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Becoming a better Monk (BrM mostly) via PGs This is a Monk specific off-shoot of this tread in the tank forums ( I don't want to re-hash the discussion there but want to talk abut using PGs as a tool for improving game play and becoming a better monk. First, let me start off by saying up until this xpac my "end-game" experience with WoW was running some LFG/LFR and Random BGs to get some gear and moving on to leveling another toon- that is to say I wasn't an end-game player at all. Before WoD came out I decided I was going to try and find a "main" finally, get in a causal raiding guild, work on end-game content. I lucked out and found a great guild right before WoD released and was able to level and get prepped for BRF to come out. After a couple of Normal HMs I went from melee (rogue), to ranged (Shadow Priest), and finally ended up being the 2nd tank after boosting this toon. Raid tanking being something I never thought I would actually do. At first I started off pretty squishy and used PGs to get a "general" idea of the spec. I worked on it until I was was able to get Gold and felt like I had enough of a round about knowledge of BrM to not be a liability. I felt like I was doing OK, but kept noticing on Warcraft Logs I was consistently in the bottom 15th percentile, and mostly 10th percentile, in DPS for BrM. And then Big posted his record 240th endless wave PG. Between all of that I realized I was missing out on something key in what I was doing and I decided to really concentrate and work my spec. One of the key things I decided to do was to use the PGs as a tool. Is it unrealistic compared to raid tanking and can it be cheezed by a good BrM? Probably yes to both. But I'm not a "good BrM", I'd say I was a little below average at best, so I would put out the following arguments for using PGs as a tool to improve: 1) All fights are scripted. Every PvE fight is scripted and are designed to be beaten. It seems to me, and I'm probably just reiterating the obvious here, that the key to PvE success is to know the mobs, their abilities, and understanding your class abilities and how to use them to counter what the mobs is paramount - be it in PGs or 5-mans, LFR, Raid, CMs, ect. Once you know what is coming you can then start to play around and PGs are no different. Can they be a pain, yes, but they are specifically designed to be beaten by every applicable spec (e.g. tank, healing, dps). 2) Experiment with our abilities. You can have a "general" understanding of abilities, but I think PGs gives you enough variation in types of mobs/situations to really start and dig into our toolkit. With a fuller understanding of a Monks abilities you can play around and test yourself. For instance, you can handicap yourself to deal with specific scenarios. An example would be challenge yourself to get gold using only Taunt and Transcendence, or Statue Taunt only, or no Flying Serpent Kick, or don't use Uplift, or whatever. 3) Tank DPS vs Survivability: Often I see "Tank DPS doesn't mean anything" Which I would agree with for the most part, but PGs give us a "no-cost" (e.g, your not wiping the raid, having to pay repair bills, or getting yelled at in Vent, or being called a *insert colorful adjective here*) option to try stuff out or even try different builds out as the PG scales to you. So, say you have a 3 pieces of crit/mastery and wondering how much different your dps would be if you had mastery/multistrike you can use the PG to compare your damage output in and environment which you have to take into account some type of mechanics- in my opinion a little more realistic, but not much I give you, than a training dummy. I can think of a few more reasons, but this is long enough already. I worked on BrM and was able to get Endless 10 (and almost endless 20 but wave 17 is a PITA) last weekend. I asked my healers after that if they noticed a difference in healing me after raid this week. The consensus was that they did notice it and asked if I got new gear. Once I get Endless 30 (in a year or I plan on swapping out of Serenity and running Chi Ex to endless 30 just to get a feel for the talent and figure out what I' doing wrong when I use it. Am I where I want to be as a BrM (or monk in general) yet? No, but I think PGs can be a really good tool in helping to get there. I've even setup a personal challenge to get Endless 30 achieves in all 3 specs in this xpac. What do you guys think of using PGs as a way to work on all 3 specs of Monk? Or any suggestions for working on certain abilities/concepts (e.g., mitigation, mana management for MW, ect.) in a PG that would transfer to a "live" environment? Floy4
Apr 3, 2015
