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3h Question about Kara Lockout Okay so from what I understand, the dungeons pretty damn long. So, if half way through let say a few bosses are killed and people are tired and called it a night, do i need to return the next day with the same group? or if i come back with different group would the bosses killed remained killed? and would it screw over the new ppl? Thank you.Vizjun1 3h
3h Return to Karazhan question Return to Karazhan is this a Mythic only dungeon? so the casual playerbase will never see this? or will they release a normal / heroic version at a later date like Blizzard does with LFR?Amayna8 3h
3h Karazhan: Drops iLevel 855, Needs iLevel 865. Blizzard great job on screwing up one of the most iconic and memorable raids of all time. I am hearing of Mythic raiders with an average ilevel of 865 having a difficult time. Shouldn't the dungeon be tuned to about 845 so the drops are rewarding? I have not tried it yet, however my small group was going to get attuned and try it this weekend. I would love to hear some feedback on the difficulty.Nagol33 3h
3h Is U.S. 2nd in subcount to china ? Im curious is the US behind china in Subs If so, is the game getting designed more by that infuence and playstyle ?Kidcritical3 3h
3h LAG! WHAT IS UP - PLEASE RESPOND! What is going on with the LAG in dungeons since the patch yesterday? When I move my character, it takes a good 2-3 seconds for him to respond. Same issue with spells, hit a spell (which should be instant) and I can clearly count to 1-2-3 before my character responds. I have since moved all settings to 1 (lowest possible) and still very very little difference. LAG, LAG, LAG! FYI: BEFORE the patch, everything was set to 9 on the slider bar, worked flawlessly, absolutely ZERO ZERO ZERO LAG regardless of circumstances. It's NOT my system, so don't ask for logs, specs, router type, or any other nonsense. The problem is on YOUR end Blizzard/Activision. As you can see, I've already cancelled my account (2 days ago) and I'm currently being fueled by a token, I'm real .... REAL close to D/E'ing all my gear, destroying all in-game items, giving away my gold and totally cleansing my system of anything WoW related. Everytime I settle down and try to enjoy this game - something is always up, either LAG, nerfs, bad luck drops on top of bad luck drops....fed up with this !@#$. On a side note, It's a shame that someone who has paid a subscription fee consistently since mid-Vanilla, and never missed a month can't get a stupid !@# Legendary to drop. However, some noob who just purchased Legion gets rewarded with 2 and sometimes 3 Legendaries. That, BTW is the reason for my cancellation - plain and simple. It's not fair [neither is life] but this is a god damn game, and someone with 12 years of payment history should be rewarded with a stupid $%^ orange piece of gear that isn't going to be worth .02 cents this time next year. RANT OVER! Corupt OutCorupt1 3h
3h Alcaz Isle? Does anyone know when this is starting? Went over to the island to check it out and there's nothing there. Is there a quest to start it?Darielyia5 3h
3h Bigger Text in Game! Woot! I don't think I saw it in the patch notes, maybe it's in with the cursor fix, but I can actually make my text big enough to read from more than 6 inches away using the standard interface. Happy Day! For those of us with vision issues this is a huge, big upgrade. Had to rearrange my chat window but that's not even an inconvenience.Cihys2 3h
3h World of Azeroth, No, Hub of Azeroth, Yes I can't help to take Azeroth as a real game world as I do some other MMO titles. When I log into WoW, I don't expect to log in to a world, I expect to log in to a hub. What does that mean? Azeroth is a hybrid seamless world with no loading screens for exterior zones but with nook and cranny zone in and zone out with no loading screen. When I differentiate between a hub and a world this is not what I am talking about. Azeroth is the perfect example of a Hub World. Each zone has a linear progression of different quest hubs. Looking at the zone from a birds eye view by simply riding on a flight path can give you a sense of what I am talking about. Each zone seems like it's carved by different sections representing each quest hub. Everything is cultivated, everything is nearly civilized. There is little to no wilderness in between. A world is a place that has a wilderness to most zones. Where you can get lost in because most areas are not cultivated or civilized yet. A wilderness helps the immersion factor for the game world to help the player feel apart of a larger world. A wilderness also can increase the danger experience