Pet Battles

Aug 19 Bringing back the idea of pet breeding... I understand not wanting to get into the development nightmare of "epic" pets, but why not use pet breeding as a means of acquiring pets with rare and unique appearances or even functionality? It would be perfectly possible to breed pets to get: -different colors: think of all the different colors of parrots, cats, dogs, etc. the game doesn't feature yet. -exotic colors: silver, gold, or even bright neon green. -tricks: pet battlers can learn the "pet trick" ability which would be context sensitive to whatever pet you had out at the time. Some hunter pets had the ability to do tricks (not sure if it's still in the game, though). Tricks could be anything from doing a flip to jumping around on another player's head. -functionality: I made this same suggestion back in 2005 or so, but it would be neat if pets could do things like deliver/retrieve mail or grant temporary bank access, and while I know we have devices and even a "pet" that can do that, it would still be a way of making certain pets sought-after without changing how they function in pet battles. We all know how far players will go to acquire toys to fill their toybox. Let us breed pets that will either be vanity items or like a subset of toys and the breeding system would be well worth having while not upsetting the balance of pet battles one bit. :)Destiaan2 Aug 19
Aug 18 Pet Collector Friends Hi, I have been playing for a little over a year and have been pet obsessed. I love all things pet! I was wanting to make a few friends that like to collect and that could also help me learn to PvP pet battle. As well as maybe chat from time to time. : ) Thanks!Revmrblacktn5 Aug 18
Aug 18 Mini Alliance Gunship and Horde Blimp Pets I think it'd be great to have a mini Alliance Gunship and mini Horde Blimp as companion pets. When the two get around each other, they start shooting little cannonballs at one another. Note: If you do this, please do not limit them to faction only. :)Moretwubble2 Aug 18
Aug 18 Tainted Maulclaw vs 48 lvl 25s So besides having 50% damage reduction on all the tanaan legendary pets, The tainted maulclaw has a shell shield. I have tried 10 different flying type pets, all are worthless. I've tried from using the flying poison that does 6% damage per round, Flock, and every type of flying ability but the reduction plus the shield make it to where I do baby damage. I've tried going off guides, but I don't think a mini-game should be built around having only one certain pet being able to counter another. Flying should always be the best choice vs Aquatic. Not I need ONLY Chrominius to counter one aquatic. On top of that I have crit twice, on almost 2 hours of attempting to kill it. Yet the tainted maulclaw always crits during battle. ALWAYS, either on the ability fel corruption, or on infected claws hitting for 600 damage on a pet that says (weak) for the numbers. I have had trouble on the other Tanaan legendaries, but all i had to do is switch an elemental for a different elemental ability. I already have 48 lvl 25s, why should I go spend 1hr+ leveling another pet that I will need for a 5 minute battle? When I already have flying types that should be able to counter an aquatic type. He kills 2 of my flying types before I have to use my third pet, but by that time fel corruption has either crit that pet to death or it has 250 health remaining and gets hit by 1 infected claw and dies anyways. Can we please reduce the Tainted Maulclaws abilities? I understand that it's suppose to be a challenge, but relying on RNG crits or needing 1 certain pet for the battle is not challenging. It's annoying and frustrating and takes away from the fun to know that you either need some really rare pet, expensive pet, or a pet that you don't care for to level for a battle that should only take 5 minutes.Qahnoarin2 Aug 18
Aug 17 Darkmoon Faire Pet Battles changed? Is it just me or has the damage the Feasel brohers' pets do increased? Or has our pets damage/defenses been reduced? I'm losing (more than once) using same combos I always won with before the pre-patch. Just curious. Will be playing around with new combos.Revannia12 Aug 17
Aug 17 Harpy Younglings - They DO exist.. I've been trying to capture one for over a week and none show. Finally, this morning at 5:30 CST the place was crawling with them, all breeds and qualities. Got me a nice BB rare. Ü Just hope for those like me thinking that just might not exist. (FYI they are there as I type.)Meralyth1 Aug 17
