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Oct 26 Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons Index: FAQs: Basic information on the Pet Battle system -Basic Questions and Getting Started -Maintaining Your Collection -Pet Rarity and Family -Pet Battles -Wild Pets -Quests, Pet Leveling, and Pet XP -Theorycrafting -Multiple WoW Accounts -Pet Battle Stones Links: Places around the web that are full of helpful information Macros: Key-bind your way to pet battle awesomeness! Addons: Because sometimes the Blizzard UI just isn't enough ******************************************************************* Thanks to: Blizzard for adding Pet Battles Lithuen (Kilrogg), Nullberri (Lightbringer), Simca (Malfurion), Shalura (Anvilmar), Aieny (Medivh), Lilfrier (Mannoroth), Rescind (Lightning's Blade), Stryph (Anvilmar), Wrelch (Wyrmrest Accord), Twixi (Garrosh), Elderbrand (Anvilmar), Layton (Wyrmrest Accord), Tgwaste (Korialstrasz), Vasala (Baelgun), Warla (Dragonmaw), Chainheal (Kael'thas), Falinari (Medivh), Tlym (Netherstorm), Jaede (Dalaran) for contributing directly or posting some great information that I've compiled here. **************************************************************** Change log: 26Sep2012 – first version (and various edits through-out the day) 28Sep2012 – added some additional information/editing, changed title from Index of Available Pet Battle Information to Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons 29Sep2012 – Re-organized to allow space for more FAQs; re-organized FAQs; added general topics to FAQs 16Oct2012 – Added an upcoming Patch Notes section (going to see how this works out) 01Dec2012 – Updated to reflect 5.1 changes; added Bug section to upcoming Patch Notes Section 19Dec2012 – Updated to correct typos and 5.1 hotfixes (RIP alt-f4'ing) 22Dec2012 – Updated with 5.2 PTR notes 16Jan2014 -- Using some of my free game time Blizzard sent me to clean up some outdated sections 17Mar2016 -- Updated to reflect WoD changes 03Aug2016 -- Updated to reflect 7.0 changes and upcoming Legion changesPhaedra184 Oct 26
Nov 16 Which Pets to Level to Complete Achievements EDIT: I have added a list of "very good pets I did not use" based on other posts. I also added some info on optimized breeds where applicable, but these optimized breeds are not required for someone just looking to finish off the achieves. This is a pet list for anyone looking to complete all of the pet battle achievements efficiently (i.e. do the bare minimum). There are a million ways to do this, but this was how I, after wasting time on many useless pets, did it. I hope it is helpful for all the beginners out there. No TCG or store pets are needed, and while some of these aren't easy to obtain (as some have commented), you will need to do an equal amount of work to get by without them IMO. With this list, it is possible to complete all of the major "PVE" pet battle achievements - there is no simple formula for PVP, but many of these pets are excellent in PVP as well. I will not go into detail on what each pet is used for, but if you follow many of the popular guides out there, you will find that most pets on those lists can be substituted for those on my list. First, a few helpful tips: All of the pet trainers in Pandaria can be defeated with only an Emeral Proto-Whelp and Anubisath Idol, making this route very efficient for leveling pets - even if you have minimal level 25's. Someone has posted the details for each fight to wowhead. Always complete your garrison menagerie dailies. These will provide you with a constant stream of tokens to increase the quality/levels on pets you need. Start running old raids to get "raiding with leashes" achievement asap - you will need Anubisath Idol and Chrominius for many reasons, and it may take several weeks to get the drops. Howl Bomb: It is a method of killing extremely high-hp single enemies. It can be implemented several ways (and most guides will help you with this), but the core pets are a Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius, supplemented by either the Darkmoon Zepplin (celestial tournament) or Unborn Val'kyr (outside tournament).The List: So here is the list, sorted by: 1) what I consider to be my go-to pets (used daily), 2) which ones I use regularly (~weekly) and 3) others I used infrequently or for gimmicky fights (e.g. to complete "An Awfully Big Adventure"). 