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Jun 6, 2014 And FOR THE HORDE - bike wins!! Suck it, Alliance!Toneloktar30 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Is Inscription going to be worthless in WoD? My warlock is a max inscriptionist and I was wondering if there was any point to keep it? I'v read on MMO Champion that in Warlords you will automatically learn glyphs as you level. So whats the point? Seems like I can't make any more money anymore. Should I keep it or max out another profession? I would love to hear some feedback.Torino11 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Doubleagent is ALMOST 90 Come on DA! 1 more level to go! YOU CAN DO IT BROTHER!!!Romire107 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 New Storage Options in WoD 1) Profession reagents stack to 200. 2) Reagent Bank - 98 slot tab to your bank for them. 3) Another void storage tab. Good news or what? :)Solaru13 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 As a *Race/Class*, you must play *Quest Line* Looking for Race and Class-flavored Questlines. I.E. quest lines that aren't class/race exclusive, but lean to the flavor/lore/feel of the class. Examples: There is a questline in Darkshore involving Malfurion Stormrage that seems almost custom built for Druids. Eastern/Western Plaguelands for Paladins and Humans. Nesingwary stuff in Northern Stranglethorn for Hunters. go.Korlen3 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Tier 17 rogue (Mythic) This is so amazing, one thing to note is that LFR, Normal/Heroic and Mythic will all have different sets for different difficulties which i think is an amazing idea, as well as the normal/heroic T17 rogue i didn't really enjoy but the mythic is absolutely outstanding!! Share your thoughts!Dollheart44 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Yogg-Saron, claim me now People, people, people people people. NO, you stop that. I'm just going to join the Old Gods and destroy all of Azeroth Forums please, forums please. Forums, please. FORUMS WHYYYYYYYYzzami9 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Do you try other MMO's? Or play multiple? I often try different MMO games when they come out, i tried swtor, FF XIV, City Of Heroes, and now wildstar? do you like other MMO's compared to WoW? do you play multiple MMO's? I personally am playing wildstar right now (in addition to WoW) and having a ton of fun, if you havnt checked it out its pretty greatNeravar25 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Garrisons, do it right or don't do it at all Just finished watching some vids about player housing in wildstar and while I have no interest in playing wildstar I was really impressed by the level of customization. With Blizzard going back on the selling point "you can put your garrison anywhere in Draenor," I'm worried that the trend will be to streamline garrisons into a homogenized experience with few "choices" that wont have much flavor. With WoD taking as long as it is, I really hope Blizzard will do its due diligence on this and not throttle player creativity. Allowing customizable items and scaling to go along with them is a must. Blizz is playing catch-up in the area of player housing and I hope they don't cut corners, b/c this late in the game a half-effort job wont cut it. With Blizz saying that garrisons are not necessary for progression they need to move the focus to the players' experience which means customization is key. Also is there any word about making garrisons public? I know you can invite your friends, but what about the public option where strangers can visit? This is a great feature in the other mmo and I hope they add in WoD. Personally I am much more interested in the experience/setting/scene of my garrison than the profession/questing boosts. I really hope I can move plots around and throw furniture outside too. What customization option are you hoping for garrisons in WoD?Zaedok16 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Will WoD have a Timeless Isle? Just wondering if Blizzard plans on implementing another Timeless Isle lookalike to make gearing level 100 alts easier.Régrét20 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Mount count imbalance Question: will Alliance get a mount to offset the current imbalance in regards to achievements? It can be another Gilnean Mountain Horse, for all I care. It's just the lack of symmetry bugs me and the slight disadvantage Alliance now have when it comes to completing the mount-collecting achievements.Talianore12 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Does Alliance get an equivelant? Alright Blizz, I'm upset. Many of us voiced our opinion about how we wanted both bikes in the game. Voting time came, and many people were able to vote more than once. Voting was not tied to a account, which meant voting was not fair. But, since voting was not tied to any account, it only strengthened the belief both bikes would be put into the game. I spammed trade trying to get votes for the alliance bike, only to be told through whispers that both bikes would be put in game. I really thought about it, and gave up trying to gather votes hoping you'd do the right thing. Given that the Horde must wait for WOD for the bike, I hope that the Alliance will get an equal mount count, but, I'm worried. Mount counts need to be even, always and forever. I've