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Nov 13, 2013 Wouldn't you love to see Grom b-slap... His dumbass son?Kovu0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 There will be no free recustomization ~ Part3 Since the last part 3 thread was locked due to not posting the relevant blue responses, here's round 2. (Though, Bashiok, why didn't you just extend part 2's post limit? >_> I didn't quote irrelevant posts however.) Original Post: Second Post: Blue Posts on this Matter: ... ... ... Original Contents: ... ... --- Now, I understand where Blizzard is coming from. They seem to believe that if a character looks similar enough to the original, that everyone will be happy. But this isn't the case. Characters, even if you make something that looks 99% similar to the original, are always going to be 1% off. And that 1%, to me, is a huge thing. I spend hours making my characters right, and to me, each of my characters has their own personality, their own character, if you will. They aren't just pixels that can be changed at will, outside of hairstyling, as that is something that actually exists. I know I'm not the only one who thinks like this, as there's many roleplayers on this game who feel the same way. Their characters aren't just characters. They're an online personification of themselves. And Blizzard changing that, even minorly, and telling them that they must pay to try to fix their character's look, feel, and personality, is appalling. There is a good chance that for some of us, we'll be fine with the new look, and I'm sure for some of my characters I would be. However, there's also going to end up changes that make you hate your character. But there might be a new face that makes your character feel like your character again. But if you want that, Blizzard wants you to pay an extra $15. And I'm sure there will be characters I and others will say "I can't get this to feel right anymore." in which case, in my situation, I would delete the character. It's not my character anymore, I have no interest in playing it. However, as things are now, if free re-customizations or a barber change doesn't happen, I would delete every single one of my characters. I know things are not set in stone yet. However, they shouldn't have to be. The simple fact is, models are changing. They are never going to be the same. They may be similar, but they're not going to be the same. And just from that fact alone, Blizzard should be kind enough to either offer a free ONE TIME re-customization for any character that changes, or add face options to the barber shop, even if just for the expansion. For some people, this isn't just a character they log in to play every day. For some people, these characters are a personification of themselves in World of Warcraft. For some, they're friends. For some, they're a link to a new world that is less scary than reality. Changing any aspect of this and not having the decency to let us -attempt- to fix it is not okay. There are many, MANY differences in the faces we currently have and all of the faces we saw at Blizzcon (except maybe the Orc). The female dwarf has DRASTIC changes and honestly, I don't even recognize it as a female dwarf. Heck, it doesn't even look like it belongs in WoW, even though it's AMAZING. The female gnome they converted the face from had a serious face, not one of the happy faces. Yet they showed us the idle pose for the face now looks like she got hit with a happy stick. The male dwarves now squint, their eye colors changed, their foreheads became huge, and many other details. There's so many changes on the Tauren, I can't even begin to explain. And for male forsaken, many have pointed out the eyes changed dramatically. This is just out of the few character models we've seen. I know they are not the final product, however, there is literally 0% chance that they will make the new models look identical to the old, just scaled up. So, for Blizzard: Please reconsider not allowing us to fix our characters. There shouldn't even have to be time to wait before you decide. No matter how faithful you stick to the original faces, our characters will change. They won't feel right anymore. In fact, by trying to stick to the original feel of the faces, you limit the artists, as they won't succeed anyway, and it limits their creativity for more unique faces. Allowing everyone a free one-time re-customization for every toon that gets updated would solve this, as people would be allowed to try to recreate the feel. And obviously no matter what, some toons will be deleted over this. However, you can easily limit how many people have to delete their personifications, their friends, and their link.Reinhilde500 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Looking to recruit someone for RAF i am willing to RAF you. i will help you get to 80 really fast (around 1 to 2 days). i am very dedicated and knowleagable. if you provide game time and have your expansions i will provide in-game gold for quests/mount and alot of gaming time, bags, etc. I will play with you on any server any faction :) if you have interested or want more info. reply me at Cant wait to meet you :D cyaThormented0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 I can't trust horde players on the isle.. Whisper offered to group for an easy burden but they needed water walking to get it. ( I'm not aware of any that need WW.) I refused, and hearthed off the isle because