Feb 6 Monks are short? I just got a staff for my Monk, and the thing sticks way above my head. On all of my other toons that can use staffs, the top of the staff is just barely above my head. So why is it different on my Monk? The monk is a panda, so it's not a short class. But why is this that the staff sticks up so high? I hate the rolling animation because there is no way it could really roll smoothly like it does with a staff sticking 4 feet above it's head. I have a Shammy Panda, and the staff looks fine. But on my Monk, visually it is really messing with me. After spending gold on my staff I don't want to waste more gold by having to buy 2 weapons to go back to dual wielding on it. The esthetics of that staff sticking up so high are horrible. Anything I can do to get the staff not so high? Is this something Blizz will fix in Legion?Jumpingjim4 Feb 6
Feb 6 Trilltko Hey first off, Happy birthday!!! Why is his dmg so high that it makes me want to call up Kony2012 and have him recruit this guy for his army? Either he's just a god of damage and does PvE or he uses his third arm to spam binds while practicing his saxophone for his band class.Majiesel2 Feb 6
Feb 6 MW need a better external CD Life Cocoon is not cutting it What is it? Like 1 melee hit? on a ~2min CD? Can we get a raid wide defensive or even just a decent single target defensive like literally every other spec?Zemeo4 Feb 6
Feb 6 Arcade fighter monk Blizz is trying to make WW feel like the old arcade fighting games with its new play style in Legion. I wounder why they never bothered to really expand on that. I had a neat idea they could have implemented. Have three different ChiBuilders. -Jab (Single target, only .5 sec GCD,Builds 1cp) -Front Kick(Two enemy cleave, 1cp) -Roadhouse(Spinning wide frontal cone cleave kick,2cp) And have 1 button for Chi spender. Depending on (up to) the last three Chi Builder key sequences would determine exactly what the finishing move was. They could include buffs also or maybe thats how you could have built upto FoF instead of it being a CD. Many possibilities with a really high skill ceiling that you could use depending on the situation or encounter. And yes I did recently watch Family GuyBloodfoo18 Feb 6
Feb 5 Wodwalker clarification The monk Wodwalker from moonguard is indeed not me, but my son, the guy that stalks the forums making the backgrounds with dog wieners is indeed not iproof....ty <3 @wodwalker-moonguard smdWodwalker6 Feb 5
Feb 5 Tell me how to improve - WW Raiding Did a few mythics boss' tonight with the guild, first time in mythic raid since I'm just a stand-by, wanted to see how I can improve my DPS. Some heroic bosses on here as wel.. Thanks. Note: I DC'd on Scorethar. As a matter of fact, I DC'd a good bit so these may not be the best logs but I'm sure they can give an idea. I.E. I didn't DC on Reaver -> Archi.Punypunches4 Feb 5
Feb 5 Raid MW Healing more complicated? So I started playing a MW Monk, and I'm a perfectionist. When I say I'm a perfectionist, I'm not saying "Oh I want to be really good at my class," or the misused definition of that label. When I say perfectionist, I mean complete perfection. I'm all about becoming the master at my class, and carving a path for people to follow to new heights. I'm all about watching every single little thing and getting it as close as humanely possible to be perfect (like applying/refreshing temporary buffs, CDs, focus/energy management [Like making sure you're reading your class ahead, and preplanning focus/energy usage perfection to the single digit]. Using these methods, I've been able to far exceed people way above my item level and "masters" at their class, because I work extremely hard to keep always perfecting. Now, with that out of the way, I've been studying monk healing very closely, and trying it out in raids and different methods, and I'm quickly seeing that this is easily the most complicated healing class for PVE/raids. I had someone try to tell me (along with Icy-veins not giving enough information concerning the spec from what I've learned of the class), that you should only be in stance of the spirited crane if you have literally nothing else to do, and everyone is topped off, and there's no big damage coming. I just cannot see this as fact. There is too much benefit from crane stance that can affect your AOE heals, that can completely bring an entire raid back into the fray without having to use uplift. Let me first label exactly what benefits I'm talking about. 1: Eminence. This is obvious and I'm not going to explain it. You can effectively see this really take effect it huge pulls (Which hardly happens on bosses). Your Jade Statue also has Eminence, so on big pulls, this is easily very powerful. 