'Drop It Now!' Achievement Not Working

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There is an achievement to complete in the Strand of the Ancients battleground called 'Drop It Now!'.

The achievement requires the player to "Kill 5 players carrying seaforium in a single battle".

I am trying to get the Battlemaster achievement and this one, 'Drop It Now!', was next on my list. I killed multiple players that were carrying seaforium bombs while tracking the achievement using the default blizzard UI.

I know I had honorable kills and even some killing blows of players carrying seaforium but the UI showed my progress to be 0/5 for the duration of the battleground. I repeated this process two or three times and to my frustration, there was no difference.

I researched the achievement on sites such as wowhead and found up-voted comments that claim a killing blow is not required, only an honorable kill of a player carrying a seaforium bomb.

I then did a Google search for terms such as "drop it now achievement not working", "drop it now achievement bugged", etc, and found nothing.

I then turned to the bug report forums and found no threads about this achievement. I did as suggested in one of the sticky threads and disabled all of my addons, just in case. I then played a few more games of Strand of the Ancients with no 3rd party addons, just the standard UI. Again, I had HKs and even KBs on players holding seaforium but my achievement progress remained at 0/5.

Any assistance/information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.
I am stuck at 89/100. It gotta be bugged.

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