it was likely that they were just censer users looking for an easy kill for a bloody coin. Perhaps, when I have no buffs to lose, I should offer myself up for coins, at 50g a pop.Fugubar0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 On the Dragonmaw Clan and Draenor.... Metzen mentioned that he wished he had never wrote them in to WarCraft II, given that dragons did not exist on Draenor prior to the opening of the Dark Portal. That caught me offguard - the Dragonmaw have always been my favourite clan. Oddly enough, I wasn't even aware that there was a conflict. Now, the following might be a little "red shirt"-y of me but bear with me. The Dragonmaw Clan was a small, elite faction of Orcs led by one of the few remaining post-demonblood shamans, Zuluhed. Their fealty was sworn to Blackhand's sons who led the Black Tooth Grin Clan, themselves formerly a part of the Blackrock Clan. I was under impression that the Orcs that made up the Dragonmaw Clan were simply a part of the former two clans, only splitting off when they dedicated their efforts to capturing and breeding the dragons of Azeroth. In essence, the Dragonmaw Clan didn't exist until the Horde needed these elite shamans to hold Alexstrasza and her brood captive. Thus, there really isn't a timeline conflict because the clan itself did not exist until the Horde had been exposed to these creatures. Oddly enough, the deliberate decision to leave the Dragonmaw Clan out of the running actually makes sense, unbeknownst to the writers who were under the impression that they were simply ignoring them.Keldar0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Legendary cloaks I searched the forums and found this asked a lot, but not really answered. I figured that maybe there was some info out there from Blizcon though, so I thought I would ask the question again. When will I be able to transmog my legendary cloak. It's killing my look...Kalelf3 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Moving Transmog Forward Hey people, I have a thing for collecting gear, and I feel as if I wanted to collect every single piece of leather gear in the game, along with every weapon I can equip that I should be able to work toward that goal. The problem is that there's not enough bag space. So, please, tell me why can't we just have a tab for storing the appearance of transmog gear? It could even be made into a gold sink. Is there a technical reason for this? If not, then why? It need not be like void storage. I don't need to have access to the actual piece, just its appearance. Please, Blizzard, do something with transmog and storage. I really do love how WoW gear looks and I love dressing my character. I love transmog! So much so, that I feel as if it needs to evolve. So much gear I want to get and I am faced with the prospect of deleting sets that I worked to collect. Some more ideas: Monks can hide any weapon. Weapon enchant effects often throw a well put together set. Please give us the option to remove enchant effects - if not, how about a compromise: Enchant effects can now be transmogged. Inscriptionists can sell some magical xyz that does it. Many in the community have been asking for more mobility with respect to what can be transmogged. While I personally don't feel as if warriors should be allowed to mog into cloth, or locks into plate, I suggest this: Every class can mog their armor one level down from the heaviest they can equip and clothies can mog one level up. That means pallies can mog mail; hunters leather; mages leather, etc.. Moreover, if you can equip that weapon, you can mog that weapon. Period. I absolutely love transmog and would very much like to see it taken to the next level. Surely you have your work cut out for you with WoD, but please consider my words for future patches. THANKS!Pavane0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 So What Hand-Wave Are we Using this Time? In MoP, we have Sunsong Ranch. Plants grow in but a single day, and that is Hand-waved by the existence of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and its Magical Grow-Water that flows into the Valley of the Four Winds and makes all the farms produce vegetables at ridiculous speeds. That sounds plausible, somewhat. Okay now we're going to have Garrisons on Draenor... If the farms don't produce plants daily, then I'm not sure how good that'd actually be unless they simply produced more or recipes take less or what's going on there. So if they DID produce plants daily, what Hand-Wave solution are we doing here? Draenor just has ground that robust in minerals that plants can grow super-fast? lol. This is not meant to be a ridicule thread or a troll thread, more of a brainstorming thing, or just idle curiosity. I love the idea of the Garrison, and I love the idea of being able to once again farm our own stuff (I've gotten so used to the idea in Pandaria, that I'd hate to have to live without it now, it is SO much better than grinding mobs for hours for cloth/leather/motes).Kyris6 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Set Gear as a Drop Option There needs to be an alternative to acquiring set gear via drops, especially in LFR. Most raid teams working on progression are unwilling to have members without a full four set piece especially at this time with many weeks past the release of this gear. Those who are unlucky and only receive the exact gear they are wearing each week or none at all are slowly being removed