Pet Battles

Aug 3 Cutting Our Losses Why does this take up to a minute just to leave a losing battle? For some reason the computer thinks it has to complete all the pending moves, along with any effects, animations, etc. With some moves continuing for 3 rounds, this can take a long time. It's frustrating enough when the RNG screws you 5 battles in a row. Can't we just leave and try again?Jessicarabi2 Aug 3
Aug 3 SHINES do we want them? how cool would it be to find shines (different colour pallet) battle pets in game with a lower % of course. maybe even just an item called "shine stone" with a 1% drop rate so you can choose with pet to make shinyHornejoe5 Aug 3
Aug 3 Battle Pet Tamers: Warlords on every alt This quest has been bugged for me before (not giving me credit), but today, it appears I can complete it on all my lvl 100s. That's potentially 120 bonus pet levels per server. I didn't even have to fight any tamers. I handed it in twice already (couldn't resist), was able to accept on two others, and have another one completed ready to hand in. Again, have fought zero tamers this week. Anyone else experiencing this?Làzÿ1 Aug 3
Aug 3 "Free To A Good Home" Possibly Coming Back I'm back after a year of being away. I used to do weekly contests where I gave away various pets to players who could provide a good home. Often the winner wrote a short story to tug at my RP heartstrings, but there were plenty of times when people won things because they were new or in need. Would there be interest in these contests again? I can't promise they would be weekly, and once the xpac drops there would probably be a break so we can all concentrate on leveling, but if there's interest I'll give it a shot.Aeth4 Aug 3
Aug 2 Kun-Lai Runt spawns? Just wondering how often this pet spawns? I've been running around for a couple hours now, killing all the critters I see and no Kun-Lai Runt to be found. Any info appreciated.Sangriä4 Aug 2
Aug 2 Selling Battle-Pets (Any Type, Any Realm) Hello All, I thought that I would post this here... I am currently selling an almost complete set of Battle Pets (only missing a couple of super high ends). If you have a pet that you have been looking to buy and it is either never listed on your server or the prices for pets are way outside what the normal realm average is. Feel free to shoot me a whisper with what you are buying. This is more intended for collectors who are interested in buying multiple pets, and pets above the 5,000g type of threshold. I can bring the pets directly to you and accept gold on horde or alliance as is necessary. Selinace#1683Wildroot2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Refuge bugged or nerfed? Because it aint workin. Tooltip reads like it always has but when I use it (Frostfur Rat) against Erris's team in garrison, only the rat is shielded and not the other two pets. Is this another stupid unfun nerf or is it another annoying bug?Kozmosis2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Any pet battle changes in pre-patch? ... I looked at the notes and didn't see anything.Discodoggy16 Aug 2
Aug 2 New ability ideas So I have been playing a game called summoner's war recently, and it's quite similar to WoW pet battles....just like 100 times more fun lol. While WoW has an active pet turn by turn, Summoner's war has 4-5 pets all in a line taking turns based on their speed. Besides that, it's quite similar in basic function. (It also has almost a thousand unique Here are some types of abilities summoner's war has that WoW does not: 1) Complete heal blocks in AoE and single target that last for 1-3 turns as a debuff. 2) Abilities to put a target's abilities on cooldown. Some put them on maximum cooldown, some put them on a 1/2 turn cooldown 3) Silence like effect that prevents the use of abilities that have a cooldown for X number of turns. 4) A chance to gain another turn randomly at the end of your turn 5) All dots deal 5% of the targets maximum HP per turn 6) In battle revive. Some are full revives, some cost half of your HP to revive, some revive then average everyone's HP%. 7) An ability to make the target un-revivable if killed by the ability. 8) HP balancing abilities. It will average the HP% of you and an ally, then sometimes heal both. This is to counter Heal blocks as it is not considered a heal 9) A debuff that prevents any beneficial ability from being given to the target There are more, and maybe I'll post more later if people find this interesting.Lanfear3 Aug 2