never liked choppers as in game mounts, so I will happily take a cute fuzzy mount in lieu of a chopper. Or you know, maybe a tank. Give us a tank!Eillesa17 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Reworking certian mounts in WoD? That exactly Im wondering if with the upgrade on character models would also solve certain bugs whenever you are being mounted on some mounts, or if its planned at all as example, the head of mimiron, most of the horde characters that have it used stick their feet out of the mount by the floor! another example is the sky golem, when the hatch closes during flight, the tauren's head and back stick out like a sore thumb, let alone any weapon thats on the back likewise, things like "groping the air" whenever a character is mounted seems strange (the most obvious example would be the pandaren turtle mounts, because the hands seem to "grab something" but theres no visible handle at all) the list of this graphical bugs goes on and on, i understand its a lot of work, but if you are completely revamping the looks and animations, why not the way they actually are mounted? by this sense the human model seems the basis of everything to model a mount, and thats a bit unfair, specially since my gnome cant even reach the "controls" of the very mount he built ._.Vaanvern0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Season 13 Tyrannical Armor? It Cant be bought at the honor vendor anymore for some reason why blizz removes armor sets is still a mystery to me but can it be crafted? or maybe bought with Justice points? I want it for T mog that's it.Zaiato0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Early-access PTSD regarding falling Almost eight years after the WOTLK beta, I'm still terrified of flying over Engine of the Makers due to it being a no-fly zone before the expac went live. Similarly with the Barrens Rift thanks to the Cata beta. I presume with flying restricted there won't be any comparable dramatic (and unexpected) falls of doom in the WOD version of Draenor, but have any testers yet encountered insta-death situations that will stick with them?Gnusto0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Problem with Lil' Hogs The 10th Anniversarry present has been datamined to be Hogs. Judging by the icon and description, it's clear that Hogs is based on Hogger. My problem with him is this: If a miniature Hogger makes it into the Pet Battle system, how will anybody lose a Pet Battle anymore? After all, nobody can ever defeat Hogger, and Battle Pets stand even less chance of defeating him, even if it's just a miniature form.Doomclan3 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 I aplogize...... for my out burst last night. With my mother passing these forums weren't the best place to be. I am truly sry for the posts i made last night i was just sooo angry and thought being in here would make my feel better but it made me feel worse. I ranted and raged for no reason at all...just because i was hurting i wanted everyone else to feel my pain and it was a mistake. For those of you that read the post i am sry but thank you for the kind words. I do feel a bit better as far as being able to control my emotions and again thank you all for the patience and understanding. I would take this time to thank some people in particular but i can't mention any names but you know who you are.....thanks again for all of your understanding :)Linianna40 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 10th anniversary Finally something to look forward to, Hogger will be this years anniversary present! Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Vanilla PvP gear should be tranmogable I realize that the old items are restricted to a specific rank from back in vanilla to keep it sort of exclusive, however its 4 expansions later... With transmogs being now a huge thing for some people (myself included) a restriction like this is just irritating. I played back then, and have the old stone guard rank, (was a week away from blood guard... so angry over that) but i would have progressed further given the time. Let us use these items or make some thing equivalent for a player to earn in order to achieve the items. I have 1 interesting staff that matches my outfit great, If I want to change a few items up and create a new style still on the same scheme of being "holy" and all white, I still only have 1 staff I like. I currently use Staff of Immaculate Recovery but the Grand Marshal's Staff would open so many doors to new looks. I am just sick of searching for something interesting to use, then find a great one and discover i cant have it because I would have needed a week or two more to get to the appropriate rank. Just irritating.Servainias2 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 I Picked Horde as Alliance Alliance's bike was just poop on a stick... Horde's actually looked toughs... inb4trolls.Extradite2 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Behind the scenes: Blizzard HQ Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 14 gig download again? as title says i am currently downloading a CONTENT PATCH i already downloaded an its just a lil over 14 gigs. so my question wtf is this loading? i would also like to add it has stopped at playable an is downloading at the rate of 0b/s an i have net connection obviouslyWuthappen2 