6d I hate healing you people. i feel sincrerely sorry for what blizz has done to you brewmasters, but i just can't stand healing you guys. as a non-hot based healer it's a massive pain int he but when your tank NEVER STOPS TAKING DAMAGE. i hope you all get buffed soon. regards, bunnise.Bunnise49 6d
6d Fistweaving I understand that fistweaving as is was is dead and now all it does is regen mana, my question is are most mistweavers actually using fistweaving or are you guys relying on the mana tea talent and just staying at range?Apocylon12 6d
6d Trinket help SO, whats better 850 Spontaneous Appendages or 855 Spiked Counterweight?Razorwulf2 6d
6d Fists of Furry on Nythendra Is anyone else having issues with Fists of Furry landing on Nythendra? Last normal I did I have 12 casts and 4 hits.Clenzil8 6d
6d Serenity how good is it? Just a general question. I keep seeing every where that the dps increase is very little if you use serenity perfectly. Also on heavy aoe fights would Elementals come out ahead? It seems like they would to me. My talents aren't the standard build and I think it's hurting my dps. Going to try to relearn the rotation before next weeks raid and see how it improves. I was pulling around 270k consistently on H Cenarius last night. Sometimes I'll do like 240k depending on movement and things I have to avoid. Does this sound about right for a 870 with no dmg legends? Edit: forgot to add I don't have gale burst unlocked yet. It will be the next talent I get givin me all 3 gold talents. I assume this will also increase my dps a bit.Kicknteethin13 6d
6d Should I roll MW Monk? Currently play a holy priest. I did see a monk do some crazy healing the other day and im also looking for something much more mobile. Is MW really good heals rn? Is it worth it to roll one?Annie12 6d
6d When to use Serenity? So I've been a WDP since release and want to give Serenity a try. How/when do I use it? Do I use it on CD or do I wait for FoF and SotW to refresh first? Do I wait for trash packs to use it? Which abilities should I use with it and what are their priority? (ie Pop Serenity and then SotW > RSK > FoF > BoK > RSK > BoK?)Jinkai3 6d
6d Remove the sound on the MW legendary neck When I'm just idling or running around gathering mats etc... the shield reapplies ~30 seconds and it makes the priest bubble sound. This has begun driving me to madness. It refreshes every 30 seconds non-stop unless I'm in combat while questing. 6d
6d Is this set bonus worth it or not? Lose these stats for the set bonus of a chance to increase my mastery for 3000 for 15 secondsNerfmeharder5 6d
6d How to make Brewmasters better. Reduce Flaming Keg to a 45 second CD. (super underwhelming Art ability) Increase Guards absorb, reduce its CD back to 30 sec, give it 2 charges and increase healing done to you. give it back to us as a baseline for PvE. Guard PvP talent- Let us extend guard to 1 or 2 other players like it used to. Expel Harm how it used to be coupled with the orb absorption now. Gift of the Mists baseline with talent to increase it by another 15% or revert Gift of the OX to proc off of auto attacks and crits like it used to, but make it heal a little less and change talent accordingly. Slight PvE and PvP damage increase. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE IRONSKIN AND PURIFYING BREW OFF SAME CHARGES Sincerely, Brewmasters everywhere /thread.Paichintou20 6d
6d Broken Isles Leveling as MW How viable is it or is it best to just go WW the entire way?Sandhunter6 6d
6d Brewmaster Addon/Weakaura Stagger question So is there an addon you use, or a weak aura to help keep a better eye on your stagger numbers and %?Fehdora4 6d
6d Which Trinket? I am trying to figure out which trinket would be better for me for raiding: Spontaneous Appendages 865 or Chrono Shard 845 Any help would be great!Bruceshootz1 6d
6d SEF? So any word if/when blizzard are going to address SEF issues? Any monk wanting to compete in top dps are rolling serenity. I dont mind that talent but I find WDP/SEF a smoother play style and overall better for mythic +.Bâmboo7 6d
6d RSK bug with blood elf ? I am having this weird issue when I RSK and the number shows up after 1 to 1.5 secs after, it's not a big deal but it's still annoying to me, anyone found the reason why ? It's not everyone who has this issue so it's confusingVernzz2 6d
