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14h How to Fix the Need to Stat Crunch Not entirely sure where to post this, so I posted it here. Please move if this isn't where I should post ideas. ____________________________________________________________ To fix the need to stat crunch every other expansion, they should implement scaling tech that will allow the stats to stay the same but to change effectiveness (%) based on the ilvl and lvl requirement. So if you're wearing Legion gear, the stats will decrease depending on how much higher you are from the lvl requirement. But an item with the same stats at the new level cap (let's say 120) would have 100% if it's base stats. edit: this would only take into effect once you reach 110 For example: ...Youtube6 14h
14h Feral Hidden Artifact Help I got all 3 stones, but Ela'lothen wasn't it the middle. I waited a while and he STILL wasn't in the middle. I don't know what to do, because I REALLY want this hidden artifact appearance. Can someone help me?Worgnfrëëman5 14h
14h Add an actual looking for group chat And rename the current /lookingforgroup to /politics /memechat. At least on my server thats all that goes on in that chat 24/7. You can't use lookingforgroup to try to form a group because it's constantly spammed by people talking about donald trump or hillary or harambe. At least with this suggestion maybe, JUST MAYBE it might help solve the problem.Kalomonk2 14h
14h Aggramar needs to be resurrected Aggramar needs to be resurrected as a mortal. Aggramar: My stomach feels strange. Khadgar: Did you forget to eat again? Aggramar: No. In fact, I decided to get the day's eating out of the way all at once. I kept at it until I couldn't take another bite. Khadgar: Oh, it sounds like you ate too much then. Aggramar: Being a mortal is very complicated.Gunnarr6 14h
14h Would you recommend WOW to a friend? If not what expansion would you have? For me between BC and mists of pandaria. If I told them now that the game does not start until level 110 and the money that has to be spent just to get there I know for sure they would not bother with it. Legion is a good expansion but at this point it's only fun for those who have been playing for at least 2-3 expansions I would say.Hadean114 14h
14h Bruce Dickinson: "Gotta have Ret pvp changes" Holy Wraith and Justicar's Verdict are doing completely too much damage in a player verse player environment. The damage output needs to be cut in half and damage needs to be moved from holy to physical. Also, pally bubbles needs to be purgeable, spell stealable, shatterable... Every class should be able to remove by way of a gcd. ALSO, auto bubble needs to be completely removed! What happened to not having the game play for you? Whats next, the selling of youtube video or your character clearing raids by itself without you controlling?Vexatious28 14h
14h 3 GIG patch? oO Is anyone else's game trying to "background" DL a 3GIGpach Cache? oOBullandis3 14h
14h Tauren origin lore They should make the lore that Taurens originated from the Immortal King Bul-Kathos.Gunnarr0 14h
14h What is missing Work has been an absolute crawl today so I've been scanning the forums and having some Dwarf thinkin' time and decided this would be a fun little thread. What do you think is missing in WoW that is already or should already be in the game? I'll start with some of my suggestions, though outlandish some may be. Playable "Broken" Draenei models Playable Forsaken models of every race Worgen that aren't clumpy and dumpy More beards for Dwarves and in general Necromancers Bards OGRES FOR THE HORDE!!! Stoneform turns you into an "Earthen" Dwarf for its duration Tauren War Totems-Tauren War Totems-Tauren War Totems Two handed weapons for shamans (even if it's only cosmetic) Bigger Orcs (see wow movie) Even bigger Tauren Tauren that run like they aren't about to fall on their faces Race specific classes *kinda like demonhunters* Ogres for the Horde Paladin Mount for Dwarves Humans of every race (Asians, Africans, facial structure is key here) Do something with Gnomergan Fix the destroyed Dam in Lock ModanI'm sure I'll think of more.Mâgnûs0 14h