too because it provides an unknown factor. A wilderness also intrigues the player to explore. Game play holds a massive weigh into designing a world. How players can interact with it ultimately determines the type of game play. A world that focuses on a Wilderness is not a quest hub per different sections of a zone. The Wilderness World model encourages dynamic game play were exploration is rewarded. Sure, there might be some quest hubs scattered in the zone but it's not as noticeable and won't break immersion. And hubs won't be as frequent. The Hub World model diminishes the immersion of the world quite substantially. I don't need to go into much detail about the game play of this model because we all experience when we play WoW. I will say one thing, that I do feel that there was more noticeable wilderness in some of the Vanilla WoW zones then there are now. I feel like Blizzard is capable of implementing more of a Wilderness to zones without sacrificing their Hub game play model. My first mmo was Everquest, it was based on a Wilderness model and the immersion factor was heightened even though there were loading screens from zone to zone. I feel like my immersion factor for WoW is not as high or barely there at all. I am simply curious. Do you enjoy the Hub World? Or do you believe you would enjoy a Wilderness World? Or potentially a balance of both? Would love to hear your inputs.Vivitix4 3h
3h New Karazhan absolutely The new Karazhan.... Is absolutley Dismal. Each boss is Over tuned. Trash is Well Over tuned. Some trash is harder then the bosses. Thats sad. Loot is under Tuned and not worth the time or effort to do this instance. Utterly disapointing. 2 and a half hours and we got to moroes. With 3 DPS at 300k myself at 170k. The shaman healer was fantastic that we had. I just cannot believe how bad the instance is for no reward (the rewards are 855-860 Seriously You need to be at 860+ to even consider going into that hell hold!!!!!). And as other people have said wtf is with the long run backs put a respawner at each boss area. Get with the program blizzard devs!Stababill30 3h
3h World Boss epic fail. Why have a world boss that you need to fight for a world quest if you get NOTHING for it. If that's whats going to happen from now on, I'm not even going to WASTE my time. Lame.Astarfalls38 3h
3h Best Dwarf Names What do you tihnk the best dwarf names are? I made a new one and named him Copperbeard. Of course I made his hair orange.Tyarowyn60 3h
3h Selfies Haven't Tweeted Since 7.1 Hello everyone! Given that these are the two most important features in the game, has anyone else discovered the horrific endeavor of being unable to successfully upload selfies to Twitter? Because of this, no one will get to see my amazing selfies of Karazhan (shown below, for our memory - RIP) ... I understand that they're working on tuning legendaries and fixing Ele shamans, and that's great and all, but they can get back to it as soon as they fix this feature. While we're at it: are there any intentions of adding more selfie camera filters or perhaps stickers in the future? Thank you for your time and support, friends. Together we can make the world fabulous.Gabbie9 3h
3h Legion Engineering Is a Mess I've been an engineer since Vanilla. The current iteration in Legion is, in my opinion, a mess and I'd really like to see these problems addressed. Things begin promisingly enough with a couple of quests but before a recent hotfix applied only today on 9/1 early Legion leveling engies were walled off of the rest of the profession by a recipe that required a level 110 recipe that it only obtainable via RNG based cooking orders. This was an issue reported back in April during beta but nothing came of it. This was fixed but it's an indicator of how the overall design of this profession is poorly thought out throughout Legion thus far. For all it's faults, I do think Warlords of Draenor did Engineering right. The rockets, the shield, a decent head piece and the numerous gadgets you could acquire at the engineering building all felt cool and useful with reasonable material/reagent costs. By comparison, the consumables and equipment in Legion are sorely lacking. Let's break it down with a few examples: Leystone Buoy: A consumable item with no description. Not even flavor text, nothing. It serves to quickly bring a player to the surface but you wouldn't know that because Blizzard couldn't even be bothered to write a simple description. To top it all off the item doesn't even stack. Ilvl 715 Goggles: They look cool and they have special ability that lets you fire a bullet on a 5 minute cooldown. Would be neat if the bullet didn't do a measly 40-60 