[H] Heroic 12/12 10man ICC Bane run (PUG)

Next week Tues/Wed(November 30th and Dec. 1st. 7:30ST) I will be hosting a 12/12 HM run. Yes that means hardmode LK included. At the moment 8 slots are open for grabs all heals and both tanks are needed. The reason I will be making the run go through all heroics even ones we don't need to unlock LK HM is so we can see which players need to be replaced for LK due to tons of stupid mistakes. We are hoping to knock it all out on tuesday but please do not ask to come if you are not available to come wed. also just in case we have to go the next day.

If you are interested in coming please post below or whisper me in-game or send a in-game mail to Stuns. Please post with the following information character name/class/spec/offspec/experience.
Offspec- Resto
Experience-12/12 HM
If it's an alt you are interested in coming on please provide your toon with all of your achievements so I can see proof of your experience.

Those who accept calendar invites first and have the most experience with have priority spots, but if someone is failing throughout the whole run they will be replaced.

P.S. Trolls are welcome.
In need of tanks and dps.




Experience-10/12 HM's (have prince(10) and Dreamwalker(25) HMs on alt Fhate (holy pally)) I know all fights Icc is a joke.
I know Bane fight as well listened to my Guild run bane and have watched fights on Bane too.

Edit: GS in pve gear is 6.1k (in case i log out in pvp gear)
In need of good tanks. Also some quality range dps

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