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15h New Adventures (Just Down the Hall) New Adventures (Just Down the Hall)—A Message From Tom Chilton Greetings fellow WoW players, It’s been a little over a month since we launched Legion, and it’s been awesome to see players enjoying so many different aspects of the expansion—leveling up their characters and Artifacts, diving into World Quests, taking on the Emerald Nightmare. Legion PvP Season 1 is going strong, and some of the best Arena teams from around the world are competing for a chance to battle on the big stage at BlizzCon. Soon we’ll be releasing our first new content update for the expansion—Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan—which opens up the Mythic 5-player Karazhan dungeon, continues the story of Suramar, introduces a new raid, and adds even more World Quests and other content. But that’s just the start of it, as we have what we believe to be an extremely exciting patch plan for the rest of the expansion. For me, Legion has been more than just another expansion, though—it’s the culmination of more than a decade of work with one of the best development teams I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. And it’s with a mix of excitement, sadness, and gratitude that I’m saying farewell to the WoW team and moving on to a new adventure within Blizzard. In 2004, before I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve as game director, I started on the World of Warcraft team as a senior game designer. As you can imagine, World of Warcraft was quite a bit different in 2004. Early that year, there were just 60 of us on the team. Around that time in the Friends and Family Alpha, questing was only available up to level 25—for the Alliance only—and the Horde wasn’t playable at all. Some players were even using dial-up modem connections to access the test. Many on the team still debated on whether the Horde and Alliance should be separated into factions. (We know how that one turned out.) Several other core features of the game didn’t even exist, including raids and PvP. We’ve come a long way since then, with six expansions under our belts to go along with countless raids, dungeons, Battlegrounds, features, and more. My personal journey working on WoW as Game Director is at an end, but my journey with Blizzard isn’t. I’ll still be here, but will be focusing on another project within the company. However, it’s with great pleasure that I announce Ion Hazzikostas will be taking my place as Game Director for World of Warcraft. I know that WoW will be in great hands with Ion at the helm. He’s been an integral part of the team for more than eight years and has contributed to so many aspects of the game’s development—from class design to encounter design and nearly everything in between. He also has an amazing team at his side—the same epic crew that brought you all the content you’re enjoying in Legion. As a member of the WoW team, I can assure you that the future for World of Warcraft continues to be bright—and as a player, I’m excited to discover what’s in store next alongside all of you. World of Warcraft is the product of the passion of both the team and all of its players, so I’d also like to thank each of you for the wonderful journey that working on the WoW development team has been. Thank you, and may you have many more epic adventures!Kalgan173 15h
Sep 1 World of Warcraft: Legion now live! Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance, Azeroth needs your aid. The Burning Legion has returned—and World of Warcraft: Legion is NOW LIVE! The time has come to embark on your quest to the Broken Isles, to seek out and master Artifact weapons of legendary might, and to rally like-minded champions to your cause in your Order Hall. In this desperate hour, you must also strike a forbidden pact with the outcast Demon Hunters of the Illidari, fel-twisted disciples of the dreaded Illidan the Betrayer. Should you fail... worlds will burn. Purchase World of Warcraft: Legion now, and prepare yourself: kingdoms will burn. ------ Help and Support: You can find a list of common questions and answers related to Legion, Legion quests, and more located on the World of Warcraft Customer Support forums. If you do not see the issue you're encountering listed, feel free to browse the Customer Support forum to see if other players are having the same problem. Game Masters Legion Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Start here for assistance: Get Help ------ Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Legion — The Fate of Azeroth Trailer Legion Artifact Systems Preview Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide Harbingers - Khadgar Harbingers - Gul'Dan Harbingers - Illidan Legion Cinematic Trailer ------ New Content & Features: New Class: Demon Hunter - Demon hunters, disciples of Illidan Stormrage, uphold a dark legacy, one that frightens their allies and enemies alike. Artifact Weapons - The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth with its full force, and the world’s heroes must discover new pinnacles of power to halt this unrelenting threat. World Quests - In World of Warcraft: Legion, questing at level 110 comes in new variations called World Quests Class Halls - Every class needs a place to call home—a special retreat where support can be found, and a war room in which plans can be made. Legion PvP and Dungeon & Raid Schedules - Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion. Battle to Level 110 - Travel to the Broken Isles in search of the Pillars of Creation, powerful relics used to shape Azeroth and explore all-new zones as you grow in power. Ornyx0 Sep 1