1) Core Pets (9 total) Anubisath Idol Emerald Proto-Whelp Chrominius Pandaren Water Spirit Clockwork Gnome Darkmoon Zepplin Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Any Snail (Rapana Whelk is best) Terrible Turnip (weakening blow cannot kill, so it's perfect for collecting low-level pets)2) Used Often (9 total) Any Moth w/ alpha strike, cocoon strike, and moth dust (P/P Yellow Moth is best) Eternal Strider (or equivalent, P/S breed best) Darkmoon Tonk Any Spider w/ strike, brittle webbing, and leech life Any Frog w/ water jet, cleansing rain, swarm of flies, and frog kiss (S/S Leopard Tree Frog or a P/P Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog are best) Nexus Whelpling Scourged Whelpling Stinker (used to heal in celestial tournament) Unborn Val'kyr3) Used Infrequently (17 total) Adder (this is a great first lvl25 - high speed + counters critters) Amethyst Shale Hatching Blighthawk Chi-chi Core Hound Pup Elekk Plushie Fel Flame Flayer Youngling Kun-Lai Runt Lofty Libram Mud Jumper/Swamp Croaker Nether Faerie Dragon Prairie Dog Sea Gull Spawn of Onyxia Sporeling Sprout Tiny Snowman A second Moth (I've even used 3) A second Frog (I've even used 3) A second Spider4) Other very strong pets (that I never needed): Gilnean Raven Crow Xu-Fu Iron Starlette Feline Familiar S/S Rabbit P/P Emporer Crab H/H Spirit Crab Teroclaw Hatchling Alpine Foxling Lil' Bling Ghostly Skull Ghastly Kid Zalandari Raptors Electrified RazortoothJeack22 Nov 16
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1h New Idea Thread of Shish Kabobed Battle Pets Hey guys, lets all post a few ideas for new battle pets for review. I have included some of my own to follow as a template, be concise, unique and guestimate with the numbers. Don't make everything too over powered! Murloc Matador: Humanoid Banderilla: Poke the enemy three times, dealing an increasing amount with each strike ¡Olé!(2 round CD): Taunts Opponent, decreasing hit chance by 50% Torero(4 round CD): (Always goes first) Stuns the opponent this turn, next turn this battle pet is stunned. Murloc Mime Humanoid Fake Death(8 round CD): The next fatal attack against this pet will miss. Imaginary Box(4 round CD): Pet places Imaginary Box around all your battlepets, preventing all next incoming damage for that round. Slap Fight(40-100 damage): Slap the target until you miss, with a 15% decreasing % each hit Mimicry(3 Round CD): Replace this ability with a random one from your opponents battlepet for the next 3 rounds. Murloc Medic Humanoid Rescue(8 round cooldown: Replace this pet with one on your bench, if the new pet receives a fatal hit, switch it with Murloc Medic instead Med-Pack(4 round cooldown): Select any of your battle pets and heal it for (248-600) health Drain Blood: Leech 200-400 health from opponent, distributing it between your battle petsSpaventoso0 1h
2h How to boost lvl 1 pets with Squirt? Greetings. Thanks to this helpful forum I'm making full use of Squirt and the exp gains it brings. What I want to know is if any of you are able to boost lvl 1 pets. I'm using a P/S Molten Hatchling and it solo's the entire team. The problem is that if I have a non-beast lvl 1 pet it ends up dying to Tyri's Omni Slash (dragonkin attack). A beast pet of 160hp or more usually lives through two rounds of Omni Slash, which is how long my hatchling takes to kill Tyri. Brittle Webbing seems to be very effective vs Omni Slash. So far I'm using stones to level non beast pets to lvl 2 or 3 to bring their HP up. Just wondering if there's a better strat to dispatch of Tyri fast enough that it doesn't get to use Omni Slash more than once. I'm also playing with setting up Ascension dmg on Squirt's team to see if that would help. At most I think i can boost a few lvl 2 pets that have a bit more HP. Thanks in advance!Beerhaus9 2h
