21h Solution for BrM Reroll, i did <3Nympou15 21h
22h Having trouble figuring out mistweaving! I normally play a priest so i'm used to things being simple, like having a heal and flash heal, easy. On my monk, everything feels strange and i never really know how to excel at it. The basic idea i get is to keep hots rolling on tank at all times and use effuse to spot heal until you need to pop vivify for aoe healing. Try to keep TFT on cd and don't spam essence font. does all that seem the norm? Fistweaving is another thing i've heard is a boost to healing, I've tryed it out and it seems the main points are the low TFT cd and mana regen through BoK is that the correct point of fistweaving?? Sorry for the long winded post, i've healed on every class and the rest just made sense for whatever reason, just trying to figure out why mistweaving is so confusing to me!Sonithice6 22h
22h My 845 BrM outplayed by my 810 Druid Yesterday i did Maw of Souls with my brand new 810 Guardian druid full of greens and 2 epic pieces. Because i am a pure blood tank i couldn't resist the temptation of testing my might. I was shocked, 700k dps, over 800% of threat, over 200k hps, everything went down while the healer was picking his nose. I kept doing my insane pulls till the end and even managed some ninjapulls. Today i did the same thing with this toon, i ended up using Fortifying Brew in the first mass pull, 500k dps, and we didn't wipe because the healer was decent. I did the same pulls that i did with my druid for the sake of testing, died twice wiped once. I just didn't want to believe it, but my alt opened my eyes for me. BrM are garbage, i wasted 1 month of my life that i could sleep, read a book or anything else but gear this worthless spec. I want my Guard back, i want ChiEx instead of that garbage of Blackout Strike, i want to purify 100% of my stagger with my Purifying Brew, i want a usefull mastery. GIVE ME MY OLD BrM BACK. I shoulda reroll a Demon Huntard like everyone else, they seem to be favored with the legendary lottery alsoMaginer33 22h
23h BrewM performance in Emerald Nightmare Hi guys, just want to develop a constructive post about the logs that I have been checking through regarding BrewM and see what you all see as well. Feel free to add your opinion. Note, this is only one log and so is not representative of monks at large. Monk Vs Warrior on Ursoc DMG Taken: Overwhelm Taken: Breakdown of Damage and Rend taken by the Warrior: Breakdown of Damage and Rend taken by the Monk: Self Healing Done: HP Spikes Comparison: I have to say I like the HP spikes comparison graph. While Warrior is doing a crap ton of Ignore Pain, seems to me that the Monk's HP is more stable than the warrior, and actually that is what a raid leader look for when choosing tanks. Unfortunately we can't see how much damage was Purified by the monk as if we can, we will be able to see how it compares with Ignore Pain.Yiwuan58 23h
1d Taran Zhu is our best bodyguard! Here is a light hearted thread, but I want to submit that TZ is our best bodyguard. Firstly at level 110 with everyone we can gather, I use TZ, Chen, Li Li, the Monkey King and Agira (whatever it is spelled), the final follower we get. Chen and Li Li for Li Li's chenship, a free boost to mission success. Agira for her solo ability and then of course Monkey King for his bananas, but then we have TZ the little old guy who shows up and stuns stuff for us. Since the other three are better off on missions it just leaves us with TZ, the body guard for life. Besides what monk doesn't like the thrill of having a ninja jump out the shadows to defend him!Akiros5 1d
1d Mistweaver Artifact hidden effect. I believe that it is the sound of the bell on your weapon dinging randomly when using heals.Skyfer3 1d
1d Transfer the Power (artifact trait) It seems like this artifact trait has not been talked about a lot. I am just wondering what is the best way to utilize it. I have it displayed on my TMW addon and I can follow stacks and timer, but what are the conditions of using it? is it worth waiting a few seconds (or even more) on Fists of Fury to fully charge it to 10 stacks? Thanks!Abdoolia5 1d
