Paladin Mounts (i.e., BE Wants a Kodo)

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Dear Blizzard:

The epic Sunwalker Kodo is an extremely sexy mount. I loves it. I loves it hardcore. No innuendo. However, I also loves my Blood Elf Paladin, as he is handsome with his skinny frame and horribly oversized plate armor.

Also, I'm certain of all of the following:
- Some Tauren Paladins love the Blood Elf Paladin horses.
- Some Human and Dwarf Paladins love the Exarch Elekks.
- Some Dranei Paladins love the Human and Dwarf Paladin horses.

I humbly request you allow any Paladin the option, perhaps via a quest, the ability to acquire Paladin mounts belonging to other races of their faction.

On a slightly unrelated topic, I realize this would mean Paladins get 5 class-only mounts. I feel it would be just fine if all classes got 5 class-only mounts to compensate, and that one of the Warrior's should be a green tiger.

Yours Truly,


Sexy Troll Death Knight with Mammoth Tusks
that would be pretty cool. I don't want any of the other mounds, but it'd still be interesting if it was an option.
i'd love to have a Paladin ram for my dwarf... was jealous when my wife said her charger had changed to a race specific mount...

give us dwarf pallies a ram Charger please!

and yeah, maybe a quest for each faction...

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