[Holy Paladin PvP] Rogues

I know we're not capped yet, and haven't had a chance to touch the Brutal gear for Resilience, anyway:

I run with my husbands Holy Paladin for PVP fun. We're a vicious team but hes having major problems against Rogues right now.

I don't know if its the bracket, or his gear. (Still has pretty bad gear from there being little to no Holy Gear available at this level).

Does it get better? Is there a way for him to fair better against the Rogues? Basically they open with a couple thousand ambush and then finish with another couple thousand eviscerate before I can even stun/disarm them to help him out.

This is his toon:

Is there any spec or glyph that he could do? Or will the Brutal gear definitely help?

Thankyou in advance :)

Hopin someone with experience against Rogues can chime in :)
I can't speak for the lower levels or even at 85 yet, but how I dealt with rogues was by throwing up Ret aura with Aura Mastery. Wittle them down with Denounce procs along with Avenging Wrath.

It's important to get the rogue out of stealth before he gets the jump on you. Paladins obviously don't have many tools to do this other than Holy Wrath and Consecrate. Holy Wrath is your best bet since it's on a shorter cooldown.
At that level, the best defense is to not be alone. It's going to be a mix of bracket, gear, and the fact that he's at the bottom of the bracket. It'll be much better when he's 69. He should pop divine protection after the rogue opens, or preemptively use it if he's good at predicting movement. I'll sometimes use Holy Wrath randomly if I have a hunch there's a rogue sneaking around. It doesn't normally work, but a few rogues have been caught off guard with it.

It will take the rogue only three to five seconds to go from Ambush to a finisher, so you need to be quick to stun or disarm them. I'd probably start with a disarm, which might force them to waste their Vanish to wait it out. He should use HS and not be afraid to use WoG with less than three HP. Can't use that HP if you're dead, eh?

Most of it just him being at the bottom of a bracket. Also, I think Battle Shout (it's at least one of your shouts) will force any stealthed players nearby out of stealth. And it's got a super annoyingly large range.
Thankyou so much! I've sent him this link.

With Battle Shout being on a cooldown now (it generates rage), if I find myself on cooldown from that and a rogue sneaking around, its hard to use Demoralizing Shout (thats the one that pops them out) sometimes. So far I've been pretty successful at popping them out that way, IF I have rage.

Even Rogues are gaking me pretty hard, and thats with a pre-emptive Defensive Stance + Sword and Board out. But yeah, I can't wait to hit 70. (Brackets got split, so our bracket is 60-64).

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