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Brewmaster PvP After getting full tyrannical for Mistweaver & 25k conquest achievement I decided to put together a Tanking PvP set via Honor Point Tyrannical Vendor. I've found that the key to a successful Brewmaster in Pvp is accordingly so: 1. Have a disc priest support you-- Have them stand at max range and use leap of faith on CD. 2. Transcendence is your friend-- Keep your transcendence on the flag cap & run behind a wall, such that when you teleport it requires the enemy team to pass the obstruction (aka-- wall or walk up stairs) 3. Stack Stamina & Resilience-- While most Tanks in PvP are now going full stamina gems, Brewmasters must rely on resilience as well due to us lacking in defense against Magic spells. 4. Glyph Guard-- allowing you to have some defenses against spellcaster cleaves 5. Do not Spec Diffuse Magic-- Healing Elixir is much better. Line up your Tiger Palm + Guard (increases self heals by 30%) --> Tyrannical Gladiator's Emblem of Tenacity (increases health by 50k) --> Alliance Battle Standard (increases health by 15%) --> Fortifying Brew (increases health by 20%) --> Health Stone (heals 20% Maximum health). At this point, you should have over 600k+ health and heal you for well over 120,000 heath (via healthstone) & and an additional 90,000 health (via Healing Elixir passive), & this does not factor in PvP Power & Guard self healing buff. You can either make this into an "oh Sh%t" macro, or use these skills separately. 6. Reforge Mastery -> Haste -> Crit -- Stacking your mastery will keep all melee classes at bay. In sticky situations, pop a Ring of Peace to smooth out even more melee cleaves. 7. Xuen is lame-- Go for Chi Torpedo for the extra mobility & The extra heals if and when you are silenced. Chi Torpedo heals are also affected by Guard. 8. Clash -- you should never have problems with being kited. Clash is like death grip & warrior charge combined, allowing you to get into melee with your opponent and also stuns them. 9. Breath of Fire-- This ability makes spinning flags easy in AB or BFG. Use Dizzying Haze on the entire enemy team, use spinning crane kick --> expel harm to generate chi and SPAM Breath of Fire (glyphed) to constantly stun the enemy team. The stun Breath of Fire applies has a short 3 second duration but also has 0 diminishing returns. If played right & with the proper healing comps (Disc Priest/ Resto Druid of Mistwaver Monk/ Resto Shaman), Brewmasters are actually really good FC's with great mobility. Hitmönlee17
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Bonus Armor on Brewmasters in Low Level PvP The average hp for the 60-69 bracket lies between 16-20k. Some tank specs if geared properly can reach upwards of 22k. Every thirty seconds, brewmasters with Bonus Armor gear are guarding for 26k hp. This goes beyond lack of balance in low level pvp. This is a better Lay on Hands for an already near immortal spec. Not to mention their keg smashes are critting for around 45% of average hp on plate. This has gotten out of hand and it is to the point where I can safely say battlegrounds are determined by the balance of brewmasters on either team. 5 geared brewmasters can kill a team of 10 geared players of any other class with EASE. Now, I understand that this is a side effect of 100 balancing and that changes to the class itself can't be made in respect towards that. But is it unreasonable to make the bonus armor advantages not available until much higher level, similar to how Sanctuary used to be for paladins? Or better yet just make bonus armor unavailable until 91+ similar to mastery. I understand it's a "secondary" issue and not an easy fix but for christ's sake no other spec even proposes a challenge 1v1, let alone with a healer alongside a brewmaster monk. It's making low lvl pvp which I consider to be one of the most gravitating things WoW has to offer a nightmare, so far from enjoyable it's prompted me, who is the #1 supporter of not whining on forums, to swallow my pride and whine my heart out. They are immortal and it's not okay, please fix this somehow. Vallion9
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Removal of Uplift... is it good in the end? Disclaimer: I do not have beta access. I do not present this thread as an opinion piece, but rather a question to those who do/those who have read up a lot on the topic. In Legion, Mistweavers are losing one of our defining abilities. We are losing what accounts for the most HPS in raid situations: Uplift. When I played a Mistweaver throughout MoP, Uplift was my favorite skill in the history of WoW. An instant AOE cast, that with good gear could massively heal up to 18 targets, with the main limitation being the RNG nature of Renewing Mists (and potential Chi shortages), was incredibly rewarding to spam through high boss damage phases. MW was nowhere near the best healer in the game during MoP, but to me it was the most fun. Unfortunately this created a slight problem in raid situations: the Jab Jab Uplift problem. This was somehow alleviated by the increase in the mana cost of Jab, but Blizzard in the end decided to nerf Uplift more in WoD by giving it a cast time. Renewing Mist charges and the newly designed TFT allowed for dozens of raiders to be hit by Uplift at a time, though. It helps that the GCD was increased to 1.5 seconds as well. Blizzard has determined, though, that Uplift still needed to be removed. I can't imagine a Mistweaver Monk without Uplift. It seems to me that its replacement, Vivify, is an empty shell of Uplift. It also strongly resembles Paladin raid healing, without the tools they have. What I want to ask here is this: how does it actually play out? Is it more fun than the classic MW? Kusai11
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SEF in legion I am not in the beta but I have been reading on a lot on the WW monk as I love it in live currently and I am concerned about what is happening to one of my favorite spells; SEF. I love it as it is now: push a button, spawn a low health image that decreases your dmg but harasses another player or the player you are currently targeting. When fighting a player, all they had to do was hit it 2 times and It died. Alternatively, you can be a great benefit to any raid as most raids have adds that need bombed so you can just drop your SEF on the main boss and go attack the add making you a valued member of your team. You were the guy that got the adds and dealt ok dmg to the boss. You contributed, and I used it constantly, always looking for targets, always thinking. About 5 days ago Preacher posted a video, link @ bottom, on the WW monk preview. I watched it, but while there were things I did agree with, SEF as it is in the video is NOT one of them. 1.5 min cd, spawn images for a few seconds, they do their thing (I am pretty sure they add to HC) and back to you they go. He did not cover whether they have health or not but either way, 1.5 minute cooldown for what I consider the WW monks unique ability is horrible. On top of that, apparently they can be just cced down with a frost nova for their duration. Maybe a small change is a talent we can get that changes what function SEF has? It was way better as a spell as an instant no cd spell that had very low health. Lastly, with hardly any defensive abilities besides a dispel-able ToK, how are we expected to stay viable? We can teleport 10 yards and get a small heal? And a 10 yard roll as well? Do they remove snares? Since we are all about movement do we get a spell like Retributions Emancipate since we can't really heal on command anymore? Rip Tatsumaki Senpukyaku... Here's the link: Seabug1
