Pet Battles

Feb 22 Waiting for opponent Something needs doing with this, I have had a few matches this weekend where my opponent simply cracks a sad and does nothing till the timer runs out just to make games take longer To me if an opponent fails to make a move 3x or more in a row it should just be an auto forefit. I don't see the point in such action. I power through anyway so they are only disadvantaging themselves :/ Granted this doesn't happen often but still there should be something in placeSerakhai11 Feb 22
Feb 22 Maximum Peddlefeet Nerfed: Thanks Obama No need to read my post. I'm crying right now. I spent all this time typing...then last night my WoW client updated...and now I am hearing that zombies no longer like charms...I just can't. ------------- Hello, The best time of year has arrived. Love is in the Air brings with it your chance to fulfill your destiny. Postpone all appointments. Call in sick to work. Cancel raid night. Do you have a hunter? OF COURSE YOU DO! This holiday is what hunters were made for. The following steps are the steps to happiness and the meaning of life: 1) Go to your capital city and talk to Kwee Q. Peddlefeet. Ask him politely for a quest. Don't rush this. He is pretty much awesomeness incarnate and the fact that he is willing to speak to you means today is truly your lucky day. We both know you are not worthy, but press forward. Kwee Q. Peddlefeet will grace you with a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit. 2) Buy the biggest bags EVER and make sure they are empty. 3) Go to Scarlet Monastery Graveyard...Heroic. Get out your tankiest pet. I recommend a Flaming Lava Turtle named PotPie. 4) There are five piles of bones spawning endless zombies. Kill the filthy humans surrounding those piles but do NOT harm the piles. Return to near the entrance and allow the piles to send the zombie hordes after you. 5) Tell Potpie the Flaming Lava Turtle to stand next to you and play Defense. Turn on Thunderstomp. Watch him kill a billion zombies. Laugh. Laugh so long and hard as your bags fill with Lovely Charms. 6) Bags filled to the brim with Lovely Charms, return to your capital city. Convert all Lovely Charms into Lovely Charm Bracelets. Trade those Lovely Charm Bracelets for Love Tokens. 7) Here it comes. This is your moment. Use those Love Tokens to purchase many many Truesilver Shafted Arrows. 8) Rule the realm with your army of Peddlefeet. Buff Peddlefeet Armies...buff them to your own demise!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! STICKY REQUESTEDZepp31 Feb 22
Feb 22 Team sinergy HI Pet tamers of Azeroth, I'm wondering if I could get a pet that would have a better sinergy to play with: Servant of Demos Nether Faerie Dragon I'm loving these 2 pets since they complete each other pretty well, I usually go with Weebomination to cleave as much as possible on first pet, then corpse explode when the pet rezz, so far i'm doing good with them but I wanna get a 3rd pet with a better sinergyDivinepaw3 Feb 22
Feb 21 Graves & The Legion of Peddlefeet! Chapter 3 Graves and the Legion of Peddlefeet! Chapter 3: To Infinity and Beyond... Outlands? Somewhere deep in the northern reaches of Icecrown Citadel... "Professor XT! How is my special request coming along?" King Peddlefeet inquired floating shortly behind the robot hard at work at various equipment. Suddenly XT's arms raised high into the Air "NO NO NO NO NO!" XT shouted slamming his fist into what appeared to be the corpse of a Giraffe and Skywing Moth. Guts and bits squirted onto Peddlefeet's face as he calmly wiped it off. "Sorry Sir, I'll rest for just a moment..." XT powered down for a moment before charging back up. "None of the battlepets you've brought to me have been compatible for a Battlepet Hybrid. Well none save Project X, but that's too dangerous to be released." XT explained pointing at a darkened cage in the corner of the room. "Project X?" Peddlefeet hovered over to the cage in the corner as a large green scaly claw lunged forward in between the bars just barely missing Peddlefeet before receding back inside. "Perfect..." He grinned before turning to XT "Doctor, halt all experiments and focus on enhancing this one. I want to see more of what it can do." Meanwhile thousands of Miles away... Graves and Left Shark teleported to Shadowmoon Valley in Outlands. "Fish, Graves Hungry! When Graves eat legendary buffet?" The tiny Bone Golem had constantly asked Left Shark for one thing and one thing only, food. Yet no matter what he was fed, it never seemed to be enough. "Graves before I can take you to this buffet, you must get stronger and be able to withstand all type of damage thrown at you." As Left Shark was talking Graves started wandering off toward a large and black, ominous looking temple. A "Black Temple" if you would. (ahahahaha, I'm so witty.) Part 1Renotarshil3 Feb 21
