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I had a suggestion but I have no idea if it could be implemented or even desired by the wow community. I figured this would be a good place to test the waters.

Change: Allow trading cross realm in the dungeon finder.

Why this change is desirable:

For lots of people, myself included, gold serves no purpose other than to bribe the lucky winners of items we want. Everyone has their price, having the power to negotiate for drops is only possible with currency. In LFG, currency is taken out of the equation thus making it impossible to trade.

Think about it, the Zulian Panther drops that you have been grinding for. Sweet! You roll and lose...awwwww But wait! You can bribe the lucky winner :) That lucky winner doesn't give a darn about mounts, in fact he is extremely happy to sell it to you for 10k. Its a win win.

Or this...a rare boe or recipe drops. What if the winners prevailing market value for the item is less than on your server? You pay the winner the market value of their server and you sell it for your servers going rate. Win win.

Possible downfalls:

Extremely difficult to code? Not sure if it would, you can trade items that drops in the dungeon, conjured items....other stuff? Why not gold?

Blizzard concerned about effects on separate economies? Unlikely. They allow cross faction trading already and those two function as independent ecosystems already...

I don't know how others feel but feel free to add to the discussion.
can't you trade stuff you loot cross realm in dungeons anyway? just not like food gold etc.
Yes, but I think you missed the point. Allowing gold to be used in trading would actually make transactions happen. As of right now it does not because there isn't any incentive to do so.
it does suck whoever got the item and it was on accident or what have you, only alternate thing to do would be to kick them. it's a very long shot but you could essentially trans gold cross realms for free to one of your alts if you could trade gold.
yea id like this. ive tried to craft items for people on other servers that didnt have alot of things available to them, only to not be able to trade it to them =(
There is a reason why they don't allow cross-realm trading. For starters, there are some weapons and armors that some cities have that some different races can't have.
01/18/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Remoss
There is a reason why they don't allow cross-realm trading. For starters, there are some weapons and armors that some cities have that some different races can't have.

...Um, what? Cross realm =/= cross faction..

The reason they don't support cross realm trading is because it'd make it harder for them to police gold buying. Cross server gold farmer invites you to a group into a dungeon, you make a trade for a green and he gives you an exorbitant amount of gold for it.
A potential downside to this would be people purposely needing on things they don't actually need, to try and get people that need the item and lost, buy it from them (In fact, I have heard of people actually trying this in LFR and such already).

It's bad enough that people need on an item they don't need and win it, just to be greedy and vendor/DE it. But to try and get the person who lost gear they actually needed buy the item off of you? It's just even more greedy. People run dungeons with the idea that if an upgrade drops for them, they have a chance to roll on said upgrade. Not have to buy it because someone wants to make some quick gold.

I just don't see much good coming from this. :/
I'd also like this.

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