Prot has a lot of AOE.

I noticed prot has a lot of AOE, so much that we don't really have much single target stuff outside of CS/judgement and our finisher. Considering they're supposedly bringing back CC in cata, is this a concern for anyone else?
I think those of us that have a shred of coordination about us will make the transition without any problem. With the intense focus on Guilds actually grouping up and accomplishing instances together instead of just spamming the Dungeon Finder, there'll be motivation for folks to work together within their own guild. It's a good move I think and makes me nostalgic for Classic and TBC raiding.

Your everyday PUGs that have been raised on a meaty diet of WotLK? I doubt they'll survive the change and will be culled from the herd appropriately.
CS/SotR/Judgement/Avenger's Shield (if glyphed) and melee are all single target. SotR is our big hitter and it's single target. I don't think it will be a problem. You basically lay off Holy Wrath and Conc and use CS instead of HotR, seems pretty easy.
Might have to change up your glyphs some, but plenty of tools in the arsenal to deal with a single target in a pack of cc'ed mobs.
mobs are mobile

line of sight is your friend

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