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MW PvP Guide 6.2 MW PvP Guide 6.2 Video version: Transcendence Macro: Fistweaving PvP Guide: Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Overview 1.2 Abilities 1.3.1 Healing 1.3.2 Damage 1.4 General Tips 1.5 Stat Priority 1.6 Gear 1.7 Enchants 1.8 Talents 1.9.1 Major Glyphs 1.9.2 Minor Glyphs 2.0 Comps 2.1 Macros 1.0 Introduction A few of my mates I play with asked for some pointers on how to play Mistweaver in PvP and tips so I figured, hey, why not make a guide? Currently, there is no comprehensive guide posted on these forums for Patch 6.1, Season 16 so I will be posting this here. I realise that we are well into Season 16 already; regardless, I hope that this guide will be useful to new players. 1.1 Overview Mistweavers in PvP are fun and challenging to play. The style of MW PvP is very fast-paced with opportunities for risky yet rewarding gameplay, particularly when playing offensively. Be aware that Monk toolkit has several melee-range spells so be prepared to push in close quarters. 6.1 Changes With patch 6.1, MWs have been nerfed with our resource management, namely with Mana Tea. Pre 6.1 Mana Tea restored Mana equal to 4% of total Mana per stack. Now, Mana Tea returns 3x unbuffed Spirit per stack. This is a nerf in the short term but will most likely be a buff in the long term when gear scales better and stats increases. With stat increases in progressive PvP seasons, most likely we will be able to reach the Spirit level of the pre 6.1 Mana Tea nerf, and possibly go beyond that. 6.2 Changes Mistweavers received a nerf with Revival. Previously in 6.1, Revival had a huge 100yard range. Now with 6.2, the range has been reduced by 60 yards, so Revival is now limited to 40 yards. This is the same yard range as Soothing Mist. This nerf makes Revival slightly less reliable. It means you have to get closer to your teammates otherwise it won't affect them. 1.2 Abilities Defensives: • Fortifying Brew -- Turns skin to stone, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, and reducing damage taken by 20%. Lasts 15sec with a 3min CD. Use this when you know you are going to take heavy damage. • Life Cocoon -- Bubble. Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy, absorbing damage and increasing period healing received by 50%. Lasts for 12secs. See Glyph section for Life Cocoon Glyph. • Nimble Brew -- Removes all root, stun, fear, and horror effects and reduces the duration of future such effects by 60% for 6sec with a 2min CD. Essentially, this is a pseudo-second trinket. Note that this does not incur a CD on your PvP/Human EMFT trinket. It also does not remove Polymorphs or Frozen Traps. Movement: • Roll -- Propels forward a short distance. 20sec recharge with 2 charges. See Talent section for Chi Torpedo, an improved version of Roll. • Transcendence -- You split your body and spirit, leaving your spirit behind for 15min. CD is 10sec. This is the setting up part of Transcendence. • Transcendence: Transfer -- Your body and spirit swap locations. CD is 25sec (20sec with Transcendence Glyph). This is the teleport part of Transcendence. Control: • Paralysis -- Incapacitate ability lasting for a few seconds. • Provoke -- Taunt. Underrated ability that can be used to keep Rogues from leaving combat to re-stealth. • Spear Hand Strike -- Melee-range interrupt ability. Useful for when your team is pushing in. General: • Detonate Chi -- Detonates all of your Healing Spheres, causing each of them to heal an ally within 12 yards. This spell is really only relevant to the Chi Explosion talent. • Detox -- Cleansing spell. Removes all harmful magic, poison, and disease effects from the target. CD is 8secs. • Jade Serpent Statue -- Summons a Jade Serpent Statue at the target location for 15min with a 10sec CD. In short, the Jade Serpent Statue helps you heal. When casting Soothing Mist, the Jade Serpent Statue will also cast Soothing Mist on an injured ally within 40 yards. Moreover, when the Monk deals damage, the Jade Serpent Statue will heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards for 50% of the damage done. Always have this summoned and nearby. • Mana Tea -- Gives mana. Consumes 1 stack of Mana Tea per 0.5sec to restore mana equal to 3x unbuffed Spirit. For every 4 Chi you spend, you gain 1 stack of Mana Tea, with a chance equal to your crit chance to generate 1 extra stack. Can be used with Healing Elixirs talent for heal on demand. • Resuscitate -- Resurrect spell. Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast while in combat. • Revival -- Raid heal. Heals all party/raid members within 40 yards and clears them of all harmful Magical, Poison, and Disease effects. Has a 3min CD and is instant cast. • Thunder Focus Tea -- Receive a jolt of energy, doubling healing done by your next Surging Mist, or causing the next Renewing Mist to jump 2 additional times. See Glyph section for Zen Focus glyph giving aura mastery. Chi-generating spells: • Expel Harm -- Self-heal(can be used on others with Glyph). Heals yourself and deals 33% of the amount healed as Nature damage to an enemy within 10 yards. Has a 15sec CD and generates 1 Chi. • Renewing mist -- Small HoT. Each time Renewing Mist heals, it also travels up to the most injured ally within 20 yards, up to 2 times. Has an 8sec recharge time and generates 1 Chi. • Surging Mist -- Big heal. Generates 1 Chi. Instant cast while channelling Soothing Mist. Usable in either stance. Every 1 Chi used in Stance of the Spirited Crane gives the buff 'Vital Mists', reducing the cast time and mana cost of your next Surging Mist by 20%, stacking up to 5 times ie. to be instant and free. • Jab -- Primary Chi builder in Crane Stance. Jabs the target, dealing damage and generating 1 Chi. Usable only in Stance of the Spirited Crane. • Spinning Crane Kick -- AoE kick. Does damage or healing depending on activated stance. Generates 1 Chi if it strikes 3 or more targets. See Talent section for Rushing Jade Wind, an improved version. • Chi Brew -- Talent. Instantly restores 2 Chi and generates 1 stack of Mana Tea. Has 2 charges with a 1min recharge. See Talent section. • Crackling Jade Lightning -- Ranged spell. Channel Jade lightning, dealing Nature damage and generating 1 Chi each time it deals damage (only in Stance of the Spirited Crane). Can also sometimes knock back melee attackers. Note that this has a high mana cost in Stance of the Spirited Crane but costs nothing in Stance of the Wise Serpent. Spells that require Chi: • Enveloping Mist -- Our strongest HoT. Heals the target over 6 sec, and increases healing received from your Soothing Mist by 30%. Instant cast while channelling Soothing Mist. Costs 3 Chi. Only Usable in the Stance of the Wise Serpent. See Gear section for set bonuses. • Tiger Palm -- Setup buff. Attacks with the palm of your hand, dealing damage and causing your attacks to ignore 30% armour. Costs 1 Chi and requires melee range. Only Usable in Stance of the Spirited Crane. • Rising Sun Kick -- Our strongest Kick. You kick upwards, dealing damage and causing all enemies within 7 yards to take 20% increased damage from your abilities for 15 sec. Costs 2 Chi and requires melee range. Only Usable in Stance of the Spirited Crane. • Blackout Kick -- Kick with a blast of energy, dealing damage and giving you the buff' Crane's Zeal' that increases your critical strike chance by 20%. Eminence healing from this ability heals up to 4 targets for 20% of the damage done. Costs 2 Chi and requires melee range. Only Usable in Stance of the Spirited Crane. • Touch of Death -- Execute. Instantly kills a creature with less health than the Monk's maximum health. Can also be used on tough targets (PvP) when they are below 10% health, dealing damage equal to the Monk's maximum health to them. Instant cast offensive ability that costs 3 Chi with a 1.5min CD, requiring melee range. Note that this is not stance dependent so it can be used in either the Serpent or Crane stance. • Uplift -- Raid heal. Heals all allies with Renewing Mist, regardless of LoS. Not particularly useful in PvP; you are much better off spending your Chi elsewhere. Channelled Spells: • Soothing Mist -- Channelled heal. See 'Rotation' section. Draenor Perks: • Enhanced Roll -- Roll now travels the same distance in 25% less time. • Improved Renewing Mist -- Increases the duration of Renewing Mist by 2secs. • Improved Life Cocoon -- Reduces the CD of Life Cocoon by 20sec. • Enhanced Transcendence -- The CD of Transcendence is reduced by 35 secs, and Transcendence: Transfer is now instant. Nayoko214
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Trying to gather spell use in Legion (MW) So, I've been creeping logs from Legion raids, and I've somewhat noticed a pattern with successful Mistweavers (as in, those with good HPS compared to other healers). The way that Mistweavers are staying competitive is typically with high amounts of Enveloping Mist use. All of these Mistweavers overwhelmingly used Enveloping Mist, almost in a spammy way. There are other examples of Mistweavers doing very well with EM as their primary heal, doing 15-25 casts per pull (3~ minute pulls). The ones who do this are typically topping charts or getting close to it. On the other hand, some Mistweavers are doing very poorly. The above two were doing 260-290k HPS in a short encounter, while certain players in the same encounter were doing 135-160k HPS. The logs for them show us a very different picture: These Mistweavers were trying to use Vivify as their primary healing tool, which led to far less HPS. Obviously my "research" is weak and has a whole list of problems, none of which need much mentioning past the fact that they were short pulls, this is beta and numbers may still be tuned, different raid compositions above, and the like. However, it's fairly interesting to see the huge swing in EM use with it accounting for some players' incredibly high performance in raids. Players trying to blanket the raid in AoE heals like in WoD are just not cutting it right now on beta, while those who focus strong single target heals are bringing a lot more. Anyone on beta have any input on this matter? Kusai3
