful Disaster in the air today? All 311 all weekend #jackolanternsweather What's your favorite 311 song?Spaventoso2 Mar 16
Mar 15 Do not click. Major plot fan theory: Star War Rey will have to unlock Anakins Force Ghost. Ahsoka dies in Star Wars: Rogue One Which is more likely?Spaventoso2 Mar 15
Mar 14 Voldemort VS Bowser Both Voldemort and Bowser have Necromancy(Voldemort can raise Inferi while Bowser can become Undead himself automatically upon death), can Teleport(though Bowser gan go through wards that Voldemort can't due to the Teleportation spells being different) and can generate unblockable flames(Fiendfyre for Voldemort and Dark Fire for Bowser). Bowser can shoot out lightning out of his fingers like in the Super Mario Galaxy opening, Time Travel like in the Yoshi's Island games, use high level Earth Magic(from both SMRPG and SMG) as well as use all of his flame attacks(including the unblockable Dark Fire attack) with the exception from those used by Bowser in Dreamy Bowser, Giga Bowser, Shrowser, Bowletta and Papercraft Bowser forms. The 3 Unforgivable Curses have no effect on Undead at all. Voldemort can fly and cast all his spells. And I mean all! Who wins?Yvenathilm0 Mar 14
Mar 13 When will we get action figures? I personally haven't played with toys or action figures or even Legos in over a decade. However, they used to be my #1 entertainment in life as a kid. I've wondered for a few years now if Blizzard could use the same toy manufacturing company that WWE or Star Wars uses to make and sell WoW characters. Sure I'm interested in the main lore characters, Thrall, Illidan, Arthas, etc. But my point here is to make each race as a template and the armor (using that rubbery material), or sell the race by the class. Or even start selling first come, first serve exclusive action figures of our chosen characters. Personally, I worked at Target when the latest Star Wars was being hyped and when it came out. We had 2 Star Wars aisles and they sold constantly. It was even more than you'd expect, somehow, even before AND after it came out. WWE constantly puts out new seasons of just about every wrestler on the roster. I would absolutely be enthralled to have a pose-able Night Elf Rogue with my helm, shoulders and daggers. It would be one of my favorite material possessions. Can it be done? I think it should be invested in, especially a month or so before the movie comes out. Blizzard should also definitely get the folks who hyped Star Wars to do the promotion for the movie, because I saw "Star Wars... Oranges..." at Wal Mart. Thoughts? Research? Additional Ideas? Ways to make it easier for Blizzard?Jakeshadow1 Mar 13
Mar 13 What kind of Anime would you make? Well? Personally an anime made by me would take a page from Bleach where the people you think are the villains turn out to be the good guys(like Bleach did with the Soul Society) and have a real villain behind the scenes(like Bleach did with Aizen) Mind if I add a couple of examples? Care to add examples yourselves?Yvenathilm0 Mar 13
Mar 13 Cats and Allergies Not a troll thread. Also not about WoW, so if that triggers you (I'm looking at YOU Baddeh :p ) I guess you can move on to another thread. Or, since the thread is partially about cats, you can pretend I'm talking about druids. all you cat lovers that suffer from cat allergies: what do you take for it, if anything? I've never been allergic to animals until I got into my adult years. I now have three kitties, and my eyes constantly burn and water and I get congested. I vacuum and dust my place religiously which somewhat helps but not really. I've tried quite a few OTC allergy meds but none seem to make much difference. I have eyedrops that also kinda somewhat help, but not during the day when I'm wearing makeup at work. I guess I'm just looking for suggestions of what kind of allergy stuff people take for cat allergies that actually works. Preferably non-drowsy.Sugarstorm16 Mar 13
Mar 12 Your favorite WoW song parodies I love these parodies. They are far better than the originals. Here's my favorite called Alexstrasza. Not hard to guess what song it parodied: What's your favorite?Plasterock6 Mar 12
Mar 12 Violent 80's Anime Recommendations? I'm usually in the mood to watch them. So far my favorites are here... -Akira -Golgo13 -Genocyber -Devilman -Ninja Scroll -Hokuto Renkitōza While I consider Grave of Fireflies violent, I find it mainly depressing. Just wondering if there were any I missed. Anything with crazy blood and gore with 80's (or early 90's) cheese on top of it.Razorik10 Mar 12