Aug 17 Past CE and Blizzcon pets I've been thinking about this topic for about three weeks now and with there being talk of past pets in the guild and now on the forum it seems like a good time to ask here. The purpose of this is simply to gather everyone's opinion, not to start arguments so please keep replies as civil as possible. With Blizzard having different ways of offering their games lately with a physical standard, physical CE and Digital Deluxe with CE pet/mount; If they offered a Digital Deluxe version of Classic WoW and it's past expansions would you buy them to get CE pets you missed? For the sake of discussion let's say that each theoretical past DD upgrade would be $60 each. Players who have the physical CE's still get to keep their extra items while people who want a more complete pet collection simply unlock the pet in game. If Blizzard offered past Blizzcon items you missed when Blizzcon comes around, would you buy those? When Blizzcon comes around, there could be an option to add extra items to your purchase when/if you buy your ticket/virtual ticket. Maybe pets/murloc costume for an extra $10 each and the mount for $20? Edit: Attention fairies, this was +5 and now it's at 0. You two have been very hard at work :D Yep we know who you and your alts are that you're posting on. /pats you both on the head. The attention is flattering!Sunborne97 Aug 17
Aug 17 Healing is completely out of control I'm glad that they finally nerfed Graves and all the various overpowered AOE pets, but how can you nerf AOE without doing something about Blossoming Ancient and all the pets with HOTs? Pets that can't heal are completely useless now, and once everyone catches on that triple healing teams are even more overpowered than Graves ever was, every PVP pet battle is going to take forrrrrrrrrrrever Please do something about it. My suggestion is make it so that pets in the back row don't heal. That is what is so overpowered, you just take some hits, throw up HOTs and heal from the back rowTarja6 Aug 17
Aug 16 Breed vs quality when farming I've only recently started doing pet battles and as I'm capturing pets in the wild I'm never sure which one's are best. From what I've read you want breeds that are both letters the same p/p or s/s over mixes. But for example I have a crystal spider that is common but B/B and I have one that is rare that is h/s. Should I pick breed over quality in cases like this? Or does it vary with the type of pet? I can always use a stone on a pet to make it rare. Seems like that would mean I could focus on breed.Meralyth8 Aug 16
Aug 16 Arboretum - Wild Hatchlings I've noticed that the Wild Crimson and Wild Golden Hatchlings far outweigh the Wild Jade Hatchlings when it comes to pet battles. I do have an uncommon WJH, but am looking for that Rare............Çirçe0 Aug 16
Aug 16 Newbie Pet Battler Looking For Help Aloha michachos! Mr Phanster Bojangles coming in hot, and I was wanting to know if I could get some advice on my pets. I was wanting to make a team to do some PvP pet battles with, but I don't know where to start. Could someone have a squiz at my pets and suggest any viable teams that may work? Currently I'm just playing around with my corefire imp, mechanical squirrel and a random pet but I've not had much success :( Thanks, all input is appreciated :).Phanster5 Aug 16
Aug 16 Snowy owl Is it true that you can only catch this guy during winter time? it's the only one I need for the achievement.Bryze4 Aug 16
Aug 16 Misplaced Wharf Rat! Today on US EarthenRing, flying along just a little ways past 'Typhon' on the eastern coast of Gorgrond, what do I see...a Wharf Rat battle pet in the middle of the ocean! So, I fly down to investigate and yes, there he was, tiny little air bubbles floating up to the surface and just behind him all in a row were two further Critter Wharf Rats. This made me think of the little poem I remember reciting as a child..."Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run...only these are rats. Well, I thought maybe I should rescue the little guy by doing battle and acquiring him. But, unfortunately he is bugged. Blizzard, I think you've misplaced these little blighters!!Galadrien2 Aug 16
Aug 15 LF Guild with Deathwatch Hatchling Hi, I'm looking for a guild on either Caelestraz/Nagrand (horde) or Zul'Jin (alliance) that has access to the Deathwatch Hatchling and will invite me so I can buy the pet please.Hellïsh5 Aug 15
