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Windwalker Legion PTR I've written in past topics heavy criticism of some of the changes regarding SEF and TEB being pruned. However, after playing on the PTR I have to say I'm very excited for the Monk changes coming up. While I did enjoy WW having a higher skill cap to maximize damage with managing brews and SEF, the change makes the class feel less clunky. What I love: Spells moving to chi spenders allows AOE to be more readily available to pump out. RJW and SCK use Chi; maximizing damage on SCK by target switching. SEF being automated doesn't break the flow of combat and using the ability again will focus the clones on the same target. If, during the CD use, other targets die, they will attack your target with no damage lost. With current PVP gear, the damage reduction has been moved from the use of TEB to the use of SEF. During the duration, you have damage reduction. Whirling Dragon Punch... it looks awesome! Fist of Fury both stunning and being able to be used on the move is great. In PVE or PVP where a knockback occurred, it sucks to go into a CD with only managing 10 - 20% of the channel. Healing Elixirs can now be used manually and the automated use at 35% still occurs. You have two charges that recharge every 30 seconds. Paralysis range baked in. Mastery provides increased damage for every ability that isn't a repeat. The current spells make that flow easy to manage and flow through. For single target fights, the level 90 talent Hit Combo makes that damage more reward; increasing by another 10% damage.What I don't like: Crackling Jade Lightning is useless. I had rather seen Spinning Fire Blossom make a return and replace this spell entirely for Windwalker. It's unfortunate it fell to the final PVP honor talent. CJL's damage is laughable and the only use I see is either keeping a PVP target in combat or pulling an NPC if Provoke is on CD. Otherwise, macro "/s UNLIMITED POWA" to it when zapping critters. Effuse is a weak heal in comparison to other hybrid classes. However, I have to remind myself of artifact weapon providing a lot of healing at end game and managing Healing Elixirs makes up for the weak heal. Energizing Elixir currently refills your energy and all chi points. This is bad, very bad. You are now wasting a resource in the following two GCDs. Energizing Elixir should increase energy regen like it does live and refill all Chi Points. Chi Orbit is bad and you should feel bad liking it. I feel that where Blizz has been talking about class fantasy, it's lost here. I would have imagined this better explained for BrM (to act similar to Bone Shield; compensating for Guard being pruned) or/and MW (a concentrated healing orb of misty stuff that activates walking into a group). The orbiting blue balls doesn't fit my WW.Just some thoughts, TLDR... I was glad to see the WW changes turn out to be enjoyable that looks great in combat. What are your thoughts? Jummy17
Jul 19
Deciding a class for Legion? I guarantee you the Monk is where you need to land. The class changes make the flow of combat far more enjoyable whereas other classes saw abilities pruned and baked into other abilities. Why use repetitive spells back to back when you can play Monk! You're rewarded by higher, sustained damage, by continuing a combo! On the battleground, you are the tactician with the abilities to back up your play. Do you retreat? FSK out of there. A distant rogue kiting to get back into stealth, zap him with Crackling Jade Lightning. A Warrior thinks he can toe to toe to you, pummel him into the earth! Punish the Enhance that pops CDs on your with Touch of Karma, but don't forget to thank him for the Good Karma heals. Wait, a healer is healing said shaman, let's paralyze him and throw him into a sweep. These abilities, among your punching and kicking, helped continue the combo and helped get a full stack of Transfer the Power! Fist of Fury the enemy team into an AOE stun while your allies reckbomb them all! Snap! You're in the open for Horde retaliation, transcend to your well placed spirit and FSK out of there. I described no numbers as things get tuned, but we're talking of abilities that won't leave us this expansion. Not into PVP, more into dragon slaying? Once you use Spirit, Earth, and Fire... pop Rushing Jade Wind, RSK, FOF, Whirling Dragon Punch, followed by Strike of the Windlord you will be sold! Join the Monk class! See you on the wandering Isle! Jummy6
