Timeout Issues Affecting all Battle.net Sites

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TSM confirm I'm getting timeout issues on US-Garona Horded for auction DB updater
Confirming time outs. They seem to happen for a while on most realms and then suddenly good for a short amount of time before timing out again.
TSM reporting timeout issues.
Same for TSM
Timeout issues as well
Timeout Issues on Garona-Alliance!
Having the same issue here.
reporting timeout issue with tsm.
I just logged my computer on, and TSM told me I had a timeout. Looking at my setup that I have, I have received data on Hyjal, but Windrunner is attempting to gather data (TSM keeps rechecking every 22 seconds), and I think Garrosh (TSM started the timer at 8 minutes for a recheck)

edit: I track Hyjal-horde, Windrunner-Alliance, and Garrosh-Alliance.
TSM user reporting timeout issue also
Also experiencing this through TSM (Moon Guard Alliance).
Also periodically getting this error.
TSM App is timing out as of yesterday
I'm getting timeouts warnings from TSM app lately as well, I play on EU servers.
Wowuction site data has been late and out of sync for several servers I follow there recently.
^ what he said
dito - EU
Getting them here as well
Getting multiple time outs using the tradeskillmaster application for at least the past few days. Also noticing that the Undermine Journal is not getting frequent updates (taking upwards of 10hrs for some servers which used to be updated ~2hrs).
Got the timeout error again today when I logged on my computer. This time Windrunner updated, but Hyjal and Garrosh are stuck in the cycle trying to update. When I look at my data for Hyjal, it say it last updated 2 hours ago.

Hyjal-horde, Windrunner-alliance, Garrosh-alliance.
I am also experiencing timeouts, and they seem to be getting more frequent. I currently can't start the application at all without it timing out.

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