Raiding guild 11pm-2am or12pm-3am est

Uber Knights

~Galvatorex, Raymendous, Saraxous, Granzul
~Jamonie, or any of above
~Newly active Guild meant for a new type of raiding environment. Intend to be a late night but not too late night raiding guild. With the side of pvp and other fun things. GM comes with 4/7 HM experience on a priest in which he raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11pm-2am. Priests name is Dräëzil if you'd like to know raiding experience. GM created this guild to bring more raiding and more life to dalaran. GM Will Do Everything For His Guild( This does not mean for his Guildies, He will help you in ways that benefit the entire guild, In example minor undergearing he may be willing to assist you gear. be willing to ask him anything you feel can be done to help yourself and also the guild..). Also, he joined a guild just to get the cauldron and feast recipes for his raiders before starting this guild(Gm of said guild did know of his intentions.). So he's definitely prepared and planning to go All The Way with this guild. He believes in equality. Therefor he is not the guild he is a part of it and wants to bring many many more members to be a part of this guild. He intends to use the epgp loot system. more details on website.
~Raid Times: Currently 11pm-2am Or 12pm-3am Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Willing to add times if we get a good proven, and trustworthy Raid Leader. (please keep noted the later times are the ones in which the GM will be online for raiding bringing the feast and cauldron.)
~Recruitment Status ---- ACTIVE! What we need is on the website(wesbite describes current single raiding group, if new leader for different times is found we intend to update)

Raiders please apply to the website, others looking to join for fun and to meet other late nighters of dalaran or would simply like to chat pst in-game. can also post on here for more details:)
All Times are realm based.
Still on our search for more core!
We could also use groups to do dungeons and get achvs!:D
More people must join us !:D We Bring feasts and cauldrons to our raids:D
Looking for our core team. Let's get some people here. We need our core Quit pugging and thinking oh another pug are we going to down this and that and join uber knights with confidence that we will go far. So join us fill our Core Roster!:D
Uber Knights, with a learning Raid leader that is putting all their efforts into becoming the best is looking to recruit Core Raiders. We are trying to bring More to dalaran than the small number is has to offer others. We want to create a new level of fun and a new level of a guild. We will only recruit players that are kind to others and are willing to take criticizism, Although we also expect critism to be in an apprioriate manner. Meaning we won't tolerate people being blamed for a small mistake. If your looking for a guild that wants and welcomes Everyone's opinions Join us. If your looking for a guild that is hoping to be the best and still be having fun with a group of awesome friends Join us. If your looking for a group that will put all their efforts into being the best they can be Join us. We will do everything we can to form an Awesome group But not just for raiding we want everyone to be welcoming and friendly. Making Uber Knights a truly homey environment. If your looking for a group to chat and just have fun Join us. We Want to Bring MORE FUN to this realm and this game.!
If you looking to contact us please be sure to message. Raymendous, galvatorex, Saraxous, or jamonie. As this is the GF and I'm not dealing with the recruitment internally more so just helping display the recruiting:)
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