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18h Rated PvP Gearing As we’d previously announced, our intention with gear rewarded from rated PvP in Patch 7.0.3 is for the chance to receive a Warforged/Titanforged piece of gear to increase as your rating increases. We’ve recently discovered a bug that is causing that system not to function. Currently, rated PvP is always rewarding item level 840 gear, regardless of rating. That is not our intent. We’re currently working on a fix for this issue, and once it’s ready, we’ll apply it during weekly restarts. We want to correct it as quickly as possible, but don’t want to inadvertently punish players who have already collected their weekly bonus chests. We’re also implementing more rigorous testing procedures for future PvP seasons to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Realistically, we should have caught this bug during testing, but didn’t. That’s completely our fault, and we apologize. That said, we’re not really happy with the current model for PvP gearing anyway (even ignoring this issue), and we’re planning to make a couple of key changes for Patch 7.1. For starters, instead of having rating increase the chance for a piece to roll Warforged or Titanforged, it will increase the minimum item level that a piece can be. So, as your rating increases, you will be guaranteed to earn higher item level gear, regardless of whether it Warforges or not. We’re also going to clearly tell you what the minimum item level you can receive is, to remove the guesswork. Secondly, instead of basing gear off of your current rating, it will be based on the highest rating you earned in the previous week. This means you’ll always be rewarded for your best performance of the week, no matter when exactly that was. Again, we apologize that we didn’t recognize and correct the issue with the current gearing system sooner, but are hopeful that the changes in Patch 7.1 will result in a better overall experience for everyone.Ornyx150 18h
2d Legion PvP and Dungeon & Raid Schedule When it comes to dungeons and raids in World of Warcraft: Legion, launch on August 30 is just the beginning. Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion. Legion PvP Season 1 The new PvP season begins September 20, but you'll be able to begin earning Honor right away with the launch of Legion. Learn more about the new PvP Honor and Prestige system here. Dungeons and Raids Once the expansion is live, you’ll also want to mark your calendar for some additional dates of note: Tuesday, August 30–When Legion is live, dungeons will immediately be available on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Mythic dungeon difficulty will become available at 8am PDT in alignment with the weekly dungeon reset time. Tuesday, September 20–The Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon opens on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Mythic Keystones will begin dropping which will allow increased challenge and rewards from Mythic dungeons. Tuesday, September 27–Mythic difficulty for the Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon opens. The first wing of Raid Finder difficulty for Emerald Nightmare opens. Tuesday, October 4–Raid Finder Wing 2 of Emerald Nightmare opens. Tuesday, October 18–Raid Finder Wing 3 of Emerald Nightmare opens. We look forward to seeing you in the Broken Isles!Ornyx38 2d
26m Patch 7.1 Arrives on October 25! Mark your calendars and get ready to make your Return to Karazhan on October 25! Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan will take you further into the ongoing stories within Legion and bring with it new and exciting challenges. Are you brave enough to step through this dark tower’s doors once more?Ornyx134 26m