2: There's of course Tiger Power and Rising Sun Kick, which just increase your damage. This is negligible. 3: Vital Mists. This is also another ability that just adds assistance while in crane, making it so you don't have to switch for the smallest things. 4: Mana Tea. You get stacks of mana tea while in Crane Stance like crazy, because you're spending chi more often due to having things to use it on. 5: Tiger Strikes. Autoattacks have 10% chance to increase multistrike chance by 35% by 8 seconds. This only applies in crane stance, but can also improve on your abilities I'll talk about in a moment. Incredibly useful, seeing as how Multistrike is our bread and butter. 6:The holy grail of buffs. Crane's Zeal. 20% critical hit chance. This can be extremely useful and I think makes the entire thing worth switching into every so often. Crane's Zeal is insane when used properly. It affects literally everything you do, and is our most needed stat next to multistrike (excluding Int for obvious reasons). Let me lay down a list of things Crane's Zeal can affect, and make it incredibly powerful: -Chi Burst. Because a lot of raid bosses have to have the raid stack, and melee is usually already stacked, this is incredibly powerful when used with Crane's Zeal. Also, let's not forget Tiger Strike's 35% multistrike chance buff, which makes this even more incredibly powerful. Easily able to bring a raid up quickly. -Detonate Chi -Renewing Mist. Because of WoD's change to HoTs by removing snapshot values (, that means this ability can benefit from both Tiger Strikes, and Crane's Zeal while in crane stance. You apply all your mists, then switch and get the buffs and benefit. I have also tested this, and it seems to remain true. -Expel Harm. Small heal commonly used for just chi generation, but still affected. -Surging Mists. I'm mentioning it because it's affected. -Revival. Yep, it benefits from that 20% crit buff. How you can say that the most arguably best healing spell in the game isn't worth getting a 20% crit buff (and 35% multistrike buff) for, is beyond absurd. I have gotten insane multistrike and crit heals off of revival. -Eminence. It's affected by your crits and multistrike. Your extra multistrike damage and crits add more to your eminence heals, which can give you some pretty nice heals. Now, the serpent stance is obviously better, but the crane stance can definitely have a huge impact with those buffs, and I think it can revamp the class and add new heights if utilized properly. I'm still trying to find out when is the best time to switch in and out, but it's usually best to apply your mists and use the thunder CD, then switch off into crane stance and use that chi earned to gain your buffs. I just want to hear from experienced MW monks who can top charts easily, and see if they're using similar methods. I'm not hear to hear stonewalled opinions, nor give a stonewalled opinion. I want to hear actual information and examples being given other than "It's better," so that I can actually improve on this class.Dontlosmepls5 Feb 5
Feb 4 Monk master class So today I dusted this monk off after not playing him for a while and decided to try some trashcan. I saw a rogue trying to kill our portal guy so I attacked him, he got scared and tried to run away. He had the bouncing goren buff so he was just leaping all over the place, but I had the slippery slime so I kept up. Spent about 5 minutes chasing him all over the place before he finally dropped a banner and tried to kill me, but because monk master class I won. Then he got mad and tried to track me down attacked me again but I had a Druid with me this time and we killed him quick. Needless to say I have reignited my interest in my monk (who was my main in pandaria but I didn't really like the wod changes, so I benched him) and I think I'll start playing him a lot more now xD Tl;Dr monks are coolPoinstar9 Feb 4
Feb 4 World PVP as a monk Any tips on talents/gear/spec for a world PVP setup? I guess I am open to MW/BM specs, but seem to gravitate to WW most. thanks!Shiad3 Feb 4
Feb 4 Storm, Earth, Fire Any tips to get SEF out faster, I have Mouseover macro but it seems to be little to slow.Sheixia5 Feb 4
Feb 4 Concerned about Legion lvling for tanks/heals This is in regards to the artifact weapons and quests. Currently from what I gather on alpha we won't be able to access a secondary artifact until level cap? (This is speculation as the lvl cap on the current alpha build is only 108) Now if that holds true and we want to be a tank or healer for dungeons but level outside as a DPS what happens? Will we be able to use our dps artifacts in tank/heal spec or have earlier access to our tank/heal artifact? If not does that mean we'll be stuck using level 100 weapons in a level 108 dungeon? I'm truly at a loss of words. Or does blizzard want us to heal/tank the mobs to death with our preferred roles while trying to solo?Draego6 Feb 4