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Appearances for all Spec Artifacts. Personally I don't like the first appearance of BrM and WW artifacts also I don't have beta access so I was trying by best to find ways to get my favorite appearances for all 3 artifacts. And some weeks ago someone wanted to know hidden appearances information so this is what I got. If anyone else go some info please feel free to share. Windwalker: Stormfist I though this was gonna be sold by Therazane's quatermaster but trys out drops from a scenario on beta. "Hi guys just had this drop for me from the end of the Withered Training scenario in Suramar adding a screen screenshot to confirm this too." By sarfazar in the comments of the wowhead link. Videos(not windwalker apperance guide just walkthroughts if you want the apperances on first try): - - Brewmaster: Ancient Brewkeeper "This just dropped for me last night. It was from the Keg you unlock at Tier 2 in the Order Hall, that gives you a random brew each day." By Eadrik in the comments of the wowhead link. Mistweaver: " Breath of the Undying Serpent, which unlocks the Breath of the Undying Serpent hidden appearance for the Mistweaver Artifact weapon ( Sheilun, Staff of the Mists), is dropped from the Dragons of Nightmare encounter in The Emerald Nightmare Legion raid instance. This is an encounter where you face off against Ysondre and the nightmares of her former cohorts, Emeriss, Lethon and Taerar." By jjanchan in wowhead comment in the link. That all being said. I have not found any information regrading acquiring the fifth row of appearances. I thought based on the interveiws with devs it was going to be this tier we get from the new challenge modes. However third tier and third recolor are reward for completing challenge mode with level 15 keystone. For Windwalker its Xuen's Enforcer. For Brewmaster its Bearer of the Mists. For Mistweaver its Essence of Clam. For me the hidden appearances are just to hide the original appearances until I figure out how to unlock the fifth tier(my true endgame). If anyone know how to get these or has beta access and can find out how to get at least Xuen's Enforcers I will forever be in your debt. Deathgoku2
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Monk Only Guild-- Antonidas Alliance <Order Of The Flimsy Fist> is a new monk-only guild on the Alliance side on the US Realm Antonidas server. We are recruiting currently anyone who plays the monk class on Uldum or Antonidas server. Have you ever dreamed of playing the monk fantasy? Are you a drunken brawler or refined martial arts expert? Do you work with a pandaren master? Feel free to join us. Our guild is open to recruitment for all monks of all levels whether you are a serious or casual player, a whole family of monk, a main or an alt (we only allow one alt to keep things friendly and folks knowing each other), we encourage you to get your friends to make monk alts to so they can come and hang out and enjoy the fun too! We offer a great family friendly, helpful, mature environment to hang out in while you either just want to quest, run dungeons, achievements, mount hunting, pet hunting, LFR, PVP, end game raiding (when possible) and all old content. All racials of Alliance-side monks are accepted. Some of the planned content include the following: 1) Clearing/leveling from 1-110 with all monks for dungeons to do guild achievements. 2) Fight night duels amongst monks. 3) Light RP with the monk class fantasy. 4) .We plan to enter Legion to raid with all monks from healers to DPS to tanks. and 5) Casual/rated PVP arenas/BG's with monks. For non-monk alts we have a friendly guild on this server as well. We also have voice chat using both Teamspeak (main) and Discord. For a guild invite, whisper Izzydora-Antonidas, Flimsyhealer-Antonidas, Flimsytankrd-Antonidas, or Flimseyspanka-Antonidas for a guild invite. Izzydora4
Jul 14