Feb 21 Tournament Schedule Posting the upcoming schedule for Pet Battle tournaments so you can be pprreeppaarreedd ahead of time! All tournaments will take place on the Cenarion Circle realm where the official Pet Battle guild is located. If you wish to join simply do a /who for "of the Pet Battle Forum" on Cenarion Circle and ask for an invite! All tournaments are scheduled for 12pm Cenarion Circle server time. February 14th: Red pets. Pets must be reddish, pink or light purple. One pet per family. February 21st: In honor of the Love is in the Air Holiday it's Love tournament! One Holiday pet required per team. These pets are Peddlefeed Love Bird and Toxic Wastling. Battles will be outside Stormwind. (We realize that this one may be difficult for some new battlers so we will do our best to help you out should you be missing any pets) February 28th: This week will be a tournament hosted by Zepp! Details TBA. March 6th: This week will be a tournament hosted by Crittir! Details TBA later. March 13th: In honor of it being Northrend Timewalking week it's an all Northrend pet tournament. If it's obtained anywhere in Northrend it's allowed. One pet per family. Battles will be outside Stormwind. March 20th: This one will be Pandaria pets. Any pet that comes from anywhere in Pandaria including raids is allowed. March 27th: Floating pets. This was a great success before so we're doing it again. Pets whose feet don't touch the ground. One pet per family. List will be updated at later dates.Sunborne63 Feb 21
Feb 21 Cho'gall Pet idea I want a heroes of the storm cho'gall pet that carries a flying rainbow unicorn as a mount. Questions?Kalyn7 Feb 21
Feb 21 Beginners aquireing a pet I trained with the Pet trainer, and can't find my pet? Did she give me one? do I buy one? This game should come with a helper until we don't need them. I want to enjoy the game but, need help with a lot of things. Anyone for hire? thanks, LunalliLunalli3 Feb 21
Feb 21 looking to get into Pet Battling hey all, i dabbled with this back in MoP - but stopped after i got one to 25. If i'm just looking to casually do pve pet battles, and the occasional weekly pvp pet battle quest what are 3 pets that are good in general? thanks!Samueldawg2 Feb 21
Feb 21 Graves, undead valk, and ...? Pve Hi all. I just got these two pets a day ago. I don't do pet pvp so before you flame for a cheap combo keep that in mind. What I'm wondering is which pets would round out these two and how does the graves / valk combo actually work? I've never been into pet battles but as wod lingers on I figured I would start collecting and beat up on the wod trainers for marks.Dreamwater12 Feb 21
Feb 21 The Reason I Love Darkness / Sandstorm Teams Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C: Conclusion:ë2 Feb 21
Feb 21 How do I find my lvl 13 Blood Elf? Please help me find my lvl 13 Blood Elf? I would like to delete the death knights because I don't have a lvl 55 character yet. Also, my sister just started playing how do we quest together? How can we find each other? Thanks! LunalliLunalli2 Feb 21
Feb 21 How to battle the crabs in the water? There are Moonshell Crabs in the water off the coast of Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor. Does anyone know HOW we can battle those?Catelan9 Feb 21
Feb 21 You're so epic... With all this talk of epic upgrade stones, it got me to wondering... If you had ONE epic stone and only one, who would you use it on?Brawler14 Feb 21
Feb 21 Tanaan battle arenas! yay! new battle maps in tanaan yaa- ...............................................................................Krixooks8 Feb 21
Feb 20 Raise limit for number of Battle Pets The limit for battle-pets needs to be raised to 2000 at least. I have been maxxed out at 1000 since shortly after MoP was released. I have had to cage or delete 500 pets in order to get any of the new pets from WoD. It was very annoying to find that the limit was not increased at the release of WoD. Please no foolish comments by those who don't know what they are talking about. Only those who are serious battle-pet collectors understand the frustration of being maxxed out and not able to acquire any new pets that come along.Ineverdie74 Feb 20