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[PVP LEGION] Windwalker PVP Notes/Feedback [Edited/Updated July 4, 2016] Hi there. Not a pro and professional player but wanted to share some thoughts and comments on the abilities and the PVP aspect of a WW so far in the first few days of the beta myself. (Since Saturday June 18th) Keep in mind this is how it feels to me and others might have varying opinions which they can share here. (Part of the intention.) I won't talk about everything just the notable impacts in my eyes and some of my thoughts might be incorrect or rambling; just warning you :) Overall I find that the pvp so far as it's not tuned up and stuff to be very bursty. Some classes do too much damage I.e. prot classes and assassination rogues. I will touch on the healing later but overall a WW seems to have a lost a bit so far and hopefully will be tuned in a 1-1 fight with just about any class that can kite or heal and I will mention why in a bit. Having said that there is burst potential just with a WW it can be kind of quirky now to ramp up and your are kind of in a position of giving up things for other things. The other thing is that unless you do a ton of research you will be relearning a lot of the other classes abilities and how to react to them so this will take some time and of course is subject to change since it's only the beta :) Tiger Palm This is now the new "jab" and if you talent it with Eye of the Tiger it can provide a heal. I am currently using it over Chi Burst / Wave not sure it's the right choice but previously Chi Burst but now since you die so fast in PVP I don't know if it's going to matter and this one will almost always be up since this is your really only way of generating Chi points. Note that there is no buff with this but i can proc a free blackout kick and as per below can be talented to heal/dot. There appears to be some bug where I can use this on a target and I will path to them even if I am far away it's like a "ride" to the target. Another thing is you can hit people while rooted which gives you the heal and them the dot from a distance although you won't charge to them. Fists of Fury It's still similar and you can honor talent it to give you the stun but you can move now. It takes time to get used to having to move. You can also add in the artifact upgrades to make it better. I think that goal here is to have this as the finisher and the WW can ramp up the damage and plan a kill with this ability. The issues here are that it's tough to line everything up as the artifact ability "Transfer the Power" needs 10 RSK or BK to get to 50% damage increase. I guess if it all worked out perfectly this would be great and there is a 30 second refreshable on each kick ramp up but because things die so fast in PVP and since the ability to run away and heal is now a lot more limited, doing this as WW seems difficult. Hopefully Blizzard will make this a bit easier to ramp up or improve healing :) Touch of Karma This is the same talent mind you a lot will not have the set bonus ot make it 100% at this point and it's noticeable. Through the artifact it can now heal you for damage. This is ok except that it takes great timing against anyone decent to make it effective. I have found that most players testing on the PVP server are well tuned to have this heal and damage go to waste since they can just stop attacking and run away. (Or burst through it if Assassination Rogue) Touch of Death No longer a 10% or lower kill more of a big damage after 8 seconds on a target. Can be boosted up and you need to remember to use it and does hit well but not as hard as some melee abilities that are currently broken. (Cough 1.7 million mortal strikes) I guess this one can be used to get someone low fast or to finish someone off it's just different compared to before. Not sure if it will be tweaked or modified but you need to remember to use it. There is some cool fun with this one as you can use it on occasion to help 1v2 someone. Get someone low and then use this and start fighting the other one. I have won some fights like this because it allows you to focus on the other player :) Spinning Crane Kick Maybe it's just me but this one now requires 3 CHI and would be more of a PVE talent. I don't think that its worth spending 3 CHI on and remember you don't have the ability to generate chi with expel harm. So goodbye to spamming out rogues/stealth with this one. One of my saddest discoveries. You are going to eat the openers now or you can waste some of your flying serpent kicks and they don't seem to work that well. So far I almost never use it in PVP and use a charge of FSK to try to get stealthies out as it's a waste of Chi. Flying Serpent Kick As indicated above you can talent this to have two charges which is great but currently I am often wasting these to find some of the stealths. It's otherwise the same as on live with the talent options to change direction, have two charges or benefit allies. The usual great escape tool to get away and heal or eat :) Effuse Our heal. It heals ok when not in pvp combat but it's kind of useless unless someone would let you heal and that shouldn't happen. I found that if you can get away long enough to have this do anything decent, "eating" would be more profitable. Storm Earth Fire These guys now all activate on one press and go into "AOE mode" and if you press again while active will focus your target (or "Single Target" mode) I don't have that many issues with the change other then I am not sure if I can get these guys to eat traps as easily anymore :) I am just using it as a DPS cooldown. It must be noted that you can turn them off and just get a dps cooldown if you choose Serenity instead of these guys but then you forfeit Whirling Dragon Punch. I am on the fence as I like having the extra attacks and hate running out of buttons so I keep these guys around for now. I don't play a lot of PVE so not sure how much I can help there. I read somewhere that they will heal you at some point but not sure as to on that. (June 23 Update : Did some testing and although it's a bit tougher i was able to eat traps with the clones but you will have to be quick to ensure you double press to ensure that they go on your target :)) Transcendence: Transfer It's cool now that it heals when you transfer however some might be form some bad habits to get the heal as this is not the intention although in theory a lot of the times you would want to transfer when you are getting hurt :) I find it a decent improvement. Note that the this requires the artifact path chosen to get the heal as it's not baseline. Strike of the Windlord This hits hard and can slow and really is one of your go to damage abilities and can really tear a hole into someone. Talents For those that are not aware some of the PVP oriented talents (and some that many find not be for PVP) are now separate. So you will have two sets of talents to choose from and the honor ones will *NOT* function outside of PVP. I don't believe there are any currencies involved in changing but you will have to change them in a safezone or as before the start of a BG/Arena and they will revert back to what you had before upon game completion. I will just talk about what I have played around with. I find that I am using Eye of the Tiger the most since it's passive as long as you keep hitting targets with Tiger Palm which you need to do in order to build Chi. Chi Wave might be ok also and for me Chi Burst is a bit risky now since you die so fast and there's the windup on it. I choose to use Chi Torpedo as it will now speed you up up to 60% for 10 seconds a great escape mechanism. It's a tough call because I surely do miss Tiger's Lust and sitting in roots sucks and you will have to do that now. The first two levels of the honor talents are your crowd control and some damage reduction, the third one will allow you to choose a movement impacting one and I like Yulon's Gift as it will remove snares (but not roots) when you use Chi Torpedo or Flying Serpent Kick. The level 45 talents I have either used Power Strikes or Ascension I guess it's a toss up but perhaps the energy regeneration is what most will want to go for. The CC level I am still using Leg Sweep although I have to admit its tempting to take Dizzying Kicks as it's a passive slow mind you this would impact your playstyle since Disable is still around. I just find that having a stun is essential to setting up some sort of burst despite all the changes since with the monk it's so important to be able to have up time on the target. Also can be used to help get away from the hordes of OP classes :) The only damage mitigation one that I have taken is Fortifying Elixir (I guess it's the same as Fortifying Brew) from the honor talents. The other options might be OK but I haven't tried them and you will definitely need damage mitigation to survive. For the level 75 normal talents I have chosen at this point Dampen Harm simply because it