Pet Talents and Action Bar!

I play both BM and MM and am interested in the best DPS specs for a ferocity pet for both trees, if there is any difference at all. (Wolf for MM, Spirit Beast [Loque] for BM)

What about the action bar, and the abilities you can put on auto so you do not have to trigger them - do you do this for all of your abiltiies (Claw, Bite, Furious howl, Roar of Courage, etc.) or do you only use a few for the sake of focus?

I had a discussion today with another hunter that had skipped the the "Bloodthirsty" talent, which replenishes pet happiness just by attacking. I had only placed one point here and I've never had pet happiness issues so that other point is better used somewhere else... He had saved that talent for a DPS talent but he was also feeding his pet nonstop.


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