6d WW Monk DPS Q's Hey guys, what's up! So got a few Q's I was running some mythics today before work for the first time as WW (I mainly PvP) I swapped talents etc to be more "PVE" anyway, I was doing fine DPS wise, actually on the top doing anywhere from 300-400k depending on the fight and if there was cleaving. However I feel like every so often I'm "dead" like I'm doing nothing, I pool energy to avoid this as best as I can while not dropping DPS, and weaving CJL / BK (until nerf) however It just seems like no matter what happens I get hit with this "dead" time where I can't press anything, no energy and no chi. I've looked up rotation but I seem to be doing it ok. Anyway anyone else have this or know some tips to avoid it, maybe lead me towards some videos or something to check out. Thanks in advance!Motoki10 6d
6d Brewmaster ignored in Q&A Re-roll guys blizzard doesn't love us anymore, I'm tired of typing up long and thoughtful posts. Let's see if they are reading these forums and lock this thread.Æthereal67 6d
6d Monks play style need updating Hello fellow Monks. Even though the monk is my favorite class, in recent years playing a monk has become dull. Compared to other melee class like the shaman, who literally looks like they control the forces of the elements. Our class has become lackluster. I have a few ideas that I been wanting to get out there, but I really have no way to submit them or what developer to contact. So I decided to throw them on here and hope someone like Ghostcrawler will take a look and maybe pass em on for me. I'm not claiming to be and expert in game developing or anything like that. Been playing since Dec. of 05, and remember when pandarian was an april fool's day joke. I just still love the game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but us monks are supposed to be martial art masters. Right now we seem like a just a brawler with a hodge podge of kicks and punches and not really masters of any martial art style. The monks are my favorite cause they remind me when I was a kid and i would rush home from school to watch Kung Fu Theater on my local tv channel. One movie that was my favorite was "Five Deadly Venoms". Each master in this movie like many other of these types of movies were masters of ONE particular style. I think the monk should play the same way. For instance the WW monk has a tiger palm, but a serpent kick. My ideas are about monks being master of one style of martial arts. I think the developers should look at Wu Shu and Shoalin, and come up with a style for each monk spec. So here are my suggestion on that. Brewmaster Fist off, I think the Brewmaster should be taking out of the tanking role. I feel it would be much more fun to play as a drunken dps. I'm sure the current Brewmasters are prolly turning thier nose up at my idea. However to me the current way it's played just seem like blah. You can say it's from not really understanding the mitigation aspect or i guess you can just call me a noob. The only brewmaster i really know of is Chen Stormstout and every time i've seen him, he's seem to almost always be on a lone adventure. Taking que from the opening cenamatic to MOP. You go on a epic journey for an artifact staff weapon, but only really use it for blackout strike, besides the auto attack. Inspired by Wu Shu long bo style. Replace TP with Bo Thrust. A 2 hit strike that sweeps upward and then thrust forward. Make it have the same affect as TP. To me, if I'm carrying a legendary staff I'm not gonna bother hitting you with the palm of my hand. As a dps spec, give the Brewmaster a charge-in ability. Pole vault, rush in using the bo to vault in the air and land with a massive ground smash at a targeted location like the affect from FSK. Chen performed this maneuver at the end of the MOP cenematic. To stay with the drinking theme of a Brewmaster, the brews such as BO and Nimble can be use as a 5 sec "of crap" button or a burst mechanism. I think the brews could be worked into a dps rotation much like the paladins seal use to be in BC. Each brew consumed give a affect depending on the brewmasters needs. Wind Walker To me all WW are alligned with Xuen the white tiger. It's the reason you have the choice to call him to your side in battle and for that