Mar 12 I found this, and I like it idk why But I like it Mar 12
Mar 9 Blizzard Entertainment Presents - Starcraft For those of you in Blizzard Entertainment given thought to a Starcraft movie series, or possibly a show series after the production of the Warcraft movies are completed? Would love to hear something from you guys on this.Talmorious0 Mar 9
Mar 8 Is it weird I don't watch tv? I am 23 and nobody wants to believe me when I tell them I have not watched tv in over 2 years , I watch movies from time to time with my lady and that's about it. My tv is actually my computer monitor lol. So is it the normal thing to do is to watch countless hours of tv? Or does anyone else here do the same?Justcold103 Mar 8
Mar 7 The Shannara Chroncles Has anyone watched it?? I am a huge fan of fantasy {obviously lol} and I am wondering what ppl thought, I am hesitant of any series on mtv though.Treméré2 Mar 7
Mar 6 Deadpool You guys must see it. Enough said.Ghaaliba12 Mar 6
Mar 5 Childish Go-to Shows So I love Ed, Edd n Eddy despite being 27 and I get a lot of crap from family and my S/O for it... So I was wondering if anyone else has a go-to feel good show others find childish, I sure hope I ain't alone on this.Banjø114 Mar 5
Mar 4 WOW TV series I don't have Blizzcon Virtual Ticket but MMO-Champion mentioned Blizzard is looking into TV and other media. Could you imagine World of Warcraft as a TV series? So much lore. Already developed characters. If they did it right it could be the next Game of Thrones/The Walking Dead and probably better. /discussStephenlord8 Mar 4
Mar 3 Lore help with the upcoming movie I have a few questions. Now ive never played warcraft which might be my problem, only ever played world of warcraft, but my question is duroran and his wife are from draenor. If warcraft is set 30 years before WoW, bow are durotan and them in Azeroth/Easter Kingdoms/Ect if the portal to draenor isn't opened until much later?Flyntcoal2 Mar 3
Mar 2 Anime Edit: Y'all need to stop bumping this thread. It's been 3 years. I found what i was looking for.Marmalade45 Mar 2
Mar 2 The Dark Tower ... The Movie OK, here we go folks. So far we have Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black and Idris Elba as Roland. Directed by ... who? Oh yeah, Nikolaj Arcel... Right. Gosh, I really hate to be a downer here in the OT forums, but I'm not feeling this one at all. Man, between this and X-Files, some of my most sacredly held fictional worlds are really getting messed with. Eight books... well, seven if you don't count the last, which is really a side-story. One movie. Three hours, max, but I'll betcha it's an hour and forty-five. McConaughey as the Man in Black, OK, that sounds good. Idris Elba as Roland. Such a drastic change in appearance will affect the racial difficulties experienced between the main characters (Roland vs. Odetta / Detta, Eddie + Roland dealing with Odetta, etc.) ... but I'm guessing that so much of the story will be cut, they will probably cut all of this out too. Discuss? =)Breakbeat2 Mar 2
Mar 1 The X-Files... [SPOILERS] Gonna preface this by saying I am a huge fan of the original series. Watching the X-Files back in the day was something my family and friends looked forward to every week. We'd all discuss our theories about where the plot of the show would lead, pick apart the episodes and "clues." This show is solidly in my top ten favorite TV series, along with shows like ST:TNG, Lost, etc. OK, here it is. Episode one really sucked, like, terribly bad. Two or three minutes into the episode, I paused it and looked at my wife and said, "why is the acting so damn cardboard? Is it just me?" She agreed it was not "just me." Duchovny is a great actor. From early stuff like Twin peaks, to X-Files, to Californication ... this dude is a solid actor, seriously. So, why can he not time his lines to make things sound like an actual conversation? For pete's sake, this was directed by Chris Carter! I would have thrown several of the takes they used in the trash. Dude needs to learn how to yell, "cut!" And, look, I'm a big fan of Joel McHale, too. I love(d) The Soup and his standup routines as well. That being said, he was absolutely, positively the wrong person to be cast as O'Malley. When he tries to be dramatic, it comes off like a Soup sketch, and I keep expecting Mankini to pop out of screen left and drop some tasteless joke. To make matters worse, I just don't buy the actual "existence" of this guy. A YouTuber that has managed to uncover a hundred times more hard evidence than Mulder and Scully did over the entire