Any Ashran tips for a new MW Monk? Hey so I hit 100 under a week ago. So far, I have a few questions on my class. But I would like to see some suggestions in "Appropriate Healing Reaction" for the following situations in PvP. So far I can easily top out healing meters if the pugs manage to either hold the line, or successfully push and listen to the raid leader. In some cases, I have had very successful three-hour win streaks even with no tanks in the raid. Horde Premade enters Ashran. Begins to target call (I guess through vent or something) healers, weaker DPS classes. What do I do? So in my first two days of Ashran as a healing monk, right before our group began the Ogre fight, I heard the distinctive sound of a Horde flare going off right behind me. Seconds later, stealthed Rogues, Hunters, and Shamans with that Spellbook Buff (that gives them invisibility) materialize right behind our pack of healers and chain-stun, fear, interrupt us to death before moving on to slaughter the DPS. I ask raid leader to mark all of us healers to protect us. Raid leader obliges, and then repeats my request (protect Skull, X, Diamond, Condom, etc.) DPS doesn't listen. Raid leader rage-quits. If my nature spellbook gets locked for 6 seconds (I am guessing I got hit by Counterspell, or Fel Hunter Interrupt, or a Rogue kick) what do I do? So far I try to retreat with Chi Torpedo x2 and Tiger's Lust, move my statue back a bit. I noticed that my other healing abilities not related to any type of mist, like Spinning Crane Kick can provide some weak healing until the Nature lockout ends. If I am being chased by a Rogue, Warrior, etc. I usually use paralyze on them. If I get dog-piled, I try to Leg Sweep and then get some more distance. But sometimes I end up in situations where I am entirely alone (in PvP scenarios not related to Ashran, like Solo-Capping AV towers in the middle of a turtle), and I am forced to drop my statue, switch into my Crane Stance, and try to punch out the horde pursuer's lights out before going back to capping). If the raid HAS classes that can heal, but during a healer shortage (at one point it was me and a Druid), but the DPS doesn't bother to swap specs (Retribution Paladin to Holy, Enhancement to Resto etc.), what do I do? Last night, the Druid Raid Leader starts demanding that either, the DPS protects the healers, or respec into a healing role. What he got in a response, was basically a ton of trolls calling him a pansy even though nobody even bothered to peel the attackers off of either of us. Eventually he rage quit, along with all the other healers. During a full retreat, how do I heal effectively while moving? This past week has been pretty brutal on the Alliance of the battlegroup. Horde premades were running 24/7. I know this, because one of the raid leaders leaked the vent info of the opposing side and we used it to destroy them in every confrontation. So anyways, pugs versus a premade. We usually get pushed out of mines or something like that. I am trying to keep healing my buds WHILE running, by spamming Renewing Mist (that's the bouncing HoT right?), and occasionally stopping to cast a Soothing Mist + Surging Mist x3 + Enveloping Mist combo before the Horde pursuers catch up and I have to start running again. Occasionally if my cooldowns are up, then I go for Thunder Focus Tea + Chi Brew 2x + Soothing Mist + Enveloping Mist to save someone's life. I have macros for bubbling someone with a Life Cocoon + Revival and then the same combo to save the tank. But I noticed a lot of my abilities cannot be cast while running. Is there some sort of Glyph bonus or viable Talent that I can respec into? Chi Torpedo heals each time I use it, but I am planning to swap Zen Sphere for something else in the talent tier. Aside from my statue, and Renewing Mist + Uplift, is there any other options to AoE healing? I am dealing with a ton of people that stand in the fire in LFR. Or don't kill adds. And a few other incidents I been in yesterday. 1. During that same Alterac Valley Turtle, as we were steamrolling into the Horde base and i was providing heals at the base of the steep incline, right past the first gates, and standing in the rear. I caught two Rogues stalking me trying to set up a ambush. I noticed something strange was moving along the snow, and I saw a Undead Rogue in stealth behind me. I whipped around, Rogue tries to keyboard-backpedal, and then I poked him in the eye with paralyze. Three more Rogues unstealthed and started beating on me. I trinket, Chi Torpedo back into the middle of the Alliance zerg. Rogues start beating down a Alliance Rogue, I bubble and heal that Alliance Rogue to full, and she managed to kill each one of them, one of them even /cry on her. Bluceree8
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