Aug 15 Can't catch pets on an alt Unless i'm missing something, I can't seem to figure out why I can't battle on my level 40 alt. The same problem is occuring on my girlfriends account. Things I've tried to clarify the issue: - Reset UI. Uninstalled UI. Restarted game. Etc. No dice. - She hasn't done much with pet battles, but I've caught over 400 uniques on this account. There's no reason i can figure why my alt would lack the ability. - These are not newbie/free accounts. It's bizarre because I come to Org and see the "Spiny Lizard" with the green pawprint above it on my main. But it doesn't show on my alt (or her character), and only shows a hostile attack icon (As if I did not have the skill).Starweaver1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Kale'thas A green, leafy version of the blood elf sorcerer. Can we make this happen please?Traziun5 Aug 15
Aug 15 Leveling up multiple pets? How exactly do you level up multiple pets? I did read one trick of taking my one L25 and two lower levels and having them attack once, they will get XP, which works. But I've run out of trainers that will even talk/battle me. I've done the quest line in SW to travel around and battle, but now these pets are closer to 20 and I only have a few above 15. What's the trick to level up my pets? Sitting in the queue to do battle with lower level pets goes nowhere. Thank you.Kristar10 Aug 15
Aug 14 Grand Master Lydia Accoste - Solution I'm sorry for my English , I am writing with a little help from Google Translate. **SOLUTION** Folks, this is a problem related to stages in the game , meaning you can not see it with characters who made the Broken Shore event. So it's just you take a character that has not yet made the event, and you'll see it. Why Blizzard did it ? I do not know , but at least it works with other characters .Nabaat0 Aug 14
Aug 14 Celestial Tournament Help Every guide I've checked out suggest that you use a Pandaren Water Spirit, which isn't an issue, seeing as how I have one. However, they also suggest that you use both Geyser AND Whirlpool. With the recent nerfs, that's not really possible as they become mutually exclusive. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks in advance.Fenrrirr3 Aug 14
Aug 14 Next pet battle event in December? On the calendar it says the next pet battle bonus event is on the 21st of December. Hoping we get one sooner than that, the extra xp is handy when levelling pets >.<Lena6 Aug 14
Aug 13 Graves Is this pet still obtainable? I really don't enjoy Hots, but I have an extensive pet collection. I've been working on getting graves for prob 8 months. I just can't play that game very long. I'm only at level 12. If it's still obtainable (which I think it is). Are there any tricks to speed up leveling besides buying stim packs?Eviscerator6 Aug 13
Aug 13 Minfernal As much time as I parked in Felwood, I got extremely lucky I found 2 poor Minfernal different breeds, and later on the same evening found the other breed of Minfernal so which would be best to use the Battlestone on to upgrade it to rare ? P/B, P/S or H/H ? I still have difficulties knowing which breed is best.Vyndetta4 Aug 13
Aug 13 Rare pets -----> Uncommon Well folks sorry, but you won't be making any more money off of me from selling pets. WHY ? Simply I bought a RARE Sapphire Cub, and when I learned it, it WAS RARE ! Now jump to Tuesday the big " DH event ". This was some days past buying the Sapphire Cub, anyway some of my pets were roaming my garrison, I hear a growl and look down it's my Sapphire Cub only IT'S NOW UNCOMMON ! Well I immediately open a ticket and the first gm notes that I did buy a RARE SC, but he goes on about that quality has nothing to do with the level. DUH !! I know it's level one ! So re-opened the ticket, this gm is even more denser than the first one. So I know I will NOT be getting my RARE SC back, the only reason I bought it is because my J'C' s can't seem to get the pattern or the Jade Owl. Anyway I will be buying NO more pets ! BEWARE !Vyndetta7 Aug 13
Aug 13 Warcraft Collector's Edition Achievement When I logged into Wow tonight, I got an achievement for owning the Panda Cub from the original WoW Collector's Edition, but do not have the pet in my pet journal. Is this some sort of bug perhaps? Update: I just spoke with a GM and it seems this is a new bug that popped up today on random accounts. It will be removed from achievements once a fix has been implemented..Oaklei17 Aug 13
Aug 13 Darkmoon Bunny Ode to darkmoon bunny camping Oh darkmoon bunny, how I camp you so. I look for you on other realm but are ever so elusive. You look like a toddler that forgot to clean his face after eating a pb and j sandwich, But I want you because I like monty python and get the joke. When I kill you, you drop nothing which make my heart sink and feel a little disappointed inside. And of course the guy just trying to make money from it always gets the personal loot drop. Oh darkmoon bunny, how I camp you soKalyn18 Aug 13