14h New to mythic tanking...need advice. How do you do, fellow Death Knights. Background: I've been tanking for most of my wow life - I live for tanking. In this expansion, I've been playing between my Warrior, and now my Blood DK. (I know, two totally different styles w/ active mitigation/no mitigation) and I know Blood DK's are having issues mechanically, but I finally got to a stopping point on my War to focus this guy more. Situation: I'm running into a weird problem where I'm having a difficult time nailing down issues. It feels difficult for me to see what the deal is, because I'm either steam rolling mythics with minimal issue or I'm being crushed into a bloody pulp. Scenarios: 1. Tanked mythic Neth, Violet Hold, and Maw last night. Had a Holy Paladin, a Shaman, and a Druid. Absolutely 0 issues - was essentially steamrolling content. Healers would spend all of their healing on healing the group while I was always self topping myself. In fact, for two of those dungeons, the healer was a 805i H Paladin! 2. Tanked HoV Mythic this morning - was with a mistweaver. Now, I understand that HoV is a particularly demanding dungeon due to the trash packs and such but every pull was a fight for my life - I died 5+ times. I utilized my vamp aura/ams/grips at key moments and using blood mirror on big pulls on key enemies to mitigate that damage but every time I was in the red. Theory: I feel this is a partial of things, which is why I'm here. I don't know the state of healers or how healers in this expansion operate (I know the basics) but when I roll with a Druid or Paladin, I have absolutely 0 issues, every time. But this time with the Monk, I had extreme issues. Questions: 1. Are we more dependent on the type of healers we get compared to other tanks? Since other healers are more spot heals, maybe this was part of the issue? 2. How do you guys handle those dire situations when you're in the red? Example: You pull a trash pack, vamp aura is up, you do some marrowstrikes for some bones - you're about 50% RP with 2 runes left. You're in the red in danger of death and healer isn't picking you up. I pop Vamp, death strike twice, but that isn't enough and now I have 0-1 Runes and 0 RP. Besides DRW - how do I assess the situation? I feel like I have no option. (I would use Blood Mirror in the beginning to help mitigate) 3. Stat weights? I see a huge difference in opinion on stats, and I'm having a troubling time deciding which stats to chase after. I understand Haste is king above all else, but everyone seems to have a lot of different opinions. Blood DK discords have it set with Haste/Vers, some people say if it's +10ilvls and doesn't screw your haste, go with it because HP scaling. I tried downloading pawn, but its default settings with those stat weights felt very strange to me because my secondary stats were very screwy. Conclusion: I know it's a more serious format, but I love tanking and I love the game so trying to step up my game. Advice and criticism is welcomed. Thanks!Givemeabeer22 14h
14h Blood Elves. These barbie doll floozys are literally ruining the Horde. They are literally worse than trolls.Ross113 14h
14h Let's talk about Raid Finder Let me preface this discussion with two recent quotes from Ghostcrawler. He may not work for Blizzard anymore but he often still provides interesting insight. And seeing as how he was directly involved in the making of Raid Finder, I believe his thoughts are particularly appropriate here: ... ... It's my humble opinion that Raid Finder does not provide a proper raiding experience for most people. Not only does it foster bad habits, but it has diminished what raiding is all about and many people who experience raiding through raid finder are turned off by it. I do agree with having a more casual/accessible raiding mode that doesn't require the investment of having to join a guild and follow a strict schedule, which I'm sure was Blizzard's initial intention with this tool. But, although this may or may not have been needed in the past, it isn't anymore with the avenue of Premade Groups. Premade Groups has been a great tool since it's been implemented and I believe it's done a better job of fulfilling the aforementioned purpose for more casual raiding. It does a better job of preserving what makes raids epic and satisfying for people getting into raiding, as well as provide a proper challenge that ends up being way more fun, social and involving, than being semi-AFK in a corner in LFR waiting for loot, all while allowing players to participate at their discretion. It's simply a much better experience overall and makes Raid Finder obsolete, which is why I believe the game would benefit from it's removal and I think working on expanding Premade Groups tools and capabilities is the way to go. I'd love to hear Blizzards thoughts on this and I welcome other players to join the discussion as well.Trihara105 14h