2h Looking to trade / sell pets Sorry in advance if I'm posting in the wrong area! Here are the pets I'm looking to trade / sell: I. [Ethereal Soul-Trader] -Level 4, -Balance (+25% HP/Speed/Power) II. [Corrupted Nest Guardian] -Level 4, -Guardian (+100% HP) III. [Blackfuse Bombling] -Level 25, -Guardian (+100% HP) IV. [Sky-Bo] -Level 25, -Ninja (+100% Speed) Feel free to browse my armory or visit to see additional pets you may be interested in. Not looking to keep these as they won't get used sitting in my bags! Thanks! :)Wtbheals4 2h
2h Best battle pet to fight flying pets? So I have a huge collection of battle pets, but none are really good for battling flying specific pets. Is there any good battle pets that I can obtain to go against flying pets?Maisana7 2h
10h What good wild pets should I get? I've been getting a little into pet battling again lately and I was wondering what good wild pets I should go farm or raise if I already have them. I'd also like to know which breed is best, since a lot of wild pets aren't nearly as useful if I grab and level the wrong breed of it.Varedis11 10h
11h Albino Buzzard exceedingly rare? Or is my luck exceedingly bad? I have yet to get this pet to drop, been doing the quest daily. Can't find it on the AH on my main server and have only ever seen one on an alt server that was priced at 125k. What's everyone else experienced with this pets drop rate so far?Mokra14 11h
14h Blizzard Shop - Pets Did I just miss the news that certain pets from the Blizzard store were going to be taken off the market? The Gryphon Hatchling, Guardian Cub, Cenarion Hatchling, and Wind Rider Cub are missing. Please tell me they will be back. I am really bummed out.Revmrblacktn5 14h
15h I am missing a Sumprush Rodent. Are you? I am missing a Sumprush Rodent. Are you? I am missing a Sumprush Rodent from my collection. Are you? If you want a one join me in the grind, to kill the mobs to get the resources to get one. IMA on an Oceanic Server. Sumprush Rodent ---> Add me if interested Laolongwang#1570 We can get one / some. Cheers LaolongwangLaolongwang5 15h
15h Blossoming Ancient Suggestion It'd be nice if the pet took it's seasonal cues from the server it was on - it's a bit disconcerting to be on the cusp of summer here in Australia, and having a tree in it's autumnal glory.Hellonurse2 15h
15h Take Dust Bunny out of Safari Achieve Okay listen - hear me out. I'm not opposed to super rare pets, or pets that have to be camped. I've got my minfernal, my unborn valkyr, etc. But I have real qualms with the dust bunny pet being part of the broken isles safari achievement. If you don't know where the dust bunny comes from, there is a dusty rug item that spawns on the ground in Dalaran with an indeterminate respawn rate. When it spawns, you click on it for a buff that gives you the ability to see dust bunnies around dalaran for 15 minutes. You are the ONLY one who can see them, thus you catch one and move on with your life. Here's my issue with this - other campable pets in the wild for the achievement have no such mechanic. Plenty of them are rare enough already without relying on a SINGLE spawn rate item with a high respawn and random locations. My other major issue is that the dusty rug has the potential to spawn -in a horde only area- according to WoWhead. There can only be one rug up at a time. So if it's spawned in the horde only area and you're alliance...welp. I'd guess there might be an alliance only spawn area too, but either way that is NOT kosher, man. I have no qualms with this pet existing. I just feel that, like the old Dalaran higher learning pet, it should be its own special thing instead of being part of the safari achievement. I'd camp it either way, but I can tell this is going to be my white whale of the expansion. I've been camping off an on for the last 2 days trying to get it, and I haven't been able to figure out why the rug hadn't spawned after 2 hours of camping. Upon learning today that it can spawn in the horde only area, my only guess is that there's one up over there that I can't get to that's preventing the rug from respawning elsewhere. If that kind of mechanic is going to prevent me from getting my safari achievement, I don't really appreciate it at all.Amalythia25 15h