I think WW should fight like tiger style martial arts. Its known as one of the most fierce fighting styles in martial arts. I believe when Xuen appeared on Azeroth he took the form of a tiger to say this is how fierce I am in battle. Replace FSK with a targeted charge-in ability Leaping Tiger Kick. Like the warrior's charge, instead of floating in slowly which can be seen coming from a mile away. Most monks i see use FSK more as a mobility move then an actually damaging ability. LTK a quick flying kick that strikes the enemy for X damage, 8 to 20 yards, 12 sec cd, with a 2 sec stun, cost 25 energy, and generates 1 chi. When a tiger attacks, it doesn't float in from a mile away. Its a fierce, blinding attack. I believe the WW should be the same way. Abilities such as CJL, doesn't fit a tiger fighting style. A tiger isn't gonna knock away its prey to give it breathing room. It's gonna subdue it with a onslaught of attack until goes for the throat. The martial arts such as Shoalin mimic the particular animal movements. I believe if the developers use this notions, monks will feel more like a martial art master rather then just a brawler. I suggest replacing SCK with Kharazim's 7-sided strike. I understand it would prolly work much like the combat rogues killing spree, but it would mimic the pouncing attacks of a tiger. When you play Kharazim in Diablo or HOTS, it feels like you are performing martial arts. Mistweaver The healing spec also needs a fight style that would help them in soloing. Yulon is essentially a dragon. However being that she is known as a serpent and that mistweaver utilize intel instead of agility. I believe a mistweaver would fight in snake style martial arts. Unlike tiger style that rely on raw power, snake style uses more cunning by stiking at vital areas crippling its oppenent. Replace TP with Snake Bites, a 3 hit combo that strikes the enemy's vital organs causing X damage and afflicting "Cripple" (like a dreadlord) reducing movement, attack/casting speed, 8 sec cd. Replace BK with Twin Snakes, a pop-up double jump kick that causes X damage. i know some if not most reading with prolly call my ideas stupid, noobish, or just plain dumb. i just believe if the monks play style animation look more like a series of fluid combos. The monk would more live up to it martial arts lore and persona. Even though the actually ability will only do one damage amount, have the animation look as if it done in a flurry of percise strikes. It would make the class more enjoyable and immersed. Good or bad I welcome any opinions, comments, and or suggestions. I just hope the over all idea of updated our play animation makes it back to the blizzard devs.Wulanjo27 6d
6d Windwalker vs Brewster set Good afternoon! Windwalker monk here but played a bunch of brewmaster at the early levels and loved it, only switched to focus on PvP. My question is can I now go brewmaster and run the same set of gear as my windwalker uses? Both are primarily mastery right? I want to tank but still main windwalker... Is it worth it?Evilbetty9 6d
6d Little Help before H-EN with Guild Hello Friends! I am hoping you can all provide me a bit of help before my guild tackles H-EN next week. 1. I always keep ISB rolling anytime I am taking damage. Does it do me any good to "double tap" and stack my ISB for the longer duration. Seems like I get no value out of using my charge twice rather than waiting for it to need a refresher. 2. I picked up BoC just yesterday to practice. From what I read I should be doing a "rotation" of sorts. BoS>x ability>TP>BoS>y ability>TP>BoS>z ability> TP. What I was told is if I fill in X = Keg Smash, Y = BoF, and Z = ISB as needed I will be able to better mitigate damage. This feels very clunky to me. Am I getting bad info? Am I making this unnecessarily difficult on myself. 3. What % should I be using PB? Normally I PB at +65%. When I run norm EN and at some Mythic+ my stagger will be purified then instantly jump back to +65%. Seems like I might need to wait longer? 4. Healing Elixir - Do you all use this manually or wait for the 35% auto threshold? I try to use one charge around 50-60% to help my healers out but I am afraid I might be gimping myself doing this. 5. Expel Harm - I have started to use this as an Oh-Sh!T CD rather than a heal on demand. Again just want to make sure this is not a dumb way to do this. Thanks for helping! BTW has anyone else been getting a lot of other players telling them they never see BrM? I know we are rare but the last few weeks I have been told multiple times I am the first BrM they have seen, even had one healer tell me he forgot Monks could tank because he hadn't seen one in so long. PS: any BrM get a legendary yet? I don't know any other BrM so want to make sure its just my bad RNG rather than a bug. Thanks Again!Yomji11 6d
