Air Phase Exorcism Spam

So which ret and prot paladins here have gone totally OOM spamming Exorcism when a dragon or something else was in an air phase?

I did it tonight on Spinestalker just before Sindragosa. He went into the air and I spammed Exo for a bit, then realized I went completely OOM.
Not me. I always make sure to toss in Judgements when they're off cooldown and before I'm so far down I can't even Judge.
I just jump up and down frustrated I can't get my 3HP ShoR off....
I spam it 2-3 times just to be safe lol.
I alternate Exorcism and's also the only time I currently find it necessary to use Divine Plea.
I use Avenger's Shield, Judgment... and then maybe Exorcism. Or I just alt-tab.
Sure I spam it I use to taunt when it was in the air just to get that extra damage in.
I just use crazy eyes.

never fails.
AS, Judge, Exo, keep judging on CD, Divine Plea, Keep Exo, Arcane Torrent, Exo, Mana Pot, Exo

Scratch the mana pot.
why don't you all just use your AoW procs wait


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