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Suggestion to World PvP PvE + PvP realms get a flag, 5 minutes for PvP (if in PvP server and caught in PvP you get flagged), flagged players can't fly. End of story. Fix for all fixes.Extradite5 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 MMO + Garrisons So garrisons look pretty cool but I have to ask Blizz the question; Why, in an MMO are garrisons not designed to interact with other players garrisons? Wouldn't it make a lot of sense if we could trade resources and send reinforcements to our friends in need etc. There's a very good opportunity here for Blizzard to get players engaging with each other and I feel like they have missed the boat on that one. Would anybody else like to see a system in place where you can trade resources/followers with other players and that sort of thing?Fatgob0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Of Blues and Bikes - The takeaway Hello boys and girls. Yes, it's me again. The wonderful, awesome, totally kick !@# Ferliona, Dread Lord of the Story Forums, and wielder of all things neat-o (who occasionally takes a break from trolling to do a decent general forum post!) I know, that's a totally choice title, right? So, we have found ourselves in the aftermath of a battleground. A fierce vote between blue and red to represent the awesome Faction Pride and which bike looks better! RAWR! Except, as the dust clears, we see much less of a battle, and much more of a slaughter. And, in the aftermath, we must find why. So let's get this shindig going boys and girls, and I'll try and make it one hell of a ride! I'll get started by posting the following by a Mr. B. His personality is a bit wooden, but other than that, he's a bit of alright. ​I... Now, Bashiok... I say the following so as to avoid any confusion and because I don't want you to dismiss me out of hand here, considering the majority of my most recent SF posting history (which I only bring up because you've mentioned you monitor it). As I've said before, I'm often intentionally one to take things to far, for much the same reason you've mentioned in the bottom part of your post. A fiery personality often leads to a more fiery debate, which gives more excitement, so when I'm "trolling" as it were, that's what I'm after. A good argument. This is not one of those times, and as such I'll try and maintain my more modest and well thought out persona. The one that's totes awesome and full of win. Now, I want to first start out with denying the standard argument. These votes were not doctored. The results was not some grand design to "stick it" to the Alliance player. What we find here is a pretty simple explanation, and one that, Mr. B (and you lovely readers at home) is much more toxic than any bias. It's really pretty simple. You folks at Blizzard have a vision (and, so sorry again, but if I say "you", I'm generally referencing Blizzard in the royal sense) for the Alliance. As you may have noticed, the vocal fans, at least, largely dislike it. It's got an extremely narrow focus, is somewhat forced to push a character that you dearly love, and while that's normally a good thing, in this case I must disagree. You've pushed the Alliance in a direction that isn't supported and well received, and despite the numerous complaints and protests across multiple media sites, you have decided to stick with it... But I don't think it's out of scorn. Because you very clearly "try" and make the direction work. But it's time to hang it up, and admit it's not working. Because yes, it is your story Blizzard. But it's a story that is largely disliked by the target demographic. You had a vision, and you steered the Alliance away from what it was to better fit the vision you have. As far as the bikes themselves go, the Alliance is the more impressive piece. It's very clearly "knightly" and all that, but frankly that's the problem. The Alliance, even in it's earliest days, was not Knightly. They were a group of nations who HAD to stand strong in order to survive. Since then, most of the human kingdoms have been destroyed, and in WoW, they've lacked a central focus. To fill the spots, you've given us Gnomes, Dwarves, Night Elves, Worgen, and Draenei. The problem is, these races were only very vaguely referenced in the bike. An arrow here, a gear there. The largely human dynamic and inspiration doesn't work for the Alliance, because that's not what the Alliance is. Stormwind's banner? It being the banner of the Alliance just frustrates people. Varian being the leader of the Alliance and the top dog? It just frustrates people. Why? Because it goes against the Alliance core. And yes, some of you may argue that the Alliance of WC2 had the L symbol... But, with just a bit of research (and that's not a shot, it's just noting I don't expect everyone to be a lifeless nerd like myself.. Minus the awesome) you quickly see that the L of Lordearon was on ALL the Kingdoms flags, and the Continent itself was called Lordearon.. Not just that single Kingdom. The L had relevance to the majority of the Alliance at that time. The Lion? It doesn't. It holds relevance to Stormwind. Varian being the leader? It holds relevance to Stormwind. Humans "always" taking the stage? It holds relevance to Stormwind. And, I'm not against humans. I'm against their domineering presence in the Alliance, and especially interested in the aspect