14h Why does my Orc have to look so... dumb? Let me start by saying that I have played Orc since the beginning of my WoW career, and I love the brutish style. It feels amazing to hop into the middle of a battle and wreak havoc. BUT SOME ORCS ARE MORE THAN MINDLESS BERSERKERS. It drives me insane that the only available faces for male orcs are either "angry as f**k" or "dumb as a bucket of rocks". I like to get into my character - it's why I play this game. I like to fantasize what my character would say and how they would act, but when I see my Orc's face all it says is "ME ANGRY, ME SMASH" Blizzard even gave us Eye Blinking animations that intentionally aren't synchronized, to help sell off the "look how dumb and uncivilized we are" appearance. If someone wants their Orc to be a mindless rager, I understand and that's great. But it shouldn't be the only option. Every other race has several face options to give them different stationary expressions. There are plenty of intelligent Orcs out there, who understand more than rage and mindless destruction, but there are no player-available choices to reflect that. ie. Thrall, Rexxar, Durotan, Grommash etc etc etc TL;DR - It's hard for me to fantasize about my Orc character in the way I want, because he just always looks incredibly pissed off, and that's the only face option we get to choose from. #orclivesmatterNellow34 14h
14h Voice chat...friends only? Say I get into a Mythic+ dungeon with the premade group I have to add all 4 strangers to my friends list to use voice chat with them? Or is there some functionality that lets me right-click names of nonfriends or such? Similarly in Heroes of the Storm, it'd be a great feature to set up a voice chat as the game starts but I don't want to add everyone and anyone under the sun to my permanent friends list...Migolcow1 14h
14h Need "Disable" option for VC Why this app was installed without a "disable" is beyond me. But the VC options completely takes over your mic. Turning the mic volume down in the app affects your microphone system-wide. It also affects Vent or Teamspeak. This "feature" is not needed. But since you folks at Blizzard baked it into the app anyway, how about offering a "disable" feature to those of us who do not want our mic functionality hijacked by the app? This should be hotfixed immediately. Many thanks in advance.Velara6 14h
14h Nighthold behind 9 week gate Wow, just wow. I'm guessing each segment will last all of 5 minutes and then we log out until next week. "Wanna come to Nighthold?" "Yeah let me do the attunement real quick - I'll be there in 9 weeks"Rayquaza11 14h
14h A giant walrus just rode by me on a giant rat But yeah transmogging bunny ears is "too silly"Harrytasker48 14h
14h What's the point to the Witch Hats? Seriously. Do a daily out in Val'sharah to farm these unique, "cosmetic" hats. Try to apply it to your head slot item to make a new look. Get told that they can't be used for transmogrification. So what is the actual point to these things existing? They don't have stats and you can't use them for transmog. Aside from wandering around Stormwind/Orgrimmar with a witch hat on, is there absolutely any point to these things? (And let's not forget that these enormous hats make you go bald like every other hat, which looks ridiculous.) If we could use it for transmogrification there'd be some actual incentive to go farm for one- but no, Blizzard is adamant that character customization is the Devil. Thanks for the hat that will gather dust in the bank, Blizzard. You've astounded me with your backwards logic once again.Cantaloupe53 14h
14h This is hilarious!! LOL Blues posting about "zoom out and think 10+ months after Legion has been out, most people that have been playing regularly will have legendaries..." If you think most people will continue to play at all, let alone regularly, without getting a legendary after like 3 months of playing hours a day, you're smoking crack. If this is Blizzard's way to try and rope people into continue playing to chase the legendary that won't ever come, guess what? YOU LOSE! I personally know 20+ people who have all but quit playing because of losing raid slots to scrubs with legendaries. Your system is as retarded as you all are. At least include ONE GOD DAMN WAY for someone to work towards a legendary without completely relying on RNG. It's ridiculous. Baddies are getting these and those of us that are better, have to sit around and with our thumb up our asses. FURockafellar24 14h
14h Why cant i mog my witch hat why blizz i want to mog my witch hatLucarìo9 14h
14h Headless Horseman questions I am sorta new to Halloween event and just wondering... - can you only loot him once per week? once per day? or limitless? - what am i trying to farm from him? - is there any reason to run the dungeon besides trying to get some rare thing? thank you. <3Moonquill1 14h
14h BNET voice chat: cant turn it off PTT doesnt work so we have a live mike on BNET and no way to turn it off. Why? Cant disable voice chat system. Why? No appear offline system. Why? VC system affects all voice programs and isnt limited to BNet, I didnt ask for this and I didnt agree to it so....why? Why is BNET VC taking over settings for my entire PC?? I want an option to turn this thing off NOW please.Aehl0 14h
