Timeout Issues Affecting all Battle.net Sites

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I confirm I am having these issues as well.
Having timeout Issues as well.
same here. tsm timeout
same keep getting it
Getting timeout's now as well :/
And I, am also receiving a time out. For the last 3 days or so
I am a TSM user also experiencing timeout issues!
Please address the problem.
experiencing these issues
Also timing out.
I've been experiencing this issue for over a week now on Stormreaver. Kind of frustrating.
TSM wants me to say I am experiencing timeouts.
Yep, been having the same issue. Waited a couple of days to see if it resolved itself. Still having the problem.
I been woundering why I have been getting error's Same prob.
Was waiting a few days to see if it was a temporary problem, but I'm still getting this problem using TSM.
Timeout for Trade Skill Master as well.
I can confirm that I am also getting this error message.
I started getting this error message today, i am also using TSM.
Same here - started getting the timeout error message today. Using TSM
TSM user, timeout error as well.
TMS user, same timeout problem

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