Feb 20 Lost pet. I see to remember having a Small flying horse pet that looked something like celestial steed mount, The only reason i remember this pet is I use to call it the sparkle fart pony. I am sure this was tied into some achievement but I can't remember which one I do remember it appeared in the middle of LK. Now I can't even find the pet in my pet collection and i was wondering if it had been removed.Corlia11 Feb 20
Feb 20 So I tried out graves in pvp With a team consisting of lil XT and spawn of g'nathus (or however you spell it) the AoE damage was real haven't lost yet . I feel cheap for using that team though really op. Sorry if I wrecked any of you with that cheap combo it was an experimentAaether9 Feb 20
Feb 20 Trying to sell every in game tradable pet. Trying to sell every in game tradable pet I have them all except Viscous Horror so I have 333 out of 334 some are level 25. Only trying to sell all or nothing. If someone is interested message me I am on Nazgrel may be willing to sell it them other places. Thanks!Citus0 Feb 20
Feb 20 WTB S/S sun sproutling/nightshade sproutling I've got gold on uldaman and kel'thuzad, or can trade another rare pet on any realmRekra2 Feb 20
Feb 19 Power Leveling I'm taking advantage of the bonus XP this week. I know there's a way to power level which includes trainers. However, I'm just trying the carry method. At the moment, I'm in Valley of the Four Winds, farming on turtles mostly. I'm using Feline Familiar and can usually carry two pets at a time (if the lvl 1 pet can survive a hit). It's going pretty good, time wise. I'm loving that the cat just heals herself every battle. I'm just curious if there are any more effective ways that you might be willing to share <3Nalyna16 Feb 19
Feb 19 How do I empty my battle pet slots? How do I empty my battle pet slots?Uchihatobias2 Feb 19
Feb 19 How to Power level without boosts? Im new to pet battling. I have a few random level 22-23's. I am trying to make money by doing pet battles (1-25) and selling different servers. Is there any good places with easy grinding where I dont need to revive everytime? Also is there any easy pets to catch to help grind? I have Anubian Idol that I am trying to level. Thanks in advanced :DDecimation5 Feb 19
Feb 19 How to beat Molten Corgi I'm trying to do the weekend event, but every single enemy team starts with Molten Corgi which is stupidly OP. Usually it soloes 2 of my pets. More often than not it's accompanied by that stupid dragon that just zaps you and you lose your turn, and there's no cooldown on the zap. How do I counter Molten Corgi?Autumni7 Feb 19
Feb 19 PvP battles are pointless Please review all the current "meta" pet abbilities. I'm tired of getting imp swapped haunted by goats and spin to win crates, among many things. Also the event reward is a bit crappy, I'd rather go grinding than face the same three pets in battle over and over.Trea13 Feb 19
Feb 19 Whats the next best thing from little squirt? Little squirt + 3x exp weekend is some insane experience, unfortunately the stars won't align until may 29th. What's the next best way to level alts during this weekend? Is it just MoP bosses? Or are the other garrison fights still somewhat decent?Ravene4 Feb 19
Feb 19 New....ish to pet battles and have a question So, after simply just dabbling in pet battles off and on, I finally got serious about it a few months back. The only reason was so that I could get the 4 celestial pets. Now THAT was an undertaking I was not prepared for, but I charged ahead and now am only 2 coins away from the last pet, whew! Now for this very serious question. Where is the third vegetable pet? I have a Crazy Carrot and a Terrible Turnip but not a third to complete my team. Where is my Bitter Broccoli, my Conniving Cauliflower, or maybe even Leonardo Lettuce? Please blizz, I want to go into pvp battles and kick butt with a team of vegetables. Ok, well, I'll most likely lose, but I'll have fun doing it :)Imok23 Feb 19
Feb 19 Pet Teams What would be 2 solid pets to use with Mr Pinchy? I'm new to the whole pet battle thing but I know Pinchy is a beast.Naturecold7 Feb 19
