80-85 leveling

Alright, so currently I have a DK main which I tank on. I am all set on that character and basically just wait to raid in order to get gear on that character now. So, I am now switching over to my paladin who I will be leveling from 80-85.

The problem that I have is that my paladin is in full 264 holy gear. Now, how exactly would I go about leveling in full healing gear? I know from 80-85 you get bombarded with dps gear so would it make sense to just quest as holy and when I get enough ret gear from questing to just switch over to ret and equip that gear?

I had thought about also maybe just leveling through dungeons and healing but the expansion is still need and I think there would be a lot of wipes so leveling wouldn't be fast at all.

If you guys were in my situation, what would you do?
Exorcism hurts.
exo spam thru your first new zone and pick up quest gear... I like prot in dps gear for quest grinding. if you save off spec pieces in the bank by the time you finish all Cata quests you'll have 3 full sets ready to go.

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