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Thank the Maker you're back, Alamo. I wasn't sure I'd know how to make the transition to Cataclysm without you. Now, I can rest knowing all is well.
I laughed, I cried... this was amazing as always. <3
<3 Alamo, and posting in an epic thread.
''If u listen to a moon durid backwards, u hear some CARZY THING!''

This is a thread full of win and... .who the hell reported this post????

Content de te revoir Alamo.
Tagging along behind Alamo ftw.
Amazing. <3
Aye ned lurn how to durid! Teech me plox Alamo!
Make love to me Alamo. <3
thaynk fur teh poast lawl!
Cat. It's 4 fite.

<3 <3 <3
I think I missed the Wrath-Alamo thread, but this makes me warm in my tingly places.

Alll i can say is LOL
All hail the wisdom and experience that is Alamo.

Thanks for being such an inspiration to us DURIDS. After I read your post (second-hand, through a wowwiki article), I wanted in on the fun of playing one of my own, and that's how I discovered my all-time favorite class. 4 LYFE.
Don't rase a hungry bare!
So much happy in one place. Yay Alamo! :D
Never before have so many Durids been so happy to lern how to play!
Teach us Alamo, we will leesten!!!
Oh Alamo, you've been my hero for so many years. Thank you for all your wisdom and lessons for the newer baby druids who've come over the years after original release.
The reason I chose druid over rogues.

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