Feb 18 Graves & The Legion of Peddlefeet! Chapter 2 Graves and the Legion of Peddlefeet! Chapter 2: Hero of the... Bone Storm? "HEROES.... GET READY!" The sinister sounding voice echoed once again as Left Shark quickly looked around trying to pinpoint it's origin. "Who said that?" He shouted floating around in the middle of a wide open pathway with dead trees and a single Mine Entrance to his right. "5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Let the battle begin!" Left Shark started panicking in the middle of the road as a loud horn noise was heard and the sounds of gates slowly opening began. Suddenly two armies, one dressed in blue, the other in red were closing in on him. The two armies crashed into him as his protective bubble popped into the air and caused him to land on top of both armies and start rolling around like a beach ball at a party. "Wheee DANCE PARTY!" The techno music and strobe lights turned on inside his bubble as he was suddenly dropped to the ground as both armies stopped and stepped back, completely confused by what was going on before them. Left Shark stopped dancing and looked at both armies and quietly started backing away before tripping on a rock and tumbling backwards into the mine entrance causing him him to flip into a mine cart and ride it all the way down to the bottom. The inside of the mine was mostly dark, minus the odd torch here and there. "Guess the locals don't like Dance Parties." The Mage shark floated thru the mine, with the feeling he was being watch when he came upon a large open room with a lone light that shined down from above. He cautiously hovered forward into the light as a skull was tossed at him from out of nowhere followed by a mad cackle. Part 1.Renotarshil5 Feb 18
Feb 18 I want a Godzilla battle pet. And I want it now.Komtarz21 Feb 18
Feb 18 Where do people trade pets now? I did a decent amount of pet trading during the last tier of last expansion on these forums and I checked them out today because I'm hunting down two specific ones and I saw no trading posts at all. Was wondering where the new hub was. I'm looking for; Nightshade Sproutling S/S I'd prefer to do breed exchanges with a little extra on my end, of course.Sibenice10 Feb 18
Feb 17 How do you battle Queen/King Floret In the very beginning of every fight, i always either have 1 pet dead or almost dead. Because they use the charge that deals 1200+ damage, if crit, it's a 1 shot kill, 2500+ damage, in their first attack. They are elemental, i use the frog team. they only problem is they always kill 1 of my frog in the beginning with their charge, and when they switch, the Queen kill my other pet with a charge.Shootess24 Feb 17
Feb 17 Pet Collecting Assistance This is my first post in the Pet Battles area so please excuse the "newbie" type question. I recently got the Draenic Pet Battler Achievement along with the World Safari/Draenor Safari Achievement(s) and I wanted to make a push for "So. Many. Pets." I'm currently only at 455 Unique Pets though. Having the collection achievements, how did you all go about getting the rest of your collection up to the 600 requirement for So. Many. Pets.?Mêrlin6 Feb 17
Feb 17 Graves & The Legion of Peddlefeet! Chapter 1 Chapter 1: Left Shark, Right Shark, which one's correct tell me? 10 Years Later... The once sunny and lush environment of Azeroth that critters and beasts enjoyed a like had quickly faded from memory. Pets were struggling to get by just to get a treat for their family. Some even had it so hard they returned to their Wild Pet state and roamed forests leveling up on level 2 boars. High atop his throne of Blackrock, King Peddlefeet sat casually firing off arrows for no reason for his own amusement. At his side, shackles around her arm, stood a Unborn Val'kyr the last of her rare kind. "You should really get out more if you're just going to waste your time firing pointless arrows at your minions." Peddlefeet stopped momentarily and turned his attention to his prize. "Well if you think I should get out more, how about a date finally, hmmmm?" Peddlefeet held up one of his golden love arrows and slowly brought it closer to her face. She glared thru her visor into his eyes "If you even dare touch me with that abomination you call love, I will shove it somewhere you don't want it." He laughed and proceeded to slap her across the face and returned to his throne. "Guards! Bring the Wizard here." The gates of the throne room swung open and two smaller Peddlefeet guards escorted a Left Shark in. "Leave us!" The guards bowed and exited the throne room as the floating shark swayed in a drunken fashion inside his bubble. "Alright Shark... Have you found any more Undead for me to personally crush?" Peddlefeet leaned forward on his throne to ask. Part 1.Renotarshil4 Feb 17
Feb 17 Eastern Kingdoms Safari / Sea Gull where is the Sea Gull for the Eastern Kingdom safari ?Valhealmore6 Feb 17