5h Changes to Mythic Keystone Rewards We’re deploying a hotfix as soon as possible that will change some of the contents of the chests at the end of Mythic Keystone dungeon runs: The Artifact Power contained in Challenger’s Cache awarded for completing a given difficulty will now contain increasing amounts of Artifact Power depending on the difficulty cleared. Prior to the hotfix, this Cache contained 400 base (pre-Knowledge-modifier) Artifact Power. After the hotfix: Mythic 2-3: 500 base Artifact Power Mythic 4-6: 800 base Artifact Power Mythic 7-9: 1000 base Artifact Power Mythic 10+: 1200 base Artifact Power At the same time, any additional (bonus) chests awarded for beating the Mythic Keystone timer by a very large amount will no longer contain any Artifact Power. They will still contain items of the appropriate power level, as before. All Challenger’s Caches will now also contain gold. The bonus chests you receive when you dominate a dungeon so thoroughly that your Keystone upgrades multiple times are intended to make sure that you don’t miss out on loot. You shouldn’t feel like it’s a mistake to blow away the timer. However, Artifact Power is available in nearly every type of endgame content, so your other reward for going faster is time saved, and that time could be spent pursuing more Artifact Power from its many other sources. These changes are aimed at aligning the efficiency of the different tiers of difficulty, so that a well-geared group of dungeon experts is rewarded more for tackling a high-level Mythic dungeon, rather than incentivized to stomp an entry-level dungeon.Ornyx189 5h
1m They Don't "Really" Trust Us When you come upon some encampment (just some random one), you get called "hero" or "commander" and they need our help desperately... but they are not willing to provide us with the gear we need to accomplish the job in a more efficient manner... unless they trust us more completely. Hey bud, if you really want my help, give me your best or I go home! To heck with this "exalted" stuff. Quest Giver: I will give you these awesome greaves if you complete this quest. Me: Why can't you give them to me now? I could really use them in my battle with the bandits that have been kicking your butts. Quest Giver: Nah. Go save us first, then the greaves are yours. You are our only hope!Pocopeligro1 1m
1m Bnet voice chat So Ive been bnet friends with "XgamergurlX" for almost 2 years. She told me she's a real gamer girl who has every Halo game on PS3 and uses "XD" alot. Me and her have flirted alot, role played a few times and Ive given her alot of gold and gifts in game aswell as helping her run through raids for gear and transmog. She always told me she doesnt use skype but recently ive finally had the oppunity to talk to her on voice via Bnet. I created a call, she answered and I heard a deep manly voice say "Hey Ero" and I quickly hung up. Ive reported this player for scamming and removed them from friends list but is there anyway I can get a GM to restore the gold and items I lost?Erodan4 1m
1m Give titles to people who played in vanilla pleaseKhalise29 1m
1m You know what's actually missing? I just had the most amazing realization... I'd been getting kind of down, feeling like people were complaining about everything - and I realized that's incorrect. You know what's actually missing? The whole "WoW is too easy" complaints. They aren't there. They aren't happening. For better or worse, that attitude is absent.Snowfox13 1m
2m Class ideas! Go! Feel free to let your creativeness soar!Camaora3 2m
2m Can we get our new Worgen models? This post is a continuation of: and As the Two previous post have Capped on Replies. So continue your Replies here: - If you are new to this post, please check out the Original two Posts linked above and their combined 50 pages worth of replies to catch up on replies full of support, ideas, and opinions on various aspects and subjects of the Worgen and related by numerous others and myself. However to reiterate: The WoW community has been asking for various fixes on the Worgens since their introduction. There has always been issues and complaints in regards to the Worgen Race; everything from the female's Chihuahua face and perma-snarl, to the male's Muppet mouth and hunched back, overall awkward animations, various quirks, and a ton more issues or problems that left a lot of players, including the Worgen players themselves, unsatisfied since Cataclysm. We would also love if Blizzard were to deliver on their statements made during the time of Warlords of Draenor's release when they have actually posted on this official World of Warcraft website, and also stated during live Events: that Worgen (and Goblin) models were going to be updated. However, as we all know, Blizzard to date has failed to deliver. Lastly, we feel that with Genn Greymane playing a major role, with new Worgen-involved lore unfolding before our eyes, and with a heavier than usual Worgen presence in the upcoming Legion expansion, the consensus of replies agreed that this would be a great time for updates to the Worgen race sometime during Legion (even if that's during a later patch).Backsabbath2385 2m