1d Master Cheng bug Has anyone figured out where master cheng is? Every time I get the daily, he is nowhere to be found. The mini map shows him to be between the monks trainees on the poles, but he is never there. I opened a ticket and the GM replied back that " we are too busy with legion and can't deal with quest issues atm" so since Blizzard's customer service is so freaking awesome, I am trying my luck in the forum. thanks,Xianzu6 1d
1d WW monk pvp stat priority Hi team, As per title, been lookin around for pvp stat priority for WW monks but cant seem to find much info, and what I do find often contradicts something ive read previously. Anyone provide a definitive answer or guide?? Cheers teamAchiana7 1d
1d Chi-Ji stops healing. Has anyone else experienced Chi-Ji just standing there not bolting around and healing? I was raiding heroic Cenarius when on one of the attempts he stood right by me for the last 20 seconds of his duration. This happened again on another attempt. The only thing I can think of is that he bugs when the player he tries to dash to dies as both of the times he stopped healing was when some players had started dropping.Lightning10 1d
1d DoubleDragon PVP Talent This is a great talent, but I'm running into this problem where if I use it once, and then cancel on top of someone for the slow, I end up 99% using the second Flying Serpent Kick. Is this happening to anyone else? I think it's more of a ltp issue, but it's really bugging me.Fran1 1d
1d WW monk in top 100 oh wait its a mistweaver... my bad.Karatecow2 1d
1d The balance changes posted ZERO changes to Brewmaster PvE Ignore Pain not nerfed. Much sad. Edit : Spoke too soon. Post #6 shows a nerf to IP. Now I'm torn because IP nerf coming and the rage generation nerfs.Kelandrya18 1d
1d Heavy Handed Strikes Nerf: Why? Hello, I'm a Gladiator/2700+ WW, and I literally just am completely shocked that blizzard would make this change, so I'd literally like to make some input on this: Fist stun is replaced with a 70% slow for 2seconds, I literally have to ask, who in their right mind would think this is a good change? Literally WW is mediocre compared to the other melee's in PvP right now (DH, War, DK). We lack damage outside Serenity, and even in Serenity, its still not crazy or exceeding these other melee's we're having to compete with in PvP, this change literally drops our viability/capability drastically. I simply don't get why blizzard continues the trend of nerfing/changing the WRONG abilities time after time, the fact of them never listening to community feedback is disheartening. My suggestions are: - Fist Of Fury should keep the stun component, but they shouldn't allow it to be used while on the move, this makes more sense for a FoF nerf than what they are trying to do. - If not the first suggestion, then they need to drop the CD on legsweep to 30 seconds to compensate. Fist didn't even do amazing damage in the first place, and only having one 45secCD stun to setup in literally makes us awful, we rely on stuns and dont do much outside them. Remember the first part of WoD? This is the beginning of dejavu for WWMonks once again, which is why I turn to blizzard in hopes that they'll actually come to their senses and not nerf the WRONG things. Pls Read feedback for once blizz....Untaintedx57 1d
1d Brewmaster Stagger Woes So recently obtained the Legendary Neck (Absorb shield on not taking damage every 30s) and figured this might come in handy here and there on some raid encounters... However to my dismay I found out that Stagger prevents this neck from proccing, increasing the required downtime for this neck to proc by ANOTHER 10 seconds. Is this really the intended design? I thought the intention of the 5 seconds off was to prevent ACTIVE tanks from receiving shields. This isn't the only annoyance that Stagger causes, preventing several items with a cast time to be interrupted. Either way, hope this gets looked into, I'm not going to rant and rave about this any more than I already have above, but I'd like to get some insight as to why Brewmasters drew the short stick on this one.Emodactyl6 1d
1d Monks should be immune to stuns while using Fists of Fury. If you are going to take away one of the keys in our toolkit, then we should get something to compensate for having a (one of a few) long cool-down spell as a key part of our rotation.Cbr2 1d
1d Just delete your Monk. They obviously don't want us playing it. Our small percentage voice won't be heard. The only way they'll hear us is when the numbers come in and literally no one is playing it. Delete it. Worthless now anyway.Effenvodka41 1d