from raid teams. Lets just face, given similar talents, the player with a four set piece will just get higher dps or heals. Yes I know you elitists are out there who will brag that you were beating the entire population of wow at a 500 ilvl. Now I love wow and I understand occasional bugs and thus don't get hyper over those. But a week after week failure to be able to upgrade puts me at such a disadvantage it makes my stomach churn. I don't know what the solutions would be. And being able to buy just encourages the 20 year olds to buy gold and visit the ah. I was thinking that maybe each week you don't get a set piece they give you a token and that maybe after at a certain point you could buy a set piece with a particular number of tokens. You still have to wait but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. Anybody got a better idea?Zukeithah9 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 RAF shut down Today RaF 3.0 has been turned off because of world server crashes it is causing. We are working hard to get this resolved so that you guys can go in and claim your rewards again. Waiting is never fun, but it looks amazing now! So worth the wait! There will be an announcement when it is back up and running.Maurdred7 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 WoD Feature That Excites You? I'm personally excited for Garrisons. Why? Because when I get my free 90, I'm going to create a 90 Gnome Warrior with pink Boar Tails and RP her as an iron-fisted dictator in her garrison. Also - with all the fresh 90s - there can be mass roleplay in Garrisons without trolls in a roleplay community. Opens up high-level zones to everyone and allows us to get out of just "designated" roleplay spots. Encourages us to make friends and leave the main areas. Your turn, people.Gearjack11 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Least Favorite Mounts? There are so many mounts in this game, and people spend a lot of time farming for them. Yet for all the great mounts out there, I'm sure that each one is hated or disliked by at least a few people, for various reasons. There are several that I personally have that just sit in their stable, unused, lonely, and getting fat. I kind of feel bad for them, but not bad enough to actually use them. So, name your least favorite(s) and why. Mine would be the Kodos, followed by Yaks; both because they are ugly to me, and I think the Yaks sound terrible.Genissa21 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Thank You for Warlords of Draenor I am glad to have played World of Warcraft all these years and I am looking forward to your new expansion. Mists of Pandaria was good but Warlords looks so much better. I am unhappy that you are squishing the dps down again but I do understand that it is unrealistically high at the moment. You have invited me to play the Betas in the past and I have seen a lot of promising content. I hope as I get back into the game I find a good group of folks to play with some folks left when I departed and I will send them a scroll of resurrection with a message about the new expansion. Thank you again for keeping the game alive and going so that we can all continue to have fun in this awesome alternate reality!Apotheus3 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 In regards to Garrisons, an idea. As I remember back to my old Warcraft 2/3 days and Starcraft 1 and Broodwar days I remember the buildings such as the Blacksmith or the building that unlocked Hydralisks....and how you could buy upgrades for your units. For instance: Increased Rifle Range on Dwarven Riflemen...or Increased Damage and Range on Hydralisks as well as movement speed. Things of that nature. As I read more about Garrisons I wonder: What do you think about the idea of mixing the old talent trees with the Garrisons? For instance: Visiting the Blacksmith for "Sharp Weapons" which gives you a 2% crit strike rating per upgrade, up to three times. In this way it is similar to the old talent system, it incorporates the new RTS type buildings into improving your OWN character, not just the NPCs and in addition it could be a fun incentive to pursue such buildings. Also, since they are getting rid of reforging perhaps this could be a new way to do it. Build a bunch of buildings that give the haste upgrade and build that until you get the desired haste you want, or crit, or mastery or even those strange new tertiary stats like "Movement Speed" and things. What do you think of this idea? Naturally, people with less progressed garrisons will have less pronounced benefits, but is this not the same as people who are in inferior gear to someone in a later/harder raid difficulty? (Normal vs Heroic...flex vs Raid finder, etc..) Thoughts on the subject matter, anyone?Merceñary5 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 New PvP zone in WoD is great but please... But please don't stop encouraging random open world PvP like you have been in Pandaria. I know I haven't heard any of the details of the new zone but this is my biggest concern with the expansion by far. I went to the new Isle for the 1st time this week since resubbing and it has been one of the best if not the best attempt ( in my opinion) to encourage world PvP. What I fear is that that you ( blizzard) will try to get everyone that wants to world PvP into the new zone and out of the world. Open world PvP is meant to be random and spontaneous; not structured and lumped