A suggestion about ret spec.


I generally do not post on these forums because much of it is just nonsense and gobbly @@#%. Now that said I too find that ret is not on par with other melee classes at this current state. I think the idea behind holy power was good on paper and if you had all non mobile fights as was ICC for the most part. Thus where you could stand there and watch all the flashing glowing light up pretty things on hour screen. However since the release of Cata and now at 85 I notice its hard to manage all the glowy light ups and sustain decent if not viable DPS.

Others have pointed out that tanks are even to a degree out dpsing a dps spec witch in all intensive purposes should never be the case. Blizzard took away all defensive abilities. made the heals very tiny with such large health pools and lowered dps. Now I love the game and its masterfully done overall content wise and such. However look at other classes in comparison to ret. Fury wars ( wars in general ) can glyph for a heal that does 50% of their health... a war... their sustained dps is amazing. and they survive in pve and pvp much longer then Ret does at its current state. Deathknights have a spell steal very short cooldowns survivablity and extremely viable DPS. Rogues well their rogues but their dps is crazy too.

Ret is supposed to be a DPS spec am I not correct? Holy power is a great concept however it feels clunky and uncomfortable to manage. Plus the slot machine RNG that was our problem pre bc with Seal of command has returned where thats what we were all told blizzard wanted to get away from. Its as if one team of devs was fired and the old re hired for this xpac. Now im not downing anyone or anyones work. Concept wise holy power is cool however if we had JUST holy power that worked like rage does and dmg moves that had spicific dmg out put where we knew what was going on and how to mange it things would be better.

I say change the blue bar to a yellow bar for prot and ret like you have the change when a bear is a bear and when in normal form mana. Have it act close to rage when we hit or get hit we gain holy energy then have the ability to manage cooldowns and dmg out pput vs waiting for god to tell us " LOOK GLOWY THINGS GO"

Point is this would have been a better idea overall then just giving us this random RNG and holy power / LONG ramp up time. I just find it rediculous that wars have a better heal then a pally who has healing spells, a DK that can steal our buffs and or wings, and well everyone else wreck us with no ramp up or load time while we sit and wait for the stars to fall into a perfect circle ( see what I did there ) for us to hit decently.

Just my view im not amazingly geared but have played since pre bc on a pally love the class and would love to stick to it but currently its hard to say this because of the poor design of its core.

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lol sorry for the wording I meant gobblyguk. Thats it nothing offensive meant there.
One more thing came to mind as well about the " protecter of Ancient kings " this ability is cool.... but really not worth waiting til 85. IF I turned into one giving me a buff for 15 or 20 seconds like metamorphisis does that would be worth it. Right now its a cool " look I tamed Tyrion Fordring " thing that I pop once in awhile lol!

Stay safe online and in the real world
- Cows + pally = win

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