that STOPS Alliance pride. Because as the Alliance, there isn't anything to be proud of. A bunch of nations are not merging cultures to make something better. They are losing their cultures to support Stormwind, who has taken on a completely counter-productive role amongst the Alliance. Alliance. That's what we are. That's what we need to be. The Alliance bike didn't lose because it looks worse. It didn't lose because some strange vote rig to make Blizzard win. It didn't lose because of bias. It lost, my friends, because it doesn't inspire Alliance pride. It inspires human pride. And, the Horde bike? It's certainly got a bit of Garrosh flair to it, but the Horde's thematics are much more cohesive. The rugged desigh, the almost tribal, primitive feel. It resonates with the majority of the Horde races. Blood Elves are, of course, an exception, but at least red holds a pretty significant cultural meaning. The Alliance lacks that. It's thematically a mess. And I can certainly understand WHY you've tried to push the Alliance into a singular thematic. The issue is, it's not a thematic the Alliance accepts. And while it's YOUR story, at the end of the day Blizzard, it's the fans who agree if it's good or not. No one can ever make everyone happy, so take that as you will. But in my humble (but always correct!) opinion, the takeaway from this fiasco Mr. B, isn't that the Horde bike looked better, that the Horde players are more prideful, or whatever other silly notion one may have. It's that thematically speaking, the players don't accept what you've turned the Alliance into. The players don't find pride in it. They don't find common ground. They find frustration and sarcasm, exasperation and even humor in how far off the mark it is. I don't have many kind words for Blizzard much anymore, on a professional level.. But at the end of the day I'm still subbed. Because I think you all have potential and I think you "care" about the product. I also think you are a bit blinded by what YOU see compared to what the fans see. You may think it's totally awesome and ok and whatever, but the fans don't necessarily do that. So, I suppose that's it. The Alliance bike lost. By a rather impressive margin. That should ring some bells. I don't necessarily think it will, but I still have a slim amount of hope that you can look past what you folks see compared to us. Mr B, dear forumites, I bid thee farewell. And also wish you many a fine moose dinner. Stuffed with bacon Mhhmm, Bacon.Ferliona55 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Warlords of Draenor Instant 90 from Pre-Purch I was wondering when the free instant 90 service is available if I prepurchased WoD. Would it be available immediately or relatively immediately, or would it be only available after WoD is released or right before release, given that it might take a day or so to be activated. Hopefully someone who knows will understand the way I worded my question. Thanks to the community in advance.Heiwut3 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Warlords and the reforge mount ? With Reforging going away and probably never to bee seen again. What will happen to the vendor on the reforge mount.... One thought maybe replace it with a profession trainer. This would benefit players leveling new alts in my opinion ....Dalsar3 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 How well will this PC run WOW? Graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 8330 Graphics Hard drive: 500GB (7200 RPM) Network card: 10/100 Base-T network interface Operating system: Windows 8.1 Processor: AMD Quad-Core A4-5000 Processor Processor speed: 1.50GHz System memory: 4GB Type of memory: DDR3Proaris12 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Alliance bike should not have been a chopper Paul Jr should have used a Hayabusa for inspiration with the fairing emblazoned with Alliance shield and colors. Hate to admit it, but everybody knows Gnomish engineering has more finesse than Goblin. Horde bike was perfect horde.Jobbins8 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 Found a typo in WoW! Not lying, check it out yourselfSwagmastax50 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Garrisons in WoD Looking at the articles about Garrisons in WoD, is there any chance we could actually make it our real home base? including an inn, personal banker, and access to the AH? I know they don't want to make stormwind/org into ghost towns but it really would feel more like "our personal base" if we didn't have to go back to a capital to go shopping. 1 other quick idea for garrisons, how about a farm that mirrors our pandaland farm? Meaning that if you already topped out the plots at halfhill you don't need to start over. Make the garrison a truly self contained base to increase the immersion (Blizz seems to love that buzz word) into Wod by not having to leave the new outlands.Soulrage6 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 azeroth choppers, where is the evidence? i have seen a bunch of people claiming the losing alliance bike will be on the ingame store but i haven't seen anyone show evidence of this all i have seen is herd mentality someone saying 1 thing then 10 others copy it then 100 copy those 10 ect ect... so does anyone have any evidence :D ?Jetpackclown7 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 2Healers in 3v3. I know our