14h A Legendary question Hi, So, while I was loading WoW last night I got the following tip (paraphrase): "Legendaries can come from doing any activity in the Broken Shore, but harder content increases the chance of getting one." So, my question to all of those of you who have a Legendary. What were you doing when you got it. Thanks.Insanebrit10 14h
14h Can we have a way... To convert all the points earned in one Artifact and placed into another? I regret how much artifact power I wasted in my Shaman's Elemental weapon and want to transfer all those points into the Restoration weapon. Make it cost like 25,000 Order Hall resources and limited to once every 30 days so you're not swapping it constantly between weapons. Its for those mistakes that you don't find out until later on that you screwed up or the spec isn't what you expected it to be before sinking in 10,000+ points into it.Jerauld0 14h
14h Suggestion: Sell toys to toy vendors A modest gold value to sell of toys that we earn from quests or other means that we already know. Specifically to toy vendors just in case to avoid selling a toy you don't have. No I don't want to type delete every time.Vandal0 14h
14h Best horde race for hunter So im getting a faction change at some point and i REFUSE TO PLAY TROLL AND GOBLIN so whats your alls.opinikn orc tauren or blood elf? All maleFruityplebel22 14h
14h Let me know when legacy servers come out Legion seemed promising the first week or two but now I'm just bored again. The skillcap in pvp is kindergarden level no matter what class you play thanks to blizzards brilliantly designed class revamps and ability pruning and skill does not offer you any real advantage outside of team combat for the first time in WoW (although I admit WoD was still pretty bad in this regard but no where near this bad) Pve does not interest me at all since gear is now meaningless (once again they try to mindlessly and short sightedly solve problems while ignoring what the game itself is really about) The world is meaningless to me as well because as I said, skill offers no advantage so Wpvp is a bore. Wpve is just another gimmick even if it does keep the world pretty populated it's just one step forward one step back. Let me know when Vanilla/BC legacy servers come out so I can enjoy the game as it always should have been. The amount of depth the game had then compared to now is almost incomprehensible. Instead of the shallow empty husk that was WoD, in Legion we get a shallow empty husk with a dress on (you know what they say about tuxedos and boats). Never had any real complaints about WoW until the degradation in Wotlk and it's been 7 years(?) of non stop frustration ever since. I'm tired of watching blizzard go around in circles with their incoherent design ideas that never pan out, they should have stuck to the proven working, highly satisfying, and highly profitable model of Vanilla and BC instead of changing their philosophies in search fools gold because they got greedy. Also they should stop taking drugs on the job. I know it's good for the work environment but it's bad for the game. Have some class.Yourterrible58 14h
14h When someone pulls and isn't a tank I'm we've all probably had our fair share of impatient players pulling a group of adds or boss b4 the tank. And many times these players are kicked. But I'm wondering where the line should be drawn. All things considered, yeah people will continue kicking. But to what extent should you kick a puller? It's pretty obvious of a problem when someone pulls a group of adds or a boss in a raid or heroic/mythic dungeon, but is pulling a relatively easy encounter as a non-tank spec/class worthy of the boot? Should the tank cast down their wrath upon those who had a measly 20-minute longer queue than them for pulling something unworthy of their aggro, regardless of difficulty? In case you were wondering, I was booted from starting the Headless horseman encounter, so I decided to spend 5 minutes of my 30 min ban QQ'ing about it.Digitalfear86 14h
14h Video of WoW Dev... This is a video of a WoW Dev telling another to time gate EVERYONE 14h
14h Dailies for PVP? Is it possible to get some dailies for pvp? Like more than the one we already have. Something like kill 20 Humans and ally would be orcs, return for some honour and a box. I dunno something to make bgs a bit more fun.Mindo0 14h
14h fire mages and ENH shamans are too damn op! buff warlocks pleaseBbwlover2 14h
14h Rate the name Rate the name above you on a scale of 1-10!Grove60 14h