6d Showing Purified stagger on skada or recount? As title. Just wondering if anyone has a method of recording how much stagger is purified throughout an encounter. I would install another addon if need be but hoping skada or recount can do it. Cheers for your time either way.Swiftshifter2 6d
6d Mistweaver legendary I recently just received the boots from the raid and I was just wondering your opinion on which legendary is best for mistweavers. I heard the boots were nerfed and can only apply the increased 2 sec duration once every RSKPhäsed2 6d
6d LF 875+ Brewmaster m+ team we have 10 achieve, don't know any BMs for mostly leather runs / mad loot celloguy#1879Simonj8 6d
6d How is WW in EN & M+ Hey everyone, I'm currently looking to make an alt to my spriest and I was wondering how WW currently are. I currently am interested in M+ and EN. How is Windwalker cleave and single target dps? Also, how is WW rotation? Is it smooth, bland ,difficult or what? Lastly do WW from your experience have difficulty being accepted into pug groups? Thanks in advance!Morpheüs10 6d
6d WW Monk Sim so low? Hey guys, Sorry to ask but I am actually really confused about some of the sims im getting back for my WW monk. At my current gear lvl (858 equipped i think) my monk sims at about 236k for ST. This is with legendary ring and decent-ish gear. Still trying to find new trinkets and more optimized gear in general. My DH on the other hand (860 ilvl) sims for 291k+. I'm not really understanding why there is such a huge disparity =/ Here are the links to their armories: Monk - DH - Any tips on gear/talents etc would be great. PlaydohPlaydohxo10 6d
6d Mana Issues Okay, before I get any grief about it, I've read around some of the other topics regarding this issue. It seems like the summary of these articles, collectively, is not to overheal and also to use free healing abilities whenever they're available. The only thing I can see that I would benefit from changing in my talents is using Chi Burst over Mistwalk (I only use Mistwalk because I PvP quite a bit, but I just have to remember to switch to Chi Burst in dungeons). Here is what I currently do in PvE: - Enveloping Mist on tank, always up - Renew on targets if they aren't at full health - Effuse if a target has taken moderate damage (or Focus Tea + spam it if someone is dropping fast) - Life Cocoon in an emergency - Vivify with Focus Tea whenever possible, since it's free (and I reset the CD of Focus Tea whenever there are mobs near me and Rising Sun Kick is off CD) - Healing Elixir on myself if I take a large, sudden damage hit - If nothing particularly exciting is happening, I just cast Enveloping Mist on the tank and let me and the Jade Serpent Statue do all the healing with Soothing Mist The above works just fine in anything not Mythic +2 or higher. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve my mana management. The last time I played a healer was Disc Priest at level 90, and that was very easy, frankly. Thanks in advance. **Edit** I wanted to add that I am prioritizing stats as follows: Intellect > Crit > Versatility > Mastery > HasteEnsydeu10 6d
6d "Class Fantasy and Ability Pruning" Someone made a thread on GD about class fantasy and ability pruning and I want to make sure that everyone on the Monk forums knows about it so that we can make our thoughts heard on this issue. We have to take these issues to places where they can get the most visibility and that means heading over to GD. Please share your thoughts on ability pruning and class fantasy as they relate to the Monk class in Legion and support this thread to keep it visible to CMs!! ...Ghostshoes4 6d
6d Wait for Touch of Death before Serenity? Serenity comes back up like 30 seconds before ToD. What are your guys' thoughts on either popping serenity right away or waiting for the Touch of Death Gale Burst to line up?Ferasan3 6d