into one zone with objectives. When everyone talks about the "Southshore vs Tuaren Mill" battles it was great fun, but it wasn't the only world PvP. In fact I would bet it was a small part of most people overall experience. For me it was about seeing a rival guild on the other faction that we had been competing with in progression for months and representing my guild and its skill by attempting to kill him. Or it was an Orc ( I was a Night Elf Hunter) mining a rare mine or killing a rare spawn that I had been trying to farm for quite some time. It was the freedom of being able to battle for the right to claim that reward. And that it was lured me to the Warcraft franchise to begin with. Not everyone is going to play by the rules and there will be people who kill lower levels. But to me this was part of the thrill. Having to dodge and avoid those gankers in the STV ( Nessy camp) and knowing that when I got to that level I would later hunt them down and get my vengeance. Or if I couldn't handle them on my own and he had killed me several times I would ask for help from a friend or in general chat which a good part of the time lead to him calling in his friends and leading to an epic battle. I have made some of my best warcraft friends from partying together to take down a ganker. This game is a social game and people generally have a shared hatred for gankers. In the end World PvP is about more than large epic battles - its about the small skirmishes that happen all over the world all the time.Zukz12 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 My reaction to expansion announcements. BC- OMG YES NEW RACES AND MORE LEVELS AND !@#$ING AWESOME %^- *!@# $%^- YEAH Wrath- Oh sweet, I'll probably play it. Cataclysm- Goblins and Worgens is a great idea, hopefully they dont ruin the game with this expansion. MoP- /laugh (I liked it in the long run) WoD- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMobber4 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Great things for bank space.....but.......... OK in the WOD we have 7 new zones. Ok judging from the average in MOP each of those zones will reward a armor set with its own color story and at least 2 weapons with unique mapping. Now you can minus about 2 of those sets with tradeskills and adventure venders. This still leaves 5 full sets of armor. Armor that once obtained by questing can not be deleted unless you are very carefull and know of other quests that will yield the same piece, quests that you don't plan to complete yet. 2 weapons X 7 zones =14 quest only weapons 5 armor color waves X 7 armor pieces = 35 armor pieces to collect 14 + 35 =49 pieces of quest only armor. aka about 2 bags. Now this is only the armor yielded from quests. They should have a blue standard armor look and a epic standard look. That equals 14 more pieces to collect, Plus weapons that can add from 1-4 weapons. Ok now we are looking at about 3 bags. These 3 bags you will have to keep until you know what you can sell and what you will have no choice but to keep if you ever want to use it in a mog. This usually takes a few weeks to sort out. The average person only really keeps a 1 bag for vanity items. Food and Crafting matts are usaually kept on them so they really don't hinder long term banking space as much as they hinder general on hand storage. So with the new additions it will free up about 1-2 bags for most people. BUT the INC quest armor will eat that space up and then some. It will be back to square one with in a few days. So I BEG BLIZZARD. Please solve this problem by allowing people to buy back old quest rewards from their quest givers for a set generic amount. 100 gold for a green item 200 gold for a blue item 500 gold for a epic item Once the items are re-rewarded they can no longer be disenchanted. What this will do is clear a bit of room for most and a TON of room for moggers. Moggers will be able to quest freely without worrying about quest rewards filling bank space. Old school players will be able to BUY BACK armor they deleted before mogging was a twinkle in a forum trolls eye. And most importantly each new expantion will no-longer press blizzard to come up with bank space solutions! we will be able to delete/sell these things without fear.Margirita8 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 LF raf partner! im on tichondrious (PVP) horde, looking for someone with a new account that wants to level a new character with me, can supply you with some gold/bags btag is TrashTalk#1239Maricona13 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 About the WoD cover art ... So, I'm fairly sure I see Kargath, Broll, Grom and Guldan. But what really intrigues me is the orc wearing the huge, heavy, apparently machined armor. Does he have a specific identity? The savage orcs of old seemed to disdain full body armor, so ...Harazi14 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Mount Upgrades with these AWESOME character model updates being implemented, could we maybe see a mount character model update? If not for the old ones, at least on the new ones to come out. Also because we wont have flying until maybe 6.1, which i love does this mean more ground mounts this expansion?Lukethenuke0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 The Iron Horde? Really? Thoven16 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Tabards Tab We have a tab for mounts and pets. Soon we shall one for toys we need one for tabards. Let