damage. I'm not even joking, it's a complete waste of time to craft these as they'll be replaced almost immediately and the on-use ability is worthless. Gunpack: The description reads: Strap some loaded guns onto your back. One would assume this is a cosmetic, or would grant you some kind of special ability but what it does do is knock you around for about 10 seconds and that's it. Could have been a toy, could have been a neat engineering only transmog, could have had a practical purpose, instead it fails even as a vanity item. Some of the other items fair better such as the gunshoes, the auto-hammer, and the failure detection pylon but the excitement of crafting the deployable turret or the grenades of Legion comes crashing down when you realize the absurd cost of crafting a single one of these consumables. In addition to the raw materials you need to purchase with gold numerous green quality weapons or reagents to complete the item. Instead of using the large variety of materials introduced in Legion they resort to having you buy crap from a vendor to produce an item of value. There is nothing fun or interesting about this and I'm surprised it made it to live. These complaints are a few of the many you can find over on the professions forum. I'll list some of them here for further reading: This is the first time in my entire Warcraft career of nearly 10 years that I'm considering dropping this profession. I'm going to hold out a few months into the xpac and hopefully they'll have resolved some of these problems but right now this is a huge sore spot for me in an otherwise great expansion. They've made some great changes to professions but some of this stuff really bums me out. I strongly urge Blizzard to please take another look at the state of Engineering, it's been my favorite profession up until now. It needs tinkering. Thanks for reading.Pancakes161 3h
3h What's the chances of a legendary drop? I have 8 days played time at level 110 and ilvl 848. In my spare time waiting for the raids all i do is spam heroics and kill bosses to try and get a legendary to drop. I heard they had a "RNG protection" system where your chances of getting a legendary drop increases if you compete a task or do something that fails to drop a legendary. Am i having bad luck? Is the system badly designed? It's really frustrating to have an RNG system where players who go all out like me can't be rewarded. It rubs it in my face even more when i see very casual players walking around with ilvl 815 with a legendary that they will never even remotely use in serious gameplay. This RNG system is LEAGUES worse than that of diablo. I dunno what else to add, I'm tired, Frustrated and i just can't handle the fact that i can't use my skill to get what i want.Rezkhal142 3h
3h Boost to alts experience gain Questing is awesome and fun, but not when you have to do the same stuff over and over. I really want to do dungeons/wqs/raids with my dk, pally, dh and others, but thinking about doing the same quests for each of them just kills me. How about a stacking exp bonus for each character we get to max level? Like 50% for each character at level 110. Or maybe 1 level up boost for every 2 levels earned the normal way - we could boost a lvl 100 char to 105 after fully levelling one from 100 to 110.Ezmeralda10 3h
3h Mythic Dungeon Finder We want a Mythic Dungeon Finder added to game.Sarah219 3h
3h Where are the Helajar World Quests Hello :) I can't find out how to get these new World Quests which I am really excited for. I tried looking for the breadcrumb in Dalaran call "A Cal to Action" but it is not there. Does anybody know if this is a bug or are the World Quests not out yet???? Much appreciated for your input. ThanksGlymm9 3h
3h Fun was detected, Fun was nerfed See this happening quite a lot with some specs. Soon as something gets good, It gets nerfed pretty bad!Romire11 3h
3h Remove Group Finder and LFD Sorry Blizzard, but with these tools, people won't get that feeling and connection with others as it was back in TBC. Spamming in trade chat or general chat in a city was way more rewarding at the end because you get to make lots of good friends. What I mean by "good" are people who are actually patient, no superiority complex, and definitely no sense of entitlement (aka like most people who play WoW now). Also, I feel like having no LFR or Group Finder will make people more friendly in teaching others mechanics because if they kick them, they'll be forced to go back to the city again and spam in chat. I mean, seriously, this is only one of the benefits to having no Group Finder and LFD. It's time to rebuild the positive and optimistic community again and fix the mess you created by psychologically making players entitled and have a complex superiority.Kashandris11 3h