Aug 1 Massive Peddlefeet Buff Confirmed Confirmed in the Beta forums. Aug 1
Aug 1 Nexus Whelplings not spawning? I have been camping these for 4 days, and I haven't seen a single one spawn. Are these gone or something? Has anyone had any luck getting any since 7.0 hit?Nimchippy3 Aug 1
Aug 1 So Many Pets For the 600 unique pets, I'm a little confused. Does that mean only one pet from the entire family ? So the skunk, the mountain skunk, and the highlands skunk they would all count as one not three correct ? So it's not counting the different breeds, it's ALL bandicoons, all cats, etc ?????Deathstears2 Aug 1
Aug 1 'Rivals' tab missing Does anyone else notice their 'Rivals' tab missing from the pet frame? I'm guessing it is a bug with PetTracker since 6.1 and the addition of the Heirlooms tab. I'm assuming I have to wait for a PetTracker update but I have not seen anyone mention this yet on the forums, so I want to make sure it's not just me that has this issue.Affïnity7 Aug 1
Aug 1 Taming the World Was looking for this under achievements and can't find it listed under pet battles, is it even listed or do you just get it when you're done ?Çirçe1 Aug 1
Jul 31 Yes, it's ME again Sorry, I'm trying to get a " Restless Shadeling " . I was in the area, and there were NO shadelings spawned, I was there at 1: 30 am server time, I'm CST. Does anyone know the correct time these spawn for CDT or server time even. Thanks in advance.Çirçe4 Jul 31
Jul 31 More Powerful Howl-Bombing At this point in pet battling, most that participate know about Howl-Bombing - a move & pet combo that makes powerful moves hit at once and kill even the most powerful of enemy pets such as those in the Celestial Tournament. Pets: Pandaren Water Spirit (H/S) & Chrominus (H/H) Moves: (Water Spirit) Geyser, Whirlpool, Switch to (Chrominus) Howl, Surge of Power Question: Are there pets with all of these moves to perform a Howl-Bomb that have more power in their breeds?Gandwalf7 Jul 31
Jul 31 Pet battle bug? Is anyone having a problem pet battling? I go to que up only to have it fail. I've uninstalled every mod I had, and still experience this problemRuwa1 Jul 31
Jul 31 My pet won't attack I just got a horned owl and the thing won't attack. I searched for a pet to attack, since it's one of my quests, and when I click the green paw, which is supposed to start a pet battle, it doesn't. It's a level 1 owl and the stat is set to passive, but I don't know where to change it.Danlielle1 Jul 31
Jul 31 Increase pet journal space I Have a pretty good collection so forgive me, but I must bra a little. Although not the best in game by far. I currently have 969 pets, 707 unique, 531 max level, and 99.9% rare. The problem is There are currently only 1000 available spots in pet journal. With the many new pets coming in legion. I'll be forced to cage/release some pets. I have 3 of many as I like to collect different breeds. Anyone know if blizz [plans on increasing journal capacity?Eviscerator2 Jul 31
Jul 30 Glitched spawns I am looking for a emerald proto-whelp and there have none that have spawned in the last 2 hours. A friends account can see them but there are none where I am and none are spawning. Anybody know how to fix this?Asuperfish1 Jul 30
Jul 30 What does this mean for Clockwork Gnome? This screenshot says I've completed the Clockwork Gnome 4 years ago but I sure don't have him. Could someone clarify? I've been working for days trying to get him. Jul 30
Jul 30 lvl 25 pets to capture with boosted pet? So I boosted my Baby Blizzard Bear, I'm looking for a few good pets for it to battle that I can capture, in any expansion zone.Takata4 Jul 30
Jul 30 Pet Charm reward nerf I have been doing my garrison pet battles daily on all possible toons, as well as the weekly account-wide quest, quite faithfully for several weeks. My thinking was to save up the charms for when Legion drops so that I can buy all new pets/items at launch. However, I discovered to my dismay today that the number of Pet Charms awarded from all WoD pet battle dailies has been halved. Perhaps I overlooked the section mentioning this change in the patch notes, but nonetheless I was shocked, appalled, and quite disgusted when my time and effort was rewarded with less than I was expecting and accustomed to. Indeed, I was reminded how I felt when I ordered a McChicken from McDonald's and was given just a bun with mayo on it. I accepted, grudgingly, that the Treasure Hunter perk was removed from followers