1d Please Blizzard Why is WW monk now one of the worst for pve? You need to make our single target much better.Jartymate0 1d
1d BM armor instead of health I feel like this will help greatly, but maybe I'm wrong? Any math wiz wanna chime in? Speaking of the 7.1 weapon change of course. On a side note, I wish barrel toss had a higher AoE range, some packs are too split up.Dimbelly14 1d
1d Leveling as MW I was curious to hear opinions on how is leveling from 100-110 as Mistweaver? And is healing as MW fairly easy to learn and pick-up for someone who is new to healing? Thank you!Imdäbes15 1d
1d Champion Armaments Vendor in Class Hall? So my monk is my main, but I'm also casually playing a paladin and DH. Both of my other characters recently unlocked an NPC in their class halls that allowed me to exchange order resources for champion armaments to upgrade my followers. BUT, i have yet to see/find this on my monk. I've completed all my class campaigns, got the Grandmaster title, 3rd relic, etc. but am I just missing something? Any help my fellow monk bretheren on where this NPC is, or does it exist for monks? Thanks fellersWarbrin4 1d
1d The tears in this forum are hilarious "IM QUITTING IF IT GOES LIVE QQQ" "BYE MONKS, IM GONNA GO HIT ANOTHER FOTM CLASS NOW" "OMG THIS CLASS BLOWS NOW OMG I HATE BLIZZARD" This is the equivalent of kids threatening parents to run away from home. No one cares about your hurt butt. Dry up your tears and leave already. It's like thinking these posts will cause a blue to show up out of nowhere and give you an e-hug and revert it back. It's happening. Adapt or bounce onto the next OP class. You're clearly not a real Monk fan.Zåx20 1d
1d Thanks black ox brew Without you I would be a !@#$ tankGalefist0 1d
1d WDP vs Serenity Which is better in mythic+ and raids?Onepunch7 1d
1d RU Serious FOF STUN GONE GO TO H3LL HOLINKA, you just ruined windwalker, cya crap xpac.Adrenalin0 1d
1d WW no longer competitive This nerf was over the top. Main hand damage was very noticeably reduced, and off hand damage was just gutted. Then the cleave damage was almost removed because of how little Windlord actually hits multiple targets for. Now there is officially 0 reason to bring a monk to raid when every other melee class except feral (aoe is still terrible) can do the same damage and much better aoe. I don't know who you are listening to or not listening to needs to stop and you need to revert this nerf. All this work that WW monks put in you and you just spit in their face. Already going back on your word of keeping classes competitive. So angry and dissapointed, just wasted my time and money to now play a class that cannot perform at the same level as other melee classes. lsakdjflas'kdjfalsdkfjalsdkfjlasdk LFKJFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, monks will be gone from the competitive landscape.Bruzes146 1d
1d When is 7.1 live? So with all of the concern about heavy handed being F!@#ed over, is there a date when these changes will be put into place? or when we will know if these changes have been possibly reversedSinkingship9 1d
1d Brewmaster in EN I spent some time trying a lot of different things in heroics this week, and I think that monk feels pretty good. When you go to logs, though, things aren't that nice. I know that there's many different factors to consider, but I'm hoping tanks aren't going to be left out of the looming balance patch. I actually got to sit down and talk to Ion at last year's blizzcon for 20 minutes or so. It was the heyday of tank dps scumming which made brewmaster pretty hard to play at the time since we did significantly less damage than other tanks (::cough:: paladin). He summed it up as me "wanting to be buffed" which isn't completely wrong. The heart of the plea was more that I need numbers to back up my want to play brewmaster, and they weren't there. I have a guardian in my back pocket for this tier, and based on current logs I might be silly to not use it. Again, take these for what they are. Monks aren't going to be well represented on KRSI to begin with, and as a class we're underrepresented. 2 things I want to readdress to hopefully get some attention to. 1: On beta monk mastery was the only tank stat across the whole spectrum that didn't work on recursive strikes. I'm really hoping someone caught that and has fixed it. While you could dodge the damage events they don't activate elusive brawler, so if you aren't tanking you don't benefit at all. 2: Ignore pain and web of pain seem way too imba. Unless I'm horribly mistaken it seems like web of pain is reflecting damage after absorbs which leads to warriors being a (big surprise) god mode tank here. 2 of them could potentially reduce the reflected damage by an absurd amount. Meanwhile spongy tanks are going to nuke their compatriots. TL;DR: Please balance tank numbers before mythics.Antifu0 1d