16h Levelling pets and XP Why are some pet battles not worth putting in a levelling pet? Just did Stitches jr. jr. with a 2x pet stratergy. The xp I got for the levelling pet was very small. Is there a way to tell if it is worth doing or not?Moroshin3 16h
17h Drudge Ghoul Last one I need and it is horrendously expensive on my realm :( Anyone have a spare that they want to trade for other battlepet(s) that are part of the newest raiding with leashes meta? Figured since I have had some luck in he past trading around for pets that perhaps that it would happen again I have quite a few of the other ones so if interested drop me a line :DFreezingcold37 17h
18h Can't summon Mischief My boyfriend had gifted me Mischief after hearing how badly I wanted her. I checked my collections tab and there she was! It can up as an "Unwrap" icon. After unwrapping I cannot summon her :(. Anyone else having that issue?Loonaa0 18h
21h Ferrets plz? Can we get some Ferret battle pets please :) <3Stragon1 21h
22h Sumprush Rodent - Rodent Crate I have a rodent crate to release and wondered what I needed to be aware of when inviting others to join me when I release it. Thanks.Revmrblacktn0 22h
1d Raiding W/ Leashes + Collection Hello fellow pet lovers!! <3 I am working on my collection and wanted to share on the forums as well. I have a post on>US PET TRADING> ♥♥♥Ninni's Lil' Pet Shop♥♥♥ Lots of RWL for trade! which shows what I need/have for trade. Below are some further details as well. :D RAIDING WITH LEASHES AVAIL. FOR TRADE: Blood Boil x 1 Boneshard x 1 G0-R41-0N Ultratonk x 1 Magma Rageling x 1 Nerubian Swarmer x 1 Runeforged Servitor x 2 Wicked Soul x 1 Other For Trade: Ashmaw Cub Ash'ana (Rep Legion) Baby Elderhorn (Rep Legion) Benax x 2 Bleakwater Jelly x 2 Brilliant Spore Bonkers x 2 Court Scribe (Rep Legion) Dark Whelpling Emmigosa Extinguished Eye (Rep Pet w/ Nightfallen) Felbat Pup Grumpling Grumpy Leviathan Hatchling Pocket Reaver Pygmy Owl x 2 Risen Sabre Kitten Sewer-Pipe Jelly Spectral Porcupette Stormborne Whelpling x 2 Sunborne Val'kyr (Rep Legion) Needed: Dragon Kite Enchanted Torch Hippogryph Hatchling Knockoff Blingtron Landro's Lichling Living Fluid Ridgeback Piglet Rocket Chicken Thaumaturgical Piglet Transmutant Wyrmy Tunkins CREEPING TENTACLE *STONES FOR QUALITY Thanks in advance for reading this and have an awesome day!Ninni4 1d
1d Old Raid Pets I don't have much time to play any more due to kids and when I do play i'd like to casually run old raids with my friend for xmog, mounts and pets. My problem is I'd like us to both be able to celebrate when an item drops and not have one of us feeling a little left out at the end of it. I'd rather the pets/mounts/xmog be soulbound and earnable by everyone in the raid at the point the item drops. This way we both/all get to enjoy content as a group and not alone. I know this screws with the way pets can be auctioned off for gold but i'd rather enjoy the game than play a stock market. Or even if the old content that is already soulbound is shared amongst the group as I can easily afford all the pets off the AH. It is old content after all. The prestige of obtaining is no longer that great for most it's just random chance now, why not share that excitement with friends. I'm well over 300 mounts and 800 pets. I've played the game for 10years+ and want to continue enjoying with my friends as my lifestyle has changed.Goldash4 1d
1d Mischief the Fel Kitty I saw this little guy on Wowhead. He is the Make-a-Wish charity pet (according to wowhead). Any solid news on his release date?Tessarae18 1d