3m Battle.Net listening to microphone? So I restarted my app today because it said there was an update and voice chat was added. That's fine, even though I have no desire to use it. The problem is, however, that it has "open mic" on by default and doesn't give any way to opt-out of the system. I noticed this immediately (whenever something gets added I won't use, like streaming, I tend to try to turn it off ASAP) but I have the feeling others may not. So a few questions come up: 1) Why is it set to "open mic" by default? Isn't that a bit strange? Call me paranoid, but do I need listening to my microphone by default? 2) Why is there no way in the client to disable the feature entirely? Just changing to "push to talk" isn't disabling it. I have no desire or need to use this feature, and I'd like a way to stop it from being used at all. 3) Does this affect the terms and conditions that we agreed to to use the client? If so, how? Is the microphone input being stored or parsed anywhere? Is there a plan to push this feature further in the future? Please give us a way to turn this feature off entirely if we choose not to use it, much like you did with streaming. Having it on by default isn't a great idea, and I have a feeling more people than just us paranoids might be bothered by it. Thanks.Chongadilla160 3m
3m Twisting Winds/Bough of Corruption Buffs? Are the intellect/agility trinkets from Spiderbird and Xavius going to get buffed? They're dumpsterfire bad right now.Finalf2 3m
3m Returning player expansion question Hello all, I used to play WoW a good bit in high school and have very fond memories of hanging out with guild mates and killing, looting and even playing the occasional game of capture the flag. I have been considering getting back in for sometime and after watching the Warcraft movie with my 8 year old I decided to come back and show her some of the world. I started last night with a fresh warrior roll, as I believe my old account is deleted or inaccessible and had a lot of fun retracing my foot steps from years ago. My question is now if I am considering running all the way through the game should I buy legions now or wait until I achieve a higher level? I'm not really interested in the boost to 100 at this time because I would like to enjoy running through the world and progressing again, so I was just wondering if it would be better to wait on Legion since I'm guessing most of the content is end game. Thank you guys in advance for the advice.Thadros2 3m
4m A Letter to Bajheera Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy. I have recently come back to WoW for Legion and have been playing on my mage (Hersheysqrt), and beloved warrior (Vealbasher). I have always been very mechanically challenged in real life, and in the mmos I play. I used to play the game DC Universe Online where I was a noble sidekick to a player named Wulgar. At the time I had become a habitual drug user and found myself doing things I normally would not. I even went as far as to steal in game currency from my commanding officer (Wulgar). I was kicked out of the league and banished, this left me incredibly depressed and only caused me to abuse drugs and alcohol further. Here is a link to an apology letter I wrote to Wulgar in hopes he would forgive me, he never responded. I found my life spiralling out of control. I started to put on weight, and my long time girlfriend (known as Paris) left me for another player. Here is a picture of us just a few days before she called it off I thought that my life couldn't get any worse. Then one day I discovered a streamer on Twitch who played World of Warcraft named Bajheera. Bajheera was so charismatic and awesome while playing. What got me the most was his amazingly ripped body. Even though he sat at a computer all day, he still had chiselled abs and huge pecs. Needless to say I was in love. So I started playing WoW, and believe me I struggled at first but I think I am finding my momentum. Finally getting my rotation down (which was really hard for a warrior), I got my character all the way to ilvl 823 by myself. All I can say is Bajheera saved me. Now when I feel less motivated I just look at this picture I have even started working out after I get home from my job (I wash windows at a local pizzeria, I make about $300 a day in tips alone) Here are my workout results so far, not much to see but at least I got a sweet new haircut I just wanted to say thank you to Bajheera and the WoW community for making me a better person.Jeremyparent8 4m
5m AP Sharing So..I'm sure there are many people here who like to have at least 1 or 2 alts in storage for when Raid content (or pvp) winds down, gets boring, or guild needs a different class. Things happen, diversity is what makes the game fun (for me atleast) especially with all the artifact story lines now. With that being said, Lets talk about Artifact Points. As a player that played the game when we actually had talent trees (not this 5 point lazy BS) I welcomed the AP/Artifact talent mechanic with open arms. Then Live came, it still seemed great...more talents to invest in, cool abilities from said talents etc. Then you start the grind over when you want to level something else...shoot me. Would I be out of line if i asked for, at the very least, got a % of my highest AP aquired? or my artifact knowledge research to increase the beginning AP grind. I can't be possibly the only one who has wished for this, especially since without AP you're at such a disadvantage in the game as a whole. If you reroll for your guild, you're already starting over on gear, AP should be less of a burden for alts than it is. Alts are an important part of this game, we need to get back to making it game friendly to have at least 1 alt in the background. There are enough time sinks, this shouldn't be in the forefront of that catagory, in my opinion.Emeasia0 5m