1d Brewmaster PvP? Can anyone confirm if it's still good? I did some the other day and my damage felt underwhelming compared to usual. How do you guys feel? Do you enjoying Brewmastering in PvP?Taldrien3 1d
1d 7.1 Fist of Fury So we all have heard by now our beloved Windwalker Monk will be gutted and useless in PvP. Obviously Strike of the Windlord needed a nerf, there is no doubt among the Monk community. 7.1 suggest that the soul thing holding us up in rated PvP is to not nerf but rip the ability that weaves the class in all together. There is no doubt with serenity and touch of death up we can provide crazy burst, but so can other classes. The problem with PvP is it is always judged and ruined by the majority. The most simple thing to do to shut a monk down in rated arena is kite, cc, or pop a defensive when those cds are up. Has anyone ever tried to attempt a cc chain or lock a target down without the small fist stun at this point in time? Its impossible and you're swimming without legs. Monks already arent very strong with their survivability it seems in rated PvP atm, our sustain damage feels more empty than in previous expansions and we are a prime target to smack around with Karma being the only defensive which is always cc'd or swaped off of. The class in general feels reliant right now on Touch of Death. I don't think I should be proc'ing half of someones health with an ability (but then again look at warriors ecco). Nerfing Fist of Fury is the worst idea blizzard has ever had, and in no way is it over-powered or changing the game to the point of ridding of the stun. I have no idea what the thought process is. Monk is a very snapshot heavy class, always has been. I just want to get back to that. My own personal opinion would be to nerf touch of death. Yes, it is meant to be a feared ability but like I said I feel as if we rely on it too much, when nerfing touch of death I personally feel that blackout kick needs a buff for more sustain damage. Another great idea is to keep fist of fury the way it use to be for the love of god. I know this won't occur though because they like the idea too much for PvE, but changing the whole heavy handed strikes ability in general for PVP ONLY like this would be acceptable. I'd love to hear everyones opinion on what nerfs/buffs should occur, but I think we can all agree that 7.1 will beat this spec down into the ground.Adum6 1d
1d Should I even get to 110? After hearing about the nerfs should I even get to 110 on this toon for arenas? I have an unholy DK already at 110Dorkcork11 1d
1d How is monk right now? My main class rogue was nerfed, and I've heard people complaining about monks too. Rogue and monk are by far the most fun because I love the mobility. I know monk was super op last week, so what was nerfed/what happened? Should I still level mine? I'm interested in rated pvp. I really love how fun the class is so I'm hoping it's still doable in pvp.Bráve8 1d
1d If that 7.1 nerf goes live I'm done. I'm just not willing to put up with blizzard's shenanigans regarding this nerf. Monks were in a good spot, but are not currently better than other melee specs in pvp. (You can see this with the current arena rankings). The fact that blizzard nerfed SoTWL for pve was silly, but removing our stun in pvp (which has been around SINCE MONK WAS RELEASED) is just the last straw. I don't pay 15$ a month to nerf my character to the ground because someone on the development team dislikes the class. Legion was fun while it lasted, have fun guys.Moardakka20 1d