Feb 4 Talents? I've been outa the loops for a little bit, what are the current talents for pve monk? preferably single target boss fights.Sheixia2 Feb 4
Feb 4 Random bg/general pvp glyphs Hey all, what glyphs do you guys think are the best for general (non rated) pvp? Atm I'm using touch of death (no Brainer) flying fists and freedom roll. Was thinking of replacing either ff or fr with tok but it seems like I get snared all the time in bgs and that extra 5 yard range is super useful sometimes. Do you guys think it's worth not using tok, or should I replace flying fists with it? I suppose I could replace freedom roll if I have a pocket healer or something but I love being able to roll out of snaresPoinstar1 Feb 4
Feb 3 All 3 specs Hi guys. I really enjoy all 3 specs but am currently limited to only 2 without a paid respec. Is it worth Leveling another monk for this, or what do you guys who play all 3 specs do?Poinstar5 Feb 3
Feb 3 Mistweaver needing some help with numbers! I've been having issues with my healing and getting my numbers up there. Usually I'm the worst healer during fights, sometimes even coming below tanks. I would really like to improve but I don't know where I'm going wrong. I was wondering if I could get some help Here is my log for heroic mannyårtorial16 Feb 3
Feb 3 Drunk chicken? good? (2's) Yeah, yeah, i know 2's are crap and all that. But a monk friend wants do to some 2's and we are wondering if this comp is still good or if he should go WW. So basically.. Is the brewmaster / boomy still good? Thanks guys :DCowstomize4 Feb 3
Feb 3 Brewmasters in 6.2.3: Weapons and stats Hello Monk forums, I was hoping to clear up some confusion I had before I purchase a 710 conquest weapon and before I start gearing in mythic dungeons and in raids aiming for specific stats. I am looking for some answers as I have read contradictory information and I am unsure of what is outdated and what is not. Here is what I have come up with, let me know if it is incorrect. Two Handers generate more elusive brew than 1 handers. Staves generate less than Polearms, but because of swing speed (staves generally being 3.3 and polearms generally being 3.6) staves win out. For defensive tanking, your stat priority is: Mastery > Crit > Versatility > Multistrike > Haste (before T18 4pc) So therefore I should buy the staff off the PVP vendor. And I should look for masterty/crit or mastery/versatility gear when doing dungeons and raids. Experienced brewmasters let me know if that is right, or if there are more complications to it. Any knowledge is appreciated and thank you!Blefuscu4 Feb 3
Feb 3 Super Hyped Noob! So I used my character boost on this monk because I saw the new Artifact in Legion It looks amazing (and I needed to stop playing my Warrior 100% of the time). So what are things I need to know about Windwalker for 6.2? So far I have looked over the Icy-veins guide and it makes decent sense, what I would love to know is if there are macros and all to have two targets affected by Zen Sphere? What can I do to use Chi Brew more effectively? Are there other gameplay things that I should know as a noob to the spec? (Like when to do X, why to do Z, and the reason Windwalker never does N.) As far as gear goes, all the guides say that Versatility is the best stat after Agility and Multistrike, why isn't Haste higher up on that list? Generally I'm excited to learn about the Windwalker spec and could use some better players than me to help!Meebi7 Feb 3
Feb 3 Why does it feel like I can't hit anything This has always bugged me on my monk, I'm constantly pushing buttons but nothing is connecting, almost like I'm lagging when I'm not. what the !@#$ is this.Megahurtz3 Feb 3
Feb 3 What should my multi strike be at? So I have been wondering about this for a while because I do t ever really see other mistweavers to compare with. what is a good multistrike percentage. Fully buffed mine is at 45 percent I'm ilvl 721 just needed to know if that's low for my ilvl or not.Serethial2 Feb 3