14h Current legendary system is VERY frustrating I hopped into a Mythic+ pug group today and since I was looking to get a relic for my often ignored shadow set (mainly needed the Blood relic), I swapped to Shadow loot while healing. What drops from the chest, a legendary. My very first and I was so excited, except it is for shadow. My OS. My OS that I rarely ever play. So now my legendary "protection" is now set to zero and I play the waiting game once again. What should have been an exciting moment in the game, just made me irritated and upset instead. Really disappointed in how Blizzard handled Legendaries this expac :-/Hina32 14h
14h Really should be able to get to Stormshield I have just learned that you can not get to Stormshield on a new character with out doing the intro quest there or having a mage port you. So I am here to complain about how stupid that is. Grrr Rawrs, Blargg. And so on. Come on Blizz I should not have to do a bunch of old content on a new character just because you want to send me back there for a current quest. I am not going to be able to get learn the second star for Felwort because you won't give me a portal to Stormshield. Screw you.Senf21 14h
15h Why no Ele Response Ornyx? We as paying players rely on you for information relay. Well........... We have waited, we were positive at your last post in one of our threads but thats it weeks later and nothing is said about or to us. WHY! WHAT THE F☆CK IS THE DEAL MAN.Azumaa0 15h
15h I got to AK 10. No part four? I thought there was supposed to be part four for the quest. But the light's heart is not offering it. Or do i have to get it from someone else?Haloch0 15h
15h Thanks. It was fun. I've done everything that actually interests me, and the few loose threads there are . . . had I thought they were *that* important I'd have completed them before Legion. I had time. Also, my eyes aren't what they used to be. Also - it's beautiful outside. Wish I had the time and space to explain what that means. Sorry I can't give you my stuff this time around (I usually give away all my gold to strangers), but the game's already deleted off the hard drive. Blizz: you make beautiful maps. Loved visiting them, flying around in them, and being all paladin-y in them. Wish I could have played the original storyline, but those are the breaks. (I came in during Cata.) Customer Service: thanks for the return of most of what I asked for over the years. I still appreciate getting the Warhammer back, particularly. You were always nice to deal with. Been a long ride since I first joined as Dabishop on Uther: Asaia and the old <Defenders of Prosperity> crew - they all quit some time ago. <Casa de Havoc>'s Hornswaggler, too, the crazy gnome, once he became a family man. Didn't get close to anyone on Wyrmrest, but I really enjoyed that server's vibe and friendliness. I've got thousands of hours over several years invested in this guy, so I can't just erase him. I'm just a-gonna leave him enshrined in my favorite fishing gear, which is how I always wanted him to go out. What can I say? I was never a dungeon/raid kind of guy. It's the gear grind - not a fan, regardless of expansion. Keep on grindin', folks. But remember to step away for a while when the grind starts to feel like work. As for me, done is done. Had a blast, but it's time to go. Did I tell you it's beautiful outside?Tantrevalles10 15h
15h Legendary: Not Exciting Here's why... It's still a grind, either way it goes... Progression Raiders have the mentality that to perform the best, they need the best that the game has to offer. So what ends up happening? Said raider will spam heroics, mythics, mythic+'s, and LFR in attempts to get a Legendary... Can't say that applies to EVERYONE, but I'll make the assumption that most are like that, since most every progression raider that I've talked to about it on my server, and others, have stated that the main reason they do Heroics and Mythics still is for the hope of a legendary. I know from personal experience, I've felt more excited about titanforged gear than I did when I got my 1st, and only, legendary so far. Now that may have been because I got a legendary that was a downgrade to my DPS, but after evaluating the situation... I'm likely to get a couple more legendary items that aren't my BiS Legendary Items, before I get the ones that might actually feel 'Exciting' instead of feeling like a 'Relief'. Even then.... If it's 6 months from a year to now before I get one or two of those BiS Legendary Items, then it will no longer feel 'Exciting' to me then either... Why? Put simply, it's because I'm already starting to see other shadow priests in my guild get their 2nd best legendary items... If I have to wait half a year just to be able to perform as well as those guys, then it'll be a situation where I'll feel more relieved that I can actually finally keep up with them, instead of 'Excited' that I actually got something that makes me feel powerful without the consideration of others. You see... The