can be used while stunned; I guess it's a choice between that and Healing Elixir. I believe that Healing Elixir has two charges and you can let it passively activate if you go below 35% or activate it on demand; not too bad. Having these two along with the damage mitigation from the honor talents second row (I chose Sparring but this is debatable I just like having more protection from World of Meleecraft :)) They can really help vs rogues and prot players who are more concerned with winning then trying out the beta :) Also note that you have "lost" Zen Meditation but you can get it back although you would have to choose that over Fortifying Elixir or the new talent Whirling Kicks which I haven't tested it as it seems like it would be a hassle to use and a bit of a waste of Chi. I could be 100% wrong though however not sure from a PVP perspective since I haven't tried it yet. For level 90 talents I picked up Hit Combo and perhaps some have told me it's a PVE ability because you have maintain it. No matter what you should be trying to rotate your abilities anyway for the benefits of Mastery: Combo Strikes. I just don't find spamming Rushing Jade Wind in a PVP environment to be "fun" although it might turn out to be important later on. I have not tried Xuen but I am trying to avoid some of the "big cool-downs" as much as possible and don't find that play-style fun. For the honor movement row I have chosen Double Dragon as it gives two charges of FSK for all kinds of mobility fun :) The other two I have not tested but for me being able to get as far away as possible to eat or to cast my terrible heal is a great thing so :) I have now used all three talents and I much prefer Whirling Dragon Punch over the others. Having said that Chi Orbit is mindless passive damage generally and it hits hard and in the PVP of the current beta this is king. There are some fights where you would not even get to use WDP where Chi Orbit consistently does more damage than most of your abilities simply because you don't have to do anything. Do I like this? Hell no would much rather use WDP but currently for those wanting to "win" in most fights this is going to be the option as constant damage / situational damage even if it would be higher. Some of my Chi Orbits are blowing up for 100k+. The last honor talent row lets you choose from three talents all of which seem decent. I have only ever chosen one and that is Heavy-Handed Strikes and that is to give my stun back to FOF. What really is sad is you can't use this in PVE anymore. The other talents seem good as well and have heard many are happy to see Spinning Fire Blossom back however you will need to choose wisely. I have not tested anything other than the stun for FOF so I can't comment but would love to hear others perspectives on this as Rushing Tiger Palm sounds pretty cool also. (Note: As of June 23 it seems as though the stun for FOF works no matter if you chose Heavy-Handed Strikes or not but I believe that the distance you would need the talent ; I have tried out rushing tiger palm and it's great for classes that you will chase, perhaps not so great for ones that will come after you and would be good to have some distance on to land the FOF) Rotation As we know there is no real rotation but how would I set up to fight generally. Well you need to get Chi so you will have to use Tiger Palm to give you 2-3 Chi. Remember you do more damage if you rotate your attacks but you will need Chi to attack so I guess it's OK to double pump to get a full Chi bar. You will have to rotate attacks to take advantage of combo strikes damage increase. (And if you chose Hit Combo a 10 second timer will start and stop if break those rules for up to 10% more overall damage) Since PVP Is fast paced and bursty I try to land RSK and SOTWL and of course disable and paralyze and blackout kick also to keep the attacks varied. You can try to ramp up to up to 50% more FOF damage if you have the artifact trait/talent Transfer the Power however this will require at least 10 of BK or RSK to accomplish and will refresh to 30 seconds each time you do that. I use a WeakAura to track that. I am sure that will be great I just find it hard to ramp up with the lower level of survivability at this point so I generally don't pay much attention to it at this point but I am sure once more skill is involved in the PVP then this will change. The play-style is similar is hit and run and try to get away to heal up. Now you can land some nice damage with the above but you are pretty squishy so get out fast :) Dampen Harm helps vs rogues as you are now somewhat helpless since you cannot spam SCK since it costs 3 CHI. Perhaps RJW would help at only 1 Chi if you take that talent however you still NEED a target at this point to get any CHI so not sure if it matters that much. What I have been doing is using some of the charges of FDK and have occasionally pulled rogues out of stealth with it. Kind of a waste but it works but it's not nearly as effective as SCK was before. You can use effuse to heal up but as I mentioned before it's something to do while rooted but I guess if you can surprise the team and portal behind a pillar and they can't find you can get out of combat to heal however eating at this point seems faster. Class Notes I will be the first to admit I don't know a lot of the new abilities and am learning each day so this will be just a small section on general impressions on some of the classes so far. Using very minimal addons also so in a lot of cases it's like "Wow what did he do" but I guess it's all part of the Legion evolution :) All Prot Classes - They seem to do far too much damage and will never die. I think the worst is a Blood DK he was my partner and he would just never die but would be owning the charts with Heart Strike. I assume these will be tuned down soon. Assassination Rogues - Don't bother dueling them. A few will believe they are full of skill but I dueled one and he killed me through FE, TOK and DH in about 2 seconds. There is some sort of issue with exsanguination and stacking and unless you have an immune you will be done. Don't sweat it :) (With the latest build these guys have been nerfed slightly but still do too much damage, gotta remember to detox the poisons off) Warriors - Not sure which ones but I got dropped pretty fast by a 1.8 million Mortal Strike not sure if that is intended :) I think it also has to do with stacking modifiers. Feral Druid - I guess not bad as before but the thing is, any class that can do damage without being on you and can also heal / root will be tough since everyone is so squishy. As before a WW will have to do a lot more than most of the other classes with regards to up-time to win where a druid can simply dot, root, heal and back and forth and win quite easy unless you can get some up-time. I am getting better :) Hunters - A ton of easy damage in arenas and BGS still. Instead of deterrence. (Or is it called deterrence still) they have this green blob thing that looks ridiculous. Not sure yet :) Demon Hunters - They seem to have some cool abilities. I usually beat them. Not sure exactly what they are doing though they have some stuns and some cool movement abilities where they can rise in the air and stuff. I find that they seem to be a bit "laggy" or their animations are not that fluid. Perhaps it's just me. My thoughts now are they buffed damage on the Havoc types. Try to avoid him when he's metamorphosed or CC him as much as possible. These guys generally don't like it when I hit run kite portal and LOS and get mad but when they can tank so well I have no choice. Mistweaver Monks - Seem strong and take a lot to bring down. Hard to kill with all the movement capability. Outlaw Rogues Can get you down pretty fast but watch out for riposte buff can avoid a lot of your damage. Although this is a good tactic for other classes also try ensure you take note of their defensive's so you don't waste your stuff on riposte, etc. Frost Mages I usually win just watch out for Glacial spike it can hit for millions :) Abuse paralyze and disable should win and don't MOD them until you are sure they used their block. Affliction Warlocks Too hard to kill I guess it's siphon life. Can win in duels sometimes but overall these guys will do a lot of rot damage and then have so much defense at this point I guess bad design based on how they have no way to get melees off of them. One thing to note is currently due to the high dps as sad as it is the best option in most cases is to run and hope they will eat your karma and just try to blow up people. If it's a 1v1 or duel better to strategize and make sure to abuse your mobility and portals but be prepared for some tears if you do that :) That's it or now please share your own thoughts and apologies for the long read :) Minstrel40