1d Suggested Fix for SotWL Just an opinion, SotWL was designed to be an AoE Ability, sadly it is now our weakest AoE ability, on an Artifact weapon which makes no sense. It's suppose to be powerful. So this is my proposed changes. I'm going to be using rounded numbers for cleaner math, and basing the damage off a pack of 5 Mobs. Tooltip: Strike of the Windlord Range 5-Yards (Decreased from 9-Yards) Cooldown: 45-Seconds (Increased from 40-Seconds) 2 Chi (No Change) "Strike with both Fists of the Heavens at all enemies in front of you, dealing 700,000 damage to the first target and 35% damage to all secondary targets. All effected targets are slowed by 50%." The Math: Pre-Nerf 700,000 x 5 Targets = 3,500,000 damage. (Clearly OP) Suggested Fix (5 Targets) 700,000 + 4(700,000 x .35) = 700,000 + 4(245,000) = 700,000 + 980,000 = 1,680,000 Total Damage 3,500,000 Damage to 1,680,000 Damage is a reduction of 48%, which is a well tuned Nerf. In SotWL's current state, it doesn't serve as an AoE ability effectively. The more targets, the less effective it is at killing those targets. Creating a Flat damage reduction on all secondary targets still makes it an effective AoE ability. So, Increasing its Cooldown, decreasing its overall damage by 48%, and reducing its effective range is a fined tuned nerf for such a previously overpowered ability. Higher Cooldown and Less Range require better strategy and positioning to make it an effective tool. Just my thoughts. #SotWL Edit: TyposAbrana1 1d
1d The end of SoTWL Everybody knows that Strike of the Windlord needed to be nerfed, that was a given. The ability was unnecessarily strong when it came to AoE. But with the most recent nerf to it, it has made a complete 180. The ability is now completely worthless in any large target AoE environment. * A good example of what they should've done: The nerf felt like a rushed panic and less like a thoughtful/ thought out nerf and part of me wishes that they either buffed up some other aspect or reverted the nerf and did something that didn't feel like a knee-jerk reaction. Not sure why I'm even posting this, it's not like blizzard is going to come to the conclusion that they went overboard with this nerf in particular. Which considering they claimed they didn't want to do any massive nerfs at the start of the expansion makes this massive nerf proof that they blatantly lie. TL:DR; The ability needed to be nerfed and blizzard went overboard (in typical blizzard fashion... even though they said they wanted to be more careful with nerfs). EDITS: (*), and a little bit of rephrasing.Shakugan29 1d
1d PvP Windwalker Discussion(What do you want) I am[was] the best windwalker(pvp) in the game(just search my name); This is a pvp thread but !@#$ off with bashing ratings and others opinions. Dave that for some FoF/Sotwl thread thats up 9 times. I'm going to try to keep this simple, and only really highlight the key points. You can discuss the finer points in comments. To Start - I hate talking about damage, to make it simple. Assume you have 10 damage, how would you like it attributed. Edit: added a picture to cover sustained vs burst damage. For me SoTWL - 3 RSK - 2 FoF - 2 Everything else - 3Talents: Chi Wave - 5 sec cd, 40 energy or 2 chi The goal being give a slight increase to ranged damage, and a way to use your mastery. (Use the more plentiful resource) Ring of Peace - apply to enemys, 8 sec duration, 4 sec silence/unable to attack It's terrible atm, The logic is, apply it to say, a Holy paladin, he's silenced for 4 seconds, when it's gone he could... BoP his teamate, and get dr silenced(2 seconds). Trinket removes the entire ring(not just the silence Remove Hit comboPut the damage elsewhere(or just passively buff monk by 16%), it's a dumb talent, it punishes pooling resources, and benefits mongoing. RJW is freeIt's clunky with SCK costing 3, and not worth taking with hit combo existing. Let monks use it for mastery proc. Chi Orbit Heals on explosion Make it heal, so that monks can kite(get 4 orbs) and have a heal when going back to fighting. Also give SEF the current orbs and generate them at the same rate. Nobody enjoys monks kiting and using effuse to heal, give them some creativity and incentive to remain in combat Remove SerenityIt's the same as hit combo, it rewards poor play, put something more enjoyable in(hurricane kick or chi explosion imo) Honor Talents --- Spinning Fire Blossom replace Ride the Wind, Ride the Wind replace EminenceIf you have SFB root you don't need Tiger Style/Double Dragon (You can land FSK off the 1.5 root) Fast Feet - Reduces roots/slows by 1 second when struckYu'lons is the only thing worth taking atm, also Yu'lons make roll/FSK suppress slows for 1 second after finishing. Rolling to remove a slow, to be slowed again sucks Whirling kicks apply to RJW Heavy Handed BaselineHurricane Strike/Chi Explosion? Random Stuff ----- Give SeF port back Give Path of Blossoms back Give disable a 10 yard range Fix Roll/FSK buggingReqy0 1d