Aug 12 Pet Trade Edit: Got what I wanted.Philsbbqnow1 Aug 12
Aug 11 Howl & Spider Combo Removed ?Why? Why would you remove the howl debuff for the spiders round ? Why are there so many pointless/IRRITATING changes to everything, and i mean every single thing this patch.Kidcriticus2 Aug 11
Aug 10 3 Teams to help carry you rookies Here's three random teams that are not really run of the mill. But are very powerful both in pvp and pve. Team 1 --- The three stooges : 3 weebominations. all same build of Cleave / Consume Corpse / Explode This team is very cheesey. The goal of it is to cleave down the enemy team to death, while surviving on your bulk and consume corpse. and explode on revive. ================================================================ Team 2 --- Team Immortal : Leader: Singing Sunflower (Solar Beam / Regrowth / Sunny day) Fiendish Imp ( Burn / Immolation / Nether Gate) Emerald Proto-Drake (Breath / Presence / Dream) Another cheese team. The goal of this team is that it is almost unkillable. Singing Sunflower's Sunny day + Regrowth combo makes it heal up to 220 per turn, even if its in the back line. Imp with it's immolation allows it to deal 70 dmg and heal for 100 while sitting in your back line. And Emerald Proto-Drake is with it's presence and Dream makes it enormously hard to bring down. And if sunny day is up... almost nothing in game can bring it down. ================================================================ Team 3 --- Team Ka POW ( Howl Team) Leader Chrominius ( Arcane Explosion / Howl or blessing / Surge of Power) Empowered Mana Fiend ( Arcane Explosion / Surge of power / Flux) Iron Starlette ( Windup / Powerball / Super Charge) This team is all about the damages. If your going agaisnt a team with alot of flying go with blessing. If its a not a flying team go with howl. The combo of Howl + Surge of Power will almost 1 shot all pets out there. The main goal is to start the fight with howl, then go with Surge of power. By the time you've recharged. Your puppy will most likely be close to death, so put up a howl so that when you die your manafiend can 1 shot with it's surge of power. Iron Starlette is simple, just windup into supercharge and then unless your windup for huge damage.Elberwin2 Aug 10
Aug 10 Advice for New Pet PvPers Since this is pet bonus week, I'm dusting this off for any new battlers who come looking for some advice. Help me keep it near the top for a couple of days so it can be seen. :) 1: This is key. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Just got stomped by someone? Lost to a maneuver that you didn't know could be done? Crushed by a team? Try it out. :) Don't just Q up again. Put together a team just like the one you lost to and take it for a spin. Sure there will be times when it isn't worth the time / gold / effort needed to acquire some pets but the vast majority of pets people use are just hanging around outside waiting to be tamed and leveled. 2: Recognize when you are doing something that doesn't work. 72 strait losses is a bit extreme. I'm not being mean or snide but after a certain number those losses start being on you. You have to know when to stop beating on that wall with your head and go find a hammer. ***The following was suggested by "One of the best Pet PvPers" around*** "I would like to add one piece of specific advice, which goes along with what you said in #2: howl bomb rarely works in PvP. I see so many new players trying to howl bomb. Not only does it not work, but wasting all those turns setting it up only to have it avoided or blocked will usually result in a loss." 3: Don't be afraid to ask for advice and help from the community. By far, the majority of the pet battlers in this forum will be happy to take time and assist you. This is, hands down, the best group of people in WoW, today. As long as you aren't a jerk you will find a number of people willing to go out of their way for you. Be aware that the standard for "polite behavior" is higher here than it is in the General Discussion forums. 4: Understand that this is PvP. We won't go in to the arguments about PvP vs PvE, in terms of what harder or better. They are both worthwhile and it's always going to boil down to personal opinion. There are some things, though, that are beyond question. In PvP ( Pet or otherwise) there is a living, breathing and hopefully thinking person behind the other cpu. They will not hold still while you kill them. Nor should they. It's a good bet that they have put time and thought into their team. If you are new it's also a good bet that they are better than you. It's a question of experience and education. Also you will always be taking losses. Even the best and most experienced pet battlers take losses and they aren't even that rare. Your PvP fights will never truly be "on farm". 