Feb 3 Maybe the monk isnt for me So I have a 708 Frost mage and he was my main for awhile. I can normally top meters or stay top 5 with him. Got bored and started playing a WW monk something way different then what im use too. Ive done all the research on how to play this class. But even in LFR out of the 18 dps im normally number 10 or 11 on dps. I cant do more then 38-40k dps on bosses. Ive done one Normal HFC and was doing less dmg and dps then the tank. What am I doing wrong? My dps Rotation that I normaly follow is FoF on CD RSK on CD keep Tigers palm up and waste the rest of my chi on black out kick. Someone help me? Maybe because I use two one handers and not a 2h wep? Please some feedback would help. maybe what addons maybe? Could use some good feedbackRotzi5 Feb 3
Feb 3 Class Duels Hi Girls I've been dueling more and more lately, just enjoying them and learning. I feel it's the best way to see how most classes function and their CDs etc... Was curious if there were any Monk dueling pro's whom had helpful info for each class/spec? PRIESTS -Shadow I ran into a few Spriests that I struggled with this morning. Changed my spec and woke up a bit, ended up besting them both (one was 2k the other was 1600 but he was actually more challenging than the 2k). I found running HS/Xuen instead of Chi Ex/Torp worked better. Baiting out the trinket/dispersion with a low/no stack FoF or even a Leg Sweep helped a lot, considering I could use a 10 stack HS right after and still do my burst quite well. Xuen is nice for the consistent damage. Also nice having roll to close gaps instead of being kited to death with all the snares Priests seem to have now. I've found once I get them around 10%, they bounce up a little keeping me out of ToD range. Xuen has helped chipping them down letting me finish. -Disc I did find Disc Priests to be annoying. The one 2k mained Disc and thought he would kill me in 30 seconds. It wasn't 30 seconds, but I didn't win. I MAY have won, I had him around 50% and my Karma just came back up. Not sure if I didn't hit it early enough, or if I was a dollar short, but I couldn't get it off. I think between Karma going off and getting my last FoF during would have helped a lot. Reflective Shield is also a huge annoyance it seems. Not having a purge can be a problem. Wondering if stacking Karma + FoF/Burst into their shield would work for us well or against us though. Please share :DZåx19 Feb 3
Feb 2 My thoughts on Monk class hall Blizzard you did a wonderful job with it. The temple, tree's and texture is just stunningly beautiful. It makes me miss Mist of Pandaria. But even so, I know we must move on. But, when I visit the class hall in Legion. It will be as if I were playing Mist of Pandaria for the first time again :DSokotsu4 Feb 2
Feb 2 We need to talk about Windwalker Monks I've been meaning to make this topic for quite a while, but have been holding out in hope someone else would eventually bring it up on the forums(or by some chance Blizzard would magically buff us). Clearly that won't happen considering monks are the least played class in the game. I look at forums threads daily about low DPS classes and no one ever mentions the Windwalkers. We really have been forgotten. Heres the data from Warcraft Logs. Parses by people in the 95th Percentile(people who play their class at the highest skill). This is not a comparison of Low percentile Monks vs Low percentile Death Knights, who some have said are significantly easier to parse higher with. These are the best monks being compared. So in that list there are a total of 24 specs, and 11 classes. Some classes are pure DPS like rogues(and have large variation in where the specs rank) and some only have one DPS spec like Shadow Priests and Monks. Out of 24 specs, Monks rank 17th in total, which is already pretty bad considering if you are a Monk who wants to DPS you have a few options, play Windwalker and be sub-par or change specs/classes. But not only that, ALL of the classes that rank lower than Monks on that list have a 2nd and/or 3rd DPS spec that ranks significantly higher than Windwalkers anyway. Play Hunter? You'll probably be playing Marksman. Oh Fire is pretty bad for DPS as a mage? I'll just play Frost or Arcane and do perfectly fine. Gladiator Warrior is last? I'll play Arms and be first, cool. Essentially only the best DPS specs are played for each class(based on fight of course). So the real DPS rank is Windwalker Monks dead last because the majority of classes are better DPS, OR have an alternate spec(s) that parses higher in the end. And the sad thing? Windwalker monks were nerfed 5% across the board in 6.2. We gained an improved passive boost to Multistrike but overall the DPS loss was around 3%. Why did we get nerfed? We excel on one type of fight; the 3 target sustained cleave due to our ability called Storm, Earth and Fire. There is maybe 1 or 2 fights in Hellfire Citadel(Iron Maiden type fights) like it. Apparently Blizzard balances us around this single ability, so we'll do amazing on Hellfire Council and then be the worst on everything else. We need help Blizzard. I'd like to add in the weeks after I wrote this post Shadow Priests moved under WindWalkers. In June Blizzard actually replied to one of their posts and detailed the state of their spec, I'd like to see the same thing for Windwalkers.Vaelryon70 Feb 2