Blackhand Tips Hi all, Just merged with another guild, was playing disco, but they had two priests already so I volunteered to switch to MW since we have a HPally, and Resto Druid and two priests. This was my first week with this as my main, I seemed to keep up reasonably well, but we are 5 healing most fights with a 20 man raid comp. We are currently working on Blackhand progression, getting him to phase 3 with somewhat regularity, but still a little sloppy on Phase 2. I was hoping some of you could give me some tips that would help me contribute a bit more since I am not totally used to this healing style yet and the little things we can do to help more. I know I don't expel harm enough. Am I supposed to glyph it and use it on others? There's so little dmg at first that I don't see the benefit of using it on CD except for the chi, seems like overhealing. I'm also going up onto the balcony, which seems really healing intensive. I've been getting better at lining up my chi burst to hit everyone up there, but it's still a bit rough making sure everyone is topped off or at least not dying. Any tips or tricks you have would be great. For demolitions phase 1 I am making sure to have ReM on everyone, and then uplifting 3-4 times. I revival on second demolition. Sorry for the stream of conscious typing, didn't get much sleep last night and I'm not able to form complete thoughts very well lol. Any tips or tricks to help up my healing would be great. I spread my ReM often and it just seems to sit there with not much to heal a lot of the time, the rest of the time I'm up in the balcony and I don't know what exactly I should be doing up there to maximize my effectiveness. Thank you, sorry for the wall of text :( Chunlëe7
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I need some help with balancing my Brewmaster I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet, and if you have any other questions just let me know How I play my monk: I'm basically a survival/smoothing BM. I'm 7/10 H BRF. A player in game told me that if I stack mastery and vers with a comfortable amount of haste I'll be able to survive anything. And that's what I do. I can take hits to the face and live through anything, the healers barely have to heal me. Besides being stuck at the ilevel I am because H BRF gear doesn't suit the stats I need, I'm having major issues in other areas. My problems are: 1) Getting and holding aggro. I can do it but it takes me so much longer than other tanks and I have to constantly be Provoking things, and other tanks rip it off me very easy (warriors do it the most) and DPS do on trash sometimes. It's incredibly embarrassing 2) My DPS in raids. What I'm doing weekly now, which is H BRF, I'm doing about 14-17k. I've seen what other Brewmasters can do and I'm nowhere near it. I think this has to do with why I can't hold threat either Things I've tried: 1) Looking at what other monks are doing and trying to move into a more mitigation type play. I switched my stats and gear and talents around but all it did was keep me at the same DPS and me trying harder to stay alive. It didn't help at all with threat gen 2) Asking around, though most people can't seem to help me 3) Things like icy-veins and ask Mr Robot absolutely do nothing for me. I just get confused. I'd rather someone that's a BM and there and doing well can just tell me what to change Please look at my armory any good BM monks and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I can't figure it out. I have so much better gear but the wrong stats and without knowing what my stats should look like or be at I can't use it. I know I can be better If you can tell me a good way to balance being able to survive with being able to hold aggro and do more DPS like all the other monks are able to pull at my Ilevel that would be great. Numbers and percentages for what my stats should be at, priorities, and anything else you feel to tell me about your experiences will help me the most. I honestly think it's a stats thing, I know I've got the rotation and talents down Any and all help welcome. I don't want to have to quit playing this character because of these issues. Moonbabe33
Apr 3, 2015
New MW stat priority (Update 4/2/15) Spirit(comfort but 2.1k or higher is recommended)>Int>Spellpower>Multistrike to 28% unbuffed (no food)>Haste>Crit=Versatility (Weapon Enchant Must be Warsong no exceptions unless you can get a very high value of haste without going under 24%-25% multistrike and you must have a need to use heavy RJW usage) So a lil more research and a lot of testing that i've done and put a lot of gold into getting everything more player ready/realistic as opposed to strictly just using napkin math or relying completely on Geodews weights which have good values but no goals on what to aim for; which is exactly why I am doing this; not because of the weights but to find realistic goals that can be reached that will provide a value to aim for since our weights are just sooooo confusing if you rely solely on the updates from Geodew (which this is entirely based around). First