(H) Dragonflight

The Horde guild "Dragonflight" is recruiting for Cataclysm!

We need some players to level/raid/ and PvP in Cataclysm. We have players who have skill in the Beta (raids and pvp), skill with their class, skill in raiding, and skill in PvP.

We are recruting all players that can get in the 70+ range by December 7th (Cataclysm Launch). Once we get enough players to level 85, we will start raiding IMMEDIATELY.

PST to anyone in Dragonflight if you are interested.

Guild Leader: Goldrinn

Commanders (Authenticator-Only spot) include: Ryloth, Lorast, Ammp, Crispyskin, Udderhell.
Unlimited Bank Access

Officers include: Holybound, Riinare.

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