and replaced with Scavenger, because heaven forbid we have a means of making large sums of gold. It's not like there's a Mad Merchant set to arrive in a few months. I also, even more grudgingly, accepted and laughed off the quadrupling of prices of items on the Trade vendor. I understand that we can't simply buy MORE things with this new surplus of garrison resources. Such a preposterous notion! But this change to the Pet Charm rewards baffles me. I feel like I'm being punished for being proactive. I had 1100 more charms to earn before Legion launched, and more than enough time to take a day or two break from the grind. Now the thought of committing twice as much time to the tedious task has made me somewhat bitter and put a foul taste in my mouth, much like the mayonnaise burger mentioned above. I guess my question is: What the hell, Blizzard?!Nimeriaa20 Jul 30
Jul 30 Are there any? Are there ant pets that look like the boars and striders we are able to tame in game? I have looked through the greyed out list in my index, and I haven't seen any, but I don't know if that is a complete list or not.Gedvos3 Jul 30
Jul 30 Adding pets I have purchased 2 battle pets at the AH but when I go to add them to my collection I get a message "Can't add companion to your account" I am confused.Lycanflame3 Jul 30
Jul 29 I probably need help Jul 29
Jul 29 Terrible Turnip I'm having a small problem, I'm having to try to keep a watch on it's spells. I have picked Inspiring Song over Leech Seed, but every time I go into battle Leech Seed is the spell in use. I've tried " save " , but Inspiring Song will NOT stay. Any tips or tricks ? I'm sorry I keep bothering you all, still fairly new to pet battles. Just resubbed in June.Çirçe3 Jul 29
Jul 29 Pet Breeding - what happened? - brought up at the blizzcon for WOD - announced not ready for WOD launch - said it would come later in WOD yes i know that all has been blown as WOD dumped, seems like the work was done and ready to go. is the concept gone?ðð4 Jul 29
Jul 29 Recent Surge of TCG Pets on AH Hello Everyone, Is there anyone else who is noticing the number of TCG Pets on AH has grown by more than 10-Times over the past 7-Days, and this in turn is driving the prices down to about half of what these were once worth? I have confirmed this trend on: Stormrage Sargeris Illiden Zul'Jin Moon Guard Bleeding Hallow Shadowmoon Group And a number of other smaller servers where these never show up. If you have an idea on what is happening post your thoughts, as I am certain there are players out there looking to nab some of these.Wildroot8 Jul 29
Jul 29 Unnecessary Nerf to Howl-bomb Stitch Jr. ignores any attack of 500 damage or less, and lets not forget the ghost goat the has the insta kill shot, just to name 2, so moves like this and others can come in handy. I'm not miffed with the nerf in general, it's the magnitude of the nerf in a futile effort to create balance. Equality and balance is an unobtainable dream created by a political party making that empty promise to the people just to sway votes their way. It's a Pipe Dream. A ladder has a top and a bottom with many rungs in between, learn to climb it and stop trying to fold it up into 1 rung so they are all at the bottom. There is more than one pet combo that can reek havoc, on Tanaan, so why attack the howl part of the howl-bomb. Combining geyser, and whirlpool on the same attack line is fine, but cutting Howl down to 1 round is a desperate act of people scrambling to kowtow to crybabies screaming OP, OP, OP. Cutting Howl in half is going to ruin other strats not just the howl-bomb. But by combining geyser, and whirlpool on the same attack line the only change they will have accomplished the mission of nerfing the howl-bomb, without destroying the other strats that utilize howl. It really is pathetic how sissified they are making this game. I mean it's called (World of Warcraft) not (world of teddy bears, rainbows, pink ribbons, and lollipops). Leave it to blizzard's devo team to jump the shark every time. SMFH Blizzard isn't going to rewrite programming because they are embarrassed that someone smarter than them found a chink in the armor and is exploiting it, and I'll bet you all 640 of my rare pets that the PVE pet trainers, and their pets didn't put in a ticket complaining about how they are getting smacked down because the howl-bomb strat is to OP. It was a person, excuse me, PEOPLE that complained to blizzard about this strat being OP. Blizzard did not choose to unilaterally nerf the howl-bomb without complaints prompting it, and then Blizzard goes off the deep end by over nerfing it.Dædpool107 Jul 29