Feb 2 Parsing the black ox statue? How do I parse the threat level that my black ox statue does? Skada doesn't show anything?Ghaaliba4 Feb 2
Feb 2 Brewmaster PvP Hello to the player reading this and plays and Brewmaster or Monk in general. I've came here to let everyone know that brewmaster pvp at the moment is very strong battleground, 2v2, and 3v3. If you don't mind me let me show you some positive and negative into Brewmaster PvP. Stacking wise: Crit>Haste>Mastery>Dodge>Multi>Versa (Do not stack stamina! Worst thing tanks do for pvp) Professions: Engineering to me is a huge plus with the 3 new inventions that allow damage, absorption, and stealth! (Any other profession you would like to use is your choice and your opinion) Talents: Tiger's Lust- Speed, Quick get-away, and Gets close to casters(along with roll) Zen Sphere- Great healing, small CD, and a large burst after proc (Chi wave is great don't get me wrong, but there is a long CD on it which doesn't give the player a chance to live) Chi Brew- Amazing for getting your dodge procs up before large team fights, Adds to Healing Elixirs Leg Sweep- Easy stun for either small or large groups attacking you or team, slight negative on the CD compared to Ring of Peace Healing Elixirs- Big heal if used with light stagger or any amount when you stack crit (highest heal for me was 52k o/f 257k) Use with Chi Brew or Purifying Brew when stagger is proc'd. Rushing Jade Wind- In my opinion this is a huge plus since you can basically spam this and run with it, great for aoe and small or large group fights. Serenity- Best talent for Brewmaster burst wise, Easy damage with Chi Brew used along, 9-15k damage with crits. Major Glyphs: Breath of Fire- Must have, Great for group stuns and swapping to other targets in arenas, Works with Serenity also. Freedom Roll- Easy use for caster kiting and with flag running from (DK, Warrior, and Hunter) or any slow in that context. Fortifying Brew: Mainly used for damage reduction and burst with Serenity, Could be a positive along with Soul Dance? Minor Glyphs: Use whatever floats your happy boat :) Enchants: I find that Shattered Hand works well with caster kiting at last minute or if Tiger's lust and Roll are on CD for a quick bleed along with Breath of Fire. If there are any other enchants you think may work comment down below along with your thoughts on Brewmaster pvp. :) This is my first opinion topic on classes and spec, Let me know how I did and what I did wrong. If you have any questions you can always find me on my server and by commenting down below. Other then that have a great WoD pvp season! -ZevqZevq37 Feb 2
Feb 2 What is yourmostembarrassing monk experience? For me it was falling off the ledge twice this morning while tanking adds during Lower Blackrock Spire. Spinning crane kick looked nice til I went splat below.Ghaaliba39 Feb 2
Feb 2 Fist of the north Star Monk transmog? Was wondering if anyone has any idea how to make this work. For reference, a couple of characters from the series Kenshiro: Raoh: raoh without armor : I've made a few attempts but nothing good so far. Any help would be appreciated!Twointhegoo0 Feb 2
Feb 1 Legion Talents Anyone have any ideas what talents will be taken for the higher tiers?Sumar5 Feb 1
Feb 1 [Revised]Don't like Wandering Isle.... This thread is flagged closed on my part. I changed my mind. I now like the Wandering Isle and the ideas it brings. Thank you all for your attention and replies. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Please hear me out. Now I know a lot of you love the idea, but this is just my opinion. I love the monk class. I played the hell out of it in MoP, but I personally don't like the Pandaren arquitect. Lore wise they are amazing. I mean Arthas was acompanied by a pandaren in Northrend before finding Frostmourne. But I just don't like how they're buildings look. The point I'm trying to make is that I don't like the Isle for the simple fact that its architect is completely, 100% Pandaren. I love the martial arts idea, but I don't want to feel like I'm in Pandaria all over again every time I need to go to my Order Hall. I agree that the Isle makes a lot of sense, well because they are basically the one's who taught every the other