rating is not high and all but if a team brings 2 healers to a 3v3 Game and we out play them there should be some compensation.. The main reason i am posting this because we lost rating and our MMR was lower!! Yet it was a Draw nut they lost No rating and we did. Eh.. Wtf. ??Särg0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 LFR Raiding Needs Help I joined two separate raids and both were on the last boss after an hour wait on each this is an epic fail. This could be overcome by giving new participants to partially finished raids the loot roll of the previous bosses that were complete with the stipulation they completed the entire raid. example a new person to a 2/4 raid would receive the first two done bosses loot roll with the completion of the last two bosses. Thank you what do you think.Leirdeen0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Horde bike won, but there is a question And the important question is Can we attach farm equipment to the 3 wheeled tractor? I think it would be helpful to have a plow attached to the front or back of it.Turntech16 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Interesting thought on power increases I still feel like power increases even in the same tier is just insane. Sure adding another 8 ilvls of upgrades just compounds the problem, but let's take a look at something. You look at Sunwell, and Brutallus. The first kills were basically all right at the enrage timer of 6 minutes. A few months later with people going for speed kills it seems like the fastest kills were 4:10ish. And warglaives made HUGE differences here compared to if you just had normal gear. Now let's look at Iron Juggernaut. The first heroic kills were 6.5 minutes? Something like that. Now you have guilds killing him in 3.5 minutes or less and most all of them are carrying buyers/alts with no real speed kills. I feel like this needs to be toned down, gear should help you but I feel like gear trivializes the current tier even. Before it trivialized most of a previous tier, but not all. Now it trivializes the current tier and makes the previous tier a roflfest. Only exception is perhaps Siegecrafter/Paragons/Garrosh on heroic.Artunia0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Beautiful digital painting I know this is off topic and has little to do with WoW outside of the fact that it's digital but this is the most amazing digital rendering I've ever seen. This was done 100% in the computer without any photograph to manipulate. Edit: This is not mine and I don't even know this guy. I was just absolutely amazed.Gilloch0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 A suggestion for an improved Void Storage! My suggestion is an idea to expand the Void Storage system, which feels like an unfinished utility, and missed opportunity for something as great as Transmogrification was. What if Void storage was accessible by all characters on a faction or server, but anything inside of it is able to be used for transmog. So say toon 1 places Helm of Lupine Ferocity in void storage, toon 2 purchases access and can now see that same helm in their Void storage and thus could then use it for transmog purposes only. Only toon 1 could remove the item and sell it, etc. Toon 1 lost a piece of quest armor that had a unique armor skin or model, the self Item restoration can't restore it because it happened too long ago, and a Game Master can't either. So toon 2 instead does those quests and places the item into Void Storage, now Toon 1 can use that model/skin for their Transmog set and they're happy and content! This would promote the player to make new characters and level them through old content in order to procure these incentives for their main character. This would also fix the sad truth of Self Restoration's limited capabilities and time limits. Thus you add a bit more replay value and it's still a fun process and worth the time put in for that oh so elusive piece you can't get anymore on your main! Void storage should also be expanded, such as more tabs for more space. I'd say a maximum of 6 tabs with increasing gold prices, a fair price range would be 200g for tab 2, 400g for 3, and so on until tab 6. Thus, encouraging players to make more money to sink into the storage to use the new feature it has to the fullest extent. More played time on the account, means more subscription time paid to Blizzard. Players get something they desperately want, and Blizz continues to have a happy, paying player base. The pros are large, and many. The cons are few, if any at all, especially if shared storage is linked only between same faction characters on one server. I feel this would be an immaculate feature to implement into Void Storage and give it a bit more UMPH! Making it more desirable and useful to players, especially the Roleplaying community who do so love their Transmog sets! I openly encourage anyone who likes this idea and can summarize it in 500 characters to submit it as a suggestion via the ingame suggestions box! If you like this idea comment here and say so, the more people blizz see like this idea the more willing they are to consider it! Most if not all of the great features we enjoy today are the product of suggestions from players just like us! Your friend and (possibly) fellow roleplayer, Vicente BleakhowlVicentè4 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Less