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Brewmaster PvP Guide: A Guide for the Insane Hey all! Background/Intro I've loved the Brewmaster playstyle since the class came out and have always wanted to try to push rating with Brew in arenas and in RBGs. I tried this once late in MoP and failed, as I didn't have time to get fully geared and learn the spec because I had to leave the game for awhile due to school. I just came back to WoW in late 2015/early 2016 from a break since late 2014/early 2015 (Start of WoD) and decided to begin anew with my goal of serious Brewmaster PvP. I've been playing the spec since I came back to the game, and no, I'm not ignorant enough to call myself an expert on the spec (I'm not even fully geared yet!). However, I do believe that I am well-versed enough on the Brewmaster play style, specifically with regards to PvP, to write a PvP guide for anyone who would like to give it a try. Note: As you may expect, it isn't easy to find a partner/partners or to get into a RBG group as a Brewmaster Monk because people look down on you for playing a tank spec in PvP. That being said, I've had a lot of fun so far and plan to continue to play the spec in PvP into the release of Legion. So don't let the haters discourage you from trying it out! Why Brewmaster? That's a good question. Well, as I said before, for some reason I just like the spec's play style. But, why should YOU play it? I've found that they give a lot more versatility to PvP than people would expect, making them a kind of dark horse spec in PvP. They have great damage mitigation (duh - it's a tank spec). They also have INSANE self-heals - I outheal decently geared healers in random BGs and regularly outheal other tank/dps specs with good off-heals. Their damage is surprising for a tank, if you gear correctly. Guard is an amazing absorb, which can save arena teammates too (with the PvP set 4 piece bonus). Their CC isn't bad. And they are extremely good at kiting/running when in trouble and getting into melee range when going in for a kill (this takes a bit more practice as they don't have an auto-pull). Because of all this, they make great basesitters for BGs and pretty good FCs. Yes, I know they don't have the mobility of a Rogue or Druid, and this wouldn't work at high rating cause a Rogue that knows how to FC is always better than any other FC in the current state of the game. But trust me, with their decent mobility and great damage mitigation, Brewmasters can work in a pinch. Table of Contents 1. Talents 2. Glyphs 3. Stat Priority 4. Rotation, Cooldowns, Abilities, etc. 5. Keybinds 6. Gear and Enchants 7. Strategies and Comps 8. Addons & Macros 9. Conclusion 1. Talents Tier 1 (Level 15) Talents This is your mobility w/utility tier. Any of these are viable, it just depends on the situation. Celerity This is my go to talent as I also like to take Chi Torpedo from Tier 6 (Level 90). Gives you 3 charges with a 15 second cooldown of Roll/Chi Torpedo. I think this offers the most utility as 2 or 3 straight Rolls/Chi Torpedos can easily get you wherever you want/need to be, and they're on a short cooldown too. This also offers the biggest damage increase of the tier, if taken with Chi Torpedo, and the best Chi generation with the PvP set 2 piece bonus. Also works well with Glyph of Freedom Roll to remove any snares that an enemy could put on you. Tiger's Lust Another great option as it offers a lot of utility. It's an immediate root and snare break followed by 6 seconds of +70% movement speed. Good for getting to or away from a group of enemies or getting out of an enemy's LoS in an arena match. Also castable on allies, which has its advantages in arenas and RBGs. I personally prefer Celerity for the damage increase with Chi Torpedo, but Tiger's Lust is just as good. Momentum Definitely the worse talent of the tier. Really only useful for a little speed burst while FCing. I do like to use it for that purpose in random BGs just to speed things up a little, but the Tiger's Lust boost offers more utility on a decent cooldown, so you're better off going with that. Tier 2 (Level 30) Talents Your damage/healing tier. Chi Wave Let me start off by saying NEVER TAKE THIS IN BGS. This is really only useful in duels, 2s, and possibly 3s. Provides a decent amount of healing and does some damage, but you can't control where it bounces, which makes it less appealing. Good when you're in 1v1 combat and want to hit an enemy from a distance or get some quick damage and self-heals while in melee range. Zen Sphere Don't take it. It sucks. Not much damage or healing. Maybe viable when the entire enemy team in a BG is in one spot, but Chi Burst would still be better. Chi Burst Definitely the best talent of the tier. It offers great damage, heals, and self-heals. The only downside is the cast time. Guess you gotta learn to juke cause people will lock you on this as it is your only casting ability. Tier 3 (Level 45) Talents Your chi tier. Power Strikes Ok talent if you're new to the spec and don't want to have to worry about when you need to burst and when you want to generate chi. Still the worst talent of the tier. Ascension Even better talent if you're new to the spec and don't want to have to worry about chi generation as it gives you an extra chi slot. Chi Brew Definitely the best talent of the tier once you've gotten used to playing a Brewmaster. Gives you on demand Chi and Elusive Brew with 2 charges on a 1 minute cooldown. Tier 4 (Level 60) Talents Your CC tier. Ring of Peace Used to be a godly talent. Now it kinda sucks. Especially since it shares DR with a Monk's primary CC of Paralysis. But wait... you can put it around any ally... oooooo..... Nope, don't care. It still sucks. Maybe use it to save a healer on your team? But nah, you're better off taking another talent from this tier. For these next 2, I'm gonna do a comparison of them cause they pretty much do the same thing. Charging Ox Wave 30/40 (bugged tooltip and I haven't tested it next to Chi Burst yet) yard range in a straight line (like Chi Burst) 3 second stun 30 second cooldown Good for chasing down a target but takes practice to aim. You could just use a Paralysis instead, which is why I prefer the better stun of Leg Sweep. Leg Sweep 5 yard range 5 second stun 45 second cooldown Must be in pretty much melee range to use, but easier to hit your target than Charging Ox Wave, and a longer stun. Tier 5 (Level 75) Talents Your defensive tier. Healing Elixirs The go to talent of the tier. Heals you for a HUGE amount, especially if you're stacking stam. When you're next brew is going to activate this talent, you will see that you have a buff. Make sure to watch this buff to utilize the heal to the best of your ability because you should be popping a brew before you reach 35% health, and you want to make sure you can milk this talent's heal for all it's worth. Dampen Harm A PvE talent. Ok, let's move on. Diffuse Magic As much as I've heard people say that Brewmasters have a problem dealing with casters, this is one of the reasons that they don't. A bit of a confusing tooltip, but a huge ***** to casters. No wonder this talent was originally called "Karma" in beta. Basically, it reverses all of the magic effects currently on you back to their caster(s) and then reduces your magic damage taken by 90% for 6 sec. It's pretty straightforward when you should take this over Healing Elixirs - when you're facing a RBG team or arena comp with a lot of magic damage instead of physical damage. Takes some practice to know when to use it, but once you get it down, it's a great magic burst mitigator. Tier 6 (Level 90) Talents Your odd damage tier. Rushing Jade Wind Pretty much the same as Zen Sphere from the 2nd tier. Very weak damage unless you're in the middle of a huge group of enemies. Rushing Jade Wind and the ability it replaces, Spinning Crane Kick, are pretty much useless for PvP damage wise. They are only useful for spinning flags, defending gates in SotA, and finding stealthies. It's nice that you can use other abilities while you have Rushing Jade Wind up, but it's not worth the energy cost. Therefore making it impossible to keep it up while using all of your other abilities and making the talent useless. Xuen He sucks, and he's on a huge cooldown. Maybe use him to get some kitty powah up in your enemy's face? Hmm? No? Ok, let's move on. Chi Torpedo By far the best talent of the tier. Works really well with Celerity and Freedom Roll. Surprisingly good damage and healing. Can basically be used as part of your burst if you have Celerity. x3 Chi Torpedo isn't bad. Tier 7 (Level 100) Talents Your classic 1 defense, 1 damage, 1 utility tier. Soul Dance I've always found this talent really intriguing because I love the Brewmaster's Stagger mechanic. However, the nerfs that hit Stagger and the talent have really pushed everyone, including myself, away from taking it. Despite the poor outlook for this talent, I plan on building a set that stacks as much mastery as possible and testing it against a bursty caster spec to see if it justifies taking it in those specific situations. Chi Explosion The only viable talent in this tier and a good one at that. Best damage increase of any talent that a Brewmaster can take. And that's exactly what a Brewmaster needs - a damage increase. As a bonus, it adds an extra effect with each chi you consume, which is nice. However, there is one thing you have to watch. For the effect at 3+ chi of purifying stagger damage, it actually does this by casting Purifying Brew. Because this is a brew it uses up your Healing Elixirs proc, so if you take Healing Elixirs and Chi Explosion, I would recommend using Chi Explosion with 2 chi until you have lost enough health to justify using the Healing Elixirs proc so as not to waste it. But after you do use it, go wild with the 4 chi Chi Explosions because they're the best damage you're gonna dish out. Serenity Now this talent seems great in theory. 