6d Lifecycles or Mistwrap for raiding? title. i was just curious which one people preferred for raiding. i would guess Lifecycles, but, i really like Mistwrap just for the mobility it provides with being able to channel Soothing Mist while moving. in that same vein, do you guys use Focused Thunder or Mana Tea? i've been using MT because i pugged, so, i can't really count on people, but tonight is gonna be my first guild raid and we're doing heroic, so.Cherche26 6d
6d Any clue what BM monk PVP rotation in Legion? Just curious what our brewmaster PVP rotation is looking like in Legion beta?Isadorahsing21 6d
Oct 20 WW hidden artifact. so i just got the fists on my WW and they are HORRIBLE on Belfs! like the weapons stay clipped in my toons legs. does anyone have this problem?Gym9 Oct 20
Oct 20 Lunar Glides vs Bonds of Agayla (Legendaries) Last week I got Ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas on my monk. I was pretty excited, my first legendary, and the ability seemed to be pretty awesome. From reading the text, I could RSK and then a debuff would placed on the target and their attacks would extend my HOTS on the target they were attacking by 2 seconds everytime they attacked. This seemed like a great way to get in some kicks and keep the tank healed up. In reality, the debuff only lasts for one attack and then it is consumed, increasing the duration of your hots by a mere 2 seconds. I was pretty devastated, this seemed real mediocre. Then I got over it. However, last night Edraith, Bonds of Agayla dropped for a druid in the guild. Upon reading the flavor of this legendary I got pretty upset. This druid legendary causes Swiftmend to extend the duration of their HOTS on the target by 10 seconds. Compared to the Lunar Glides this alone is incredible. But then look at the fact that many druids can talent into having 2 charges of Swiftmend with a 30 second recharge, and if they have this legendary then they obviously would. Also, Swiftmend can be casted safely from range. In order to use Lunar Glides you have to RSK, just to get a mere 2 additional seconds. Yes, if you talent into Rising Thunder then you would obviously use it more. I get you can use RSK more than they can Swiftmend, but that requires using it everytime it is on cooldown, hoping that your EM hasn't ran off by the time the target attacks your tank. I could keep going, but it just feels like a slap in the fact. It seems like druids have so much more than monks in utility and then these legendaries which fill the same role have such a huge gap in power. This doesn't even account for that we are only increasing the duration of 3 HOTS max (2 usually) and, yet, druids are capable of increasing the duration of 4-5 HOTS. Are there any buffs planned for the boots or am I just forced to wear them until I find two more legendaries so I can take off them?Rtk2 Oct 20
Oct 20 Mistweaver legendaries I recently just got Ei'thas, lunar glides of Eramas (boots) from the raid, just want some feedback on which legendary you feel is the best for mistweavers because apparently they nerfed these boots and you can only refresh your hots once meaning you only receive an extra 2 secondsPhäsed0 Oct 20
Oct 20 100+ Hey yall, I'm slowly working my way up to 100. What's the recommended spec for going to 110? I almost always default to a tank spec, but I saw some places recommending ww?Fenrisulfris2 Oct 20
Oct 20 How are you liking new MW? I wanted to choose MW as a main before legion but decided against it after being intimidated by all their new spells. How are you liking it / how well do you think it's doing vs. other healers? Also, I heard they lose mana quickly and I don't want to be oom constantly.Yagadoo10 Oct 20