dung/raid content / expac? [FIXED!] Was taking a look at how much content we've been getting from our dearly beloved MMO, and noticed a downward trend in PVE content. Dungeons available by expac vanilla = 19 bc = 16 wrath = 16 (3 added end of expac) cata = 12 (2 added mid expac, 3 added end of expac) mop = 9 (no new ones mid expac) wod = 7 dungeons (so far... and 1 of them being Auchindoun) ======================= Raids available by expac vanilla = 7 / 64 bosses bc = 8 / 52 bosses wrath = 8 (not counting Alvalon) / 48 bosses cata = 5 (not counting Baradin Hold) / 28 bosses mop = 5 raids / 43 bosses I really do hope we find a good middle ground for WoD and introduce new ones along the way or upgrade the gear from older dungeons as we progress patch to patch. On the other hand, we've got the opposite on the PVP spectrum. We got 3 BGs and 2 arenas this expac. Thoughts? * Edit: added boss counts.Zelestra84 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 our characters are immortals We do not age,we die but we return from the dead like it was nothing. Can be impaled and just continue fighting like was nothing. Trade blows with a dragon with out dodging...and win. Defeat a old god that the titans had trouble sealing away. And we can take on an entire armor and win... we're immortals!!!Attackcrash2 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 she's a super saiyan goddess Jaina is the sexiest mage ever.. plus shes a super saiyan goddessGokou26 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Why are alliance so butt-hurt about losing? Horde = Win for Azeroth Choppers. Alliance lost. Fair and square. No gimmicks, no cheats, no favoritism, no conspiracies. Horde wins. Alliance loses. Get over it. .Irisheyes224 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 So much alliance whining Geez. Seriously? It's Blizzards game. They can do what ever they want with it. Either enjoy playing alliance or reroll. This constant stream of whining kids reminds me of a time the alliance was thought of as the "kiddie faction".Ryuk12 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 WoD Dungeons still to easy. From what i've seen from streams to Youtube videos; the dungeons still look pretty easy. it doesn't look like the Mobs are hitting hard enough to cause significant threat , causing wipes.Fistdeep8 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Titan Rune Stones... Two... More... Must... Endure.... Dropyoumiserablelittleepiccrappygrindfestlittleulcerinducingdoohickeys!Dalesong0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Gah, hate the stealth nerfs. :( Used to enjoy going to Zan'vess and killing the manipulators/impalers with a potion of luck because of their fast respawn rate. Its obvious that at some point over the last several weeks that respawn rate was nerfed (substantially). I understand if Blizzard thinks something is too easy and wants to make a change, but it would be nice to list those changes before I waste my time and potions. Boohoo! :(Stashboy0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 20 Rolls and still no trinket I have rolled 20 times on Blackfuse for the mastery /agility trinket in LFR and Flex still has not dropped. What happened to the new roll system where if you didn't get a drop your chances increase?Permaclaws15 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Gold finding spots Now that all of them have been nerfed. Where is the best spot to farm cloths now to resell..... Twilight highlands has a 2 min respawn.... running Grim Batol seems like the only other place but even then.Crionne3 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Faction Pride... It's nice to know how the WoW community views Faction Pride. They are extremely double-standard. If a Horde player shows pride in their faction, everyone will think that he/she is cool for showing pride for his/her faction. Now an Alliance player shows pride for their faction, and they are automatically viewed as childish and told that "it's only a game." It's sad that Alliance players can't show their pride for their faction without being called "childish." What's the point of playing a role-playing game if you can't immerse into it and show pride for the side that YOU choose? In WoW, I'm a Night Elf who's a part of the Alliance! I play my role the way I should, since it's a role-playing game! I'm proud of my faction and people, and no one is going to take that away from me. I usually type in a way that shows pride for my faction and people on the forums, it's nice how people think I'm "childish" and say it's only a game when I type how my character specifically feels. It's called immersion and role-playing! I also create stories for my individual characters. But I guess that's also childish of me, since I'm Alliance and shouldn't have pride.Mikazaki25 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Choppers. Put em both in. Just put them both in, they are both beautiful and were paid for, may as well use both models. I for one think they are going to announce this at some point. "Oh f**k it! We decided to put them both in because the show was all about being overly dramatic about stupid sh*t and we achieved that with every episode, especially the finale. But we were just kidding! Putting them both in cuz why would we waste money." Yeah... thats what i think is going to happen.Omnipotence9 Jun 6, 2014