@ Horde ganking in Tol Barad

Burning Legion
02/02/2011 11:09 AMPosted by Stoids
thread still too serious.

I like this guy.
01/31/2011 11:24 AMPosted by Nankurunaisa
HURR DURR Going around and ganking people 10 vs 1 is SO COOL!

Look at me a herpa derpa horde! DURRR HURRRR!!!

You people are really bad. If you put as much effort in ACTUALLY ATTACKING TB as you do running around herping and derping while it's Alliance controlled, you might actually own it once in awhile.

But no. You're all so bad, you have to resort to 10 vs 1 pvp.

I am sorry you're all so bad.

Pleeease, I'm ganged up on all the time when I'm trying to do my dailys. Get oovveerr it!
Well, perchance you've checked exactly what type of server this is while you've been logging in, you may notice that this is a Player vs. Player, or, to use the common terminology, "PvP" server. Being a "PvP" server, an added emphasis is placed upon the death and destruction of the opposite faction.

Seeing as how you are complaining about an intended feature upon a server which was created to revolve around said detail, would it be best to say that you were misinformed or otherwise muddled while creating your character? I cannot say for sure, but, well, I will say that if it looks red, I'll be sure to render it dead; preferably while fighting a mob. It pays to have your foe lose durability while in the midst of a fight.
01/31/2011 11:24 AMPosted by Nankurunaisa

Look at me a herpa derpa horde! DURRR HURRRR!!!

Pretty much sums up the OP
all this herpa derpa talk makes me feel kinda itchy down there :[
Hpx is pretty cool guy eh fights alliance and doesn't afraid of anything
02/01/2011 1:25 PMPosted by Khju
I am at least 82% sure that the OP is just Hpx on an alt.

hpx doesn't do alts

cept my lvl 1 dwarf PALADIN named HPXX

edit: human males can't get ponytails. dwarves backpedal the fastest
I have a ponytail. Just you gotta change your hair from the NPC to get one ;D

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