5 seconds of unlimited chi usage on only a 1.5 minute cooldown. Sounds good right? WRONG. I ran with this talent for awhile when I first got back into Brewmaster PvP and let me tell you that it sucks for PvP. And here's why. While that 5 seconds of unlimited chi usage seems great because you can use it for any offensive and defensive abilities of your choosing, remember that it's only 5 seconds and that's not factoring in the GCD. Also remember that you can easily get CCed for 5 seconds and there's nothing you can do about it. People know what Serenity is, and when they see that you popped it, they'll just cc you for 5 seconds until it's done. Heck, even we could do this to another monk with our Leg Sweep. 2. Glyphs Unlike the Talents section, I will only go through the glyphs that are viable and their uses. Glyph of Breath of Fire Great glyph for interrupting casters or disorienting someone in the middle of their burst. Definitely one of the first glyphs I take. Just make sure to watch the DR on the disorient cause you can't use it too many times before a target becomes immune. Glyph of Detox A nice, small heal. Maybe worth taking if you're facing a comp/team where you plan on dispelling a lot of Poison and/or Disease effects (Rogues & DKs come to mind). Glyph of Expel Harm Really only worth taking if you don't want to take anything else. Useful for spamming expel harm for the small heal when you're going down, but it doesn't help much, as it's only an energy decrease of 5. Glyph of Freedom Roll Great glyph to take for many situations. Good for getting away from and getting to enemies that have put snares on you. Glyph of Guard A must take for caster comps or for BG teams with a lot of magic damage. Another reason why Brewmasters can withstand casters. Glyph of Keg Smash A good filler glyph. Makes you even less kiteable than you already are. I mean you could throw Dizzying Haze at them, but who would do that when you could hit them with a huge Keg Smash right to the head? Glyph of Nimble Brew A decent filler glyph with a decent 7% heal every 2 min. Glyph of Paralysis Never take it for BGs. Good for removing your own Breath of Fire DoT or your partner's DoTs from an arena target when you've been doing CCing and switching. Glyph of Touch of Death Almost an arena must if you aren't playing with a warrior or hunter for the execute or kill shot. This allows you to start spamming ToD as your opponent approaches 10% health. Glyph of Transcendence For if you're in a trolling mood. I mean I guess it's a viable glyph, but there are much better options out there. You should also take Glyph of Spirit Roll and Glyph of Water Roll as minor glyphs for that extra mobility when you need it in BGs or WPvP. 3. Stat Priority Bonus Armor>>>Mastery>Vers>Crit>=Multi>Haste Bonus Armor - Your #1 stat. Helps with physical damage reduction and gives a raw increase to the damage you dish out. Gives 1 attack power for every 1 bonus armor, due to being a tank spec. Mastery - After some math, it's your #2 stat because it scales better/faster than Versatility. Increases the amount of damage that you stagger and increases your attack power by a percentage greater than your percent mastery (+1% AP for about every 111.5 Mastery). Stagger is a key mechanic for damage mitigation of all kinds of damage when effectively used with Purifying Brew. The attack power increase from Mastery is better than that of Versatility, which I will explain in a math section after the Versatility section. Versatility - Close 3rd to Mastery. It's all in the name. Always a great stat to stack for PvP. Increases damage, healing, and absorbs and decreases damage received. Pretty much everything you want as a Brewmaster cause you'll be doing all 3 of those - damaging, healing, absorbing and taking damage. Mastery does the same stuff, but with better scaling. Mastery vs. Versatility Math After testing on my character, I found that you get +1% Attack Power for about every 111.5 Mastery rating and you get +1% more Staggered damage for every 176.13 Mastery rating. For Versatility, you get +1% damage & healing for every 130 Versatility rating and +1% damage reduction for every 260 Versatility rating. Now let's do some math! :D First, let's look at a damage ability. Let's take Chi Burst for example because it takes into account only Attack Power and Versatility. Let's just say you have 6000 Attack Power while scaled for PvP, plus your 748 Bonus Armor while scaled, giving you around 6750 Attack Power. Now, you have the option between 2000 Mastery and 1000 Versatility OR 2000 Versatility and 1000 Mastery. Don't forget that base mastery gives you a +5% Staggered damage increase and +8% attack power increase. Which do you choose for the most damage? Math time! Chi Burst Formula: [1 + 1 * Attack power * 2.75 * (1 + $versadmg)] 2000 Mastery and 1000 Versatility: [1+1*(6750*(1+(2000/111.5/100)+.08))*2.75*(1+.07692307692308)] = 25,176 damage from Chi Burst. 2000 Versatility and 1000 Mastery: [1+1*(6750*(1+(1000/111.5/100)+.08))*2.75*(1+.15384615384615)] = 25,054 damage from Chi Burst. 25,176-25,054=122 damage difference in favor of more Mastery As you can see, the difference isn't huge, but there is a difference. Now, let's look at a defensive ability like Guard. Guard Formula: [1 * (Attack power * 18) * (1 + $versadmg)] 2000 Mastery and 1000 Versatility: [1*((6750*(1+(2000/111.5/100)+.08))*18)*(1+.07692307692308)] = 164,784 damage absorbed by Guard 2000 Versatility and 1000 Mastery: [1*((6750*(1+(1000/111.5/100)+.08))*18)*(1+.15384615384615)] = 163,981 damage absorbed by Guard. 164,784-163,981=803 damage absorb difference in favor of more Mastery Yet again, not a huge difference, but a difference. Lastly, lets look at the damage reduction portion of Versatility vs. the Staggered damage increase of Mastery. I don't wanna go through all of the math here cause it would be too much theory based on how well you purify using Purifying Brew, so let's just look at the stat scaling. 2000 Mastery and 1000 Versatility: 11.36% increase in Staggered damage without base Mastery and 3.85% damage reduction 2000 Versatility and 1000 Mastery: 7.69% damage reduction and 5.68% increase in Staggered damage without base Mastery. Even if you are not very good at using Purifying Brew, the increase in Staggered damage from Mastery scales much better than the damage reduction increase from Versatility - 176.13 Mastery for +1% increase in Staggered damage vs. 260 Versatility for +1% increased damage reduction. So, Versatility improves your damage, healing (on heals that aren't based on % health), and damage reduction (by 50% of your Versatility %), but, since all of your abilities that aren't based on % health are based on Attack Power, and Mastery increases your Attack Power, Mastery is better than Versatility in ALL cases. Crit - Helps with physical damage mitigation and DPS, but leans towards more DPS. Increases your damage and your generation of Elusive Brew, which is your physical damage mitigator. Leans towards a DPS increase because extra crits provide a decent amount of DPS, while Elusive Brew can only be used for physical damage mitigation. The only reason that Crit is better than Multistrike is because you get 5% more Crit from all sources due to Ferment. Multistrike - Similar to crit. Helps with small passive heals and DPS, but leans towards more DPS. Increases your damage and your generation of healing spheres that you can run over for a small heal. Leans towards DPS increase because extra multistrikes provide a decent amount of DPS, while the healing spheres that extra multistrike generates do not heal you for much. Haste - Definitely the worst stat for Brewmaster PvP. You don't want any of it. Doesn't increase damage by very much. Increases energy regen by only a small amount. And increases your generation of Elusive Brew and healing spheres by a very small amount. 