2d Best class for monks - NOT PANDAS :( When I decided to roll a monk, I wanted to stay true to the lore and picked a race I felt represented most the monk class - the panderan. However, it upsets me that the pandas are probably one of the least favorable races, let alone for monks. All you hear now is how Orc/BE or humans are the top choice and pandas are to be avoided. Yet when MoP was released, all we saw are panda monks (NPCs, etc). Sadly, that's not what blizzard had in mind when it comes to pandas. They gave them useless racials that made them one the least favorable races. Why not instead, make the pandas the most , or almost the most, favorable race for monks by giving them a unique racial (i.e teaching of the monastery) that increases all monk's damage/healing abilities by 5%.Xianzu51 2d
2d MW PvP artifact route? 1. Two big traits, Celestial Breath and Blessings of Yu'lon, which one is better? 2. Does anyone test Spirit Tether yet? Thanks a lot, very appreciate it. The following is a route in my head:Óppa1 2d
2d Monk protest Sharing Xuens post from PTR discussion. Our voices Will be heard. I advise all monks and supporters to tweet @holinka and tell him these changes must not be made. Thanks "I was streaming and I recently heard some disturbing news about the FoF/Yulon nerfs and it is one of the worst changes I have ever heard them making for WW's since they have been released. I mainly PvP and FoF stun is one of the meta talents due to the fact that because of latency and the way that players move in pvp it is almost impossible to land all the FoF damage as well as the stun helps when playing defensively or using the extra stun duration to secure a kill in wpvp, bgs, or arenas. Honestly in my opinion the FoF stun should of been baseline like it has always been and change the heavy handed strike talent to be able to move while channeling the ability. I never really understood the moving while FoF change. There was nothing wrong with the old FoF in my opinion. Now in Pve, I can see why they did it but I still find it strange. The other change comes in form of the nerf to Yulon's Gift. Even though it is not as strong a nerf as the FoF nerf, it still effects our play style in pvp due to the fact that mostly every class/spec has roots/snares integrated in their normal rotation. And again same like our FoF stun talent the Yulon's gift is pretty much mandatory for pvp. Even in WoD you were suppose to glyph it most of the time and in MoP it was in our gloves as a bonus and made a HUGE difference in regular pvp to competitive pvp. I have been playing monk since MoP Alpha and I have not looked back and I really hope that they take a serious look at the changes they are making to the class. The nerfs for anyone who has not seen the blue posts are: Heavy handed strikes: No longer stuns a target instead, snares them for 70% movement speed for 2 sec. Yulon's Gift: no longer affects your roll and only affects flying serpent kick. Please to anyone who reads this and thinks that these are terrible changes help it get noticed by blizzard by requesting a sticky. I really hope these changes do not make it to live however they will if we do not speak up. Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me get the word out there."Sunwuko2 2d
2d Advice Hey all. Trying out Brewmaster after i boosted him and having a hard time liking him. It seems soloing is a struggle everytime there are adds. I also noticed that talents were chosen for me. I would like to tank dungeons eventually. So rotation, talents, etc advice would be appreciated. :)Yinzhen0 2d
2d Returning player and need advice So I played way back in vanilla through WotLK and decided to come back for Legion and the 100 character boost. I went though the class trials to test the classes since there have been major changes and ended up loving the ww monk. Unfortunately the monk forums here are seriously depressing. Are monks still viable or will I just waste a boost and be kicked from groups?Brewskey6 2d