Oct 20 Pretty cool ideas for CJL. Nerfs probably going through, and it's going to make it useless. Might as well make a new ability. Heres my ideas 1. Redesigned. Crackling Jade Lightning 20 Yard Range, 15 second CD 50 Energy, 1 second cast time. - Fire an arc of lightning jumping to all targets within 20 yards affected with Mark of the Crane refreshing the duration and generating 1 chi for each target hit. I think doing around 75k-100k nature damage at 850 ilvl would be about right. 2. Pretty much just a version with recharging. Combats the reason Blizzard is nerfing it, but allows it to have some use as it did before. Crackling Jade Lightning 30 Yard Range, 8 sec recharge rate. No Cost, instant cast. 3 Charges maximum. Zaps the target for X nature damage, using it in within melee of an enemy with knock them back 5 yards. (Targets knocked back are immune to this effect again for 30 seconds) Probably around 25k damage at 850 ilvl, mostly for range pickup which the current version is great for. I think the knock back could be great for utility, but would need a CD or it would be completely overpowered in PVP.Stormruler0 Oct 20
Oct 20 Stormfist Data For all aspiring monks out there, I got my hulk hands on my 3rd run of the stupid Withered Training thing. I had a score of 560ish, I didn't complete the last boss, but I did loot 2 big treasures and 1 small treasure. I think its RNG once you go over a certain value.Granulocyte8 Oct 20
Oct 20 Faulty Countermeasure vs Nature's Call? ilvl 845 Faulty Countermeasure Trinket vs 850 Nature's call Which is better. I've simmed myself using askmrrobot, but I find the sim a bit weird with the exact same gear it gives me two different dps numbers. In anycase doing so it's showing the Nature's call trinket as a DPS loss I just figured the stats alone are nice with the PPM on the trinket and stacking on boss fight's it might be worth it. Need some people more familiar with sims to weigh in on this pls!Monkologist8 Oct 20
Oct 20 Thoughts on potential fixes for Brewmaster 1. Ironskin brew and Purifying brew SHOULD NOT share a cooldown. It's absolutely ridiculous. We should not have to decide between staggering more damage or removing the damage. Every other tanking class has like a flat damage reduction as part of their toolkit. ie. Defensive stance, 20% damage reduction. Bear form, 10% damage reduction, BLood pres, 10% and I can't remember paladin. Now... they get static damage reduction, as far as I know, we do not. So we take 100% of the damage. We also have leather armor, even more damage. Further more, block absords something like 30% of incoming physical damage. So that means, warriors can shield block for 50% damage reduction, on top of their plate armor and extra armor from shields. In order to stop 50% of incoming damage, we have to ISB AND blow our 7 minute coolodwn to get 100% stagger, then IMMEDIATELY purify it. Why should ISB and PB share the same cooldown? Not only that, to accomplish LESS than any other tanking class, it would take around 20 seconds to get 2 brews off cooldown to stagger than purify. Makes no sense at all. If you staggered 100% of the time you could only reduce incoming damage by like 20%... which is what warriors get just from being a warrior. I think this is a serious issue for monks. ISB is fine as is, purifying brew should be shifted to an energy resource or a separate cooldown. Even if you used it all the time you could at best reduce damage by 30% or so... 50% damage reduction on 40% of total damage. It immediately starts ticking you're not going to get rid of all the damage before you suffer some. ISB time based cooldown, PB energy based cooldown. Simple fix that should alleviate A LOT of issues. Why blizz decided to get rid of Chi is far beyond my comprehension. 2. Our 7 minute cooldown is garbage. 7 minutes to do what other classes can do twice as often. SHield block 4 min cooldown. Can be down 1.75 times more often Demoralizing roar, 20% damage reduction 1.5 minute cooldown, can be down almost 5 times more often Last stand 3min cooldown, 2.33 times as often. Sure they're shorter length cooldowns, but you generally don't need 15 seconds of defensives. Why is our cooldown on 7 minutes when other classes can do MORE twice as often. More stagger doesn't stop anything without purifying brew either... so if you can't purify it, it's not a damage reduction, it's a damage delay. In conclusion I think the primary issue is we lack tools to reduce incoming damage, the primary tanking objective. Take as little damage as possible, threat has been a non issue for so long it doesn't matter anymore. There aren't anymore DS/Ruin locks to spam searing pain anymore so we're good. As far as I know, could be wrong, we take 100% incoming damage, with a percentage staggered. We have 3 (or 