Timeout Issues Affecting all Battle.net Sites

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Yep, me too.
Confirming that I'm getting timeout issues as well same.
I have also experienced timeout issues.
same timeout issue for aos also
Same issues with the Thunderhorn-Alliance server.
Time out on Stormrage US
same problem
I'm also experiencing a TSM timeout on Zul'jin-US.
Experiencing timeouts on Proudmoore-US.
same issue zul'jin-us
I am experiencing timeouts
TSM user getting time outs on Arthas-Horde (US)
Also experiencing timeouts.
Same deal.
Battle.net Timout issues are really impacting my, and other, user's experiences. It's tie to get serious about fixing these issues!
I too am experiencing the same issue with time outs.
same here
Timeouts here every couple of hours
I too am getting issues with Battle.net timing out.

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