1d "Revive Battle Pets" Needs Some Explanation As I understand it, the 8 minute cooldown is to reward defensive play while retaining the 10 silver charge at Stable Masters for when you absolutely need to heal your pets. But the mechanics for the heal seem very inconsistent. The cooldown doesn't decrease while you're offline, and for that I see no real reason. It's 8 minutes and isn't an inconvenience to other players like that caused by dropping a dungeon and getting deserter. Logging on after playing the night before to find I still have 3 minutes remaining just seems silly, especially given that some zones don't seem to have Stable Masters (E.g. Burning Steppes). Alright, so it's on cooldown, I'll go find a Stable Master. I click the dialogue option to heal my pets and am told by the NPC that they're busy, wait a few minutes (for the cooldown of Revive Battle Pets). Effectively, using the spell pet heal is a loss in areas where a Stable Master is near. But it gets more confusing. There have been a handful of times when I checked a Stable Master to see if he'd heal my pets while Revive Battle Pets was on cooldown in which they DID allow me to heal my pets. There was a time where I believe switching characters incurred a 1 minute cooldown on the pet heal, but that may simply have been my error. The reliance on these pet heals relies entirely on the composition of one's battle team. For example, the Razzashi Hatchling has access to Devour, which heals for 40% of the pet's health when used as the killing blow on anything other than an Undead. With access to Leap, allowing decent damage at high speeds, it can easily mow down wild/NPC teams with minimal damage taken and heal itself back. Other pets are like the Sapphire Cub. It doesn't have a heal, or any real defense other than Rake, which simply deals damage and halves the damage of the enemy's next attack. Its hardest hitting attack by a large margin is Stone Rush, which deals considerable recoil to itself. As a pet with absurd speed at a huge penalty to health and attack (Mine is of the uncommon variety but only had about 64% of the health of my other pets as of level 15. It should probably be buffed, but that's a different argument). Needless to say, it is quite fragile, and trying to raise it was so much of a struggle for no actual pay off that I dropped it for Grinder. For pets like these, the arbitrary restrictions on the healing system are exceptionally punishing and a reduction of a 2 or 3 minutes from the cooldown of Revive Battle Pets or a complete decoupling from the Stable Master service would be greatly appreciated. Hardier pets don't need to be remotely healed very often, if at all. But it's the lifeblood of the more fragile ones.Kraken9 1d
1d Falcosaur pet dailies Looks like the Falcosaur pet dailies are account only. Anyone know when this change went through?Lughnasadh2 1d
1d Best flying pet Can you tell me which is your favourite flying pet? For pvp, pve and looks.Yokoloca22 1d
2d World Quest Pet Battles not showing Hey all, was wondering if anyone can enlighten me on the Pet Battle tamers in Broken Isles. I have unlocked world quests but have yet to see any Pet ones appear in 3 days, I read there should be 3 random ones everyday, but I get nothing... Even to find the Pet area outside Dal there was noting on the map and the Trainer was just an auto accept... Do you simply have to know the locations and seek them out or should they be appearing? Is there some sort of lead in quest for Pet Battles in Legion? Thanks!Serakhai6 2d
2d In case you guys were unaware: When you use the Magic Pet Mirror on a Nightmare Whelpling, you retain your fist weapons as a Guardian Druid. Making for mildly entertaining times when you're flapping about as a tiny little whelpling and you see the fists on it. ^For pictures.Girandzim0 2d
2d Squirt Up in NA and Oceanic Monday Dec 5th Squirt Up in NA and Ocean Monday December 5th!! See: 2d
2d Plans to increase rewards Have they discussed doing this, like artifact power or something, !@#$ty upgrades from uncommon to to quality is borderline useless.Dirtydancin6 2d
2d List of the rarer or hard to get Legion pets? What the title says! The other day in Dal I went to change my toons hair style and clicked on something shiny on the barber shop floor. Later I saw a Dust Bunny. I almost passed it but something struck me as odd about a new pet in the middle of Dal so I tamed it and then forgot about it until I realized it was one of the rarer pets. Same thing with the Coastal Sandpiper. I happened upon one and tamed it without realizing it was kind of rare. I passed up an Albatross Chick because I was busy at the time but now I wish I hadn't. Can someone list which pets are rarer or harder to get so I won't pass them up if I see them? TYSM!Sesamee29 2d
