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Dec 22, 2013 Dec 22, 2013
Human Females Toons in WoW For some reason, I cannot select a "main" (which simply means a level 90) to post on. You are aware, of course, many of the 90s you see posting here are, in fact, alts as well, "hiding" just the same, but that escapes many of you, mostly those who don't roll Human Females. Either way, your little Cogshanks addon should tell you all my toons in addition to the glorious title earned through hard work crushing under my foot the reptilian masses who dare to challenge my mighty word that is clothed in godlike lines of logic and reasoning. ~~~~~~ Woman! Only the Human Female may be called woman, but for this writing, Human Female will do just as fine. Woman, by definition, means a female human being, not some cow, demonic goatlike alien, elf, or what-the-hell-ever masquerading as a real woman. The one exception to this rule is the Forsaken. Nothing I say here applies to Forsaken characters. If you don't like what I write, you can race change your sow, cow, doe or whatever the heck it is you up and decided to roll due to your lapse in judgement into a woman, a Human Female. Human Females, regardless of the sex of the player behind the toon, are, in fact, unsurpassed in every single aspect of that which makes something wonderful. All you people out there rolling something that is not a Human Female have the taste in toons that Stevie Wonder has in fine paintings, and that's exactly what Human Female toons are... fine art as opposed to the crude, disgusting art represented by the other races. Yes, you trivialize all you want, claiming "pixels" while I and many others who know what to roll can look deep enough to see that the appreciation of art, that sense of beauty developed when we began to polish our tools in Old Africa for no other reason other than to beautify, has just been superimposed on our digital reality. John William Waterhouse's "The Lady of Shalott" (1888) is simply "oil on canvas" only to the subdued mind that super-simplifies those aesthetics which are the most high. Indeed, Waterhouse would have rolled a Human Female. All the greats, all the names you know from history, those who have made a positive and lasting impact on some facet of the collective human conscience would have rolled Human Females. These toons, that is Human Females, are perfect in every way, and the amazing part is that this is accomplished while having a polygon count that is exceeded in the hand of other modern video game characters. If you aren't playing as a human female, why do you even transmog? The gear doesn't even look good on you. The two exceptions, and I am stretching it here, are Night Elves and Blood Elves (of both sexes). Save those two races there is no point. Everything, and I mean everything about Human Females in WoW is perfect. They way they cast, the way they move, the sounds they make, that spin that melee does when wielding a 2h, stealth animation; their cute feet, hips, their oversized weapons... it all speaks to a perfection to which other races can only aspire. Verily, the greatness of Human Females is without parallel. So here's what I suggest: Everyone out there who does not play a Human Female should race or faction change into one. If you play a class that cannot be a Human Female you have two choices. You can either delete the toon (which is fine since only two of the dumbest classes, Druid and Shaman, can't be human), or you can hold out until you get your free 90 and make that a Human Female. On that note, I was very upset with Blizzard for allowing the free 90 to be had by people who would rather not roll a Human Female. Before this sinks into that black abyss of nothingness like all other things, I am sure I will have to endure some ugly race giving their opinion, but it doesn't matter and will do nothing more than reinforce what I say here not as opinion, but as a truth - the truth that Human Females are the best characters in WoW. So, then, you take your purple prose and I'll take mine, but it is better for me simply because the only race/sex combo worth anything in this game is Human Females. Janimarie42
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Cross Realm Zones are terrible... In my personal opinion, at first, I thought these were pretty cool, until I started finding more trolls, more stalkers, and creeps that keep inviting me to their server no matter how many times I decline and ask them to leave me alone. Most of these are bots. Yes, I ignore people. I report the ones that stalk. There has also been the issue of other realms that tend to have certain attitude flairs about them with people that constantly just sit on their opposite faction characters and kill your quest givers. Griefing: I watched as a 90 tauren druid sat and killed all of the Honor Hold beginning questgivers for over 4 hours. WHO DOES THIS? I logged over, asked him to stop, and he logged off and on until he finally just ignored me as I tried asking a second time. When I reported this via GM ticket, I received a generic response about reporting who are botting or harassing you through text, which he didn't do. He stealthed, killed them all when they respawned, and stealthed away again. Repeat process. There have been many groups of horde from other servers that just run around killing Outland quest hub npcs all night. Yet when you ask them, they troll you, or you get some crappy GM ticket response. I have too many alts as it is, but I enjoy leveling through outland and revisiting old content. Dismounting over zone instancing: This was a problem with places like WG and Winterspring for a while. Not sure if they fixed it, but if you're on a 2-seater mount now, no matter what, your passenger always dismounts unless you run across the ground. They also phase out until they land if you were in flight. If you HATE CRZ as much as some of us do, please don't sit there and watch nothing change. Please submit a suggestion to change it. In my opinion, there should be a way to disable it. Or at least enable it ONLY when you're grouped with people from other servers. It makes farming annoying and I keep running into jerks who kill battle pets before some can reach them. Just for laughs. Especially those rare ones that only come out during certain times of day and only so many spawn... You hunters remember those people who would just go around killing your rare tameables before MoP, right? This is what I'm talking about. This may be TLDR, but consider posting your opinions about the changes that Blizzard has made. Mists of Pandaria is decent, but in 9/10 aspects, it's not fun anymore. Before you flame me, yes, I have already cancelled my sub. I still play in the meantime, til the time runs out. But how many of you are honestly unhappy with this expansion? How many people are going to get so bored that they take time off again? Nøel4
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I am amazed... That the WoW devs are *still* trying to find a fairly sound solution to the overlap of pve/PvP, and the balance of each category of gear in PvP contexts. How is it that the present "solutions", such as capped ilvls in instanced PvP, pve gear ilvl far out scaling PvP gear ilvl, and base resilience for all, are the best on the table this many years on? The current situation is no better than the original resilience approach in TBC, and arguably worse in some cases. Let alone more complex and context specific... Cue Einstein's quote about any intelligent fool being able to add complexity, as opposed to a touch of genius for simplification. Note that the above is just one example of the shortsighted design tendencies I'm more broadly talking about. I can't be bothered writing a thesis here on how to improve the game, both in terms of removing the bad *and* redeeming the good, and in ways that would be satiable to the majority of players, even though I could (my resistance being the effort involved and expectation that it would have little impact). But not to be a tool, or seem arrogant (I'm actually far from, whether you believe me :P), but you should hire me or something Blizzard, because I'm amazed that I can see workable obvious answers to so many dilemmas... and your entire highly funded team of developers cannot. Alternatively hire an Athene or a Kripparian, people who thoroughly and insightfully theorise and consider things before devising solutions... you'd probably see good results. (In fact most of the games industry would benefit from employing such types, and there's evidence in the past of gaming, when it was primarily a field for enthusiasts and experts, rather than your layman college graduate) P.S. I've worked in the games industry, as a programmer, so I do know what the process is like, for what that's worth. Anyway /endrant, I feel better now. Enjoy and have fun with your replies, as will I :P. P.P.S. The request to be hired is tongue in cheek, though I'm sure Blizzard would be a great place to work. P.P.P.S. I also did it for the lulz. P.P.P.P.S. I'd like to thank my mum, my dad, my cat, my ... Cease3
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