problem with the argument of something being "Exciting" is that it is thought that people do not EXPECT the legendary items. Which means that it is the mentality of the community... Unfortunately that cannot be forcibly changed by Blizzard Employees. Raiders EXPECT to be able to get legendary items within a reasonable time period, and although the definition of 'Reasonable Time Period' changes from one person to the next, I'm sure that most raiders will agree that having to grind out 100s of Queues, if not thousands, is not a 'Reasonable Time Period'. At which point, once it moves -BEYOND- that reasonable time period, then obtaining the legendary, even via RNG, only becomes a relief instead of being a moment of excitement.Pânâmâ8 15h
15h 2.5GB update for voice? LUL No way to opt out? I'm forced to download it even if I don't want to use it?Socjustice20 15h
15h Hallow's End Decorations Hey, so... I didn't take part in Hallow's End in previous years, but I am this year. The decorations I'm putting up in my garrison (yes, I know, garrisons *puke*)... can those stay up all year? Or do they come down when Hallow's End, eh, ends?Urugao4 15h
15h Since our pleas fall on deaf ears Post me your class problems and I will tell you how they should be fixed.Sosmexin8 15h
15h Friendly PSA. If you see a chest icon in a dungeon, no matter where it is, and you can easily get to it. Clear the trash, and grab it! You never know what's in it, including (possibly) that uber legendary you've been needing. You clear the dungeon, kill the boss, that cheat probably won't be there afterwards.Arkimus0 15h
15h Artifact Knowledge Quest Is anyone Art. Kno. lvl 10 yet? Wowhead says the 5th part is at 10 but i can't seem to find it.Gnomebafett7 15h
15h Headless horseman loot Can you get loot from the headless horseman more than once a day? i need a ringSeledor1 15h
15h Depleted Keys Thanks to Leavers Why is it that I'm punished when group members leave after a single wipe? We were cruising through VoW faster than I've ever done and literally the tank died and left faster than anyone could brez, with the healer leaving immediately after. Neither of them were queued together. I don't understand how a +3 that was going so well can being ruined instantly because the tank leaves. That's easily a 5-10 minute wait. Yeah, sure, I can redo the dungeon to get a new key. But how many people do you think are willing to do a depleted dungeon? Took me 45 minutes last time to get a group together, and I had to bring people horrifically undergeared just to fill the slot before I lost my god damn mind. Just tired of getting screwed by people who lose all control the second something goes wrong, even when there's no way we would miss the timer at that rate. *PS* Please buff fury so I don't have to switch to arms, I love playing fury too much to give it up just to be relevant.Kravgi6 15h
15h How do you move World quest complete. I took a photo : I also already moved. - Alerts Frames - Quest Talking Head Frame Those are the two I moved and it seemed to work for the most part but now I have this popping up in the middle of my screen World Quest Complete that i'm trying to move. As shown in the screenshot I see World Quest Complete in my move anything but it wont alow me to click it / make it available for me to move the frame. Anyone figure a way to move this.Sixnine5 15h
15h CRZ in legion zones....AGAIN Blizzard, either come clean that you are trying to push this on us in a new expansion not a month old or assign a developer to fix a problem that returns EVERY restart. and no, its not that I am seeing people grouped from other realms in mine. this is the usual every restart "lets see if we can sneak it in" CRZKestrìl373 15h
15h Where are all the suramar quests? I'm still missing 8 different quest lines and i've done every quest the zone has given me. I don't understand where i'm supposed to find the rest of these quests.Looneyluna7 15h
15h Withered army disconnect Is so infuriating. This has been a problem since launch, and there's no word of a fix. I love wasting time collecting mana for no reason.Lanfeerr4 15h
15h Having trouble getting into mythic dungeons? I'll tank for you. Add me to battlenet jhop7002#1209, I play mostly 5EST until whenever the wife gets home, I am US/Alliance, or even if you're a tank or a healer and don't feel comfortable tanking/healing in pugs, feel free to as well. I can also DPS, but I'll help you through these dungeons, get you the confidence/gear you need and we'll all have fun doing it? These can be learning runs, or just chill runs with no expectation of be leet or go home. Low ilvl? I don't care, we can do heroics too. Let's all just have fun, learn something, and get some gear =) Looking forward to hearing from youSwags11 15h