Jul 29 So Many Pets Collect 600 Unique pets, exactly what do they mean ? Different pets or different RARE pets ?Çirçe3 Jul 29
Jul 28 Timeframe for Clockwork Gnome... Is it possible to spend literally weeks/months doing archaeology and still not get him? I'm starting to think that 10k gold is looking pretty reasonable all of a sudden.Meralyth3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Pets/ Trading Cards Are the trading cards still available, cause I thought they had stopped selling them. I'm in the process of trying to get " Crazy For Cats ", but if I can't get some of the cats I'm basically SOL, and no I really don't want to pay a fortune via the AH.Çirçe1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Thoughts on the pre-patch This pertains to PvP, as I don't PvE much. Of course everything is my opinion, so take it with the usual grain of polite pet battle forum salt :P Blizzard did a decent job on nerfs. No nerfed pet got the FFF treatment; I’ve seen and battled with most of them and they all are still usable. Here are the how the pets that I considered to be in the top tier in WoD are doing now: MPD - A fast pet that can drop a decoy and has an even-split AoE (even a nerfed one) is still good. Teroclaw hatchling - No nerfs, will still be in the top tier unless there’s an extreme power creep with the new Legion pets. Yet another major nerf to damage leaves healers better off than before. Ore Eater - Still very good. Shell Armor was horribly OP, the loss of one round still leaves it useful, especially on fast Ore Eaters. Bone Serpent - Still very good. Out of the top tier undead pets this one suffered the least. It can still pump out loads of damage before the undead racial kicks in. I may move away from using an H/H to a faster breed because of the undead racial nerf, but haven’t tried yet. Graves - Still good. The Consume Corpse/Grave Destruction move set was generally better than Bonestorm/Grave Destruction, now people are essentially forced into using the good move set. Thankfully the undead nerf and breed change brought Graves down quite a bit. I’ve already been beaten by Graves teams quite a few times. Great job Blizzard in not giving it the FFF treatment. Fragment Of Anger - I haven’t used this much yet, but it does seem quite lackluster compared with all of the other pets on this list. The Bone Serpent has massive damage, Graves has Consume Corpse, the MPD has Decoy, the FoA has… a stun. This will still be a great flying pet counter, but I don’t plan on using it much. Might be good if tclaws are a meta pet. For the second xpac in a row, damage has seen a significant nerf, while healing has not. The change from accuracy on attacks to a high/low distribution (MoP->WoD) was a major nerf for damage due to the expected value of the damage of many attacks being lowered significantly. Now AoE attacks have been nerfed in Legion. Photosynthesis/sunny day teams were already too hard to take down without a limited number of counters, now it will be even harder to take them down. I’ve long advocated for Photosynthesis to be nerfed, and now this is probably my biggest concern going into Legion. The undead death bug is still not fixed. To my knowledge this is the longest running bug in pet battles. If an undead pet goes to zero health it should get one more round before it perishes, but if it goes to zero health from some end of turn damage moves (like Elementium Bolt, Whirlpool) and Minefield then it gets two more rounds. This has happened to me since the pre-patch, so it is still not fixed. The nerfs to AoE damage were great, but there are still a few things that need nerfing: Photosynthesis heals for too much in sunny day. A possible solution would be to reduce the back line healing capabilities by x%. Traps still do three things: interrupt, stun, and damage. That’s too much. Make it do two out of those three things, but not all of them. I’ve never bought the “balanced by rng” argument, since the trap can go off at a good/bad time for either opponent. The changes are great, but there are a few things I would love to see happen to make pet battles better: The bottom five racials (elemental, dragonkin, magic, critter, aquatic) made more useful. The undead nerf was a great change, in the future perhaps these less than adequate racials can be looked