4) charges of ISB/PB available about every 10 seconds if you're mashing keg smash and palm... If you used PB every 10 seconds or so, that would merely put us on par with the standard damage reduction other tanks get for standing there doing nothing. I'm more than willing to admit I'm wrong about this, but this really doesn't seem like rocket surgery to me. We lack useful damage reduction abilities. You need to ISB and then purify to actually accomplish realistic damage reduction. If you use 2 charges, it's going to take you around 20 seconds to get that ability back. Far and away from other tanking classes. The way we're currently setup I think a warlock is a more viable tank than we are with their health regen and split damage with their pet. Please Blizzard, seriously consider giving us damage reduction abilities that function out of the box on a similar cooldown to other tanks. Fix Fortifying Brew, or at least give us the satisfaction of greatly lengthening other classes cooldowns. I don't understand why classes that already have static damage reduction that rivals all of our defensive abilities have much shorter oh !@#$ button cooldowns.Sanfranciscn27 Oct 20
Oct 19 Try brewmaster again need some tips So i have been playing a monk since MOP and in MoP and WoD i dabbled with Brewmaster but mostly for dungeons, my MS was mistweaver. I am looking to dabble into Brewmaster again, but after reading the forums it looks like there are two type of thoughts. 1.) Fundamentally Brewmasters are broken and not viable 2.) Though they could use some QoL / Raid utility buffs there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Brewmasters. And that "you just don't know how to play them well" because of the skill cap. And those are the people i want to direct this question to. I am researching a lot about brewmasters and it seems there is no real direct answer to what to focus on. So here are my questions to you since you found a way to make it work. Stat priority - Is it Haste (20% or 305) > master=Crit>>>>>>verse? Talents - Black ox brew or Gift of the mists? 100 level talent what makes one better then the other? Brews - It seems it's common to keep 1 brew pooled for purifying., but when to purify seems to be different based off who you talk. The blanket statement use purifying at yellow or red to me seems misleading. Yellow has a large gap of % and so does red. Is there a better understanding on what % you should pop purifying brew? I have been looking at different sites on line and find Sunnier's Art of War helpful but also very generic, and wanted to ask the question to those who have proved it is possible. I will be healing for raids but i am looking to see if i can get the tips above so i can help tank mythic + for friends on random nights.Fehdora4 Oct 19
Oct 19 haste float? anyone found a good number for haste to float around i know i didnt have enough so i bumped mine up to about 5% i know there's different strats and i know to keep the others similar mastery being top but i know haste is differentLtderp6 Oct 19
Oct 19 RmW on Legendary: Black Flame leg question So I got my 4th legendary and this time is a pant. So the pant when uses Thunder Focused Tea give 1 extra charge to 5 healing spells. So Effuse x 3 healing, Envoloping instant, Enssense Font can run when cast, Vivify no mana cost and finally RmW. So when I got a proc on RmW . I can only cast 3 times instead of 4 . According to the mechanic, RmW should not cooldown when I cast the bonus from legendary, It should work this way: Bonus from the leg, can cast 2 time RmW then 2 times from tea because the leg give RmW 1 extra charge. Any thought?Zeltheas6 Oct 19