run of the original X-Files series. Okay. Perhaps the hardest thing for me to swallow was the pace they insisted on keeping. Virtually no backstory about Mulder and Scully, the work they've done, etc. Even less backstory about what they've both been doing since the original series ended. And then, the absolute torrent of conspiracy / alien "information" ensues. I'm going to quote an article I read: ... That article is at: Now that I've gotten all of that out my system, I'm going to say that my love for the X-Files - original series, movies, that stupid card game I bought at Target, AND the current reboot - will never die. I invested too many hours of my young adulthood and had too many good times over episodes to ever dislike Chris Carters creation. I'm hoping that subsequent episodes improve, but even if they don't, I'll still watch each and every one. TL;DR - I hated episode one but I still love the X-Files overall. I really, really wish the first episode was better. I made this.Breakbeat21 Mar 1
Mar 1 Gravity Falls It's over! Now what will I wait months for?!Drede1 Mar 1
Feb 29 battle music Do you have any specific music playing when your toon is doing prolonged fighting? (I'm trying Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting on loop.)Knig4 Feb 29
Feb 20 Love is in the Air [Romantic music for love] "Do you hear the violins? The beautiful symphonies that tug at thy heart strings? Love is in the Air! Love is in the Air! Such beautiful music to share with all those who dare to spread their wing and draw back heavens bow, arrow fly as hearts flutter with a feeling I have never known." :) Okay enough RP. So the Love is in the Air holiday starts today at noon and in that spirit I would like to start a thread to share some of the most beautiful/romantic music in the world. The first project I would like to share with you is a Post-rock/Black Metal project by Adorn (U.K.) from their 2013 EP Grace: Sit back, relax and enjoy you hopeless romantics. <3 Feb 20
Feb 19 The trolling-movie-titles game! Played this some time ago in tradechat- A bit of fun. Take a movie title, then replace one of the words with the word "troll", "trolled", "trolling" ect I'll kick this one off with a few for example: -Troll Hard: With a Vengance -Trolling Private Ryan - My Big Fat Greek trolling - Trolling Miss Daisy That atta be enough to kick 'er off. :-) K goSchwetties2 Feb 19
Feb 18 Kong (1933 AD) this is a Classic Adventure Fantasy made at the beginning of talking movies, and it still hold up today. almost 100 years later. (2033 is it birthday.) Anyway any Kong lovers out there like me? And do you think they should add the Peter Jackson's 'lost Spider footage' to the original film?Dawnsnow0 Feb 18
Feb 18 Mach Go Go Go! Mach Go Go! Mach Go Go! Mach Go Go Go! I still love that anime. it's the Original theme from 'Mach Go Go Go'! (aka: Speed Racer in japanese!) Check it out on.... Feb 18
Feb 18 Fallujah releases new track and it is special It is pretty incredible. If you enjoy metal at all, I would recommend giving it a listen. Feb 18
Feb 18 CW's The Flash Speculation [SPOILERS] Yo so I want to get a brainstorm on two things. 1: Which Earth 2 person was stuck inside Zoom's cell with the face mask 2: Who is the Earth 1 counterpart to Zoom I have some theories but want to know what you guys think first.Spaventoso1 Feb 18
Feb 17 Favorite Horror Novels I love reading Stephen king. For horror fans I recommend reading , It, The stand, Salem's lot, the shining and pet semitary. He has other good books that are not classified as horror such as, The dark tower series ,11/22/63 and others that are really good. What are some of you favorite horror authors and books?Salome10 Feb 17
Feb 15 Star Wars - Snoke is.... (major spoilers) No hover... **** ** *** **** **** Snoke is Luke Skywalker. It is rather obvious actually. Bump this when I am right. First of all, Luke left and after that, the bad guys mount their return. Coincidence? Not this time. Han explains that Luke went searching for something and that it was about "balance in the force" and anyone well versed in literature (I am genus) knows that balance requires a single good guy to sacrifice himself so to speak and be part of the bad. Kind of like that new Lich King dude. There must always be a Lich King. There must always be a dude using the Dark Side. Luke is Snoke to create a balance in the force What will happen in the second movie? Since I am right Luke cannot go with the rebels. He must stay neutral but since the story requires the plot twist they won't make it that obvious