Feb 17 Graves & The Legion of Peddlefeet! Chapter 0 Inspired my fake movie trailer in Zepp's Army thread and further encouraged by him to make it a full fledged story, I present to you the prologue chapter of my story: Graves & The Legion of Peddlefeet! Chapter Zero: Peddlefeet's Ascension Long ago... The pet battle world of Azeroth used to be a peaceful land filled with friendly competitions, tournaments, adventures and all around good stuff (Because who doesn't love some good stuff?). One pet in particular did not like the good stuff others got to experience. No, Peddlefeet was quite envious and jealous of other pets getting selected over him. Pets like The Mechanical Pandaren Dragon or Gilnean Raven (Both seemed quite popular with the ladies, despite him being an Avatar of Love). Dragon types which his typing should have given him an advantage over, easily defeated him. His Humanoid Peers would often be chosen in his place like Anubisath Idol to combat the threat of Emerald Proto-Whelps a like. But if there was one type, Peddlefeet hated more than anything... it was... The Undead type. Not only were they strong against his type, they would often mock him by throwing dirt and rocks after he would lose. Each night, he would return home to his shack on top of Blackrock Mountain and try to sleep defeat away until one night after a devastating loss to a Weebomination, did Peddlefeet finally had enough. The young winged Goblin got down on his green knees and praised to his god of Love and Passion for a Gift of Power to vanquish the plague of undead pets all across Azeroth. The dark smoke-ridden skies around the black mountain cut open with a beam of light as a Golden Arrow shot down from the skies. Peddlefeet was curious "What could this be?!?" he questioned naturally drawn to the shiny object by his inner goblin desires. The golden arrow vanished leaving behind a small canister with a note attached. He grasped the note ripping it off the canister and held it up to the sky and it read: "HEY BLIZZ! BUFF PEDDLEFEET! ~ZEPP" Part 1 (post was too long)Renotarshil5 Feb 17
Feb 17 Getting Rid of Pets There are some pets that can not be released or caged, it would appear. Some of them that I have: -Armadillo Pup -Creepy Crate -Tiny Tamefly -Westfall Chicken -Withers -Alliance Balloon I like the site Warcraft Pets. I see some people have 100% ratio of rare pets. In a case for the above pets, is my only option to use stone to upgrade their quality?Nalyna1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Why don't you name your pets? I love naming my pets when I can think of a good name that goes with the pet, I always try to name a pet that I have set as a favorite. But I see a lot of teams with no renamed pets. So why don't you name your pets?Pariah88 Feb 17
Feb 17 Pet Charms in legion Do you guys think the pet charms from WoD dailies will have much use come legion or should I stop holding on to them and dump them into Battle-Pet Stones? Talking about btw.Aspertame5 Feb 17
Feb 17 Garrison Pet Battle Weekly. Why is it shared amount among all characters unlike BG, Mythic dung, Arena weekly?Lilianâ1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Making Pets Rare Soooo I'm finally to the point where all of my vendor pets are now blue...and I need to start working on making my wild pets blue. I have about 60 stones to use but I'm really stuck on how to use them. Part of me just wants to stick them on any old wild pet and call it a day....but the other half of my brain thinks I should farm the best breed of the pet before I use a stone on it (and really that's probably subjective). I'm more of a pet collector at heart and only a casual PVP pet player (fairly new to doing PVP, but I've been collecting pets since Wrath). For those of you that did stones on your wild pets what did you do? Stone what you have captured or farm good breeds? I'm not sure it's worth all the time looking for the best breeds of all of my wild pets when I could use that time to farm pets I don't have already. My end goal is to have all of my pets blue and level 25. It doesn't seem like wild pets are used all that often in pet battles, I'd probably be better off farming that pet in the best breed if I decide later I need it for something? Have I answered my own question? I'm not sure. lolOffphelia7 Feb 17
Feb 17 Army Acquired. Your Move, Blizzard Buff PeddlefeetZepp11 Feb 17
Feb 17 Which battle pets are the rarest? Cool site that shows rarity of battle pets: Feb 17