us show off all our tabards account wide! :)Velen2 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Old Raid Scaling Feedback A little bit under a month ago, someone on the EU forums asked Blizzard why, if the challenge mode feature existed, that it could not be applied to old raids to make them doable. Blizzards answer was that it could be, but they have no way to make it appealing to players yet. They don't know how they would reward players. They also asked for feedback on the issue, and I've been mulling this over, and wanted to give my feedback. First off - make it LFRable, as well as group specific. Either or. When it comes to scaling old raids, you shouldn't really need Vent. Things can be explained clearly through text, and most of the old fights aren't really that dynamic. Second off - have a difficulty slider. Here is where you can start having some real fun. I'd be willing to wager that if this was implemented, they would normalize the encounters to be 25 man specific. Have a difficulty that either scales armor down depending on how hard you want it (The best way I think of it is easy gets what would have been current tier, medium gets slightly lower, hard gets even lower, and impossible gets blues), have it scale on how many people you can have (normalized to 25, it would be 25 for easy, 15 for medium, 10 for hard) or both. You'd have some big bragging rights if you cleared Black Temple with 10 people in Blues. The simplest answer for rewards would be the Challenge Mode way of doing things. You do it, you get tokens for unique armor sets, and a mount or two along the way. So, while I'd like to see that implemented, it would be something secondary. What I'm thinking is a feature that would not only help people with professions, but help make one of the more mundane portions of raiding more accessible - enchants. When you down a boss, have it drop materials for one of your current professions. If this feature were to be implemented tomorrow, for example, have the chance to have the boss drop Hardened Magnificent Leather. Have all of the bosses have a chance to drop current tier enchant items, and on top of that, give it a chance to drop a spec-specific enchant item for their gear. Same with flasks. If you use the difficulty slider, have the amount that drops be based off of that. What would this do? Well, it would certainly give a reason for players to take part in the content. Getting enchants for gear, especially if you're not at the current curb, is expensive and wasteful. Especially on lower population servers. This would give people who want to get their gear decked out for raids a chance to do so without sinking 1,000 gold into a meta gem that they'll use for 2 weeks. As for the professions - they can still sell their crafted goods, and they still get massive benefits, so it won't kill professions. The combination of unique armor/mounts, raiding enchantment improvement, and balls-to-the-wall difficulty options would give players a reason to explore old content in a way that it was meant to be explored. Instead of just 1-shotting the bosses.Etlin8 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 One simple request since reforging is gone... PLEASE PUT TRANSMOGRIFICATION NPCS IN EVERY SINGLE CAPITAL! I want all the capitals to be filled with people. I'm sick and tired of people only being in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. On my server especially, there is no reason for IF to be a bloody CRZ. On top of that, there are many better cities than Org and SW aesthetically. I would MUCH rather spend my time doing my things and transmogging in Dalaran, Thunder Bluff, Exodar, etc.Boradun5 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Plans for the WoD yak A friend of mine made a suggestion earlier that I thought was a very good idea. He suggested Blizzard replace the reforge guy with a mailbox guy. I love this idea and I want to hear thoughts.Greatzeltof1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Chen Stormstout XMog? Okay, seriously. Whilst doing the 'Broken Dreams' quest in the Valley of the Four Winds, I noticed how cool Chen Stormstout looks. Like, really. He kind of makes me want to make a panda. Look at him. He looks so awesome. Either way, anyone got an XMog that looks like him?Xei16 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 archaeology question What's best to lvl with archaeology?Dago19 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Target is tapped. I saw this when I was lagging a bit on my skinner. I double clicked on the bear carcass that I was attempting to skin and got this message. Call me immature, but I found this hilarious. Plus, the forums seem so serious and hostile lately. Why not frivolous and silly instead?!Asuna0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Did realms really get connected today? Echo Isle Draenor were supposed to be connected. Doesn't seem like it has.Dardack0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Grand Expedition Yak Haven't seen any mention on what you are planning for this mount.Badmanwalkin5 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 I like the no-fly idea for WoD Just wanted to shout out some support for the no-fly idea in WoD. When flying mounts first arrived in BC it was the bees knees, it was amazing, but lately I feel that the ability to surpass danger in the game world has more accustomed it to godmode. I don't really feel any