5: Temper your expectations. You may never be "elite" Not everyone can be. After all, if every battler is great, then who is a great battler? Take myself for example. I have as large a pool of leveled pets as I can possibly have.......I have done thousands of max level pet battles......I have a very good understanding of the game / meta game......a group of 20 saved teams that I rotate through and I'm still lucky to win 50%. 6: Don't show up in greens.....( or whites or greys)....You know how in BGs, people complain about the "noob in the greens"? In pet PvP the only other person there is thrilled to see you with green pets ( or worse). Even in low lvl battles you should use only rare pets. Here's some TL:DR for you. Try using what worked on you against other opponents. Don't keep doing stuff that isn't working. Ask for help. Your opponent wants to win too. Not everyone can be great but everyone can be competitive. It ain't easy being green. In closing..... Hit up Darmand#1169 if you want some help. The offer is good for anyone. At the very least I'm happy to give my time to anyone who can be nice to people. :)Darmand36 Aug 10
Aug 9 Teams gone in rematch Sometime in the last week I lost all my teams in rematch. Not sure what happened but I think it was after one of the game updates. Is there any way to recover them? I have updated rematch but they still do not show up.Blastinya2 Aug 9
Aug 9 blizz missed a few op pet combos I finally thought I was getting good at pvp. I've been winning more than losing by a lot lately. I have found a combo that appears unbeatable. Singing sunflower toroclaw hatchling, and another tanky pet or another hatchling. I'm sure if I created a team just for them. I could find one, but then I couldn't beat anything else. Is there something I'm missing?Sklator16 Aug 9
Aug 9 Why PvP? I'm a returning player from Pandaria. I skipped Draenor. Where is the incentive to PvP other than the old Pandaria "What we've been training for"?Rhaegaron12 Aug 9
Aug 8 Dealing With Undead Pet Teams I'm new to pet battling. I've collected pets that look nice, but never been much for stats. I've decided to throw my hat into the ring, and have done my homework to the best of my ability. After reading everything I did, I was not expecting to see so many undead pet teams. It seems like 3 out of 4 people I battle with are running either all undead teams, or at least 2 undead. What's frustrating is that even using two decent critter pets like Mr. Wiggles, the best I can hope for is a draw. Pets like the Bone Serpent output such crazy damage that it seems like there's nothing I can do, and on three occasions I've seen teams comprised solely of Bone Serpents. What pets and strategies would you recommend?Mahoren6 Aug 8
Aug 8 Selling SS rabbit mazdamundi#1516Chosenmourne6 Aug 8
Aug 8 Anyone caught/seen any emerald proto whelps Pretty much the title. I have been trying to get one, but I've never seen one spawn. I tried killing drakes and eggs, which didn't make a difference. Any tips would be appreciated.Carharith10 Aug 8
Aug 8 Frosty (wotlk)/ lil deathwing Lf someone that has the code for either or that wants to make a deal. My btag is Trajean#1516Trajean0 Aug 8
Aug 8 Murkadin Pet Currently I am curious if anyone has an extra 2015 Blizzcon code? Please message me if you'd like to talk about it. C: Btag: AcidReins#1640Sydoria0 Aug 8
Aug 8 Tiny terror in Tanaan Jungle Before the release of the new pre-patch, the 15 elite pets in Tanaan Jungle were tuned just about right. As of right now however, some combos are nearly impossible to defeat unless your pet crit 3 to 4 times on the first pet. To be honest the combo for 3 out of 15 were ultra hard today, and I only killed 6 so far. Some days it's a fair battle while others it's super hard to beat. That made me angry and forced me to come here and right this post. This issue happened to me 3 days since the release of the pre-patch, and if I got angry while doing something I love doing, rest assure there are many others in the same boat. Those 15 pet battles needs to be adjusted to the point where they used to be before the release of the pre-patch. That's just my 2 cents. Thanks.Sammill34 Aug 8