things first, Spirit is going to be high just like Geodew has said and with Static Spirit being a much greater value than Proc trinkets. Getting high spirit is goal number 1 and without high spirit the build will not work. I'll skip explaining Int and SP since I think we all know what they do and the purpose they serve. Multistrike to 28% unbuffed (this doesn't take into account food buff) this is so with Raid buffs you can get close to or over the 33.33% (estimated) Soft Cap of Multistrike. After testing Multistrike a ton and doing a lot of reading (and spending a lot of gold) over numbers and math (which i hate) the 33.33% Number *Appears* to be where Multistrike begins to DR so the closer you are to that number the less effective (estimated) Multistrike becomes per point. You can actually get a 26.5% Multistrike Rating Unbuffed and still get the (or very close to) 33% mark with raid buffs and food. After that point has been reached then Haste becomes the next most valuable stat assuming you use RJW often and assuming you have a very high Spirit Rating. The value of Haste becomes higher because of RJW and lowering it's CD so the higher your Haste rating the more RJW casts you can get off in a fight and since it's IMPOSSIBlE to reach a high benchmark with Haste without sacrificing better stats the value of Warsong rises pretty dramatically since it allows us to reach a 1 second GCD every time it's up and with Warsong it's proc rate / uptime (from my own personal tests) is close to 50%; so almost 50% of a fight you will have a 1 second GCD which cannot be achieved with just enchants and gems and since the 28% unbuffed / 33% raid buffed mark has been hit the value of Frostwolf goes down pretty dramatically, so there really is never a reason to take Frostwolf over Warsong IF you have the Multistrike rating already. Haste also helps casting Uplifts quicker but from my own personal testing the value of it was actually pretty marginal sometimes as low as less than 1% difference meaning even with high haste / warsong i only was able to use Uplift 1% more often (or less than) but RJW i was able to use more often (about 1-3mil+ difference in RJW healing/difference when using a high haste + warsong build). Because it takes so much Multistrike to reach what's needed and then takes so much haste to reach what's need the values of every thing else currently become dwarfed by comparison. So Crit would be next but it is almost impossible to get gear that would allow you to have a high rating in all 3 (Haste/Multi/Crit) although it would be nice to have a great Crit rating, it just isn't feasible. So it becomes a higher priority than Versatility but only if it doesn't negatively effect Multi and Haste. I think many people will be very surprised about how effective Warsong is for us and even if you haven't reached a higher level of haste yet it is a very strong / good enchant for us and because it's been so consistent with higher uptime than most / any other enchant available to use I'd say it's probably the best enchant to use unless you are at a very low ilvl or spirit level. I started testing this and other builds after i had gotten up to about 34% raid buff Multistrike and noticed that many times in many fights i was doing similar / less healing than I had done before even though my ilvl had increased and so I began looking through Geodew's stat weights and seeing if it was a L2P issue or if I had just hit some sort of DR that wasn't mentioned or glossed over and so I began taking points out of Multistrike and into Haste. The beginning I didn't see much of a change, however, when I decided to go "all-in" and switch from Multistrike Gems/Enchants into Haste Gems/Enchants; I started to see changes and sometimes with a lower ilvl as well, same group and same content but my RJW usage went up, my Uplift cast went up (slightly) and overall I was putting out more throughput and more consistently and so I started looking for the "sweet-spots" for each stat (which is essentially what this is so far) and what is and what is not possible to be achieved. So this is a revision to my previous estimates and overall I feel pretty confident about it. I've already put the stipulation of having a high spirit rating is required for this but for the sake of begin consistent with goals that are able to be achieved I would personally say that a high spirit rating at or above the 2.1k spirit mark must be achieved before anything else so if you don't have close to that then using this priority will not work as well (although i have ran it as low as 1.8k spirit) but it's all about the player. Jonnycraig22
