Diut the ninja troll druid

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just an Fyi to all my fellow horde brethren. Do not run randoms or raids with Diut( troll druid) from guild edge of madness. was in a run with Diut and he/she ninja looted heart of solace from a death knight and a pally. it wouldn't have been a big deal except Diut is a boomkin with resto offspec. they were asked to give the item to death knight since it is a melee item and he refused. Just a warning to all of you unlucky enough to run with this person.
Heart of Solace has great itemization for a druid. I'd ninja it too!
this druid, has to be pro to ninja such trinket.
Ninjaing a 346? This is serious... I'm going to call Batman.
nananananananananananananananana BATMAN!
Whoa dude.
Thanks for the fan thread!

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