3h Glyph of Unbound Elemental I keep losing this whenever I log in...Archimedes1 3h
3h Can we get our new Worgen models? This post is a continuation of: and As the Two previous post have Capped on Replies. So continue your Replies here: - If you are new to this post, please check out the Original two Posts linked above and their combined 50 pages worth of replies to catch up on replies full of support, ideas, and opinions on various aspects and subjects of the Worgen and related by numerous others and myself. However to reiterate: The WoW community has been asking for various fixes on the Worgens since their introduction. There has always been issues and complaints in regards to the Worgen Race; everything from the female's Chihuahua face and perma-snarl, to the male's Muppet mouth and hunched back, overall awkward animations, various quirks, and a ton more issues or problems that left a lot of players, including the Worgen players themselves, unsatisfied since Cataclysm. We would also love if Blizzard were to deliver on their statements made during the time of Warlords of Draenor's release when they have actually posted on this official World of Warcraft website, and also stated during live Events: that Worgen (and Goblin) models were going to be updated. However, as we all know, Blizzard to date has failed to deliver. Lastly, we feel that with Genn Greymane playing a major role, with new Worgen-involved lore unfolding before our eyes, and with a heavier than usual Worgen presence in the upcoming Legion expansion, the consensus of replies agreed that this would be a great time for updates to the Worgen race sometime during Legion (even if that's during a later patch).Backsabbath2467 3h
3h 2 Worst Legendaries - thanks Blizz Last night, I received the legendary item Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus. As you're aware, this is one of the WORST legendary items int the game, and is next to useless. I normally wouldn't be that upset, but I already had the legendary item Sephuz's Secret, which is perhaps the next worst legendary you could possibly receive. I have wasted my "luck" on receiving 2 "Legendary" items which are practically useless. This is outrageous. Even just one decent legendary would be vastly better than these 2 ridiculous items. This needs to be looked into. And no, I don't want to hear about you whiners who haven't received any legendaries yet. I'd rather be in your spot, since RNG will favor you now. It feels like I have actually lost items by receiving these 2 legendary items. This legendary system is a joke.Faloosh35 3h
3h Legion is... Wow's NGE, remember what happened to galaxies when the game was made more "exciting and fast paced"? Its like they even have Smed working for them as a consultant.Stoob0 3h
3h updating dk enchants? So I was looking at the new enchant graphics on mmo-champion, and I have to say, wow those are amazing. Every single one was more stunning than the last. But let me ask you, do any of my fellow death knights feel a bit sad that everyone else will be walking around with the "ZOMG WTF IS THAT" enchants (that, mind you they did pay for) while we're still rocking a faint blue glow? I realize a lot of people will tell me I should just be grateful that my enchants are free, but would it really be that much to ask that Blizzard at least increase the particle count and intensity on death knight weapon runes? Surely it would be a trivial task to make Fallen Crusader a bit brighter, or maybe make snow come off of razorice? Anyway, ty for reading my post and say something if you support this!Kyeri45 3h
3h my life on World of Warcraft My life of World of Warcraft is I am new to the game in 2005 before patch 1.7. And I really love this game! :) NOTE: I really love Patch 7.1 because new features. Trust me, I am online until 9:15. Can my experience go well? Yes it is! My main realm: Altar of Storms, Magtheridon, Ysondre, and Anetheron.Harianna2 3h
3h Why didn't mages get pruned? Every other class had abilities pruned, some classes (hunters) even had abilities they've had since vanilla pruned (traps) so that each spec would feel more snowflake yet... ALL mage specs have Ice Block Frost Nova Ice Barrier Counterspell Blink Invisibility (granter arcane's is better, but they all have it.) Time Warp Polymorph Honestly most these I could deal with because yeah having a spell interupt is kinda important (even though warlocks have to use a specific pet, they still dont get one 100% of the time) The ice spells being universal is weird. I am hurling balls of fire, calling down meteors of flame, sending a phoenix of pure fiery death at my enemy, and turning people into living bombs hold on this rogue is near me let me freeze him with ice so he's stuck to the ground. That's fantasy? Seems like class favoritism to me.Aecheon96 3h