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Mythic Mistweaver gripes: List of some spells/talent synergy issues that I'd like to see addressed at some point: EDIT: credentials as MW. PVE: 4/10 mBRF, 5/7 mHM PVP: 2300 CR, 2700 xp, 4x glad Row 2 talents: Chi Wave heal is weak, the bounces are unreliable and sometimes simply fail to find an enemy to bounce to after first cast making it frustratingly useless in my opinion. Zen Sphere needs to be controlled. Please change the Detonate Chi spell ID to exclusively or include Zen Sphere det. I'll take Chi Burst over Zen Sphere every time because I can control the AoE healing. (or a band-aid fix to make it detonate when Zen Sphere is cast a second time on the target). Mastery: I absolutely loved the 4 pc tier 16 bonus for MW and have always felt strongly that it should have been the mastery from the start. When your Renewing Mist heals a target, you have a 4% chance to cast a Mist Wave healing bolt at a nearby low health friendly target. There cannot be enough bad things to say about the current mastery and how low it is on our stat priority (for good reason). Finally Ring of Peace: I cannot think of a situation where this talent would prove more useful than Leg Sweep. Ring DRs with our only core CC (paralysis), same 45 cd as leg sweep, and same range. Perhaps Change from disorient to 3-4 sec silence? Anyway I know the class is still new compared to all the other classes but these are my major gripes with the spec at the moment. Curious to hear thoughts from other monks (mainly mistweavers). Do you agree with these issues, would my suggestions be overpowered? underpowered? (how would you change it?) What other glaring healing issues (both pvp and pve) exist in your opinion? Zalron82
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<All the Single Ladies> LF a MW/WW monk <All the Single Ladies> 10/10 heroic, 2/10 mythic We are looking for a player with both specs or even two separate players. Our primary need is a MW. We are currently recruiting skilled and dedicated individuals who believe they can handle being a Single Lady. Single Ladies understands that individuals make a guild successful and we encourage all players that feel they are ready, to contact us. Gear will come, we are not worried. We are looking for the unique individual that can improve throughout their time here. Many of our players discovered their level of raiding while being a Single Lady. The main priority as a guild is progression but due to not raiding 5-7 days a week, we will never compete with top world guilds but we do ask every member to have 90-100% attendance. We do understand that "Things come up" so we recruit a few extra to fill in. We expect all raiders to have to sit from time to time in order to have the class make up to kill a boss. We know that no one is perfect. Wipes and mistakes happen in raiding but we do expect to learn from the mistakes that cause us to wipe. If you are to miss a raid, we expect all raiders to give notice so we can have a replacement ready in their spot. How will we know if you are a Single Lady? Each Trial player should have experience in raiding, an understanding of their class and specs, understanding of game mechanics (have not changed in years) to maximize characters output, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, and most importantly a TEAM PLAYER. An individual cannot kill a 20 man boss by themselves but can hinder us from killing it. Logs are the best option to prove what type of raider you are. Logs can help us determine several factors what before you are consider as a recruit. Logs can show us if you are a team player, can you follow directions, or does your previous guild trust you to do a special task. Gear is not everything when reading your logs because gear can be given, skills are learned. We understand players make mistakes and wipe raids, but it is how you learn after that mistake. No one is perfect, even top world guilds make mistakes under pressure, but what makes a good Single Lady is not making that mistake over and over again. How do I break up with my guild to become a Single Lady? If you think you are a good fit to be a Single Lady, feel free to contact me (Garringer#1552) or leave a reply in this forum. We have high expectations for our recruits and this is your chance to earn and/or impress us to become a full Single Lady. If considered, you will be asked to join vent for some questions. Don't be nervous, we may just invite you to hangout and to get to know you. Personality is a huge part of our guild. We have to want to be around you and you around us. We also have a friends and family rank. This rank is what it says. If you ask to be that rank, you will have to go through the same procedures as a new recruit. When are the Single Ladies Gatherings? Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday** 8:00pm-12:00am Server(9pm-1am EST) Current Progression- 10/10 heroic and 2/10 mythic Recruitting: Heals and Dps MW monk Resto Druid Unholy DK Feral Druid Shadow Priest WW monk Garringer#1552 for more information or questions Scrubkin1
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