races (minus the Worgen/Goblins xD) the martial arts. But the Isle mainly represents the Pandaren RACE, and not the MONK CLASS. In contrast, I would prefer Peak of Serenity; the place that truly represents the monk class. This however brings many problems, considering the fact that its to be used by low levels. However, Peak of Serenity embodies that, Serenity. I've personally been sitting there for hours, "meditating", just because of how peaceful and "monkish" the place is. And sure, I'm kinda contradicting myself with the whole "Pandaren architect" paragraph I wrote earlier, but it's slightly different. First off, the buildings preserve the Eastern, monk styled look to it. Secondly, there are many masters who train other students in the ways of the monk, but they are of many different races, not just pandaren. The Isle to me feels like a tropical pandaren island. And consider this, if the "Wandering Isle" was to move to the Broken Shore, and stick around there (similar to Dalaran), it wouldn't be much of a wandering isle, now would it? An Idea that I present is, how about we have the Wandering Isle serve as the current Peak of Serenity? You teleport and return through zen meditation back to the Wandering Isle to receive further training. It makes a lot more sense to go where it all began, rather then the Peak, where we barely just arrived during MoP. And then, when Legion launches, Peak of Serenity becomes the new Order Hall. (Hope I didn't confuse any one). To sum it all up, I would much rather have the Peak of Serenity for a Class Hall, over the Wandering Isle in the next expansion. Remember folks, this is just my opinion. I just find that the Wandering Isle represents the Pandaren far more then the monk class itself. Where as Peak of Serenity is THE PLACE for Monks. And what if it ain't NEW? I don't need to move from my house if I like the one I have already. [/b] [b]Ghór15 Feb 1
Feb 1 helping binding spells? what are you interface/binding spells like. i'm confused.Kawaii9 Feb 1
Feb 1 Is Mistweaver fun in pvp? How does it compare to shaman/priest? thanksKayllex3 Feb 1
Jan 31 Alliance nerds Who would want to do 2s/3s with muh beast Dwarf DK? Kind of wanting to play some arenas, it's been forever and I'm slightly feeling the urge at the moment WINK WINK Zaxan#1196 if you wanna diddle kiddles I've got a Fire Mage and an Enhance Shaman as well. Neither are geared really but it takes a few hours to do it in Ashran so if it's something interesting I can gear em. Mage I've been 2k+ on (not since Wrath mind you) DK I think I hit 1800 once. Maybe? Shaman I think I hit 1800ish in MoP as Resto w/ little to no gear. I used my boost and started arena immediately. LEMME KNAW K?Naxaz0 Jan 31
Jan 31 How do i get this Transmog? it looks so freaking cool, but from where should i start or if anyone can link me some cool transmogs and guides with steps on how to get it ?Rockjael3 Jan 31
Jan 30 question about ww i play mw majority of the time and havent touched ww since mop i was wondering when everyone uses chi explosion in pvp? Do you keep it at 3 chi or do you have to use the full 4 chi to make it effective?Versacé3 Jan 30
Jan 30 Best Pvp talents and glyphs for PVP WW Monks? Please help me out here if you can. i'm trying to improve my monk experience.Rockjael18 Jan 30
Jan 30 Rate my mog boys & girls I'm happy with 4-5 of my current mogs, and I'm currently saving for dreamwalker. Rate the one above you if you'd like <3Timeqt10 Jan 30
Jan 30 Brewmaster Weapon Enchants With mastery contributing to a resource which is best kept static, I can see why a lot of Brewmasters use mastery enchants on their neck, cloak and rings... While; Mark of the Bleeding Hollow wouldn't be too helpful, despite mastery being one of the Brewmaster's best stats. But what about Mark of the Thunderlord? Crit is also a great stat for Brewmasters, and if it's % value fluctuated, I can't see how this would ever leave you in the lurch. Still; I see a lot of Brewmasters using Haste or Multistrike weapon enchants. Haste is supposed to be a Brewmasters worst stat! So why would a Haste proc be favorable to a Crit proc? I should also point out that I don't tank in progression raiding on my monk. So the theory-crafting and finer points might not apply to me.. But if I use Mark of the Thunderlord on my Brewmaster, am I committing some grievous error??Runemauler9 Jan 30
Jan 30 I need tips on WW monk PvP I am having a difficult time keeping up pressure on other classes. It just feels like I am not doing any damage at all outside of TEB FoF. So I seek guidance from my fellow monk PvP'ers.Sokotsu14 Jan 30