6m 0 Legendary club Theirs only one rule. That to have the research for 2 legendarys when you don't even have one. Who else is with me?Heavyhammer37 6m
7m "Forced" Group Content? Okay, so, I don't mean to come across as... bitter or something, but what I've seen on the forums lately just absolutely baffles me. Genuinely. Why are people complaining about content geared towards groups of players in an MMO? Warcraft is meant to be played with other people. It's literally right there. Massive Multiplayer Online. And, yeah, there is plenty you can do by yourself already. Why are we starting riots over this?Purebred55 7m
9m the pass word change have you ever had to change your password almost every time you log in cause your in a line of work that takes you everywhere? i do, i am in the us army . i use wow to spend time with my wife and kids..far from home . i keep getting locked out of my account. i got one of the key chains that is to keep my account safe but right now its also just another pain in the butt. cant they just fix it that if you have the key chain you can move around with out changing your pass word i mean come on now. there has to be a fix..(other than me leaving the army) my friends that are in the army as well have quit playing for this reason and others but this was at the top of there list.please what can help me stop getting locked out of my account?Hyprothurmia3 9m
9m Thanks for looking out for us (Witch Hat) Thanks blizzard, I always wanted to have a collection of aesthetically high quality soulbound cosmetic witch hats that I can't transmogrify. It would be silly if you had let me or other players to transmogrify those updated and cool looking hats. To think it was possible to be transmogrified, I would had been bothered to do the dailies everyday in hope of collecting them all, using all of my alts. Hahha Thank you for looking out for us players you great dev you. You've saved us time of not bothering to that silly witch hats hunt.. heheh Silly me for getting my hopes up and getting all of my alternates to Val just so I can farm those hats since I wanted to transmog myself into a garden Gnome. Tranmogrifying my toon into a Garden Gnome would had been too silly for the game to handle? Imagine the faces of Horde when I do BG and they say :"wtf garden gnomes can't shoot from a gun, wtf blizz gnerf garden gnomes" Yes so much confusion can exist! Oh according to twitter the 'cosmetic' tag will be removed from the witch hats, good job, but I don't think it would fix anything. Why not just remove the hats? Since they are game breaking items, players might decide to use them instead of their own armor and that would cause a lot of silliness that we should strive to avoid. 9Just remove the hats and everyone would be happy.g0 thanks blizzAzlan17 9m
10m Make Underlight Angler BOA I really think this artifact should become BOA.Vymmi0 10m
10m Class Fantasy and Pruning This is something I've never been able to understand. Yes, class fantasies are put in place to make each spec feel more unique. But why can't pruned abilities just instead be tweaked to match their respective spec's theme? As an example, instead of hunter traps for bm, why not call in one of your beasts to stealth at a designated area ready to ambush, incapacitating/dealing damage to anybody that's nearby? Or instead of gorefiend's grasp for frost dk's, a howling torrent of cold that pulls people within reach towards a specific location? Whether it's a lack of imagination, resource, or simply pure laziness, the fact of the matter is you're turning a lot of your demographic off with ability pruning. The main thrill for me and many other players (pve and pvp alike) is the management of several abilities at once. It gives a healthy sense of competition, whether you're looking to top healing/dps charts in pve or outplay other players in pvp. Whether it's simply an excuse to simplify the game even further to accommodate new and long time returning players, I'm sure they'd appreciate the game even more with the more dynamic and complex formula we've all grown to know and love. Please, Blizzard. Give us our buttons back.Fivehead92 10m