2d Flawless Battle-Stone question Does it matter if my pet has already gained levels before i use this or can i use it at level say 25 and still get all the extra stats? Basically do i need to use it on a level one pet to get the full benefit? or does it not matter? the reason it would is that rare pets gain more stats with each level so if i already leveled do i get my benefits?Magikk6 2d
2d P/S Breed Nerubian Swarmer So I've run ToC/ToGC a few times. "A few" by which I mean 11-12 runs a week since RWL4 dropped. (11 up until I made a third DH, now it's 12) Without fail, EVERY toon I have at 100 or better runs that raid every single week. Why? Because there's an elusive P/S breed Nerubian Swarmer that I want. I've gotten 8 S/B breed so far. Not a bad deal, really. But what I really want is the P/S. Has anyone seen one? Undermine Journal lists 20 for sale on all US realms, compared to nearly 350 S/B Swarmers. Now, even if you assume that half or better of the people who get a P/S hoard it for themselves, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the P/S might be a 1:10 drop ratio with the S/B. If you DO have a P/S, do you remember which difficulty it dropped from? I've gotten every possible transmog from 25/25H so I've been tending toward 10 man, but if people have seen the P/S dropping from 25 man more, I may switch back. Thoughts?Caradianna3 2d
2d Will Mischief be added to Crazy Cat Lady? I am just curious if Mischief will be added to the Crazy Cat Lady achievement at some point? (He has not been added to it yet as far as I can tell.) It won't make the difference as to whether or not I decide to purchase one, but it would certainly be nice if he did. When you get to the last couple kitties, this achievement can get kind of expensive. =) I assume it will, but if Blizzard has confirmed it somewhere and I didn't see it, I'd love to know.Nalliah3 2d
3d Suramar Tamers Missing? I know that there is extensive RNG involved with tamer spawns, but since before the start of November, I haven't seen Aulier, Varenne, or Master Tamer Flummox spawn at all. These 3 are found in Suramar. I'm almost convinced that something has prevented them from respawning, since it's been well over a month. I'll post this in the bug report forum as well, but I wanted to see if anyone else could confirm this. The Family Familiar achievement is hard enough as it is.Hearte1 3d
3d Is it true Mischief could sit on your head? I don't have one and can't test it.Boyardee2 3d
3d Thanks! Thanks Blizzard! Just wanted to drop by and voice my heartfelt thanks for gating a pretty cool mount behind these pokemon bull!@#$ %^- pet battles! I mean really, thank you. You know so much better about the aspects of the game that I like and which ones I completely, not even in the slightest am interested in. By forcing me into this aspect of your game. You indeed showed me what I was missing. You showed me that, I didnt have any of the right pets. That I would have to invest hours to level one, that i would further have to spend thousands of gold to buy other pets, that I would have to spend hours finding websites to learn all this information. Truly an enlightening experience. Then to learn the true RNG that is pokem.... er I mean pet battles. So thanks again for frustrating, irritating the heel out of and above all wasting the time of some of your player base.... #onemorenailBaltazzar15 3d
3d Mobile Battle Pets App Reality Here's a link posted in one of the community and events forums. Please take a quick look and blow it up, if it gets enough attention it may be a reality. Looks very well planned and I see no reason why it couldn't work.Arthaneus3 3d
3d thundering serpent hatchling anyone in a guild that had this? can i join please to get one?Dietright8 3d
4d strats change? is it my imagineation or have the strats listed on wowhead changed and things are just different in general? I been doing Pet battles since legion launch and kinda had them memorized btu when i look the recommended pets and strats i thought i knew are not there and not working as i rememeberd? i know im pretty fail but ???Dietright1 4d
