Ask the Devs - Questions #3 "UI"

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World of Warcraft has a lot of wonderful musical pieces. Unfortunately, many of them are tied to locations and encounters that players rarely go to - if they even know they exist. While waiting for LFD/BGs, tending to the AH or professions and generally loitering in Orgrimmar/Stormwind, hearing their musical pieces only tends to get old fast.

Have you ever considered adding a 'jukebox' feature to the game, so that any musical piece can be played at any time?

Starcraft 2 has such a feature, at least between missions - in WoW, capitol camping is the equivalent. Tie the function to any of the bars there, if you must.

I'd really like to hear Nightsong without having to find its specific locations in Hyjal or Ashenvale. The Operation Gnomeregan theme is also rather out of the way and/or dangerous for a horde player to get a listening of.
Will there ever be a way to rearrange the order of our characters on the character select screen?
Could Hunters get an option to move the pet commands from the right side of the screen to the left please?
I find the mail system to be a cumbersome way to share items and gold with alts. Do you intend of ever implementing some extra bank space that's shared between all the characters within an account? Maybe even add the ability to store gold there as well.
Are you going to add the ability for us to use our keyboard macro buttons in the game?

Right now i can only use my keyboard macro buttons if i set them with like Alt+4 or something using the keyboards program.
I find that is one of THE most interesting aspects of this game. I can take a game out of the box and make it the way that makes ME happy. What works for my as far as UI may not work for some one else.
I would love to see a feature implemented which allows us to see our current targets health pool both numerically and their health percentage instead of one or the other like it is now. Are there any plans to implement this?

I find that there are many times where it is beneficial to see both rather than one or another. For example, seeing a bosses health percentage is essentially a requirement as many different abilities are based off the % health of a boss, such as Neferion's crackle or Ascendant councils phase changes.

It can also be useful to see a mobs exact health pool as well either in PvE or PvP so players can make judgment calls on which damaging abilities to use. It can be annoying to have to switch back and forth between different health displays constantly throughout your time in the game.

Please Blizzard, can we see both health percentage and numerical values at the same time <3
Will the Interface Options permit for a more comprehensible and diverse selection of options to modify the Blizzard UI?

Perhaps a "side template" where you can move your actions bars, minimaps, unit frames, self frames, bags with a drag and drop-like template then you can click submit to have the game adjust the UI changes with the on-screen coordinates based on how you moved the positions. Additionally giving the freedom of "separating" frames as perhaps tank frames, heal frames, dps frames as you can customarily cluster people in group any way you please.
Is there any plans to prevent people in a large raid (Tol Barad) from spam sharing quests?
I dont really want to do Cluck! etc etc
I remember reading awhile back that guild chat was a feature in the works for the mobile armory app for smart phones. I haven't seen anything about that in some time. Any updates to this?
Many players use "meter" addons for multiple purposes within game like "Recount" and "Skada" ...are there any plans to add something like that in the default UI, that we can just turn on/off on the interface menu?
Have you developers ever considered the possibility of effects that alter another characters UI? Or to have buffs act in that matter.

For Example: When a rogue blinds you, your screen actually goes black and you can't see what's going on for the duration. That way even if you happen to trinket it quickly, you still are confused as to what may be going on at the moment.

Another Example: A balance druids Insect Swarm causes insects to swam around the corners of your UI screen.

One last Example: A Paladin's Avenging Wrath places a halo or holy glow around the corners of the players UI/screen, really making it feel like you just called upon the wrath oh Holy Powers!

I always thought it would be incredibly interactive to have abilities/spells to have a direct connection to a players UI.
is apperance tab possible in the future?
Better way to report UI errors within the game itself?

Will there be an easier way to report UI errors to Blizzard for those that get UI errors from using just the basic add-on's to help improve the game and allow custom UI's to work more efficiently as well with little to-no-errors at all as a result in the process?
Would you consider enhancing the in-game guild calendar so that times display like the clock, automatically adjusting to the users' local times?

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