Oct 19 Fists of Fury feels bad [WW] It feels the opposite of good. I feel like Blizzard really dropped the ball on this ability, which has been made into such an important cornerstone of our dps rotation. The problems it has are simple but jarring in practice. It requires a target to be in range to cast It has a melee (5 yard) range In Warlords neither of these were problems. You could begin casting anytime, regardless of where your target was. This was a good feeling. Your positioning was more important than your target's, and you could get right in the heart of a juicy pack without dealing with the horror of tab targeting or finding the tiny red circle under the mob you've already got selected. This made the ability feel good to use. This functionality has gone backwards for Legion, and I can't find any good reason why. Additionally in Warlords we had access to a rune that increased its range to 10 yards. I understand there is now a pvp talent that does this, but that's not good enough. Not only is 10 yards incredibly convenient and improves functionality several times over, I feel it's unduly punishing *not* to have that 10 yard range due to current mechanics in the game. There are many point-blank AoEs that monsters do that melee cannot or should not be there for (becoming more and more apparent in higher levels of mythic+) but at the same time need to be close by to kill monsters. It's to the point where melee is discouraged simply because we cannot deal with those things to the same capacity range can. A few examples: Ichor explosions in Ilgynoth Droplet slow debuff in Eye of Aszhara Defiant Strike ending AoE cleave (7 yards!) in Maw of Souls Most other melee have some ranged supplement or utility to help deal with gaps like these. WW monks have zero. Crackling Jade Lightning is, well, not a solution. Give me a talent choice, a legendary, an artifact trait, anything that will allow me to have a 10 yard Fists of Fury range in PvE content. And please, please, please remove the target requirement to cast it. Failing that, give at least *something* that range. Make the Eye of the Tiger talent allow Tiger Palm to increase the range on Spinning Crane Kick by 5 yards for 3 seconds or something. There are many simple solutions available, but right now Fists of Fury feels wonderful in terms of damage and really bad in terms of actual use in PvE. This disparity makes it feel as though that's the "price" we pay for the ability, but I don't understand why that is, or why that would have to be at all.Rokya12 Oct 19
Oct 19 What r some good 3v3 arena comps for ww? Can any1 gimme some advise on what comps ww monks should run?Nightmarres5 Oct 19
Oct 19 Considering BrM Alt Currently maining protection war (diff acct) for casual mythic+ 4-5 highest so far and battlegrounds. However starting to burn out of it, feels very meh to play. Still enjoying legion and interested in brew tank as alt. Ideally would like a little more bruiser feel (tanky dps) than is currently offered by protection war but still keeping mobility. Reading monk forums gives a lot of mixed feeling on brew. Would it fit the bruiser feeling with some mobility but more interactive that prot war? Also still be able to contribute to bgs and run lower end mythic+?Jenoxi0 Oct 19
Oct 19 WW Monk Stat Weight Hello everybody! I'm working on gearing my Monk and I use the addon Pawn. I'm looking for the specific number of stat weights for our priority. I'm not sure why I was having trouble finding these, but I would really appreciate the help!Soulwreakk6 Oct 19
Oct 19 WW monk in arena one shot? I just got one shot by a ww monk, i got stun and then it took 4 sec and all my 900k health was down, i saw a 309k-106k-235k and some other hits that finished me, so where is the balance in that, i see lot of people complaining about ww monk getting a small nerf and some of them get reverted like the fist of fury stun in 7.1 and they are already op when well played, can get health back fast, reflect damage and now one shot? After the guy whisper me 'you got killed by my one shot' with a happy face.Jonhunter27 Oct 19
Oct 19 BWM thought? Bring back Guard/Not so long CD range agro abilities. Rant done.Dartmouth1 Oct 19
Oct 19 Taran Zhu is the dumbest/worst follower ever He pops up at when you don't want him to, doesn't pop up when you do need him to, and puts you in combat where you weren't before. It seems that if 2 hostile targets are near he'll pop up and stun them, regardless of if you were in combat, being attacked or not. Can the conditions of his arrival PLEASE get looked at? He is just awful.Mircurial22 Oct 19
Oct 19 Brewmaster Performance Underwhelming. I got my Vengeance DH, Blood DK and Brewmaster to 110. I could pull the whole map and solo bosses ez even most of the World Quest elite bosses on my DH and DK. Brewmaster can't do this. Haven't tried the other tanks yet though. Anyone else main tanks get similar impressions?Superpeon19 Oct 19