11m I think blizzard realized they messed up Another Edit:. I do NOT hate legion. I'm just already waiting for the next MAJOR game changer. If that doesn't come i'll be waiting for the next expansion for them to try again. I'll always play WoW, i just don't have fun playing current legion. Blizzard has been quiet the past bit so I think they are working on something big, I just hope it isn't going to make PvP even worse. TLDR at the bottom. /rant over. Inb4 cya Legion looked good on paper, until it got put into practice. It honestly was fun... For the first month. I literally cannot see myself playing this for any longer than a couple hours a week, and that's for when they decide to change how PvP is. Legion needs a major overhaul. 1. Wanna know why artifacts won't work? They aren't balanced, they added a very very very large grind to the game that not only isn't optional, it's mandatory. Mandatory. That's the problem. Timbermaw rep wasn't mandatory. Grinding hydraxian rep wasn't mandatory. !@#$, grinding shattrath, Aldor or scryer rep wasn't mandatory, but if you did you got some cool stuff. 2. 100% RNG. Enough said. 3. Everyone has such high standards now. Back in Vanilla, back in BC and even WotlK, nobody knew wtf a good WoW game was, or what good/bad grinds were. But it's a double edged sword, because the same goes for blizzard, and the less they seemed to know, or have input on the better. They have too many people on board, all making decisions trying to make the game more user friendly, and easier, taking the work and all of the decisions away from everyone. Everyone has the same weapon, everyone has the same stats, everyone has the same transmogs, everyone has the same level of patience ( None ). LET US BE DIFFERENT. LET ME PLAY MY CHARACTER THE WAY I WANT WITH DIFFERENT STATS THAN EVERYONE ELSE WITHOUT MAKING ME COMPLETELY USELESS. I remember when i had the option to reforge to hit cap my rogue, or the option to push haste/crit. Both with their pro's and cons, but i prefered being hit capped over other rogues. The majority of the player base doesn't even know what it's like to make a decision for themselves. Blizzard already made it for them, and they already made the next 1000 for them as well ,they just don't know it yet. 4. PvP. This is the single only reason I came back to legion was to push for gladiator again, and it is literally at the worst point PvP has EVER been in. I have played in every arena season. The majority of major patch content patches (except for half of MoP) and this is the worst balancing and the actual game has been. Wtf is this random gear given for 1 win each week? Is that a joke? Blizzard seriously couldn't come up with something better then that?!?!? 1 WIN = 1 PIECE OF GEAR, RANDOMLY GIVEN TO YOU BY GOD? Why was PvP vendors so bad? Why was arena points bad? Why was having better gear, that you worked for, not fair over someone who didn't have gear they didn't work for? How does that make sense? "It's not fair, he has better gear then me. It's not fair, he is better than me." Ok... Well go work for the gear then if its a big deal. Or, get better at the game. Why is PvE mandatory for anyone who wants to be semi viable in PvP? COULD YOU IMAGINE, TELLING THE PvE WORLD, THEY NEEDED TO BE GOOD AT PvP TO TOUCH PvE CONTENT? THE GAME WOULD SHUT DOWN. TL;DR. I vigorously enjoyed legion for the first while until I was faced with all the major flaws of the game. It's too late to change them this expansion, except for maybe PvP. Hoping for a major PvP change in 7.1 or 7.2. Other then that, all the content is the exact same as WoD. The story even sucks. Lol suramar. Nice try again, you had so much potential with suramar and it's a 2/10. You guys could have done better,Transforrmer227 11m
13m Blizzard doesn't answer questions in forums. It seems to me Blizzard does not directly answer in forums. Especially content questions and the really big one; When is flying going to be available to those how bent over and did the patriotic, you better jump through all our hoops including forced Raiding, Blizzard pathfinder? I paid for mounts and invested heavily my time to earn it in both WOD and now Legion. Blizzard needs to keep their word and open flying now. Or I suspect I won't be the only one boycotting paying for a game that cheats me out of content I paid for.Greatangelo14 13m
13m 5th Offtank Since Raid Tier Began So I just have to vent. Whenever our guild gets a tank, they come on a run or two then up and disappear. People in the guild have to offtank to fill in, but they all hate tanking and are quick to drop it when a new person comes in. I never realized how much synergy the two tanks need to develop until working with our 5th offtank. Tonight we got chewed out by the raid leader in vent for not getting the heroic Ursoc taunt rotation down. At first I told the offtank to just taunt whenever DBM told us to. We got Ursoc down to 5%. But after getting chewed out I started to call taunts in vent instead. That didn't work out and we took a huge step back. Then all the !@# chewing we were getting made me even more nervous and screwed up and we couldn't even get past the first taunt rotation! Now I don't even want to tank. I've been tanking since vanilla, but keep getting called a "new" tank. I'm really not having a fun time.Essamune31 13m
14m No gear = no group. No group = No gear. The Wrath paradox is back. I've been rejected by 30+ raid pugs on my lock (ilvl 843). Wasted about 3 hours. I've been stuck in place for weeks now. I can't get into Mythics. I can't get into normal raids. I can't get my artifact quests done. NOTHING. I can't even start my own groups! People won't even join (or if they do, they leave immediately) if you don't outgear the content you're attempting to run. I'm incredibly close to just walking away. This is not fun anymore.Kahlee210 14m
