Gear Upgrades?? How do you find them now?

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I use to use the armory to find out were or what I had to do to get the right hit, right haste, and right spell gear.. that does not work anymore so how do you find the gear you need based on what you have already?
You can go slot-by-slot and use Wowhead to find gear upgrades. Go to the master gear list and use item filters to narrow down what you're looking for by stat, item level, and source.
Thanks, that works well!
Perhaps even more useful. If you start at your armory page, Blizzard has a link to each item you are wearing. From that item page, there is a link to and you can ask to find upgrades.
Unfort. i cant level till i have more time when my vacation comes soon, but hopefully has upgraded their site for cata; the site is usually up to date. ive always used it to pull up all the gear for the level i want and look at which items seem to be the easiest to obtain. Compared to the armory and other sites I find it the easiest to look up the specifics of what I need.

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