Jan 30 Channeling - an alternative emphasis for MW Given that Blizzard is set on removing fistweaving, I would have liked to see more of a focus on channeled spells in Legion. I felt that having a spammable channeled heal (even if it was weak on its own) was one of the things that made MW 'feel' different from the other healers, and rather than relegating this aspect of the class to a clunky passive ability, they could have really dug in and made channeled spells the core of MW's healing toolkit. Here is Blizzard's proposed class fantasy for MW: ... This description sounds like a bunch of fluff out first, but I think it demonstrates how channeled spells suit the mistweaver class fantasy. If MW's are no longer "martial arts healers," it makes sense for them to be calm and studied Zen masters, capable of soothing their allies even in the heat of the battle. Channeled spells fit this fantasy in two ways. First, on a visual level, they convey the idea of 'weaving' energies much better than instant or hard casts, especially with the graceful, Tai chi-esque animations Blizzard has created. Second, from a gameplay perspective, they force the player to be a bit meditative with their casting style, demanding patience even when there is a temptation to move or break the channel. To emphasize this gameplay for MW monks, I would like to see a mastery like this : Mastery: Patience. Your channeled abilities heal X% more per tick. I think this would be much more interesting than the current Legion mastery, which is practically the most generic one you could come up with. It would give Mistweavers a distinct edge vs. sustained damage while weakening their burst healing and mobility - the sort of niche that the current Legion kit lacks badly. Since this mastery has little synergy with MW's prospective toolkit (except for the new Essence Font, which I do think is cool), I would also make changes along these lines: -Soothing Mist is reverted to an active ability. Mana cost and healing are increased so that the skill no longer feels like a precursor to Surging Mist/Enveloping Mist and instead becomes a bread and butter heal. Note that this was Blizzard's reason for transforming Soothing Mist into a passive - they felt that MW's kit had too many 'precursors'. While this complaint is reasonable I feel that Blizz got the solution backwards - it makes more sense to buff the fun and iconic Soothing Mist than to buff the generic HoT and generic flash heal it enables. -Vivify is now a channeled spell. Fulfills largely the same function as the current Vivify, but the channeled aspect adds flavor and synergy with the Patience mastery. -Renewing mist is made into a passive ability. Functions similarly to holy priest mastery, adding a minor HoT when a target is healed by your Soothing Mist or Vivify. The HoT stacks with each tick of Soothing Mist or Vivify, up to a maximum of 3 stacks. -Essence Font replaced with Uplift. Works like the old Uplift, except it is now a channeled ability and heals each target proportionally to their RM stacks. -Surging Mist/Enveloping Mist reworked. Both skills may be cast instantly during any of your channeled heals, healing all targeted allies for a base amount divided by the number of targets healed. Granting mana inefficient burst healing on a single target or mana efficient healing on multiple targets, I believe this would provide much more "variable efficiency" (Blizzard's words) than the current system. Most of this is just spitballing; I'm clearly not an expert on balance and I especially have no idea how this style of healing could be balanced in a PvP environment. However, it doesn't take an expert to see that MW in legion is a watered down, thematically bland version of what we currently have. I was excited to hear that Blizzard was focused on class identity and reversing some of the homogenization that's happened over the years, and I do think they've done wonders for some classes/specs from what I've seen of legion. In the case of MW, though, I feel that Blizzard doesn't have a clear vision of what MW's niche should be now that they've gutted fistweaving, so I wanted to share my vision for how the class could feel unique even without the melee element. Tell me what you think and if this is (very broadly speaking) a direction you would be happy to see MW move towards. Those of you who loved MW primarily because it was fast-paced and mobile spec will probably detest some of these ideas because they would take the class in the exact opposite direction. However, I personally would prefer to see any sort of unique identity for MW's over seeing the spec devolve into a hodgepodge "greatest hits" collection of abilities ripped from other classes.Bahli24 Jan 30