Aug 7 Skrillix & Defiled Earth I only need to kill Skrillix & Defiled Earth from Tanaan. I can kill both of them super easy no problems at all. But the added pets are kicking my butt hardcore. I sadly spent hours...trying every pet I could think of with no luck. For Skrillix I am using unborn valk & a fox. He is dead fast. Then I have the emerald proto-whelp but the snakes are just kicking his butt. I have read so many guides but almost all of them are using the emerald proto whelp as the third pet. I have tried going with anub idol as well and he just gets his butt kicked.Kaelestia1 Aug 7
Aug 7 BLIZZARD answer us about daily pet battles! I have several level 3 menageries that I PAID for and since the patch it seems I can only complete one daily battle as if it is account wide. Are miners or herbalists only going to be able to do one mine or one garden per account? We need an answer on whether this is a bug, or something intended. My garrison architect still says this: Menagerie Level 3 Unlocks a pet battle daily with unique pet rewards If this is indeed account wide, may I get all the gold I paid to upgrade my menageries back? Really need an answer here.... *three snaps and a neck wag*Kissieface43 Aug 7
Aug 7 Minfernal As difficult as this little demon is to get to those that have this pet should I check the area every day ? Every hour ? Every 30 minutes ? I do have a character camped in the area on a RP server.Vyndetta2 Aug 7
Aug 6 Turn skipping, Peddlefeet Lately I have been experiencing issues with my turn being skipped in pet battle PvP. A few times, I've waited until the timer is low (around 3 secs) and choose my move, but my move doesn't take place and I also don't get to move during the next round. Other times, my turn gets skipped even when there is more time on the timer, the move I have chosen just never happens. Here's a video with a battle where I get my turned skipped twice, once when trying to swap out my Junglebeak, the other time when I use Call Lightning against Xu-Fu: In addition to that, Peddlefeet's animation for Rapid Fire has slowed down. I just had a battle where my turned was skipped about 7 or 8 times before I conceded. Peddlefeet's animation was running the timer down every turn. Anyone else having these problems? My addons are: Rematch Derangement's Cooldowns Pet Teacker Pet Battle Breed IDs Battle Pet BreedIDDiscodoggy9 Aug 6
Aug 6 What's up with Unborn Val'kyr Was this 20min spawn time, one up in each zone intended? Or is it a bug that I should make my friends do before it's hot fixed?Jostin16 Aug 6
Aug 6 LF Sandstorm in Tanaris LF Sandstorm in The Noxious Lair and The Gaping Chasm! Silithid Hatching is my last Pet that I need >.< Particus#1376Jaysol4 Aug 6
Aug 5 Battle Pet Typing Hi! I just started getting into battle pets recently I realized I'm totally confused about the stat typing. The guides on wowhead refer to there being different stat breeds of one pet. However, when I tamed several pets of one kind at the same level, they all had the same exact stats. Did blizz get rid of stat variations? How can I know what type it is just by looking at the tooltip? Best wishes, -PawelMuadib2 Aug 5
Aug 5 Recommendations to level for Legion? I've done my best to avoid Legion spoilers, and as a result I'm completely in the dark about any new pets that will be coming up - and yes, I'd like to keep it that way! hehe ^_~ However... I'm really only a casual pet battler at best, mostly just into collecting, so I don't have a giant arsenal of level 25 pets (not compared to many here anyway). So I'm curious as to which pets would be best to ensure that I have leveled for upcoming Legion battles. Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! With the free time right now, especially before the demon invasions start, I want to make sure there aren't any specific pets that I've not yet leveled which would benefit me greatly to have in Legion. Thanks so much for anyone with any suggestions! :)Ashaeri1 Aug 5
Aug 5 Gilnean Raven / Crow new attack animation. Hopefully this is a placeholder. The model looks great when idling, but onattack it simply spreads its wings and freezes. Anyone else notice any other buggy new models?Dozekar2 Aug 5
Aug 5 Kalimdor Safari How the devil are we supposed to get this achievement when the spawn rate of the Minfernal is SOOOOOOO LOWWWWWW ????????Iklypse1 Aug 5
Aug 5 Flowing Pandaren Spirit While battling this grand master pet tamer I noticed that it uses the Pandaren Water Spirit, but this one can still cast Whirlpool and Geyser instead of them sharing a spell slot like the player owned Pandaren Water Spirit. If you are going to nerf a battle pet it isn't fair that we have to still battle the un-nerfed version.Murdertooth2 Aug 5
Aug 4 Celestial Tourney So how do you complete the celestial tourney beating the 4 exotics after the howl bomb nerf?Cuantro10 Aug 4