2d Monk class hall campaign I have Light's Heart but not sure why I'm not seeing any quest to do for my monk campaign. I have checked the scouting map and everywhere. No quest that I see in my quest log for broken isles either. Ive been to every zone in hopes to see something that I may have missed. Still no luck. My friend has been completing monk training quest but I havn't seen any. Anyone know of a quest I might have skipped or if this is some kind of bug?Xig3 2d
2d Leveling as MW I haven't play my Monk in a while. Curious about leveling as a MW from 100 to 110. What talens, and rotation would I need to be doing? This is for PVE. I don't really want to play any other spec atm with the monk. Thoughts, tips? Thanks!Serix0 2d
2d Blue Post on 7.1 WW I posted this on the PTR forums but thought some of you may want to see it. Not extremely helpful and vague. This was posted on the front page of mmo-champion today.. (blue post response in bold) Those Windwalker 7.1 nerfs aren't real? They're REALLY specific, like the Fists of Fury one that would probably gore Windwalker in PvP. I don't understand datamining though so I have no idea. We will have to wait and see what comes from our tuning pass to understand any upcoming 7.1 changes. Asking for your patience here while we get tuning out the door before we talk too much about 7.1 which is a bit down the road. What does this even mean? Are they tuning us up to make up for it. Would really love some transparency. You ask us to trust you but you don't ever do anything that says we should. You do realize we pay the checks, right? We keep the business up and running, so they can do what they love. From a business standpoint, we are the stakeholders of everything you put out. If your stakeholders are unhappy, they leave and take their money with them. Just be transparent. Stop being secretive little b1tches hiding behind twitter accounts not even responding to your community on the forums you created.Dansel5 2d
2d Order hall: pilgrimage Does this order research work or do anything? I see that you are supposed to return with bonus armaments, but I have never gotten one and i keep my followers busy 24/7. Am i missing something?Ultrios12 2d
2d Should I main Monk? In before any FOTM comments are made I've always mainly played either rogue or monk. And the end choice will be between the two. I do enjoy both classes but in recent events with nerfs to both classes, and some up coming game changing nerfs to monk, I'm having a hard time deciding what class to invest my time in. I'm looking at picking something I can do pve and pvp in that's viable and won't have me running around like a wet paper towel. I do feel like a get melted in pvp as a rogue, is probably just a L2P problem as I am used to that ToK mechanic monk has. Just looking for some opinions on what would be the better choice between the two, keep in mind monks ability to tank and heal isn't really a big plus to me as I probably won't use them too much. Cheers.Nduku2 2d
2d Make your voices heard Make your voices heard. Tweet @holinka and tell him just how absurd these nerfs are and that you will not stand for them... Do not just sit here and allow for these changes to be made. They need to know how angry we are as a community with the current and upcoming changes. Keep the discussions on the forums going as well. Don't let them die downSunwuko4 2d
2d Correct me if i am wrong but These changes only affect PvP not PvE ?Deathspanx2 2d
2d Heavy Handed Strikes So apparently in 7.1: Heavy-Handed Strikes: Fists of Fury has a 5 yard increased range, and reduces the movement speed of enemies struck by 70% for 2 sec. Windwalker Monk - Tier 5 PvP Talent. No longer stuns =|Unclefozzy33 2d
2d Should stagger be stronger? I feel like Brewmasters, with their unconventional mechanics and complicated rotations, have to work twice as hard as other tanks for half the rewards. The stagger mechanic is really interesting in itself, but perhaps it just isn't strong enough. Would buffing the base amount of damage we stagger (35% to 45-50%), buffing the base amount of stagger purified by brews (50% to 75-100%), or buffing the time over which stagger damage is delivered (10 sec to 15 sec) make us overpowered?Patchs4 2d