portals in shattrath/dalaran?

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Really? You put them back in solely for new players and not for the people who have been playing your game forever, because those people don't deserve the convenience of being able to easily go to a city that isn't orgrimmar.

Or is it that you have become so adversarial with your playerbase that the people at blizzard can't admit that they are wrong, and instead must invent a convoluted reason for reimplementing portals in dalaran and shattrath. I mean if you really wanted to, you could make the portals only work for people lower than level 81, which would be more in line with your "we don't want high level players to be in old content" reasoning.

Either way you're doing a great job communicating with your customers and creating a game that is fun for all!

Guys why is it so hard to get around? Just teleport like me!
I'm actually quite happy about this; my guild does BC raiding quite often, and there was no fast way to get to Outland. (Portal to Dark Portal, then flying across the continent isn't bad, but it's not ideal.) There's a ring for Kirin Tor, but no Sha'tar teleporting item. And I like the Shattrath bank/AH setup. I'll probably set my hearth to Aldor Rise again, and just go back to SW through the portal for everyday business. :)
First thing I want to do is say what up to Varian Wrynn.
King of the south now everybody see why
I'm just flying and thinking how I survived here
And I ain't seen A'dal and Ishanah in five years
I agree with Bashiok and really don't understand why so many people are complaining about this. If you don't want to use the portals, don't use them, how does them being there effect your game experience?
No one is ever in Dalaran or Shattrah, so, I don't really see the issue? If you're questing out in Northrend or Outlands, then you should be able to have a fairly easy way to get back to a home city to do other things.

Believe me, Shattrah has been a ghost-town for a long time, and Dalaran will never see the populations it saw before the portals were removed. Plus, I believe the Blue explanation is perfectly understandable.
You a geneous.
That must have been intentional.
No one is ever in Dalaran or Shattrah, so, I don't really see the issue? If you're questing out in Northrend or Outlands, then you should be able to have a fairly easy way to get back to a home city to do other things.

Believe me, Shattrah has been a ghost-town for a long time, and Dalaran will never see the populations it saw before the portals were removed. Plus, I believe the Blue explanation is perfectly understandable.

I was in Dalaran last night. And I go to Shattrath at least once a week to run dailies there. The Rokk won't give up the recipe for Chocolate Cake to me yet.
Did they? That means we can park our characters in Shattrath and Dalaran again? Nice!
I'm thinking that one of the purposes of this expansion was Blizzard's attempt to encourage subscribers to play the "right" way. It's not the main purpose (that was to update old content), but it was something the developers saw as important.

Try to see it from their point of view: You create a game changing tool like the dungeon finder (which I love), and the unintended result is grief for a lot of established players that study forums and play for hours each day to practice and ensure that they are maxing their DPS, tanking, or healing. Running a dungeon as soon as you hit the level cap was tricky for these lifers. Plus, these players now have to log on to chat in several major cities when raiding, and the screening process becomes a lot more involved for them. So they QQ, and Blizzard tries to help them.

Instead of doing this with a series of patches and online tools on battle.net/wow for lesser players, it seems they decided to take advantage of the influx of new and returning players, featured in a full expansion, with massive game changes that make it more punishing to play "wrong". Unfortunately, they did not limit this to dungeons and raids.

In my opinion, they went overboard with funneling everyone to Org and Storm. Visiting the capital is a nightmare for anyone with minimum requirements on their PC. Plus, a lot of people log on without any knowledge of how to filter chat channels (no matter how easy Blizzard may have made it recently). Blizzard needs to send some of their developers to test out the minimum requirements from a hotel wireless connection, and see what their impression is.
I am THRILLED that some portals were put back in Shatt and Dalaran! This is a HUGE benefit to my toons and I will be resetting my hearths at one or the other immediately!!

While I HAD to go to Org for the dailies, I despised the orange color - day in and day out - and welcome the beautiful ornate city architecture as home instead!
I also WELCOME the departure from lagfest morons that sit on their giant drakes over NPCs and other necessary items on purpose. Give me peaceful, quiet streets, half-empty with wonderful ambiance and soothing music over the masses of bouncing toons and orange orange orange nightmare!!

For those of you belittling people who simply PREFER someplace else in the game they spend so many hours on, how ridiculous!
Play the game the way you want - sit in Org endlessly and wait for your queues to come up, etc... Spend countless hours over time just TRAVELLING to your desired destination if you wish - over and over and over and over the SAME bloddy landscape just to get a daily done or escape the orange!
But WHY would you object to having portals?? DON'T USE THEM IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM!
They are there for the convenience of those of us that don't LIKE to spend our precious non-working hours relaxing on a game by waiting at a zepplin tower, flying flying flying just to get a few quests done over and over.
And for those harping constantly on how "EASY" it is to travel - NO ONE SAID IT WASN'T "easy"... I have multiple 80-level toons and believe me, I KNOW HOW to get from point A to point B... I just don't want to have to spend my spare gametime TRAVELLING there over the same landscape daily over and over, etc. ad nauseum!