4d @Darmand Pretty sure we just fought. Nice match. : )Triggers15 4d
4d Stone and level 25 You buy a green pet for an insignificant amount of gold, let's say 13 gold. You use a rare stone on it, you level it to 25. How much do you charge for it? I've preferred profs as my main source of gold for most of my WoW life, but I haven't really gotten into them this xpac, so I'm going into the stoning and leveling business. I am curious as to what people charge.Discodoggy4 4d
5d Master Tamer Flummox mia I am working towards [Family Familer] but I have yet to see Flummox. Anyone else have this problem?Grimpotato1 5d
5d Me trying to do BattlePet WQ's Okay, lets start the battle Oh, that's a magic pet, okay I think I have something to counter that That uh... that does a lot of damage *%$@, gotta restart. Good thing I brought a lot of Bandages This setup should work better OKAY WELL THAT DIDN'T WORK Okay okay calm down, you'll do better next time OKAY THAT WASN'T EVEN FAIR HOW DID THAT CRIT Alright it's fine, that was just some good RNG on their part. I need to re-evaluate my pets My pets are garbage, I hate each and every one of you *sigh* I... I just want my mount. I'M OUT OF BANDAGES? &%@$.... How come he gets a Epic level pet but all mine are rare... PLEASE STOP KILLING MY FRIENDS OMG OMG OMG ALMOST GOT IT GOD *%$#ING DAMMIT *Alt-F4*Noolore11 5d
6d I just don't understand... Why tamer and menagerie pets are allowed two casts within one turn? If they have to cheat to win then the system is broken.Uraeus7 6d
6d Battle Pet Mobile App. simple question, what would a mobile app for your phone or pad have to include to make it worth a download, in your opinion, even to pay a minimum for the app.?Latree31 6d
6d Alchemy: Transmute: Meat to Pet = OLD PETS? The new Legion alchemy: [Alchemy: Transmute: Meat to Pet] I shouldn't have to wait 7 days for a 100 gold pet that is 10 years old (Mana Wyrmling). This is a new expansion, we should be getting new content, now I am assuming that we can get just about every common pet in the game with this transmute? IMO this needs to be changed to update only the new legion pets, not something that came out 10 years ago worth a lousy 100 g. Seven days waiting for 100 gold pet is really terrible.Fenril8 6d
6d Black Friday WoW Sale+RAF Pets. If you send out a recruit a friend then gift then the game on sale at the moment does it count as a RAF 1 month sub which nets you the pet?Timtation10 6d
6d Pet battle world quests not showing up So everytime I use my companion app I see there are several world quests active which are for pet battles but when I log into the game the quests are not there. I checked my filter and still nothing. Is there a quest or something I need to start before I start seeing them pop up?Saviourself13 6d
Nov 30 Pet battling on multiple accounts Hey guys, I am an owner of multiple WoW accounts on the same account, one HUGE problem I have, is that when I'm logged into both accounts...I cannot pet battle...I think this is not a very good design and I should be allowed to do so...just not with myself or queue on both accounts for the random finder thingy. At this time I can't even swap my pet battle lineup or anything. I feel like we can come to some sort of agreement here hey?Kheperi13 Nov 30
Nov 29 Wyrmy Tunkins is silent. :( I got my Wyrmy last night after a bit of digging and was really disappointed to see that he doesn't make the same little Wyrmtongue chitters as Murr from my class hall does. In fact, he doesn't make any sound at all when I click on him. Any chance you could throw the Treasure Goblin sound palette onto him?Starien0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Sooo... the Wondrous Wisdomball... After getting a random drop from an emissary turnin for the Kirin Tor..... and defeating 8 elite fights around Dalaran... why is the reward a non combat pet that acts as a glorified Magic 8-ball? I mean.. I know that the quest itself was a white quest.. but it just seems.. like a disproportionately bland reward for something that is both a random drop and requires killing 8 elites.Rea2 Nov 29