at. The top five are fine. Different queues - do it like Hearthstone! Unranked queues that can be entered to complete quests (like we have now), ranked queues, and then arena queues where we pick one pet out of a choice of five three times, then battle others in the arena until we lose x times. I know many people don't want this, and I don't really understand why. You don't have to play ranked or arena! Finally, if you’ve been wanting to get into PvP but haven’t, now is a great time! There isn’t a well defined meta, so there are a wide variety of pets and teams you will face. Besides sunny day teams and trap pets there aren’t too many OP pets/teams that you will face. These are the pets I am having success with so far in the pre-patch meta: Fiendish Imp - With less undead around this guy can go back to force swapping and back line healing without much consequence. Jademist Dancer - Clonedance is strong once again now that Graves is not so prevalent. Great against tclaws, sunny day. Snarly/bleeders - Great against sunny day. Mechanicals - Probably the best racial now that undead have been nerfed. Ore Eater - Now that Shell Armor has been nerfed I can use this with a clear conscience. See you in the queue!Discodoggy6 Jul 28
Jul 28 Breeds Is B/B viable in pet battles or not worth it ?Çirçe5 Jul 28
Jul 28 Pet Battle Lag/Failure to start? When I try to enter a pet battle, frequently it "hangs" before cancelling the battle. Sometimes it will run my character to the starting position, sometimes it will load in the pets but attacks won't be selectable, and sometimes I'm able to select a move but it won't progress. More often, though, I try to enter battle and nothing happens. Sometimes, after 10-20 seconds, it'll say "Failed to create pet battle." If I try repeatedly, it might say "Pet battle already in progress." Either way, it's taking me 10+ minutes to defeat one battle pet in Tanaan because of how long it takes to get into a battle that isn't bugged in the way described above. Anyone having similar experiences? It only started today for me so I'm not sure if it's because of the downtime we had this morning or if it's a long-standing issue.Gorta12 Jul 28
Jul 28 Enough is Enough.......... It's bad enough to have to try to create a pet battle six times before you're able to get one started , but then ALL of the buttons are greyed out except the forfeit button. Just a few minutes ago I was in a battle with an Unborn Valkyr common, Squirrel rare, and can't remember the other one. I forfeited the battle released my uncommon level 7 squirrel and re-entered battle, when I came up on the battle with the squirrel which is the pet I wanted I had it down to 52 hp and the trap never highlighted. I saw a message stating I couldn't trap it because I already had 3 squirrels. So another thing messed up with pet battles. Because I've been releasing pets like this all along with no problems. The way things are going right now with ALL the bugs in-game it's quite a deterrent to pet battles.Deathstears1 Jul 28
Jul 27 The world is *not* ending. Can we all just take a collective chill pill here? Yes, the menagerie daily isn't working as intended right now OR was indeed "nerfed". Some of you people are threatening to unsubscribing your account because of it? Really? Most of the people I see complaining about this reference the fact that they have 12 or 13 or 17 alts, all with level 3 garrisons and that they've wasted their hard-earned time for nothing now, etc, etc. Listen, if you have THAT many alts and you're NOT sitting on top of a virtual mountain of pet charms...what the hell have you been doing this whole time? Here's my point: this lack of charms things is TEMPORARY. There WILL be lucrative ways to collects charms in Legion, I promise you. Can we just show a little patience and trust that they know what they're doing. Nice slow breaths, people. We can do this.Brawler29 Jul 27