For pity's sakes - the portals are a GOOD thing for SO MANY players and lots of people are VERY happy about them. WHY complain about them if you don't want to use them? Just... don't use them. Doh.
...And if you are complaining because you actually WANT people to be stuck in Orange Orgrimmar with you and all the rest of the bouncing bubbs - consider yourself one of the things the rest of us want so much to ESCAPE FROM! Sheesh.

THANK YOU BLIZZARD for listening to your player base and changing your mind on something that should NEVER have been removed in the first place! I for one APPRECIATE your giving us back the convenience and QUICKNESS (not just "easy") of being able to travel to those two gorgeous cities again!!

I find this a bit funny.

Don't all Hearthstones point to Org or SWC?

The issue is not getting FROM Dal and Shatt, it's getting TO Dal and Shatt :)


No... Now we can SET our hearthstones in Dal or Shatt and simply go through the portal to Org if we want to...
This way, we can sit in a peaceful city away from crowds and NPC-covering-drakes while we wait for queues, etc.

Also... on the issue of Mages "over" charging for their portals...
It doesn't matter how much the stone costs - it's not about the stones!
It's about the fact that they take time out of THEIR gameplay to do something for a stranger - regardless of how quickly they can do it.
When I'm on my mage, and I'm in the middle of sorting bags, or doing an auction scan, or something else I consider worth my time - the fact that I am whispered dozens of times for a portal here and a portal there, then I have to drop my party or join another, etc. etc. etc.
It's time out of MY game playing to do YOU a favor.
If you don't like what a mage charges (and 10 or 20 gold is PITTANCE depending on what they were in the middle of when you interrupted) - then don't pay it...
(and for the record, most don't "charge" but simply open a portal and HOPE for a tip - and you'd be surprised how many think they are "entitled" to the portal for free... doh. Sadly, kind of like our current social landscape don'cha think?)
Instead of paying a tip - YOU can take the time out of YOUR gameplay to ride a zepplin, fly over the same landscape, etc. etc. instead.
If avoiding the travel time is worth a few gold to so many willing to pay it just to eliminate the TIME WASTED - then my point is made on how happy so many are that the portals are back.
04/27/2011 05:02 AMPosted by Migina
P.S. Community- Please stop all the mage-hating. We don't all work for Blizzard and they don't listen to us any better than any other class. Signed- lots of mages. :D

I'll stop hating mages when mages stop charging ridiculous amounts of gold for their portals.

The stupid stones only cost 50s. I see no need to charge 10g or more to do 10 seconds of work.

But thankfully, these new portals in Shatt/Dalaran can allow me to say "screw you, mages!" a lot easier. I ain't paying those prices, portals or no portals. But the portals are most certainly welcomed, even if it is only SW/Org. Heck, we never need the other Capital Cities anyways and there are ways to get them if one needs.

Wait. Someone actually "charged" you for a portal? I'm sorry. Did I mention gratuity? aka "tips?" Let's make something clear- I, for one, NEVER charge anyone for ports, enchants, tailoring items, etc. A tip is something that is offered, not demanded. If a tip is offered, I might take it, depending on the circumstances. i.e. if I have to teleport myself back to SW from the middle of Zangarmarsh where I've been fishing for 10 minutes to port someone to Theramore... I'd hope they would be nice enough to offer up gratuity, but I would never charge for it.

If someone refuses to open a port for you until they're paid- my advice is find another mage, or take a boat. It's not work. It's not that hard and you're right- the stones are cheap. 10g is a pretty good tip, if you ask me. That's generous, but it would be silly to demand it from someone.

Good grief. If you're an Ally on my realm and you need a port, just ask. If I'm free, I'll do it if I can. No need to charge for it. geesh. Charging for portals gives mages a bad name. :)

Yay portals are back in the big cities in limited fashion. Hey, whatever gets you there. Just don't be hatin! At no point did Blizzard get a council of mages together to ban city portals in the first place. It was not, I repeat NOT a conspiracy.
I am so happy! It makes the dailies there a bit more accessible! (for alts anyway xD) It was a PAIN to wait for that stupid boat... :D
I think they added them back due the new daily quests in Dalaran and Exodar?
04/27/2011 08:56 AMPosted by Madia
You a geneous.
That must have been intentional.

Caught that did ya?

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