15m Elementals just want dialogue, part 2 Link to previous capped thread : Edit: OP of last thread, for ease of reading for a blue, courtesy of Falcinz ...Zadaar337 15m
15m Happy Friday Fellow Adventurers May you have an awesome day at work, a fantastic and safe evening full of feasting and drink, and a weekend of relaxation and companionship. Don't forget to feed the dog.Pocopeligro0 15m
16m Draenor flying can you reduce the flying requirements now that the xpac is over? I really don't want to work on upgrading my garrison just for this.Veronx1 16m
18m Explain 7.1 Warlock talent swap plz Literally no blue responses to the topic on the PTR forums (in fact there are no blue responses to a single post on that forum so I don't know if it's actually being read.) Anyway, they are swapping Demon Skin with Demonic Circle for warlocks in 7.1. This is the complete opposite of "doubling down on warlocks strength of being a tanky caster" seems to maybe be aimed at forcing us to pick up more mobility and sacrifice some of our tankiness. But I have no idea. There has been literally no developer feedback or explanation for the change. No warlocks were asking for this change. Every warlock post, including on the PTR forum has been against this change. All I'm looking for is a why. Personally I really dislike the change because I'm probably going to be forced off of taking burning rush which is one of my favorite talents :(Fappy267 18m
18m Legion invasions Please bring them back, they were so much fun and made the boring grind of lvling from lvl 1 - 100 less.. boring. It'd make sense, why would the legion suddenly stop invading once dalaran is teleported? My only tip would be to add an option to disable them.Toefu10 18m
18m This game is falling apart There is zero maintenance for the servers and the amount of bugs/glitches is overwhelming. Everything feels like a gamble whether its going to function properly or not.Rafikitiki14 18m
19m @Outlaw Rogues EDIT: Thank you Ornyx for at least acknowledging this thread, but just like blizzard's obsession with twitter, it would have been nice for you to post here instead. There's a high chance that almost none of us would have seen that post about that guy's transmog. ... I just don't know what to do anymore. I did a normal clear tonight and it just felt awful. Rerolling 6+ times for trash, rerolling sometimes more for bosses. My start up was so slow on almost every pull, I haven't seen a 6roll in a week. I love outlaw thematically and aesthetically, they have some of my favorite artifact skins and I generally still look forward to getting them. But I've invested so, so much time into this character. I haven't had a legendary drop and I compete well against my guildies who do and it just seems like a huge slap in the face that everyone got these huge nerfs reverted but blizzard still felt that outlaw was too powerful. If blizzard is worried about what we MIGHT do with a 6roll and good luck on mechanics and uptime, why not reel in the potency of the RTB buffs and make 1 buff the same chance as 6 buffs with rogues mostly floating with 2 or 3 buffs? Why not make SnD a more attractive option instead of having to take an ability that we traditionally learned at like level 6 for the last 10 years just to curb the RNG of our class? Why do I have to sacrifice lovely MfD for a 10 year old finisher? Why isn't there a talent that smooths out RtB a bit to make us more reliable if we don't want to play slots with our DPS? Why did you nerf RT when it's a massive portion of our DPS, then you nerfed our regen which is already sluggish to begin with? It's not fun to have rerolled 4+ times, have no energy and also have to wait 3-4 seconds for energy to trickle back in EVEN when you've gone out of your way to sac a bit of versatility for haste. I just don't understand. All the top specs have going for them, aside from fire are all fairly promised, non RNG damage. But we had to be nerfed because of what we might do, without accounting for what we usually do, and that's do average DPS with occasional moments of pure glory. I love outlaw outside of RTB, and I don't want to funnel AP into another weapon for a spec I know I won't enjoy as much. With the nerfs to RT and our regen, the spec has felt more sluggish than ever and the payoff is not nearly as high. This doesn't feel fun or feel good and other classes are looking more and more attractive. The percentage of players that play rogues is like 5-6% because there are three other leather wearers that do it better and more reliably. Why break something that wasn't even as potent as the top 5 specs last patch? I just don't know what to do anymore.Razzed1979 19m