Jul 27 New Squirt Stratigies (countering the nerf) Most of us regulars here have now seen the blue post with the pet battle balancing/tuning changes for Legion. While I applaud most of the changes, one does concern me - the addition of a 1-round CD to Cleave, used by Weeabomination. Weeabomination is the cornerstone of the most popular leveling strategy for Squirt. But rather than simply complain and moan, I decided to come up with a reliable, alternate strategy, of decent fight length for leveling a pet off of Squirt. I've spent the last couple hours trying different things and seeing what works. The old strategy, for reference: (condensed version - see any of Kalyn's posts for details...) Enter your Enchanted Broom against Deebs /use Sweep - causes Puzzle to replace Deebs) Swap to a leveling pet; Puzzle will "evade". Swap to Weeabomination /use Cleave - cleave ALL the things... /repeat last step Weeabomination will kill the back line pets, but likely die before killing Puzzle Enter your Broom again, and bop it on head to win. -------------------------- My requirements for a replacement strategy: 1) It should be no harder to set up than the current strategy. No super-rare, unobtainable pets that only a small percentage of the playerbase has. (eg. no Blizzcon Murlocs, Collector's Edition pets, or even TCG pets for that matter) 2) The fight should be take a reasonable length of time. My Ruby Droplet can solo Squirt, given 10 minutes. I don't feel like this is practical, not for leveling pets at least. 3) It should be reliable. I've tried some other strategies that use MPD, or others to support a leveling pet, but they don't always succeed. A leveling strategy should be consistently good, with only the worst of RNG halting it. What I've come up with (so far): Leveling Pet (at least level 5) Nightshade Sproutling (S/S - Ninja Breed preferred) Undead pet of your choice... Enter your leveling pet, and use a single ability against Deebs. Swap out the next round for Nightshade Sproutling (NsS) /use Blinding Poison - if your NsS if faster Deebs will be 100% blinded for 2 rounds /use Call Darkness - NsS is an elemental, and therefore ignores the hit debuff from this weather effect /use Lash until Deebs is dead. Tyri will enter next. /use Blinding Poison - again, blinded for two turns /use Call Darkness /use Lash until Tyri is dead Puzzle will enter last. /use Call Darkness if off CD, else Lash Puzzle uses Evade /use Lash - it will be wasted on evade /use Blinding Poison on CD from this point on /use Call Darkness on CD from this point on /use Lash as fill. IF YOUR SPROUTLING DIES - swap to your undead pet and use that to take down Puzzle. Advantages: -It is a fairly quick fight, NsS makes short work of all three enemies. -All pets are obtainable in game, albeit rare, but obtainable. Disadvantages: - Does require a faster NsS. Mine is S/S; I suppose any _/S breed might also work, but haven't access to one right now to test.* S/S Sproutlings aren't always the easiest pet to get. - Slightly RNG-based. I have had the NsS solo the fight a few times, I've also seen him die shortly after Puzzle comes out. In these cases I have used a H/H Bone Serpent to finish off Puzzle. Really, any undead should work here. - Requires at least a level 5 pet. This is because of the initial hit off of Deebs, and some AoE coming in from Tyri. This makes it less flexible than the original strategy at the top, where you can swap in a lvl 1 without worry. -------------------------- If anyone wants to help test/refine this method, or has found other strategies that are fairly quick, reliable, and obtainable to most players, share your thoughts here! Happy Battles. ~Zookeeper Xian Lei *Edit: After looking up and comparing the stats for S/S Sproutlings and for mixed-speed sproutlings, the S/S breed is the only viable one for this strategy. The advantage of effectively blocking two whole attacks by using blinding poison first is just too much to give up. (Puzzle is the fastest enemy on the three, with a speed of 301)Xianlei31 Jul 27
Jul 27 FR drops I've noticed along with all the failed to create pet battles that when you finally create pet battle after 5 times that during the battle the frame rate drops from 60 to anywhere from 25 to 13. WHY ???Çirçe0 Jul 27
Jul 27 New Pet Battler I just reinstalled WoW onto my comp after a 4 year break from the game. I was curious about pet battles, and have become rather hooked on going out and trying to catch a bunch. As of yet, I have just been enjoying trying to find different types of pets to battle. My 5 most used critters are between levels 11 and 13. I must say that I really enjoy how each of these pets are accessible account wide. That has made catching and using rarer creatures a relief. So far, I am having the best luck using combinations of the Onyxia whelpling, pink elephant (or whatever the WoW word for elephant is), Strand crawler crab, Siamese cat and Speedy the snail, when I am battling NPC's on the quest line. For capturing the different creature types in the zones, I will