sense of danger or excitement as I adventure in the game world. I asked myself why I never enjoyed a game on godmode, and I decided it was just too easy, there was no sense of danger or excitement in the world. You just go do the quest, kill all the bad guys or ignore them and go about your business. I've never made it past an hour using a godmode cheat. Does the same apply for not having to worry about danger in a game world? Sure you're not invincible when you land, but you're still flying over all the possible dangers of the game world carelessly. Even the daze mechanic that I hate so much, I understand why it's in the game the developers want you to have to worry about the danger, and with that comes a little excitement. I'm very excited for this, and I hope it continues on longer than 6.1 because I actually want a dangerous world full of excitement, and with that comes adventure.Skhrub57 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Why is it a big deal not being able to fly? I don't think it's a big deal. I mean flying's nice but it's mostly just a convenience. Even if at the best we have to wait until max level, we've had to do that for the majority of expansions. TBC, no flying until 70. WotLK, no flying until 87 (so close to max level) Cata we could fly right off the bat and honestly, that mad questing really boring. And in MoP we had to wait till 90. Not really a big deal imo.Speedracist5 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Finally!! Ashes of Al'ar is now mine! Don't know how many times I have tried to farm him,to many to count, but he is finally mine!Rage1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 New models, new voices? Im just wondering (actually have no idea about it) if the new models will come up with new voices, or taunts, jokes, (... its not like they are a big problem to me, but it would be quite cool.. What I do think they NEED to CHANGE are those ugly female orc -dying whale- sounds they do while fighting/dying. Im not saying they need to be more feminine bc theyre orcs you know they arent supposed to be girly at all but maybe they could rework to a less disgusting voice, more natural perhaps?Ziena1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 I feel bad right now. Sure I missed 90% of this expansion and I am now playing catch up. I can't believe my PVE butt has to do PVP for this legendary. I just tried to do one of the required BG's and 5 others doing the same thing. We are all in PVE gear. We got crushed! Wasn't even close. Why did they feel they needed to bring PVP into a quest chain for a PVE item? I feel horrible for having to put these good PVP players threw this. Obviously it is going to be a long battle to get threw them both and I feel like I am being carried. I don't like having to be carried threw anything. I believe in doing my part. Why must I be put in this situation? Almost makes me want to just walk away and no longer bother with this legendary.Mushifu23 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Dove Battle Pet Who else wants a dove battle pet? I'd name mine ArchimedesYzzami1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Where is my Realm? So today malorne is supposed to get a merge and it was supoose to be done at 2pm its now 3 and i cant find anywhere that tells me how much longer im gonna have to wait further more i cant even post on my mains cuase the sever has been removed off the realm list or somthing update on when this will be sorted out would be nice better then sitting here in the dark.Truchaos12 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 What about a new profession? From what I have read, nothing was really said about professions at Blizzcon for some reason. I'm afraid that has a lot to do with the strategy they're taking to manage the game, which appears to be consolidation and simplification. Much like talent trees, and going to learn new spells every now and again, I feel that professions are the staple of mmorpg experience and it's sad to see them become a moot point. It's like an entire aspect of the game, which was good and more relevant in the past, is simply being dropped. To underscore this, it really stands out that there isn't some kind of wood-working profession. There isn't any way to make staves, wands, or items of a similar nature.Azshandria9 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 New Recruit a Friend Prizes - thanks...not So, I ahve been playing WoW for a relatively long time, and my oldest recruit a friend gift is a Swift Zhevra. I LOVE my Zhevra, because not so many people have it and it shows how long I have been around for. Each time a new recruit a friend proze comes out I have recruited a new friend to get the new mount. ALAS! The new recruit a friend program has come out and pooped on us long time players who had some pride in sporting a long service to Blizzard mount that others could no longer get. I am totally disheartened. I have never complained about WoW, it's content or the changes it has made. But this has upset me. It's a total lack of appreciation to long time players. Blizzard, what were you thinking?Owichibah41 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 can rogues get a new way to farm gold? can rogues like us get a new way to farm gold? For exmaple pick pocket alliances in battlegrounds all day? 15% of their gold that they carry? instead of farmign mats and sell them on auction house?Bloddyelf22 