3h Flight Master's Whistle: why a cutscene? Since patch, when using Flight Master's Whistle, there is a small cutscene cinematic in which the mount picks me up and then drops me off at the flight point. This never existed pre-7.1 unless it was a prior bug that has been fixed. It's incredibly irritating. It interrupts chat, as well as viewing the map to plan the next world quest to tackle. It's a small annoyance, but a repeated one. Why was this changed?Tristful19 3h
3h Easier Way to Switch Talent Builds? Without it adding "new" abilities to the action bar? Previous expansions I could have two Destro specs (PvP and PvE) and swap between preset talents. My bars already have macro'd buttons to take these spell switching into account. Presently, to switch builds, I need to click each manually to set my preferred talents for my purposes, which is great, except for the spells adding to bar clutter. 1. Is there a way to press 1 button and switch to your desired build (which you can then customize depending on encounter) within the same specialization ? 2. How can I prevent abilities being added to my action bars when I choose new talents?Strauss7 3h
3h Do you every ignore anyone on here? If so how many? (ignore user)Semery14 3h
3h Strausin [Machinima] The Spirits Speak Just wrapped up my latest Machinima, thought some may be able to get a few chuckles from it :) Still working on "Class CHats" Episode 3, so fret not it's on the way ! Let me know what you think ! Link: 3h
3h Feeling good about legendary system I know a lot of people have been QQing about no legendaries or worse you get a legendary and it is entirely useless including wrong secondary stats. I have none and that is fine. The legendaries are really only relevant to the nighthold raid, I believe that is what devs are saying. They are not necessary for other elements of gameplay. They also stated if we the players dont value the legendaries because their useage isn't apparent to us, then that is our fault for not appreciating their use. This means don't expect legendary retooling. So let's paraphrase. A low chance RNG item, relevant to an end game raid scenario, that you have at best a 50% at worst 25% in the low level drop to get a class enhancing one (not counting secondary stat), and will not be retooled or optimized if ineffective for you. Because you aren't using it right. ... I am confused why I want a legendary or value the fact it is in the game. So, I am perfectly fine without a peice of equipment that I don"t need and don't really care about.Nexius26 3h
3h Faction Flags. Even Trial of the Crusader, abominable short and miserable dungeon that it was, allowed you to give your squire a flag from any of your racial factions. How is it, with this already in the game, Honorable Pennant fails this trivially small yet heavily impactful cosmetic option? You literally could have just used the same flags you used in Wrath of the Burger King and attached them to us. Im sick of Orcs vs Humans. Im not an Orc or a Human. I want Draenei flags on my Vicious Elekk and I want the option to represent any Alliance racial flag on my back. Talk about a lazy flop. And I know there are far more pressing problems in the game right now. Like the innumerable class bugs, especially in PvP, that make Enhancement garbage(ps Thanks for more nerfs for a non-competitive spec at high rating) or artifact power being a total mess that makes alting all but impossible and the mass of gated content that no one asked for. But for some reason having only HUMAN and ORC flags in PVP is what really makes me mad. Doubly so for the poor Horde. They had a gosh darned Troll war chief and now a Forsaken war chief and are STILL stuck with orc flags!Vonvulviln0 3h
3h Just playing anymore puts me in a bad mood. I think its time to retire from this game. Everything about this expac just irritates me.Ted74 3h
3h Arthas and Garrosh should come back Then they can form a faction called The Shield with Illidan. Illidan = Roman Reigns Garrosh = Dean Ambrose Arthas = Seth RollinsGunnarr3 3h
3h Being able to transfer professions I wish there was a way to max my professions with out having to waste a ton of time with the grind. say i'm a warrior on the alliance with black smith but my buddy starts the game and decided to play a horde character , i would make a warrior to level with him on the horde but i would have to start my professions all over again...bummer right? well what if there was a book i could buy from inscription that would let me transfer some of my skill level to that character , obviously i know how to make a golden chest piece of whatever so why could i not teach my alt how to make the same thing? edit; thoughts and ideas welcomeJania0 3h