20m Artifact Knowledge for Alts Suggestion A lot of people are feeling like they have no time for an alt, or that leveling an alt is a bigger burden than ever, and they're right. Sure, it may be quicker later in the expansion, but right now you have to wait days for your AK to build up, you have to treat your alt like a main to grind out Traits (and with RNG Legendaries, the longer you spend on an alt the better the chance you might miss one on your main). So, my proposal: First, create Achievements for reaching AK 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25. Each achievement allows you to purchase 5 Artifact Research from your Class Hall vendor for 1000 Resources each. You'd still have to grind out that AK on your main, but all that progress slowly carries over onto your alts. I chose the cost to be 1000 because a fresh 110 toon should have around 10K resources, enough for 10 Research Notes if you decide to forsake any Class Hall Upgrades. Once people are AK 25, you'd still have to grind out an additional 15K resources on an alt which is a fair compromise. New people joining Legion will have the catch-up system with reduced AK research time, but alts would have that + the ability to buy notes.Zamochy1 20m
22m Disable voice chat? i don't need or want this enabled, i can't find the button to disable it though. Aside from closing completely and not using it, how do i disable voice chat?Trel59 22m
22m WARCRAFT 4 I'm going to throw my computer through the wall if they don't announce it soon.. then I'm going to rip of my Dick and through it into a volcano... HAHAHA. but really Blizz, the world needs this!Mëthodman6 22m
22m 139k order resources I have 139k order resources and nothing to spend them on. Blizzard, can you please put an NPC in with stuff I can buy for order resources?Notthehair24 22m
24m Balance of Power Questline gated by Nighthold As people started finishing their corrupted essence questline in Emerald Nightmare this week (btw, they drop in all 3 organized difficulties, so to maximize farming, do all 3 if possible. For most that means doing heroic and normal. Don't skip normal!) it came to people's realization that you can't complete the questline until Nighthold releases! Why? Its not too far away (probably January), but it certainly feels odd that you basically get nothing from completing this for awhile. Just curious on the thinking.Ningjiing46 24m
25m Giant *** NPCs lol There has to be a better way to highlight important story NPCs than making them jarringly and immersion destroying 10 feet tall. IjsNevaro8 25m
26m Did Blizzard remove some WQ? I rememebr at start, in suramar, there were 2 blue elite WQ. One was Trio something...had 3 Elven elites and quest was buggy on if you completed it (i killed em tons and never got it e_e...) other was in the very bottom of felsoul hold area or w/e (where u can loot the shimmering mana chunk) another blue elite quest with the demon who could 1 shot you if u didnt move.Lockedheart8 26m
32m What do you look like? Are you attractive?Evilock122 32m
33m Blingtron 6000 sucks! So first I have to wait till I get engineering to 800, which really isn't that easy to do in Legion thanks to crappy rng of getting new patterns that give you recipes and the astronomical amounts of mats required to make something. Now I finally get to make my Blingtron 6k, so excited!!! After getting all the materials required I finally make one and then I have to make "reaves batteries", (which I have to create every time), for my B6K and what do i get the first 3 days of using it?...a FRIGGIN BINARY BOOK! worth 50 silver! SERIOUSLY BLIZZARD W...T...F!!! Now I know rng is rng but really! Blizzard you have become the biggest troll this ex-pac.Stéampunk49 33m
33m i hate blood elves. i hate hate HATE blood elves so muuuuch /squeeeeal!!!!!!. Wish the alliance could do somethinig about wiping out blood elves species altogether.Gnomefist388 33m
36m Is it worth race swticthing? I'm thinking of switching to pandaran for the food buff bonus. Just wwondering if it's worth the money. I have two toons that I would wanna switch if it's worth it.Reinhurt11 36m
36m is the class you're playing still fun Hey, I've been switching from a healer pally and a range hunter to keep my mind fresh and to avoid boredom. How are you doing with your class? I'm looking for an advice on how to keep fresh with my favourite game (wow)Champron3 36m
37m Still waiting on the Excitement. Just got a legendary cloak. Doubles my AMS time so while not great, its not un-useful for dps or tanking. Still waiting for all this excitement to happen upon me from this drop I just got. (Sarcasm aside I find this random drop system out of place for a game that's about work=reward counter intuitive. Wow having such potentially impactful items shoved into a slot machine where were expected to swoon all over an orange slotted item falling out is ridiculous.) TLDR: The developers should really stop trying to tell the players how we should "feel" about their design decisions so they stop looking foolish at every turn.Dyslexica8 37m
38m Marks of Honor Why is the drop rate so low for a purely cosmetic item? Are they even real? Is it just a myth?Fallaa22 38m
38m WHEN WILL YOU ADDRESS BOTTING? It is literally so bad you can hardly do a bg or arena right now. The ah is flooded with crap from all the botting. When will this be addressed Blizzard? I do not recall a ban wave since before the last season of WOD even.Mergas1 38m