at first. He will train that chick and then send her on her way. He will not join the rebels or go with her. He will have some reason he cannot. The second movie will be about that chick training up her powers, character building and such. The final movie will be the face off with Snoke, who will be Luke and it will 'shock" people and others will say, "I knew he was going to turn to the dark side." Except he didn't....sort of. He will explain that it is about balance and that type of thing. The chick will be facing the issue of killing Luke and dealing with the consequences of disrupting the balance in the force, letting him live and with it, "evil to live" or perhaps she kills Luke and then finds out and understands and must take on the roll of being a Sith herself or else face the dire consequences to the cosmos. At an rate, Luke is Snoke. Now you know.Fortunado31 Feb 15
Feb 13 Change a title No, not WoW titles. Change a title of a movie, game, book, etc. by changing a word. I've got some posted below. Let's see what you can come up with. The Bipolar Express Dork Souls Harper's Bizarre Call of Booty Gentile Ben Just 'CauseBarcy1 Feb 13
Feb 13 When you're depressed. What do you do? Depression is a very big issue among everyone and can hit at any time. Sometimes very brief and annoying, other times deep and difficult. Although I rarely ever get depressed, sometimes it hits me. I may not be crying my eyes out and sad, just utterly bored and moody. There are little things I like to do that occupy my time and make me feel less depressed. I think keeping a positive list could give depressed individuals some ideas as well. -I usually watch puppy videos on youtube. It always makes me happy seeing cute looking fluffies do cute things. -I sometimes still enjoy making a small pillow fort to sit in while my cat wanders in. -Doodling on photoshop with my wacom tablet or on a sheet of paper keeps my mind off things or otherwise allows me to express my boredom. -When the weather's nice I go for a walk. Fresh air does wonders and sitting down closely to watch the insects crawl around the grass can be fun too.Razorik7 Feb 13
Feb 12 :) MLP fans unite!!! If you love the show just say hi. :)Rhaewen98 Feb 12
Feb 12 Full House There is a rumor that Full House is coming back. I think most of the cast will return except for the Olsen twins. So, what are your thoughts? I would watch out of my own curiosity. I like Jon Stamos as an actor. I liked him then and I like him more now. I also seen somewhere that him and Lori Loughlin (who played Rebecca) are actually a couple. I think that's pretty cool. I didn't much care for Joey Gladstone's character. He was really corny and I didn't think he was funny. But, then again it was the late 80s early 90s. So, it was supposed to be a family friendly line up. But, I didn't like how he knew he sucked. But, tried to mooch off of others success. Maybe his character might be better in the come back. But, now I think it would be funny seeing Bob Saget play Danny Tanner. Especially knowing his filthy mouth. lol. So, has anyone heard or read any resent news on this?Katress3 Feb 12
Feb 12 Listen up, fools Back in the 80s, Mr. T invented your parents.Michael5 Feb 12
Feb 11 List some great Medieval shows on Netflix! I'm in a huge Medieval phase right now. I've got Netflix instant. I love Gladiator settings the best. I've seen all season one of Spartacus. I started Legend of the Seeker tonight. It seems good so far. Throw some suggestions my way! Zase6 Feb 11
Feb 11 Star Wars ROTJ Death Star About a month ago I read a comment that, when the rebels were about to head to the DS some of the fighters crashed into the DS shields in the theatrical version but it was change when it came out for VHS. Any truth to this.Emarine1 Feb 11
Feb 10 Who is your favorite pony and why? For me it is between Twily and Fluttershy. Fluttershy wins though. I think she is awesome, some people call her a Mary Sue but I like how she has developed, her ability with animals, and getting stuck with the awkward missions sometimes. She sticks up for her friends, bet she is timid and soft spoken some of the time. I can just relate. Besides "So, um, do we walk back up the slide or... or what? " and Vampire Fluttershy.Twily6 Feb 10
Feb 10 Puppy Monkey Baby! Puppy Monkey Baby! Puppy Monkey Baby! Puppy Monkey Baby! Puppy Monkey Baby! Puppy Monkey Baby! Puppy! Monkey! Baby! So, has anyone else gotten this blasted thing stuck in their head? I can't bloody sleep because of it!Amaer4 Feb 10