Feb 16 Overwhelmed and Lost Hola, Just recently returning to the game and want to get into pet battling more seriously. I have so many pets of varying levels/skills etc. I am absolutely lost as to what the best route to take is. I believe you can see my pets in my armory, yes? Is there a good guide somewhere that I've missed? Or any advice you can give? Thanks!Wimp3 Feb 16
Feb 16 Accurate? Did a little picture up for the PB forum. No offense meant, if any of you don't want your name up I'll delete the link. Tried to fit everyone as close to the characteristic as possible.Éve29 Feb 16
Feb 16 Pet Team Names Sooooo what's the deal with people naming their teams like Fornoskill Pandagraves Losers? Is this the new thing?Alkavar30 Feb 16
Feb 16 who is considered the GOAT? Ataxus is the GOAT in terms of PVE and achievements, Jahmilli is the GOAT in terms of PVP, so who's the GOAT of Pet Battles?Lenthellann29 Feb 16
Feb 16 Buying pets for safari achivement Does buying pets off the auction house count towards the eastern kingdoms safari ,kalimdor,outlands etc? Or do you have to catch them?Zhae4 Feb 16
Feb 16 The Sunborne Val'kyr is OFFICIALLY OBTAINABLE This is absolutely a tribute to someone on this forum who has maybe wanted this....? :DLanfear44 Feb 16
Feb 16 All Growns Up! Remember when you got this? Remember how you got this? This thread is not really about that achievement. It's actually about leveling your first pet out in the world--an experience that is going to become increasingly uncommon as people get their epic stones and level their first pet that way more and more often. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about epic stones or catch up mechanics. Far from it--I applaud them and welcome new ones that haven't yet been implemented or thought of. But they are leaving something behind in their wake. Remember the feeling of stomping through the old world at the beginning of MoP, finding and battling these new wild creatures? It was a chance to rediscover forgotten zones, become familiar with various pets by spending time with them and actually using them during their leveling process, and was strangely addictive. That experience is one that many, if not all, future pet battlers will never have. Why? Simply because there isn't enough incentive to do it that way. The way things are now, you get your free 90 or 100, get your epic stone, level your Anubisath or MPD, go catch an Emerald Proto Whelp or Nether dragon to powerlevel, and look up trainer guides to carry pets. Why? Because it's faster. You get tons of XP for carrying pets this way, you get a better chance to get better rewards (stones, pets, etc.), and it's fun to do trainers 2v3. On the other hand, leveling in the world takes forever by comparison, and you have a low chance of getting a stone. (With the relatively low number of pets you actually need in order to be successful in pet battles, hunting for unique and rare quality pets is not necessarily an incentive to do wild battles, it is a leisure activity for completionists to power through with level 25 pets.) Give people an incentive to go out in the world and level pets the "old school" way--that is, fighting wild pets with appropriate level pets and actually use the pet that is being leveled. Two things need to happen for wild pet battling to be inherently worth doing: 1) Pet XP from wild battles needs a massive buff. Maybe 3-4 times what it is now. It should be close to 2v3 trainer XP, but not quite as good. (Character XP is fine as is and would continue to be fine with a pet XP buff.) 2) There should be a chance to win other rewards in addition to stones, like a wild pet bag with stuff in it... and things. Blizzard, do this and all your wildest dreams will come true.Hudax29 Feb 16
Feb 16 I am sad. Up until a few months ago, I did not care for pet battles. I thought they were lame and a rip off of Pokemon, I never liked or cared for Pokemon as well. Then one day I saw that I was close to some pet battle achievements and decided to go for them. 681 pets later I am addicted to collecting pets. The reason why I am sad is that when I did not care for pets, I missed out on the guardian cub, wind rider cub, and gryphon hatchling from the cash shop. With the guardian cub going for upward to 50k on my server and the wind rider and hatchling non tradeable, I wish I would have purchased those two pets in the past. One can only hope that those pets will be available to buy again in the future, and dammit, those iCoke promotional pets need to be available for us.Angrylock25 Feb 16