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Pandaria Mahjong sets from Blizzcon... Are they ever going to sell this item again? I went to Blizzcon this year and got in line a few hours after the doors opened but by that time they were sold out....pretty disappointing and irritating when there's almost no line but the chalkboard reads "SOLD OUT". I've been looking for a cool mahjong set for years and finally come across one and I can't have it (unless of course I wanted to pay $800 on eBay thanks to all the people that bought multiple sets just so they could sell them).Bennjy1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 please lower sub cost already INB4 its only cost of 3 lattes... its not really the money but more the content available. Being a single dad taking care of two boys on my own... besides having to have a limited budget money wise even more I have limited time. I've never sat on a guild team A or team B raid or rbg team... simple reason I don't have the hours to invest. Most weeks if I can log on one of my days off for an hour to cap my conquest piece of gear I'm happy. But I will never have the time expected to push any ratings or boss kill. Heck I will never have some farm to grow my own profession mats. Why can't blizz have options to pay less for less time allowed per month or even week on. If I break that time limit just kick me or take the rest of the 15 due then. With all the subs leaving anyway and some other amazing games coming out that are free to play you would think blizz would be all over whatever they could do to keep subs. I know a $7 monthly option for 8hrs of game play a week would probably keep me instead of having to unsub and leave this game for good starting the 22nd.Rbgqt74 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 "Armor on tank gear instead of parry/dodge"? So there's an interview from Blizzcon out there, The Instance and Ghostcrawler, and Ghostcrawler reportedly said that Armor would replace parry/dodge on 'tank gear'? I thought the point of removing parry and dodge from gear was to remove tank gear as we know it in the first place?Arson35 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Shaman or Monk? I currently have 3 toons (2 at max 1 at near max) and was wondering who I should add to my team with the WoD insta level 90. I have 1 horde and 2 alliance so I feel like going alliance again would make me a little anxious (oh compulsions). So shaman or monk?Sebingston5 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Please Bring Back Town Events. I remember when they released World Bosses at the Gate of Orgrimmar. They also had skeletons spawn randomly in the middle of the city at one point. I would like to have more to do in the city to bring more people to them.Zeldia1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 6.* Please increase variety Maybe I am the only one who thinks that Blizz should add more variety to patches after the initial xpac. It would be rather nice to see more than one new raid in patches, because one raid becomes boring after one week....their needs to be more. I personally would like to see multiple raids per patch, at least 2 would be nice, add new scenarios and instances etc. While seemingly a lot more work it, imo, would offer players something to do besides grind rep every day, doing the same dailies everyday etc.Caine5 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Reigns of the Heavenly Gold Cloud Serpent This is probably one of the coolest mounts aesthetically in the game to me, I just love the way it shines. Cumulatively I think i've gathered about 20,000 coins and that felt like it took half a month of barely even being at Timeless Isle. So, to the owners of this beautiful mount: Was the grind for 100,000 timeless coins worth it?Pandashams20 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Time to Beef Up Password Security with WoD? One of the best things Blizzard can do for their customers is to beef up security on passwords between now and next xpac. WHEN will Blizzard be moving from the system of just alphanumeric passwords to the inclusion of special characters in passwords? !@$#~: etc. (I have a background in computer networking.) Password123 would be a joke of a password of course with the security P4sswo4d567 That might work a LITTLE better than the previous. P@s$w0rD!238 That would be a lot more secure and much harder to break. Passwords with letters, numbers and symbols like this are far more secure than the conventional alphanumeric passwords that are currently being used and have fast become a security standard. When will Blizz finally allow these kinds of passwords? Sure, still sell Authenticators. You can't go wrong for $6 to get one of those. While not fullproof they do add an additional security step. But I think it's high time to move to an updated password standard. (obviously using the word "Password" isn't a good idea. Using it as an example model.)Treedragon63 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 connected realms Hi quick question, my realm draenor just got connected today to echo isles so i went to send gear gold etc. and to guild invite my new toon i had made but cant seem to do either is there something wrong with the realms?Eena3 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 With the updated models coming soon™.... Does that mean the armory will be updated to allow us to change our stance/pose?Kinkeedefias11 Nov 13, 2013