4. Rotations, Cooldowns, Abilities, etc. Brewmaster has a lot of abilities to juggle in PvP because they need to attempt to do a decent amount of damage while still remembering to spend some chi and pop some defensive cooldowns to stay alive. Offense Use Keg Smash every time it's off cooldown as it is your main ability Use Jab to generate chi Use Expel Harm while off cooldown and below ~90% health. Offensively, spend all of your chi on Chi Explosion/Blackout Kick OR Breath of Fire for the DoT and the disorient (if you took the glyph). Use Chi Wave/Chi Burst every time it is off cooldown. If you're not using or saving Chi Torpedoes for a mobility reason, use them across your target as a filler ability. A quick tip for this: If you are on the target and you want to damage them with Chi Torpedo but don't want to torpedo straight out of melee range, jump and then cast Chi Torpedo and you won't move very much but you will still get the damage and healing. Make sure to do it in the direction that the enemy is currently moving to ensure the damage on them. If you're not saving Chi Brew for defensive or burst reasons, use a charge or both to create chi for more Chi Explosions/Blackout Kicks Spam Touch of Death as your target approaches 10% health Use Tiger's Palm only as a filler spell when you do not have enough energy or chi to do anything else Defense Use Guard as your main defensive ability when you start taking damage Use Purifying Brew to purify staggered damage when your stagger DoT becomes around 5-10% of your health (I use an addon to track this which I will share later). Use Elusive Brew when you have >=6 stacks if facing any physical attacks Use Fortifying Brew when you're getting bursted and purify the stagger DoT after the burst Use Chi Brew if you need an emergency Guard or Purifying Brew along with 5 stacks of Elusive Brew You can also use Chi Torpedo to get out of the LoS of your attacker and heal with Surging Mist Notice when you have the Healing Elixir buff up so you can take advantage of all of the healing that it offers Expel Harm as much as possible for the small heal If you're getting bursted by 1+ casters and no melee, pop Zen Meditation for some easy damage reduction Try to set up a Transcendence in all of your BGs and Arenas for a quick escape, but remember you have to be within 40 yards to swap locations. Look for any Poison and/or Disease effects to Detox from you or your allies If you know that the enemy team is looking to chain CC you, pop Nimble Brew near the beginning of one of their CC abilities to remove it and reduce the duration of the following CC. CC Slow down an enemy to get to them or to get away from them with Dizzying Haze If you took the glyph, use Breath of Fire as an interrupt or short disorient Spear Hand Strike = a solid 4 sec silence Use Paralysis to get to or get away from an enemy or for general CC Also use whatever talent you took from Tier 4 (Level 60) when it's off CD and there aren't many DR 5. Keybinds I would share my keybinds for all of these abilities, but I use a Razer Naga, so I don't think it would be any help to most of you. Also, keybinds are very personal, but I can give the general idea of the priority of how accessible you want certain abilities to be. I put all of my main attack abilities together. In order they are: Keg Smash > Chi Explosion/Blackout Kick > Expel Harm > Jab (for chi generation when Keg Smash and Expel Harm are on CD, which should be all of the time) > Chi Burst/Wave > Chi Torpedo > Tiger's Palm (when you can't do anything else that's higher priority due to lack of chi and energy) > Breath of Fire (only for interrupt/disorient and DoT) > Touch of Death (for the killing blow) > Spinning Crane Kick > Crackling Jade Lightning. For defensive abilities the priority is: Guard > Purifying Brew > Elusive Brew. Then for CC, I have all of them grouped together and the priority is: Spear Hand Strike (for quick silence) > Paralysis (lots of versatility) > Leg Sweep > Dizzying Haze. Lastly would be your long CDs: Trinket/Human Racial > Nimble Brew > On Use Trinket > Fortifying Brew (powerful defensive CD, but doesn't need to be very accessible because of the 3 min CD) > Zen Meditation. The abilities that don't really fit into any of these are Chi Brew, Transcendence, and Surging Mist. Out of these, Chi Brew is the most important to keep accessible because you will need to be popping it a lot and at random times too. I keep this just as accessible as Guard. Then Transcendence for quick use when in trouble. And lastly, Surging Mist because you won't really be using it in combat much. It is more used for a run, get out of LoS, and heal up kind of ability. If anyone wants my Razer Naga keybinds, I would be happy to share them. As I said above, keybinds are very personal, so you want to do what feels most comfortable for you, but I spent a lot of time putting my Razer Naga keybinds together, and I find that they work very well. 6. Gear and Enchants Try to keep at least 2 or 3 sets of PvP gear. 1 for BGs, duels, 5s, and Ashran, 1 for 2s and 3s, and 1 for FCing/Survivability. For your BG/duel/5s/Ashran/WPvP set, it doesn't really matter whether you get the 4 piece or even the 2 piece set bonus, so you want to focus on stacking whatever stat(s) you chose. You can still go for the 2 piece bonus if you like, as it provides a nice boost to chi generation. For your 2s/3s set, you definitely want to get the 4 piece set at the cost of some extra stat stacking. This is because the ability to throw up a guard on a dying teammate is HUGE in 2s and 3s. For your FCing/Survivability set, you do not need the 2 or 4 piece set bonus, and you should add some extra Stam to the set through trinkets. For weapons, I personally prefer dual-wielding over two-handed due to the possibility of double procs. In this case (or in the case of two-handers as well), I would recommend carrying 4 weapons - 1 with a mastery enchant, 1 with a crit enchant, 1 with a multistrike enchant, and 1 with a Bonus Armor enchant. That way you can switch out based on what you feel fits the situation/your playstyle the best. Mastery is more of a sustained damage increase due to the attack power that it gives, whereas crit and multistrike give more burst potential. Basically, for a sustained damage increase from your procs, go with Mastery/Bonus Armor, and for more burst potential, go with Crit/Multistrike. Lastly, I also advise going for many different trinkets. If you are not playing a Human Monk, you obviously want the standard PvP trinket, which I would advise you to get in +Vers and +Stam for the option of going for more versatility or more survivability. Also grab the +Stam trinket which increases your health pool on use for another survivability trinket. Also get the +Agi/Use for Vers and +Vers/Proc for Agi for burst potential trinkets. And if you're lucky (cause you can't really "go for" these) hope to get the Accolades of Conquest or Endurance for +Agi/+Bonus Armor and hope to get them in their versions that come with +Mastery or +Versatility. 7. Strategies & Comps I'm gonna list all possible comps whether I've tested them or not, and I will come back with updates if necessary. Tested comps will have an extra section with strategy. 2s Brew/Frost or Unholy DK (Tested with Frost) - Great comp, but your DK needs to know how to survive and use their heals and defensive CDs. Brews usually do well when teamed with plate DPS because of their bruiser-like style, which combines survivability and DPS. And DKs fit this role with solid heals, survivability, CC, and damage. However, you need a good DK player because I've seen ones that don't know how to use their heals and defensive CDs and they die in 2 seconds after I've used both of my guards. The CC works well together because a DK's main CC abilities come from stuns and silences, which aren't key CC areas for Brew - 1 stun from Level 60 Talent Tier and no DR silences. Take Glyph of Paralysis while going with this comp cause of a DK's DoTs. Strategy: My DK partner and I were doing a lot of strategizing with this comp, and we still are. Your strategies really vary based on the comp that you're facing. Sometimes you both go on the same enemy. Other times it's good to split and switch. We still have stuff to figure out in terms of what strategies to use for each comp we face, but, basically, communication is key. One thing that I CAN say is that when you face a healer/DPS it is always gonna be a long game and the opportunities will come to you. Don't force them. Sometimes we go on the healer, other times we go on the DPS. It really depends on when you can get the opportunity to CC one of them and burst the other after you have forced them to use most, if not all, of their CDs. Brew/Balance (Tested) - Great comp. Works very well. Affectionately called "Drunk(en)/Tipsy Chicken" or "Drunk(en)/Tipsy Chicken Cleave" in 3s. Played some of this the other day just trying to get some conquest points and test it out, and I'm not sure if we lost one game out of quite a few. Works really well because of many reasons. Druid's ability to start in stealth forces