Feb 9 Delisting from Cogshanks OGZjYzJjNDI4NDY3ZDNmMGQ0MzgzZThmZDZlMTc1NTQxMTRlM2JmNQ Delsiting myself from Cogshanks. Needed to make a post per their website.Bojanglz3 Feb 9
Feb 8 Still watching Shannara? I am but I get less and less impressed each episode :( Watched episode 5 last night and a personal pet peeve was really getting to me... corporate bean counters says "hey guys! we can save a few bucks by having like 6 extras who wear different helms and who sometimes can take off their helms". Petty of me perhaps, but it was really getting to me. Nothing says "not going to happen" like basic army grunts running behind a horse all day while wearing a 20 pound hunk of metal. Also, it's like being a Star Trek red shirt... On the good news side of things, I'm hoping it will help fuel a desire for more fantasy just in time for the WoW movie.Cihys1 Feb 8
Feb 7 Kitten Bowl Hey guys, there's this new show called the Kitten Bowl that's going on until 6:00 today on the Hallmark Channel (ch. 312 on directv) where they put a bunch of kittens into a play area with football toys and record it. It is incredibly cute if you're a cat person. I've been watching it for the last 30 minutes myself. Not sure when I'm going to stop myself. Link: Feb 7
Feb 7 Your favorite film scores? I've listened to a lot of film scores over the years, ranging from really bad (Commando) to really good (a whole bunch of John Williams' work). And I've picked out a few favorites. 1. Hans Zimmer's scoring for Interstellar. Ranging from subtle and quiet to grand and almost divine, I don't think I've ever heard organ music so skillfully applied, particularly to film. Here's a sampling from a few of the grander themes put together into a suite, followed by a slower, subtler one. Special honor reserved for tracks like "Mountains" and "S.T.A.Y." 2. Basil Poledouris' scoring for the 1982 Conan the Barbarian. Yeah sure, it's not a great movie, but one of the best parts about it is the music. I may be cliche'd for saying this, but Riders of Doom is an absolute adrenaline rush of a track. If you've never heard it before, I challenge you not to go punch a pillow after hearing this. 3. John Williams' scoring of Star Wars. Do I really need to go over this? Everyone knows about it. John Williams has some of the best scores in film. I still like them. Not going to link one, because anyone who is anyone who has ever watched a film knows these. Does anyone else have any favorite film scores? What are they? Share them!Eormund7 Feb 7
Feb 6 Movies no one would watch. Just for fun, make up horrible movies that no sane person would want to watch. Finding Emo -The story about some pretentious whiny teen who hates his upper middle class suburban life and decides to run away. The Literal 50 Shades of Gray, narrated by Ben Stein. -A fascinating documentary about fifty shades of gray hues in stunning black and white with your host, Ben Stein. Wow. Norbit 2 -Everything in Norbit except rehashed to give the illusion that it's actually new and funny because we think you're too stupid to understand story structure, character development, or humor.Razorik0 Feb 6
Feb 5 RIP Dave Mirra Man, can my childhood please stop getting destroyed?Grandahl7 Feb 5
Feb 5 Jungle book heroes/villains unite! Hello friends who's stoked about this new movie from Disney?Shere0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Fox's New TV Series, Gotham: Let's discuss SPOIL ALERT! SPOIL ALERT! SPOIL ALERT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Here we discuss all things currently related and about the television series Gotham. So far the trailer looks very appealing. Is it possible that DC may finally redeem themselves to this fan? Will they finally get it right this time? Will the Bat Fans finally get their Batman? The one that is most important to me. Will they get Selina Kyle's/Catwoman right? I nerd ragged so much about the Catwoman movie and The Dark Knight Rising. I really hope this one makes up for the rest. So far I like the first impression of her. I'm actually considering renting DVR just for the fall season. I also watch The Walking Dead and there is no way in hell I am missing that. So what are your thoughts on this? I'm sure not everyone is a Catwoman fan. I just mentioned my own personal concerns. But, what are yours?Cheshirekat32 Feb 5
Feb 4 The Hateful Eight Definitely my favorite entertaining movie I saw yesterday. Not for kids but I will leave the surprise ending to you guys to watch it. Very violent and definitely the dark comedy runs through it all. Samuel L. Jackson delivers some of the best lines ever.Yingtai3 Feb 4