3h Could we get back the LFR loot table ? That would be awesome.Blakebone0 3h
3h Satchel of Battlefield Spoils Got the quest that rewards this item from a Class Hall mission today. Quest requires winning a battleground. Before I actually PVP (which I hate and suck at) does anyone know what it can contain? The Wowhead database has no information on it, not even any comments.Aang5 3h
3h legendaries dropping a lot for everyone else. Its feels like a kick in the gut, each time, i have a dozen maxed toons not one has a legendary. But it wont matter if one does drop, because it feels like, if you get one now everyone is gonna call yours a welfare drop. I know that is a silly thing to think but i cant help it. Such a bummerWorgiestyle1 3h
3h Skystep Potion Mats are ridic 4 Starlight rose for an 8 second boost? Please fix this. I'll end up crafting 0 by the end of this expansion at this rateBandiago0 3h
3h Why even bother with Illusions?? What is the point of the new amazing illusions and the new amazing artifact wep's and their skins. But you're forced to choose one of or the other. Why can you not put Nightmare for example on Twinblades. I don't understand.Spookyjukes11 3h
3h Karazahn resetting when leaving I am not an angry poster. I rarely come and complain, and even more rarely do I get mad about it. But the fact that Karazahn resets when leaving the instance is absolutely infuriating. Who thought this was a good idea? I spent 4 hours in there last night clearing the first 6 bosses, thought I could walk in and continue tomorrow, but nope. I walk in and everything is back up again. But the kicker is I now can't receive loot. So in order to finish karazahn, one has to clear the entire instance in one go. Thats a REALLY long instance to clear in one sitting. I imagine you could run up the ramp and go to curator first and ignore the first 4 bosses (unsure if that actually works), but thats still a significant time investment in one sitting. I have no problem with the length of the instance, my problem is that it resets when I walk out the door, wiping out hours of progress instantly. That is unacceptable and I won't be running karazahn until its fixed, there is no point.Vongimm33 3h
3h PvP Mount Equity It's frustrating knowing that the best PvP mounts aren't account-bound. I'm the one that's playing my character, and I should get the reward of getting that mount--not my character. When I do PvE content, ALL of my characters benefit from my obtaining of the PvE mount; I want all PvP mounts to also work this way. It's unfair that PvP mounts aren't account bound, because PvP players should have the same rights as PvE players.Sevaryn3 3h
3h New Pvp Rules: Suck New PvP Rules: Shadowmeld no longer gets you out of combat. Nonnenfogger Elixir doesn't work in random bgs. What else was deemed TOO fun in pvp??Shadowmastr20 3h
3h What happened to the social tab? I haven't seen anyone talking about this, amongst all the other crap. What are you doing Blizz? Why is it higher than it was before? Why did you move it from ON the chat window to ABOVE the chat window?Aedrìk0 3h
3h Artifact Weapon textures. What's up with the super low res textures on the artifact weapons? We only get 1 weapon the entire expansion and the quality is SUPER low. What is the resolution on these, like 250x250? I've seen higher detail on weapons from previous expansions. I don't understand. 3h
3h "Level 101 required to use this appearance." Not sure if this is a bug or not, but... I went to equip a random (Legion) green on my level 100. It equipped. It said it was added to my appearance collection. ...yet, I can't use the appearance when I look around the Transmog NPC. What gives?Melithiria6 3h
3h 860+ for Mythics Can people stop throwing out this asinine quote to prop up their random argument/whine posts? I join/run mythics all the time across dps/heals/tanks. People typically want 840 to 850, all groups wanting 860+ for normal mythics is a complete exaggeration.Monkymagik5 3h
3h Legion Legion is awesome that's all lots of negative comments but I am definitely enjoying myselfDanerexles0 3h
3h Missing Glyphs After patch Did this happen to anyone else after 7.1?Amyas0 3h
3h Anyone having issues with the Water Strider? I can't seem to water walk after landing in water. I am not in combat, jumped to the surface as much as possible and made sure my camera was angled up. Still swimming on my water strider.Altrius33 3h