Jan 30 Palandris please start new OT since zax cap Double cap :DSachie20 Jan 30
Jan 30 Legion Alpha: WWs - Am I missing something? So on the alpha tooltip for tiger palm, I see it costs 50 energy and generates 1 chi. I understand that it basically replaces jab. My question is, is the 1 chi per tiger palm a typo? Seems like it would take rather long to build up 3 chi for FoF, strike of the windlord, dragon strike, as well as 2 chi for RSK. It also seems that it would be hard to keep the flow of using a different strike each global for the new mastery bonus. I'm holding out hope that it generates 2 chi, just like live, or at the very least that our energy regen has been buffed through the roof to compensate. Any info from anyone is greatly appreciated. ThanksSkullstomp2 Jan 30
Jan 29 The Drunken Brewery 02: Monk-ey Business Couldn't think of a clever title this time around, but at least we're starting thread #2! Previous thread: LETS GET IT ROLLLINGGGGGG RULES: Keep posting what ever you want till the thread is capped WHO EVER CAPS THE THREAD Must start a new thread Start thread with "The Drunken Brewery" followed by any thing you want ! Let's see how far we can get this going!!!!! FOLLOW THEM OR I'LL PERSONALLY HURRICANE STRIKE YOUR THROATZåx499 Jan 29
Jan 29 WW Artifact Question Kind of interested in bringing out my WW monk again, but not at all interested in an Artifact weapon that rarely actually shows up in combat. Has there been any mention of this getting changed? Normally I'd be happy to transmog into something cooler, but we can't transmog from a fist weapon into anything other than another fist weapon, right? Or did that change?Root8 Jan 29
Jan 29 Bringing back my monk? Hey everyone, I'm sure most of you guys don't remember me as I was most active on the forums at the beginning of WoD. I've been a monk since their release and have just recently come back to the game. I spent most of my time giving advice to would be pvp ww at the beginning of the season as I was one of the few at the time to break 2k rating. So I'm incredibly out of the loop as of recent and was curious on how you guys feel the changing to ww in legion will affect us. I personally think they look awesome, but I am concerned about the lack of cc I feel like we will have, only due to talent choices being so hard to decide between. Our sticking power looks like it will be God tier. So basically what do you guys think about legion for monks, how do you feel like they are doing now and what's all being going on with you guys since WoD came out.Telfurian5 Jan 29
Jan 29 Boosted Monk heals 100. How to heal? Hey all, so I've been off and on the game for a while, and just pre-ordered Legion expansion, and decided to boost a Monk. It seems really confusing, or maybe I'm just dumb, and was wondering if I could get some tips on single target and group/raid healing tips, such as what abilities to use/have active for each scenario. Thanks.Mononoke10 Jan 29
Jan 28 Ascension ability priority Hey guys I recently got into pve on my WW monk after being a pvper for a long time. I went and looked up the top WW monks and noticed quite a few of them using ascension. While this may be a choice derived from the fact that they have insane gear, I have tried it myself and can't find much of a dps change from chi brew. So my main question is... what is the dps ability priority when running Ascension? As of right now what I tend to do is jab once, tiger palm, jab again, rising sun kick, jab and then fist of fury for my soul cap proc at the start of the fight. After that I jab again, RSK, energizing brew, jab 3 times, chi ex 4 chi, tiger palm and so on and so forth. Is this use of 4 chi chi explosions worth it? I generally just cycle through using a 4 chi every time I don't have to refresh tiger palm or use rising sun kick. I'll sometimes use a 3 chi explosion too if I don't have fist of fury up.Lovecats3 Jan 28
Jan 28 Help with the trinkets Hello guys, I'm having some problems choosing which trinket to use on my WW. Currently I have: Soul Capacitor Normal Mirror of the Blademaster Heroic and the Agility Heirloom one I'm using the soul capacitor + heirloom on ST and the Mirror + heirloom on aoe, but I have no idea if this is the ideal setup, would be awesome to have some light shed on this for me.Monkayds4 Jan 28
Jan 28 will monks still be least played in legion? will they? Other candidates include shaman(if the new dps resource turns out to be weak) or rogue since many will go demon hunter.Nickman104 Jan 28
Jan 28 Monk Healing Did we get stealth nerfed last night? i feel like im ooming quicker than ever before?Oryn1 Jan 28