Ganker's Kit of Ganking 2.0

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I, Gankers, approve this sticky.
i <3 you
11/11/2010 08:45 AMPosted by Thürne
I've always considered myself a master ganker, but the bit about the Crashin' Racers is a new one. Thanks for the heads up!

I always learn a wealth of info on other class forums. I too shall now use the racers / zepplins in shadowmeld / camo! Thanks!
My favorite gank was in Borean Tundra. I saw a gnome mage going to weaken and kill the kraken with the trident. I let him swim down, kill the kraken, and when he was done: sap, sap, premed + cheap shot, kidney shot... Poor guy tries blinking to the surface but doesn't make it in time and drowns. I was undead at the time. Gotta love under water quests lmao
I like the Six Demon Bag . I don't think it does a lot of damage, but blasting a mage with a frost bolt or a shaman with chain lightning is awesome.

Goblin Rocket Helmet is great. Love the way it looks and for all practical purposes, it is the fastest ground moving you can do, on par with a blink or shadowstep.

Goblin Land Mine is useful. You can either preposition them in someone's path, or drop them as you run. Grenades are good for a run and stun.

I use Chained Essence of Eranikus when there are a lot of stealthers in the area. If they attack me, I will pop this so they can't restealth. it's faster then targeting and getting an attack off.
Two things:
1) You should add General's Leather Treads or Marshal's Leather Footguards. I swap when using Sprint in stealth. It's great!
2) How much gold have you spent on the barber? I'd check myself but "Wealth" doesn't show up under statistics. :(
Great Post ! But what about your best place for ganking?
As Alliance btw
This is the most awesome thing ever written.
LMAO.. I love this! I just love taking the Noggenfogger Elixer til I shrink then have fun!
Chalice of Secrets I feel is a very important addition to this list!
This thread is made of rogue and win. And epics.
Land Shark FTW!!!! Lowbees in front of Org, out of the shadows, never see what hit em!
Ganking is by far the most fun thing a rogue can do when he/she reaches the high levels. it requires you to know a lot about your class and about rotations. I kinda also helps you figure out what parts of a fight your weak at so you can improve. This list has some amazing items that would benfit you greatly when ganking. Great Job! im looking forward to using this on my new rogue
Ban's Bag of Bombs Will usually kill anyone level 1-70. Might kill those between 70-80. Will also take out hit or kill anyone within 6 yards of the blast... perfect for taking out groups of lowbies, or people AFK'ing at a flightmaster.

Nurong's Gun Similar to above, single target only.

Explosive Barrel 41Kish fire damage. Should kill any level 80 and under, possible insta gank on 81-82. Easy honor farming. Single target only.

Mogu Rune of Paralysis Useful for stopping people from running by when you need that extra second to kill someone.

Edit: Removed the racer, as Tonto posted it earlier.
Mechanical Greench Unleash into a crowd of lowbies and enjoy the mayhem and carnage that ensues!
Ganked a Death Knight in Isle of Conquest last night,... i was laughing so much i didn't want to fully kill him.. :]

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