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I have the other two spherules, but I have searched that cave high and low for Finister. What am I missing? He is supposed to be in a cave in Searing Gorge, on Firewatch Ridge, and I just can't find him. Is he hiding outside?

(Im playing with a lvl 55 mage at the moment)
Yup, he's actually outside. :)

Between the exit out of Thorium Point and the cave, there is a path that leads up to the top of the plateau. Finister is at the top of the path.
There are tens of thousands of quests in this game, so when asking for help on one telling us the exact name goes a long way. Look up the quest name on Wowhead.com and see if there are any helpful comments or tips.

It took some searching, but I think I found the quest: [Dark Ministry]

First comment on the page:
Minister Finister is not inside the cave with the other two. He's at the top of the path that starts to the right of the cave entrance.
perfect; got him in one, and ty. The only tip on it was a picture of him, apparently outside, but utterly information at all that he might be hiding away from the area marked. I love goblins, they are so dressy, lol
I've killed Finister 4 times and looted him, I can'd find the third one, I don't know how to go about finding it. Help please.
Two are in the cave, and one is up on top of the hill overlooking thorium point.
thx for that man i was really mad about it cause i search the cave like 100 time thx for that information
what do you do with all 3 of them one you got them all
what do you do with all 3 of them one you got them all

The quest should tell you what to do with them, it says "when you've got them all bring them back here". So when you get them all, go back to the quest giver to turn them in.
Behind the cave and on top of it.
i cant find finister i looked everywhere
08/16/2015 01:17 PMPosted by Barandan
i cant find finister i looked everywhere

You should read the thread before posting in it. Finster's location was mentioned several times.

Two of the guys you need to kill are in the cave, the third one (Finster) is up on the hill to the right of the cave, overlooking Thorium Point.
haha, thanks so much for that. been in the same predicament.
lol this helped a LOT. Thanks!

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