the enemy team to open on Brew. Druids have good mobility and off-heals. Balance has a very solid burst that they can pop right out of stealth. Plus, the CC matches up VERY well. Brews have no roots to share DR for a Druid's roots. If the Balance has Mighty Bash, which they should, you each have a 30-50 sec CD stun. The Brew has it covered for the incapacitates with Paralysis and Breath of Fire, if you have the glyph. Brew has nothing that shares DR with Cyclone. And, lastly, Balance has it covered on the silence with their Solar Beam to nail healers. One of the better comps out there for Brew. Take Glyph of Paralysis while going with this comp cause of a Balance's DoTs. Strategy: Balance starts off in stealth. Brew goes in and starts hitting. If it's double DPS, try to lower one of them so that the Balance can pop out and you both finish them off. If it's healer/DPS, hit both of them, use some CC, and then let the Balance pop out. Once this happens, the DPS will probably go for the Balance. Brew should peel for the Balance while still keeping the healer at bay. Make sure to help keep the Balance up as well with off-heals, guards, and detoxes. Once the Balance is ready, throw a CC chain on the healer and take out the DPS. Try to do this after they have used trinkets and other long CD abilities. Brew/Feral (NOT Tested) - More viable than most comps, but seems a bit worse than rolling with a Balance Druid. In terms of CC, Feral picks up some more stuns than Balance, but doesn't have the silence of Solar Beam, which is a big loss. Also, I don't think the positioning would work as well due to Feral being melee it would allow the enemy team to switch to the Feral more easily once he comes out of stealth than when playing with Balance. This could be said about all melee but affects Feral more because they are leather wearers as opposed to plate wearers. However, if you're playing with a good Feral player, this shouldn't matter. Might want to take Glyph of Paralysis while going with this comp cause of a Feral's bleeds. Brew/Hunter (NOT Tested) - I'm not sure, but I don't think it would work well. It'd be hard for the Hunter to live. I mean with skilled players it could work, but doesn't seem to have as much potential as other comps. CC doesn't gel either, with a Hunter's Freezing Trap, probably their best CC, sharing DR with Paralysis and Glyphed Breath of Fire. The Hunter would also be forced to take Binding Shot instead of Wyvern's Sting due to Wyvern's Sting sharing DR with Paralysis and Glyphed Breath of Fire as well. This limits your CC ability because Binding Shot is a much shorter CC than Wyvern's Sting. Brew/Mage (Tested) - When I first played this comp, I thought it would work, but now I think otherwise. It would be too easy for the other team to just train the Mage and you lose. Has more potential against Healer/DPS, but if you aren't offensive quickly the DPS will stay on the Mage until they're dead. Also, Poly and Paralysis/Glyphed Breath of Fire share DR, which sucks cause Poly is a Mage's best CC. Strategy: You have to get offensive right from the start. Let mage start in Invis. Get to the enemy team and time your burst and CC well. You've got to hope to finish them off quickly or the Mage will eventually go down. Brew/Ret (Tested) - Works pretty well as you are usually able to outlast teams. Definitely pisses off the enemy team. After we outlasted a DK/Healer comp, the Ret actually got a whisper from a pissed DK. They will usually try to go for the Ret. You just need to kite the enemy team while CCing and healing the Ret until the Ret is ready to burst and you line up some good CC. Rets don't bring much to the table in terms of CC besides their very long stun, so most of the CCing is up to you. Strategy: Make the match last very long building up to your moment of glory with burst and CC. Start off offensively, but if you can't get them down at the start, you're gonna have to start kiting and healing, usually for the Pally, until you can regroup for more pressure. This comp is about survivability in order to turn it into offense. Brew/SPriest (NOT Tested) - Might be hard for the SPriest to live as they'll probably get trained. However, they do have solid heals, but they lack mobility. CC lines up pretty well though with Brew having the stun and SPriest having the root/disorient and silence. However, there are shared DR on incapacitates. Would probably have trouble against melee comps. Might want to take Glyph of Paralysis while going with this comp cause of a SPriest's DoTs. Brew/Rogue (NOT Tested) - Again, would be hard for the rogue to live. But could work. Rogue offers a lot of CC, which is great. If the CC chains are good and the rogue is good at running like hell, I could see this working. I would imagine that the rogue would want to go Sub to help with survivability (such as shorter Vanish CD). If the Rogue is about to die, they could run and stealth while the Brew throws up a Guard and heals the Rogue. Might want to take Glyph of Paralysis while going with this comp cause of a Rogue's DoTs. Brew/Ele (NOT Tested) - Yet again, would be hard for the Ele to live because they are quite squishy. However, Ele does have some good heals and mobility from Ghost Wolf. Also, much like with a Mage, Hex shares DR with Paralysis/Glyphed Breath of Fire. Brew/Enhance (NOT Tested) - I think Enhance is too burst reliant for this to work, and they are just as squishy as Ele. Enhance is all about bursting the hell out of their target, and Brew doesn't work that well in those kind of comps. However, they do have decent off-heals and mobility from Ghost Wolf, so it might work. Chances are Enhance would just get trained though. Brew/Warlock (NOT Tested) - Probably one of your better bets in the cloth wearer category. They have some decent mobility spells. They always have high stam. They've got a wide variety of pets and CC, and a lot of this CC doesn't share DR with Brew CC. Might want to take Glyph of Paralysis while going with this comp cause of a Lock's DoTs. Brew/Warrior (NOT Tested) - Ok comp, but going with a Ret Pally or DK is better. It's as simple as that. Warriors just don't have as much survivability as a Ret Pally or DK. Overall, the best potential 2s partners for Brew are DPS that have solid heals, mobility, and damage. These would be Balance, Feral, DK, and Ret. "Tier 2" comps would be Warrior, Ele, Warlock, and SPriest. 3s - This seems to me like it would be a lot harder than 2s because of your lack of burst damage. This would require a lot of good CC and skilled play/players just to get a decent rating. But I'm not sure it'd be impossible. Comps to test would include Frozen Ale Cleave (Brew/FrostDK/Healer), Stale Ale Cleave (Brew/UnholyDK/Healer), Bloody Mary Cleave (Brew/BloodDK/Healer), Drunk(en)/Tipsy Chicken Cleave (Brew/Moonkin/Priest), Thunderbrew Cleave (Brew/EleSham/Healer), Drunk(en)/Tipsy Harvest Cleave (Brew/Lock/Healer). 5s - No idea... more info to come RBGs - Many roles for Brew. Backup FC. Basesitter. Mainly Basesitter. They basesit really well. Especially if they are Panda or Cow. They're good at sitting on things. But yeah, with good group communication a Brew could fit in well to a RBG group as they can last for a very long time on their own so that they can call for help from teammates. 8. Addons & Macros Aside from the standard arena and battleground addons, I would recommend downloading Monk Stagger Damage Meter and configure it in-game so that light = >0%, medium = >5% and high = >10%. This will give you a good idea of when to purify your stagger. Light = green = don't purify. Medium = orange = start thinking about it/if you have extra chi, do it. High = red = PURIFY NOW. I also use PowerTrackerBar along with the Monk Stagger Damage Meter in the lower middle of my screen to get an idea of how much energy/chi I have available. I would also recommend TellMeWhen to keep track of anything that you want, like when your Healing Elixirs Buff is up, when your weapons proc, or any other burst/defensive related thing that you would like. And make sure to have some sort of debuff tracker to know when to use your Detox. For macros, I only recommend making macros to target/focus arena 1, 2, 3, etc. and macros to use Paralysis and Spear Hand Strike on these targets. You could also make a burst macro and/or a defensive macro, but I wouldn't recommend it because you usually won't have to use all of those abilities at the same time, and I prefer to have them separate. 9. Conclusion Well, that's all I have for now. I hope I will be able to update soon. For anyone who was crazy enough to look at, read, or even skim this, thank you. I hope it helped you and/or gave you hope to play Brew in PvP. Thanks, Stonekeg P.S. If you have any questions, want to talk about the guide or Brew PvP, or want to PvP with me, I'd love to. Just add my battle tag: IDK88#1492. Stonekeg29
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