have one strong creature, and two mid to low level pets, to use in case I encounter a rare blue, and want to capture it alive. I have found forest moths to be the most hated type of opponent to face. I could swear the game is taking two turns to my one... One thing that I have noticed, to my annoyance, is that ever since the servers came back up after last Tuesday's big pre Xpac patch, I have some characters that CAN see battle creatures as I game, and others that canNOT. Most all of the ones that cannot see other pets are level 20 and under, but I have two characters that "could" see pets to battle, and for about the past week, have not been able to see anything. I have tested this by having them log out in a specific spot that I know has frequent animals to challenge, then logging a different character in the same spot. Some can see the creatures to battle, others cannot - in the same spot. Does anybody have advice on this? Before I close, I will share an amusing mistake that I made. I didn't know that you could access any vanity pet that you had acquired over the past ten years, and I was onto my second NPC when I realized that I was not restricted to using the black king snake the trainer had sold to me in Orgrimmar! I was a tad embarrassed when I figured that out.Gedvos7 Jul 27
Jul 27 Thats alot of pet food Bug beware... A few weeks ago i had the Bright idea to delete all my non cageable pets that we not rare.Big mistake.... It broke my Counter when adding New pets caught or bought i was stuck at 394 for a week or so and knew i had added over 400 . 7 tickets later and no help . I thoungt maybe it counts what you have and if you sell or delete it stops counting. well i was right i spent a day and a half of game play about 12 hours recatching what i deleted and it worked . got my achive. This needs to be fixed it seems ........Maroesance8 Jul 27
Jul 27 Pet Battle Failure....Enough is Enough >.< Seriously, its just one pet battle failure after another and its been going on for days now and getting worse as each day passes. Lets get an official word on this and an acknowledgement that its being looked into because this simply should not be happening for this length of time with zero dev support.Wïnchester8 Jul 27
Jul 27 Missing pets Hi all. Anyone having an issue with logging in and all of your pets are missing from the journal?Druimeister3 Jul 27
Jul 27 post 7.0 Tannan Jungle trainers Any advice on a quick and easy team to farm them with? Howl bomb got nerfed I know. I'm just looking for something simple to farm up some additional charms with.Yukio7 Jul 27
Jul 27 Best teammates for starlette and teroclaw? Decided to become a pet tamer, cannot find a wonderful guide.. Recommend Graves? Nerfed. Recommened Chrominius and water spirit? Nerfed...........damn i already used my instant lv25 stone on graves..Alexliang9 Jul 27
Jul 27 Addon for possible Legion breeds Before WoD hit there was an addon that used info from the beta to show the breeds from the beta in our journal. I can't remember what it was, it may have been made by Simca. Anyone know if something similar is available for the Legion pets that are in our journal? In lieu of that, is there any site that has a page dedicated to the new breeds? I looked in the WCP "Pets" tab and couldn't find all of the new pets. I was going to start discussing the new pets in my videos, but so many of them depend on breed. Thanks.Discodoggy4 Jul 27
Jul 26 Bugged Garrison daily quest? Since the pre-patch, i'm having really strange issues with the Garrison pet tamer daily question. I normally do it across 3 characters every day. I know there was a time change, but that's not the issue i'm experiencing - at least one of my characters has not been able to complete the quest at all since the patch, and another has been able to do it twice in one day (taking the time change into account). I have been able to accept the quest, and do the battle, but winning doesn't light the ? up as if I finished. I've dropped it, and not been able to pick it back up. Has anyone else had issues?Cross17 Jul 26
Jul 26 Corrupted Nest Guardian Are the battle pets and companions priced the same or are the battle pets the only one worth anything? thanks!Pöllux2 Jul 26
Jul 26 Menegerie daily account wide? I did the pet daily today on one toon, but it is no longer offered on my other toons. Is this intended or are pet battles really messed up right now? I don't see anything in the patch notes.Lookatmyhat56 Jul 26